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  1. It's truly bizarre. You can only conclude that one of two things must be true about the folk claiming they are totally bamboozled by this all. Either - 1. They are thick as fucking pigshit. Incapable of grasping the simplest of instruction, and incapable of opening a paper, performing a quick google, or actually just reading, in order to clear up any confusion they might have. or 2. They get it damned fine, and they're simply at it in an attempt to score cheap political points with their followers.
  2. Presumably the lack of a customs border around Aberdeen, Rosyth etc means the Tories will be sinking block-ships outside Scottish ports?
  3. Boo Khaki

    Week 3

    Interesting enough game, but sheesh, both these teams stink to high heaven
  4. Boo Khaki

    Week 3

    Stiff test for the Raiders in year 18 of their rebuild.
  5. I would never encourage anything of the sort, even in cases where it's probably well overdue and ripe for causing peak heads-gone. Honest.
  6. Check out the Feminism board on Mumsnet. It's cult-like in its totalitarian GC outlook on literally everything and anything. There's a thread started earlier today about the French woman attacked in the street in Strasbourg for the crime of wearing a skirt. I find it difficult to follow their own particularly hysterical brand of 'common sense' at the best of times, but the opening poster appears to be implying that the victim of the crime must be a transwoman, seemingly for no other reason than the news reports don't explicitly specify that she is not. The victim isn't trans fwiw It's utterly batshit the extremes they go to infer there's a patriarchy-driven, misogynistic woman-cancelling agenda to literally everything.
  7. Boo Khaki

    Week 2

    In early 2004 the only signed QB's the Chargers had on the roster were Brees, Doug Flutie, and Cleo Lemon. That must average as one of the shortest NFL QB position groups in history. Brees is not six foot, Flutie is not the 5'10" he was always listed at, and I always had suspicions Lemon wasn't 6'2" either.
  8. Boo Khaki

    Week 2

    The Chargers used to list him as 6'0". I've stood right in front of him, and I can assure you he is most definitely nowhere near being a six-footer. I wasn't worried when we drafted him, until I watched him play in 2002 and he'd bean an OL in the back of the head at least once per game without fail. Brees has had a bit of a bizarre career really. There's no way you'd have said he'd achieve what he has when you looked at him on the field back in 2002-2003. I have no doubt that he'd be long gone and forgotten had he played out his career in SD under Norv Turner and that moron McCoy, but I have always wondered what his numbers would look like now had he played the entirety of his career under Payton and started from day 1 in the NFL.
  9. Yup, like I said, this sort of nonsense is nothing new for the Chargers. Dr David Chao was sued by former players left and right. https://www.boltsfromtheblue.com/2013/4/22/4251626/san-diego-chargers-doctor-david-chao-has-chaotic-past
  10. The optimist in me thinks the Pads are lollygagging now the playoffs are confirmed. The realist is sitting here sighing at the fact that for over a week the pitching has been complete crap, and the offense has completely dried up.
  11. Tyrod listed on the Chargers Wednesday injury report as DNP "chest/ribs". Presumably this means either the lung is just fine, or they simply ran out of space to include all the reasons why he can't practice.
  12. I''m still hugely concerned about our midfield. It's essentially the same as August - January last season, + Charlie Adam. We badly lacked running and dig no matter which combination of players we tried, that was only partially helped once Ross Callachan came in, and I don't expect Charlie Adam to solve that particular problem either. So aside from the fact that I believe Hamilton is a liability that will cost us points, we have no depth at all at Centre Half if we're going to be playing three at the back, and we don't really have a striker that you'd describe as a hold-up type that the ball will stick to... aye. Hopefully Ferrie will supplant the liability or we sign a loan keeper, McGhee/Forster/Ashcroft actually plays much more solidly than I'm expecting or we can somehow conjure another Berra-type signing from somewhere, McPake is successful in his obvious determination to sign some sort of lump to play up front, and our corps of crocks, statues, and codgers in midfield have grown bionic legs over lockdown. It's encouraging that there are now some genuine youngsters in the first team squad, but I'm getting the distinct impression they are there purely because there's no other place at the club for them, rather than them ascending to 1st team status on playing ability. I wouldn't be surprised to see every single one of them loaned out, although it genuinely would be great if one or more kicked on and held down a place in the 11. I think it's going to be a weird season for all the obvious reasons, but the state of the squad is giving me heebie geebies, and I wont be surprised to see us caught with our pants down yet again, sitting in 4th or 5th after the first round of matches.
  13. On the 'wrong' side, and with the 'wrong' people though.
  14. Kent, aka Farageshire. Going to be interesting to see what this whitest, most Brexity part of England makes of this new 'Gammon Curtain' they're about to find themselves behind.
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