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  1. I suppose you could blame sub 50% completion, a huge number of wildly inaccurate throws, and 4 horrible INT's on a finger injury, but what I saw was an entire offensive gameplan that included nothing but waggles, roll-outs, singular reads on every pass, hand-offs, and designed QB runs. i.e. even the Saints know he isn't up to doing the number one most important primary function of an NFL starting QB - dropping back into a pocket. There's nothing that prevents a severely limited gameplan tailored to a limited QB from being successful in the short-term, Tebow, Kordell Stewart, RGIII and so on, but none of these players or schemes persist beyond novelty factor, because they get figured out and the limitations exposed extremely quickly. If NO seriously wants Hill to be a long-term option then he's going to have to learn how to be an orthodox pocket passer pretty quickly, and given his age and lack of actual QB'ing experience I don't believe that's remotely likely.
  2. Nope. You can see by the play design they just don't trust him to stand in the pocket and progress through reads. Classic case of a gadget/trick player who looks great in really limited snaps, but just isn't cut out to play a full-time position.
  3. Derwin James is totally wasted in Staley's mickey-mouse system. They have the most complete and all-around DB in the NFL who is perfectly capable of playing on the LoS, rushing the passer, and can cover absolutely any offensive player in the entire NFL, and they have him taking 4/5ths of his snaps as a FS in a two-high. Considering that the Chargers have James, Bosa, a hugely improved Nas Adderley and Kyzir White, there's really no excuse for how piss poor this defense has been.
  4. Chargers doing their usual routine of following up a win by playing like a bunch of fucking pensioners.
  5. Said in the coverage last night that Hill has some sort of ongoing foot injury and he isn't available to play in any but emergency circumstances.
  6. Looking likely 49'ers at Seahawks will be flexed out of the Week 13 late Sunday slot, with Broncos at KC or Chargers at Cinci replacing it.
  7. Floating pitch and a mega-casino, or I wont be back.
  8. The NFL would be a far worse place without Pete Carroll. Oh no wait, no it wouldn't. Good fucking riddance if/when he goes.
  9. Jones was tagged as one of those high-floor/low-ceiling guys. I haven't seen much of him play Chargers game aside, but that seems to be panning out as expected. It will be interesting to see how he develops or otherwise. The supporting cast in NE isn't great, but they're well coached and disciplined enough that they should still be competitive even with a limited game-manager under Center. He's not going to have it easy given his predecessors in the gig so I think that if he even turns out to be a top-half calibre NFL starter long-term then he'll do ok.
  10. Ekeler silencing the hostile Sofi crowd
  11. 6 penalties in the 1st Q. Classic Chargers beat yourself football
  12. Presumably Franks was Atlanta's designated emergency QB, because I can't imagine they went into the game with 3 active QB's. I actually had the Falcons down for being in the race for the number 1 pick overall, so they've been better than I expected, but that's not saying much.
  13. It's not offensive, I just don't understand why you'd actively harm your teams' chances by benching your best QB because of one low-effort play after a turnover that he wasn't responsible for, especially so when it's a player who has already suffered one catastrophic and near career-ending injury. I think it's entirely understandable why starting QB Teddy Bridgewater isn't really of a mind to be throwing his body around trying to tackle people. If his job was a full-time defensive player and he showed that lack of effort, then yes, I'd totally agree with you. It's unlikely a defensive player who had lost interest in that side of the game would be on the field anyway, but how many more tackles are you expecting your QB to have to make this season? Is he showing a total lack of effort at actually QB'ing, because I haven't seen any evidence of that from what I've seen of him so far this season. If he was QB'ing the team 60+ snaps per game with the same lack of commitment and effort shown on that one play then I think you'd be absolutely correct to be calling for his benching if it hadn't already happened. Travis Benjamin is a far more egregious example of a player who is totally stealing a living. I lost count of the number of times he either refused to attempt to catch a pass because of an impending collision, or ran out of bounds with acres of space in front of him because he wanted no part of being tackled while carrying the ball. Somehow, the guy still has a job as an NFL WR, but his total lack of commitment and disinterest in getting involved physically in an inherently physical game used to infuriate Chargers fans every single week. The crucial difference is it's Travis Bnejamin's job to contest catches and move the ball down the field regardless of any potential physical contact, whereas Bridgewater's task is almost exclusively to hand the ball off and throw it downfield. Benjamin doesn't even have TB's injury history to fall back on, so yes, I know how infuriating it is to see one of your team's players sell-out his teammates like that, but it's one singular play which in which he's not particularly likely to find himself in that exact position any time soon, oh, and with the mitigating circumstances. Benjamin doesn't have any excuses, he's simply a coward and totally gutless, but that doesn't lead to him getting benched or ostracised by his teammates for some reason.
  14. Couldn't care less about the scoreline provided somebody booted Martin Boyle up in the air.
  15. So you'd actively make the team worse for the remainder of the season, because an offensive player made minimal effort to make a tackle after one of his skill position players put the ball on the ground? If anyone needs benched, it's Melvin Gordon.
  16. There are hundreds of NFL QB's past and present would want no part of tackling a ball carrier. It's just not something they're trained and practiced in, so I think it's a bit OTT to want to bench your best starter because of one minimal effort play as a defender. To be honest, I don't really want the one most vital player on the roster risking himself getting a season-ending injury simply to try and alter the outcome of one play, when that would more or less mean the season being a wipe for the entire team. Do you also get incensed when your kicker/punter isn't the first guy down the field de-cleating the returner?
  17. How about before, or during games? Both were relatively frequent occurrences when I played for a certain team which I shall refrain from naming.
  18. I've always thought Bridgewater was a perfectly serviceable QB, probably above average as a starter, but he's not a difference maker so I can only really see him being a long-term fixture in Denver if they build themselves into one of those teams that doesn't depend on elevated QB play, but I don't see them persisting with him for that long. I wanted him in LAC as the bridge QB between Rivers and Herbert as he's definitely a better option than the likes of Tyrod Taylor, and I say that as someone with a softspot for TT.
  19. Pretty sure McDaid has been booed coming on at Dens, and that's got f**k all to do with his name or background.
  20. At least you have intermittent success and a few SB victories in living memory. What's the excuse with the likes of Detroit, Jax, and NYJ? Detroit can claim to be playing in a legitimately competitive division thanks to GB, the Vikes being intermittently good, and NYJ have had NE to contend with and more recently a resurgence in Buffalo. Jax plays in a perennially chronic division, always has a slew of high picks, and still sucks donkey dick year after year. OK, the Colts and Texans had decent runs for a few years back in the days of Luck and Arian Foster, and obviously the Titans are a force to be reckoned with right now, but the fact that division has been in a state of flux since the Peyton Manning era in Indi means that you'd think the Jags would be able to get their shit together eventually, but no. One freak division win in 2017 mired in a slew of complete garbage either side of it. That 2017 title aside, the Jags have either finished 3rd or 4th in the division every single season since 2010. Given that all three of their division opponents have been laughably bad at some point during that stretch, that record is totally risible.
  21. Really have to wonder about some of the franchises who seemingly pick top 10 every single season in a league designed around parity.
  22. Some people . I said back when the Chargers were 4-1 and sitting in the 1 seed that I still had KC down as favourites for the Division crown, but that's because I was still fairly sure that the rest of the division was totally over-performing at the time and wouldn't be able to maintain it, whereas KC was horrendously under-performing, even though I don't believe they're a particularly good team in any case. Bengals similar. I still think the only really good team in the AFC is the Bills, and I fully acknowledge they lost a laugher to the Jags. Any team is capable of having an off-day, but I think when all is said and done the Bills are still the only AFC team with all the pieces necessary to go all the way. Baltimore is strong and well coached, but Jackson is just as likely to have one of those games where he looks like a clueless rookie RB playing QB as he is to go off on one, and that lack of consistency will be their undoing in a string of elimination games. Tenn has coped better than I thought without Henry, but nobody seems to have noticed that they were inevitably going to break him by relying on him to the degree that they were. I think they'll run into a game or two where the opponent shuts down their ground game without him, and despite the past season and a bit, I don't have any faith in Tannehill and the Titans' receiver corps to be able to put a shootout on their own backs and win a do-or-die matchup. KC has just reverted back to being another one of those awful lop-sided teams that struggle any time they are prevented from scoring 40+ points. As for the others, I think LAC, LV, Den, NE, are all at least one off-season away from being legit contenders, whereas I see the Steelers more as drinking in the last chance saloon before a few years in the wilderness, and as for Cleveland, who knows. They have all the talent in the world, but for some reason they can't seem to hook it up on a regular basis and frequently look like no-hopers. Almost Charger-like in the inconsistency and continual underperformance.
  23. Yup. A couple of weeks ago it was being talked about as possibly the toughest division in the NFL thanks to the Raiders, LAC, and Denver all overperforming through Sept/Oct. Despite that, I think the reality is that every single team in the division is mediocre at best, and in all likelihood 10-11 wins could be enough to win it. Raiders are doing their annual disappearing act/meltdown, KC and LAC's defenses are total binfires, and Denver is just a bit meh all around. If one of them can hold it together in the remainder of the Divisional matchups and go .500 the rest of the way then they'll be in with a shout, but I don't think it'll be settled until week 18. KC is as likely to revert to the garbage they've been since week 1 as they are build on the win over LV, as usual the Chargers can't play a complete game and are totally Jekyll and Hyde from one week to the next, Raiders are just doing typical Raiders things, and I think that Denver is just lagging a bit behind all three opponents in terms of overall talent on the roster. It's anyone's division, but equally I wouldn't be surprised to see any of the four of them fold completely and end up with a losing season.
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