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  1. Pads have been shocking over the past few weeks. They need Tatis back in the worst way, and they could really do with finding an outfield bat as a well before the deadline. There's no pop in the lineup right now whatsoever. Feel sorry for Blake Snell. His last 7 or 8 starts since he came back he's had a total of something like 5 or 6 runs of support. Just utterly pathetic production.
  2. Personally I couldn't give a toss about the League Cup. It carries about the same degree of kudos and prestige as the Forfarshire Cup, but I accept it's potentially a good source of revenue if the club were to get to the latter stages. What's far more important is hitting the ground running in the league, and no repeat of McPake's regular 'finally figure it out in February' pish that was the hallmark of his time in charge. If Bowyer believes the LC cup games are about getting the squad match sharp and ready for game one of the Championship, then that's ok with me.
  3. Are they still convinced Barrack Obama is gay and Michelle is really a man?
  4. I'm reserving judgement until I've seen how they play against a top attack on a dodgy wicket. I'm not sure this isn't just an overdose of the 'blat it out of the ground in all and any conditions' moron-fest the Test team has been over the past 5 or so years, only it's come off for them because Bairstow is in the form of his life. If they can do this sort of thing regularly on decent tracks and recognise when to rein it in and grind out runs on pudding wickets instead of going out all guns blazing, playing stupid shot after stupid shot, and getting rolled for 120, then I'll take my hat off to them. The problem they've had recently isn't that they haven't been able to chase down scores of 300+ in the 4th inning, it's far too much of the ridiculous brain-dead cricket in run-of-the-mill situations caused by playing far too much white ball and not nearly enough red ball in testing conditions, resulting in far too many sub-par scores and batting collapses. IF they've fixed that and they can still play like this when the going is good, then that's great.
  5. Can I add Nick Kyrgios to my list? I don't give a single shiny shite about tennis anyway, but the guy is such a fucking gimp he'd put me off watching the sport entirely.
  6. Still think Laxman is the most elegant 'coaching manual' batsman I've seen play live. Next to no personal foibles or wee idiosyncrasies, everything totally textbook. Peak Michael Vaughn second. Funny how the same thing happened to both. Purple patch of 3-4 years, then the eyes went, they played down the wrong line constantly and were never quite the same. Something about a batsman that plays technically correctly that is always entertaining, every bit as much as the modern players who slog everything and don't care about wiping across the line.
  7. The 'spare car', which hasn't been a thing for about 20 years now
  8. Strong facial resemblance, and if he's London born that would coincide with CD's time at West Ham. I'm going 90% sure he is CD's son.
  9. Leach quickly brought back down to earth today. Heaven help England if they can't find an alternative before their next tour of the subcontinent.
  10. Some claims on Twitter that the woman on the left is Boris Johnson's mother-in-law.
  11. Wouldn't get that excited. There have been three Manning QB's, one who is one of the GOAT, one who wasn't much more than a league average starter, and one who was complete shite. 1/3 hit rate. They should take up golf or something.
  12. I suppose that depends on whose perspective. A bunch of psychiatrists defining DSM entries? Sure. Medical professionals trying to treat someone with a condition? Sure. Me going about what is 'my normal' life, that, for the most part, I'm content with? No, there's nothing 'disordered' about my life from my own perspective simply because it doesn't mesh with what is typical for the majority. 'Disordered' is stigmatising from my perspective, but I would have no issue whatsoever if that was replaced with 'atypical'. That seems a perfectly reasonable request to me, since Autism is a difference, hence the 'divergent', and not a physical or mental illness. It's other people who have decided my life is 'atypical' or 'disordered', not me. My life is all I know and it's normal for me, so as as far as I'm concerned, I might as well look at everyone else and label them as 'disordered'. Sometimes you get asked 'if you could do over, would you rather be NT?'. My answer to that is invariably 'No', because what you are asking is if I would like to remove a fundamental part of who, and what, I am. I would cease to be 'me', and that's not a very enticing prospect. Who knows what I'd be like? My life might be comparatively worse than it is now, or even completely insufferable. It's not like NT people breeze through their lives with no problems or issues caused by their personalities, or societal or environmental factors. To put it into perspective, things like homosexuality also used to be labelled a 'disorder'. That's now accepted as merely a difference, and since it's the minority, it's 'atypical'. All I'm asking is that it would be good to reach the same place with Autism, ADHD etc, although I can understand why the aforementioned parents of really dysfunctional autistic twins might completely disagree, however we're back to that place of mistaking comorbid learning difficulties for the actual condition itself.
  13. I'm partly in agreement with this, but I think asking what an NT is supposed to be is coming at it from the wrong direction. The only reason people are officially diagnosed with an ND condition is because they meet the threshold of diagnostic criterion, usually defined as having a significant impediment on 'normal' life function. In a medical sense, if you don't meet this threshold then you are NT. I'm not sure if what you are implying is that 'everyone is a bit ND', which if you are, is something that I can understand and think is generally reasonable, but it's also something that is oft repeated from a place of total ignorance i.e. "Haha! yeah, I'm a bit on the spectrum me!", simply because they collect vinyl Pop! figures. Avidly collecting/obsessing over something is common in ND people, but in and of itself it's not a significant impediment to normal life, so that alone is no indicator that someone is 'on the spectrum'. Some of the other examples you've given in the previous post are also sometimes present in ND people, but they're also present in people who are simply shy, or self-conscious, or egomaniacal, or depressed, or anxious, or self-obsessed, or stupid, and so on. When you have sufficient number of these traits that you meet the threshold for a diagnosis then you are considered to have a neurodivergent condition, but the important part is that they must be sufficient that they cause significant impairment to the individual with regards to living a normal life, which is why someone like your lecturer who can't look at their audience wouldn't be considered ND on the back of that quirk alone.
  14. I agree, but personally I do find the majority of NT people to be overly prone to making decisions based on emotion rather than logic or common sense, which is a big part of the reason why I struggle to cope in any situation where I'm either reliant on them, or my tasks are dependant on other people doing their bit. I don't understand sentimentality, romance, or why people get emotional looking at a piece of artwork, listening to a piece of music, and so on, so a lot of the things people do in life that are driven by emotion I just can't get my head around at all. Religion baffles me, as from the outside it appears to me that you would have to suspend every single power of logic and reason you have in order to be an adherent. I suppose the reason I'm in agreement with your statement though is that I can absolutely grasp the need for compassion in order to benefit the greater whole. That's logical in most respects, because no matter if you are in fine fighting health, you are only ever one accident or illness away from being rendered incapable and dependant on the good will of others. While I struggle with some esoteric concepts, I am still a human being living the same human condition as anyone else, so I do feel a sense of comradeship and fraternity, even if that's founded in logic and reason rather than anything 'spiritual'.
  15. I was going to post 'presumably you never saw Jim Duffy play?' as well. JD used to stroll through games. Not because he was lazy or because of a lack of athleticism, he was simply on a different level in terms of reading the flow of the game so never had to break sweat to be in the right position at the right time. He wasn't the same after his injury unfortunately, but prior to that I think he was as good a player as any of the CH's turning out for Scotland at the time. He was a bit unfortunate that he played in the era of Narey, McLeish, Miller, Hansen etc so he would never get a look in, but oddly enough, I think because of his mental attributes the generally slower pace and more cultured environment in International football would have suited him to a tee. I disagree about Nemsadze being better than Caniggia. Two totally different types of player, and while I'm a huge GN fan and don't believe the size of his talent was generally appreciated in Scotland, Caniggia is still by far and away the only Dundee player I've seen where time and time again he made me think 'What the hell is this guy doing here? He's on a different level altogether and far too good to be playing in Scotland'. There was a game at Tynecastle where Caniggia spent the whole match casually jogging back to the half-way line every time a Dundee attack broke down. It looked enormously lazy, then he showed exactly why that's the way he was. The ball was punted about 60 yards out of our box. As soon as it was hit, CC took off like an olympic sprinter, left the entire Hearts defence for dead. Without breaking stride, he watched the ball drop over his shoulder, killed it stone dead with his instep and carried on. It's still the most outrageous display of natural ability I've witnessed on a football pitch.
  16. My diagnosis is what used to be labelled 'Aspergers'. I still use that because most people have some inkling of what it means, and the trendy term 'High Functioning Autism' is somewhat misleading IMO. I don't have any of the comorbid learning difficulties that are sometimes present with Autism, so I don't meet the expectation a lot of people have that you have to be non-verbal, badly behaved, etc etc, so I'm frequently met with 'you can't be autistic?!?!?!?". I don't really struggle with social interactions and social convention because I've been able to pick up the cues and learn what's what down the years. I mask a lot, and I will ask things like 'oh, how are the missus and bairns?" during polite conversation, but only because I know that's what I'm supposed to do and not because it would occur to me to ask out of genuine interest. The reason I deny 'high functioning' is because there are a lot of other areas in which I don't 'function' at all. I live like a hermit, my house is completely minimalist as I can't cope with clutter, so no things like ornaments or wall decorations. I can't do any sort of work activity that involves 'team' as I find it totally impossible to cope when other people would do something in a way that seems completely absurd to me, and I get ill very quickly trying to work in an environment where human beings are less than 100% dependable and predictable. I've deliberately distanced myself from other people down the years as I just find other people completely infuriating, and any benefit I get from friendships, is, I feel, completely outweighed by the hassle of actually having to deal with other people. I also have no contact whatsoever with my immediate family for similar reasons. I do have the 'special interests' that are common in autistic males, see the 'tanks' episode in the 'Ukraine' thread, and I'm aware that sometimes I do actually miss the context and nuance in things and I'm prone to monologuing well beyond the point of reasonability. So yeah. Because I'm not Raymond from Rainman people assume I'm neurotypical, but they don't see the areas I struggle with and never see the weeks where I'm essentially housebound because I've hit saturation point and I'm in the midst of a complete meltdown. Relationships are difficult. Ex couldn't cope at all with the fact I have no interest in material gain and I'm not motivated by pecuniary things, so no real career ambitions etc, no designs on a bigger house, two car family, etc. Current is much more in tune with what I feel I need in a relationship and sees the world in a similar way, so we're far more able to give each other the space and consideration I feel I need in order to be happy in a relationship. We don't live together, never have, and never will, because that suits us both. She has admitted that there are parts of her that would like to share a home with somebody, but she's well aware I wouldn't cope, so we restrict it to overnights and the odd long weekend. 'Disorder' is a shite term. I don't know how something that occurs entirely naturally and at a consistent rate across the population can be 'disordered'. Thankfully, due to activism it's a term that is slowly but surely making it's way out the door, but it's still highly stigmatising and used far too frequently. I think that, generally speaking, there is still an enormous degree of general ignorance regarding Autism, and terms like 'disorder' don't do anything to help because it reinforces that idea that autistic individuals are so completely different to the norm that they all must be as obviously, visibly different as Dustin Hoffman's character, or the small, non-verbal children who stim and tantrum constantly and can't be consoled by reason/bargaining in the way most small children can. I always say to people that if you've met one autistic person, you've met one autistic person. It's a bit banal, but it's to get the point across that neurodivergent people are just as distinct and individual from each other as the neurotypical population. You can't make assumptions based on a label, because that label is really just blanket that they throw over a whole gamut of behaviours, some, or none, of which might be simultaneously present in two people with the same diagnosis. I suppose from the viewpoint of a parent with, say for arguments sake, small twins who do display all the 'difficulties' of autism, then I'm relatively unaffected and have it pretty 'easy', but again, they won't see how autism has tempered my life and created barriers and obstacles that aren't immediately obvious. I've had the depression and anxiety that is commonly present in autistic adults, and it's hellish to deal with due to the fact that the underlying cause isn't something that is going to go away or resolve itself. Basically, I had to entirely rebuild my life and reshape it in a way that meant I had to exclude absolutely anything that caused me anxiety associated with my autism, so that meant no real career, deliberately winding down friendships, distancing myself from family, placing limitations on what I would accept in a relationship etc, so although I have enormous sympathy for them, I wouldn't agree with that parent that I'm 'unaffected' just because I'm verbal and socially adept enough to get by. Not all the effects of autism are visible, and I do still stim and have meltdowns, I've just adapted my life to the point whereby when it happens there's nobody to witness it, and I can go and do what I need to do to recover in private, and in my own time.
  17. Sorry Jurickson Profar, but Jorge Alfaro Think that's his third walk-off hit of the year.
  18. Well folding it in half would work, I suppose.
  19. That's how I've interpreted the release. Reads very much to me like the FIA are taking the view that there are options available to the constructors that would fix the issue, but they are refusing to go down the route of compromised setup so the FIA are going to force that upon them. It might well screw Mercedes, but I think it will also harm Ferrari and render the WC a foregone conclusion.
  20. Interesting hearing shouts of 'Compton for England' because they need a stuffy opener, when the last Saffer Compton to open for England got binned... for being too stuffy.
  21. So are we getting an Inevitable England Batting Collapse tomorrow and a Follow-on, or an Inevitable England Batting Collapse on the final day once they've hauled themselves back into a 'statistically impossible to lose from here' position? My money is on tomorrow.
  22. So 1-1 then. What changes would people make for the deciding Test?
  23. 2 and a bit days to get the runs, and Stokes goes full T20 mode. Sometimes I seriously wonder about the mental capacity of modern cricketers.
  24. Were you there when they won the WB at Murrayfield? I was a regular for about 3-4 seasons, every home game and a couple of away fixtures. Used to be some party with the Galaxy fans. I kinda lost interest when they moved the games to Hampden.
  25. After waiting 50 years for a Padres No-hitter, I honestly thought I was going to witness a second one live last night. No-no Joe was imperious for 7 +2/3. Genuinely thought he was going to do it. Would have taken about 130 pitches though
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