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  1. You know what? It's been 23 years since we've been at a tournament. It was something that as a boy in the 70s I took for granted. Im not going to be upset if we lose this friendly. I'm not going to be upset if we lose all our games in the Euros. However I would love it, just love it if we can beat THAT lot.
  2. Danny Mullen. Two seasons ago scores against the Arabs in the play off final. This season, scores for Dundee in the same fixture. A Dundee hero
  3. Taylor 3 up. I'm fucking shaking like I'm in there
  4. Getting excited now. If Taylor becomes undisputed at 140lb in only his 18th pro fight, surely he becomes one of Britain's top 3 fighters ever?
  5. Bottled it. Think this will haunt him.
  6. What a fight. Taylor for me by 2
  7. Why not let all teams have a colt team? Put them in a separate league system. Maybe call the league something like the 'reserve league' and see if that works.
  8. I'd take another look at annti niemi
  9. What a player lexy was. Sexy Lexy as my old man used to call him.
  10. A great performance from Whyte helped by Povetkins age catching up with him. Still think this is as high as Whyte can go and I would imagine Wilder knocks him out if that's his next fight.
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