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  1. I was never into cricket until I married a lass from Chennai. After an IPL championship win and a tense ODI world cup I've got to say I am converted! Chak de! India
  2. Any idea what happened to McKenzie in the Edinburgh game to cause him to be stretchered off? Hoping it's nothing too serious
  3. I reckon Louis Longridge is most likely to start in place of Connolly but I'd take either.
  4. The heat Ciampa got during his entrance was next level. An all round cracking show.
  5. A very poor game. Pars had the best of the chances (or rather McManus did). Dundee United seemed quite content to pass it around the back and wait for a press that never materialised. Bobby Madden was dreadful as usual, mostly angering and mystifying the home fans but did make one call regarding a corner that should have been for United that had fans at both ends in disbelief. Also, Scott McDonald is a whingeing wee scrote.
  6. Was he playing at CB? Seemed to be playing as some sort of right-back. In fairness Livi didn't look too bad in the 2nd half once they started winning long balls. You'll be in and around the play-offs at the end of the season.
  7. Livi's subs at half time made a big difference. That big number 9 was being taken apart at right back. Saying that we did seem to ease off after half time.
  8. Disagree. Hard tackle but got the ball. On a side note, Morgan is great with the ball at his feet but his final product today was non-existent. We were excellent today whereas St Mirren seemed to have no energy. Man of the match Higginbotham with McManus close behind.
  9. It's unlikely that both will stay fit all season so he'll likely get a fair share of games. Also heard moving to 3 at the back being talked about.
  10. Pretty sure Daniel Bryan is going to be on commentary. If so that'll be interesting to watch.
  11. Faissal alone has been worth the entry fee this season. As much as I'd love for him to stay he could so easily play at a far higher level than the Scottish Championship.
  12. If its not a work then happy retirement to him. Sad to such a nice guy and brilliant wrestler retire not on his own terms. Expecting plenty of no chants tonight.
  13. Wondering if anybody else has had this problem. There has been a radiation storm over the top section of the map for hours now and it just isn't going away. They usually only last a couple of in game hours. It's making everyone in Sanctuary, Red Rocket etc unhappy despite beds and food etc being well above what needed.
  14. I can't seem to really get into this to be honest. I'm level 7 and just die all the time. Tried to go to Diamond City and just got destroyed by Supermutants. I'm only playing on normal too...
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