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  1. Back to the game.. got a good feeling about this season, can see us getting a good win [emoji41] tomorrow. 2.0. Durmus and Obika.
  2. My favourite part of this whole episode is that Obika controlled the ball with his hand before scoring. What a guy.
  3. Would love to see Davis back here, but I imagine Jack Ross will be sniffing around him too.
  4. Actually agree with Sevco here. It's been a shambles and they have been left open to ridicule. While they are at it, maybe the five way agreement should be opened up to scrutiny too.
  5. Of course. When it comes to Rangers, It will only be the company that goes bust NOT the club. Someone will buy the history and they will be going for 55.
  6. What a team that was to play at Love Street for a friendly. Arsenal had some great players too.
  7. Just looked at the matches to be played before the split. We have 2 home games, one against Sevco and 5 away games. We really need to beat Hearts on Friday to try and get points in the bag.
  8. Maybe get big Broadfoot to pay off his contract and come back to the team he wanted to finish his career off at.
  9. What is this? You will have evidence to back this accusation up I presume?
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