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  1. Only way the Chargers and their historically inept run D win in LV is if Jacobs doesn't play, but that isn't looking likely.
  2. Because the Dolphins currently lead the AFC East.
  3. Jacobs v's LAC's D next week should be some laugh
  4. Herbert out there with the 2nd team OL and WR's. It's a miracle they got the TD at all, so I think it was the correct decision given they were playing with 3 Rookies and Will Clapp on the line and couldn't keep the rush off the QB.
  5. Another week, another utterly inept 2nd half, another slew of injuries, another week where 'Defensive Guru' Brandon Staley's D looks utterly hopeless and gives up a f**k ton of yards on the ground to a team that doesn't even run the ball. Get this clown so far to f**k
  6. Chargers get Mike Williams back, Keenan Allen on a pitch count, but Gerard Everett Inactive. Parham on IR and the remainder of our TE's are utterly hopeless. This team is just never healthy.
  7. Raiders 1st & 10 inside FG range rapidly becomes 3rd&29, they get some of it back, and Carlson misses his first FG in about 20 years. No wonder they scripted about 25 hand-offs. The pass protection is totally clownshoes.
  8. Josh Jacobs is going to have about 50 carries at this rate
  9. Both Easts are solid, every other Division in the NFL is either a walk in the park for the leader or a cesspit of ineptitude
  10. No chance with Tannehill and that passing game. Henry is enough to give any team trouble, but to win Superbowls you need to be able to move the ball through the air on better defenses, and I think that's where they'll come up short. Should walk away with the Division and land a home playoff game, but the Ravens have an absolute cake-walk of a remaining schedule and I expect them to fight with KC for the #1 seed and the Bye.
  11. Denver with another one of these colour rush/throwback outfits that looks like a shite high school uni designed by toddlers who went mental with crayons. Absolutely honking.
  12. Might watch the Donkeys and Turds for a laugh.
  13. Loving the early 90's throwback game in Foxboro, but Zac Wilson is absolutely terrible. Another Jets bust QB
  14. I didn't say he wasn't worth a starting spot, I believe he's showing the signs of being overplayed, which isn't unusual for a player of his age. It's difficult for any player to be at their best in every match across a long period, but even more so with young players they tend to lose their edge and spark as a result of being overplayed, and I think that's what Mulligan is going through right now. It's not that he's horribly off it, he's just not at 100% and I think that's best resolved by using him sparingly. He can be called up purely to still be in and around the squad even thought there's no real intention to play him. It's happened before when the manager wants a player to still be involved without the ball ache of having to explain why he's not playing.
  15. I think JM still looks like he needs a rest and a wee spell out of the team, so it might just be that respective managers are seeing the same thing and are limiting the amount of football he's playing.
  16. Anderson and Mulligan have both had plenty of playing time, so if Robertson was really all that I'm sure he'd have had plenty opportunity. To be honest I didn't really understand the clamour when he was playing in the early McPake games. Yes, he was neat and tidy with the ball and playing 1st team football at 17 is impressive enough in itself, but he didn't offer anything going forward and the game totally passed him by when we didn't have the ball. I don't mean to be unkind, but he looked a bit of a nothing player who offered little in possession and didn't put himself about defensively. Unless he's massively broadened his game and added more dimensions to it, I can completely understand why he's never had another look. Even Anderson has been totally honking for long spells yet he still kept his place in the team, so I you can only assume that the reason Robertson hasn't had a chance is because he is nowhere near the player that exists in some Dundee fans' imaginations.
  17. Yup. Robertson hasn't managed to get any sort of regular playing time in nearly three years and across three different managers. Think it's about time to move on.
  18. A graphic depiction of just how ridiculously injured the Chargers are and have been for weeks. Another two DT's lost for the season yesterday.
  19. Well I give them a bit of credit for hanging tough in a match-up nightmare with all the injuries etc, but that entire 2nd half performance is completely unacceptable. Lombardi repeatedly shows no ability whatsoever to scheme players open or attack a defensive weakness. It's the same predictable vanilla shite week after week.
  21. Jesus suffering f**k. This team is utterly incapable of playing a complete game. Either the D is just flat-out shit and the O has to be perfect, or on the odd occasion the D shows up the O is just dump-off and 1 yard rush over and over. That 1st down call is just idiotic against a D that is coming after you. Totally sick of Lombardi at this point.
  22. At some point Staley is going to have to realise that you'll never play a meaningful game and use your two deep scheme as intended if you give up 6 and 7 yards a clip on the ground every fucking week. Every single team we've played since week 1 last year has their backs running through gaping holes and hitting first contact 4-5 yards beyond the L.O.S.. It isn't on the players, it isn't down to injuries, it's Staley's refusal to stack the box and this idiotic insistence that our LB play doesn't matter
  23. Trying to back off the 9'ers rush and keep them honest, but that hasn't worked in any game yet this season with the exception of the Browns game because the Chargers run blocking is so bad they can't get 3-4 yards on 1st down regularly.
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