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  1. My only issue with Lidl is that for years any fresh veg I bought there invariably went rank within 24-48 hours of purchase. Not just a bit limp, but bordering on inedible and rotten. This doesn't happen with veg from Tesco, Asda, or Sainies, and as someone who couldn't care less about why specifically that is and only wants their veg to stay edible for more than one or two days, that's a pretty big negative and the sole reason why I now shop there only as a last resort.
  2. Adam to ping a 30 yard wonder strike past the Russ Abbot lookalike in the Celtic goal
  3. I think had he pitted he would undoubtedly have to have been held by the team to allow the rest of the field past, but that works both ways as the remainder of the field would also have been held in order to allow him past once his stop was complete. Highly unlikely he emerges still in first, but there's no way he'd have come out of the pits dead last. It's yet another in a litany of blindingly obvious tactical decisions that Hamilton should have taken for himself, but for some reason he defers to the team. You don't need to be in full possession of all the bells and whistles available to the guys in the paddock to implicitly understand what to do in a straightforward yes/no situation, which is why Hamilton's habit of whining at the team when he has dropped the ball himself puts so many people right off.
  4. Slow pitstop cost Vettel the win. It was only about a second, but that would have been enough for him to be in front of Ocon once he emerged from his own stop, and I think from there Vettel would have driven away.
  5. Well that's the big question really. Hamilton's entire career is full on instances where he has deferred strategy to the team, it's cost him, and he's spent the entire race whining down the radio at them. Begs the question why he isn't taking the decisions for himself.
  6. Alonso absolutely brilliant for 15 laps there, won Ocon the race. Hamilton throwing away what should have been a runaway win
  7. Was in the middle of wondering why we had McMullan taking the corners when we scored consistently with Gowser taking them last season, then the OG goes in. So next week no doubt it'll be Sweeney along side Ashcroft, McGhee to RB, McGowan still playing in the front three, and Robertson completely anonymous in midfield again. Presumably that's Anderson suspended, so perhaps that will force McPake into playing Gowser in midfield and we'll see McDaid or McCowan in the front three instead. It's difficult not to think that was a pretty poor performance given the shambolic nature and the side looking totally disjointed, but when you put everything in perspective perhaps a draw isn't a terrible start. We're missing two important players to begin with, then the injuries in the first half and the moronic red card, so considering all that I suppose we could have been on the end of a thumping. Their first goal was a shocker to concede though. We can't give away simple route-one goals if we're going to stay in this league.
  8. Yip. No wonder it takes McPake until March to figure his team out when he consistently over-complicates things. Suspect this is going to be the way of it yet again this season. Still can't believe it's nearly August, McPake claims we're done with signings, but yet Gowser is still apparently our best option on the left of the forward three. Presumably that's McGhee now playing RB because Cammy Kerr is nowhere to be seen
  9. It's baffling. McPake starts two wee laddies in midfield rather than playing Sweeney in the position he was signed to play
  10. McPake's first full game in charge, when Jack Hamilton finally went fully holographic.
  11. Come on then thread Isa's, who is it? People huv tae know!!!
  12. ROFL and it gets thumped up in the air finally, Japan make a complete arse of it, 1-0 This could be 15-0 to GB if they took liberties
  13. Team GB trying to play patient, possession football against a team of 5'0" midgets
  14. The Cleveland Steamers
  15. 100% this. People who love cricket love cricket because of what cricket is. This is like trying to get someone into Chess by forcing them to sit through a game of Draughts. In reality, I bet the ECB knows this fine and well, but isn't remotely bothered about attracting new audiences. Attracting new revenue yes, but they honestly won't care if that's from new viewers or just existing cricket junkies looking for more cricket. This obsession with the fact that the County Championship brings in no revenue is ruining the England Test side. I said back in 2010 it was inevitable, because they'd finally figured out how to play the 20 and 50 over game, so from then on it was all they were going to worry about. No coincidence that the technique, mental application, and results of the Test side have gone down the shitter in the past 5-10 years. There's really no excuse for it. India plays all formats at a high level. Ok, they are a huge cricket obsessed nation with a massive player pool, but success in the short format is clearly no bar to success in Test cricket, in fact, the Indian Test side was amateurish before the explosion of T20 and such. It's interesting how standards in fielding and athleticism in their Test side have risen along with the popularity of T20, yet they can still bat properly and post huge scores in the long format. 1st Class matches in India get crowds, but it's not like the stadia are packed to capacity on weekdays with every punter paying £20-£30 entry, so the ECB don't even have that excuse.
  16. To be fair, he was pretty much on it during his Lotus comeback as well, as he still had a sniff of top team drives at that point. It's motivating himself once he's in a comfortable position that seems to be the issue, or at least it was across the latter part of his career. I think it's age catching up now though. Still had the odd moment last season, but this year it's been totally forgettable.
  17. Vaguely remember Ron Dennis talking about how they felt they 'owed' Mika since he'd been with them through thick and thin, his accident, and so on, so they honestly felt like he should have first dibs on any success as and when it turned up. Also, that first win was a significant psychological hurdle to get out of the way, so I can't say I really blame them for Jerez because they might have legitimately felt that was necessary to propel Hakkinen on to a genuine title challenge the next season. This was still the era of 1/2 drivers really, and before the team orders scandals, and I think a significant part of it was that Coulthard came to them already a race winner but not really viewed as a title challenger. I suppose that's partly contradictory, because McLaren always poo-pooed the idea of No.1 and No.2 drivers, but speaking pragmatically I think they probably realised that while Coulthard was good enough to win races, it was the other guy who was actually good enough to win them a Championship in a straight fight with Schumi. And yeah, apart from his first McLaren season when he couldn't finish a race, Kimi really emphasised just why McLaren never went all-in on a Coulthard title bid.
  18. Fair enough, at least he's humble enough to recognise that and admit it. It was funny back in the day though reading the 'this is my time' pieces in the preview mags every single year. Naw mate. Mibbe if Mika doesn't turn up for work for a year solid, Schumi breaks his leg again, Williams continue to be a running joke, and Ferrari don't bother running a second car... His '98 Spa was epic though. Nearly kills half the field with an idiot mistake at the start, slows to a crawl on the racing line in zero-visibility conditions, then thankfully has the entire McLaren pit crew there to prevent him being torn limb from limb by a seething Schumi. I've had bad days at work, but that takes some beating. I've also never crashed into a pit lane entry either
  19. Considering Eddie Irvine and Mika Salo managed to take it down to the final race, I'm pretty certain Schumi would have comfortably won the title in '99 had he not broken his leg, never mind 'edged' it. Irvine only managed 4th, 6th, and 7th place finishes in a 3 race spell taking in Spa, Monza, and Nurburgring, and lost the title by 2 points. I'm sure Shumi would have scored far more heavily in those races and had it wrapped up before Japan. The only way Coulthard was ever going to win the title was if McLaren had a Brawn style year where they were by far and away the superior car on the grid for 75% of the season, and he was paired with a complete also-ran as a team mate. He simply wasn't on a par with the top drivers of his era, was invariably second best to his team mate, and when fate did hand him opportunities he found ways to chuck it away as often as he grasped it. He struggled in the wet as well. Career number 2 essentially. A good number 2 granted, but that's all he was in reality. Personally I'd put him behind the likes of Button, Massa, Barrichello, and Berger in the 'solid second driver' stakes.
  20. Ran away to play in the diddy North American league rather than testing himself in one of the big four European leagues. Gained a total of zero caps for Argentina. Of course he was pish.
  21. Never been so glad to see the back of something as the V10's. Horrible, nails-down-a-blackboard screech. Good riddance.
  22. One of the strangest games I've watched in a long time. Nationals pitchers couldn't get the ball over the plate. Pads hitters were hacking at everything, and the ball kept hitting the gaps and disappearing into the bleachers. Cronenworth with only the third Cycle in Pads history iirc. The single was an infield dribbler as well. Just a weird night all around.
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