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  1. Maybe a quick return for outgoing beith coaches Steve convery and Derek rhodden??
  2. Could be beith v largs then, from memory last year think kilbirnie were at the buffs ☺️
  3. Does anyone know if the draw has been done yet for the knockout stages? I know there's still games to be played but I know from previous years they had it like group 1 v group 5 etc
  4. Pre season is all about fitness and new signings bedding in. Darvel looked decent enough today but the way they were haring into tackles they could have discipline issues this season several bookings and a red card in a friendly doesn't bode well. Beith on other hand had 5 or 6 away that would be probable starters. Anyway best of luck for season and you have at least 1 decent guy there in Kevin McDonald 😁
  5. At the end of the day beith for a "diddie" team did quite well yesterday considering they were up against probably a team that is in the top 15 in the country and it was only Ayrs superior fitness in last 20 mins or so that was telling. Ayr correct me if I'm wrong are full time, junior clubs like beith n Talbot train twice a week. A club like Ayr should be showing their class against smaller outfits like us. As for not being able to mix it with the pro clubs I'm sure the likes of beith Talbot's n hurlfords could hold their own in league 2 and possibly the lower teams in league 1. The most ardant of junior teams would never think we could mix it with teams in championship clubs. I'm sure if Ayr were away to say Albion rovers etc yesterday there would have been a similar scoreline. Anyway hope you enjoyed your day yesterday and good luck for rest of season.
  6. there is 2 enclosures on the side where the camera is, plenty of cover if the heavens open... my guessing is the Ayr fans will enter the ground at the dressing room end of park and move around behind the goals to your left...
  7. you should win by a few as you are the full time club.... suppose its the romance of the cup, wee tight park with the "big full time" team coming down to play the wee part timers what i would say is dont dish the junior players as remember there is a good few ex juniors in your current 1st team.... Shankland to name one....so they all cant be bad
  8. heres some highlights from Beiths last round game to give some idea as to what expect.... not all hammer throwers lol
  9. dont know how you could blame goalie for the 1st .....
  10. think it was going to fast lol, it may have moved to be fair to him, will probably be able to judge when the highlights come out
  11. to be fair i wouldn't blame your goalie for 1st, 35 yarder into roof of net would be harsh to put blame towards him, third goal il give you as he dropped it at our players feet. If you are playing poor quality teams week in week out like Craigroyston and Orminston, and winning 8, 9 nil every week doesnt really do you any favours when you come up against the bigger sides.
  12. Yes we were 3 up, Hurlford got a pen just on half time,3-1 second half each team had a man sent off, hurlford scored 2 in last 5 mins... Should be an interesting game, Beith decent recent record against Linlithgow, has the makings of a good cup tie. Im not all that sure about the quality of the League Linlithgow are in but judging by the scores each week would question the overall quality of opposition, granted though you can only play whats in front of you.
  13. Was a bit surprised when i saw the score from last night... My club Beith are due to play Lothian Th in the Scottish in a few weeks time. Did Lothian just have an off night last night and everything Boness touched turned to gold? Lothian and Kelty both ran away with the league last season winning 6,7,8 nil every week which makes me question how strong the league was last season. I also understand Lothian last season did have a load of farmouts from teams like Hibs Hearts etc so not sure if its same this season. I think with the teams like yourselves Bonnyrigg etc joining it may give the existing teams from the EOS set up something to think about... All the best for the season guys
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