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  1. Back in LA, TB, GB, in that order, although it should really be Back in LA, retired, retired. Jones is nothing close to the player he used to be, and I think Gronk is nailed on to be one of those 'crippled by 40' husks if he keeps playing on.
  2. Soviet era SPAG's meet Western artillery. Top marks to the crew who drove into the tree-line and left a handy set of tracks behind
  3. There's a time and a place for that. England have been obsessed with scoring quickly in the Test arena since the Duncan Fletcher years. I understand the concept, and Test cricket has changed significantly in the past 20 years or so, but I also think they've been guilty of a 'score quickly at all costs' mentality at times which has cost them when the conditions haven't been appropriate, and they've lacked the talent to do it successfully. Nothing to be ashamed of in playing conservatively and grinding out the odd result when you are short of talent by comparison to your opponent. It was NZ's M.O. for years and they massively overachieved thanks to it, although the caveat there is that Fleming and Vettori are/were head and shoulders above anything England have had over the past 15 years in Captaincy skills.
  4. Not in Ukraine, and not a Russian tank. Still impressive though.
  5. Agreed on Vardy 'winning'. Seems that Colleen was so intent on playing out this entire farce in public that she totally jumped the gun, concluded that because the faked stories appearing in the papers were being fed to Vardy's profile this meant Vardy herself was responsible, and backed herself into a corner by making a public accusation. Supposedly Rooney has tacitly acknowledged that she accepts that the person doing the leaking was actually Vardy's ex-publicist (why the f**k does she even have a publicist?), but because of the colossal size of her ego and tiny size of her brain, she has been totally unable to bring herself to apologise and settle out of court, hence this ridiculous charade.
  6. U21 what? Their darts team?
  7. Where on earth did Hibs find that Bushiri lad?
  8. Don't think it's realistic to expect an announcement at 10pm at night, but Nelms and Co could allay a lot of fears by ensuring that it's done in time for local papers/evening news bulletins tomorrow. Only negative I can see is that the last time we were in that position, McPake took charge for the final game v St. Mirren, he put Hamilton back in the goal, and flapjack promptly flogged 3 goals in a 3-2 defeat. They should put big Charlie and Gowser in charge for Sunday and just kick Livi off the park.
  9. Graham Thorpe 'seriously ill in hospital' https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/61394116 don't like to speculate about someone's health, but as far as I'm aware he hasn't had any ongoing issues, so perhaps a heart-attack or something?
  10. Cheers. I'm just a bit annoyed that they can act like this, lose out financially even if the court sides with them, and yet they'll inevitably be all over the papers crowing about how they feel 'vindicated' and won't give two hoots about being worse off by a sum that would take most ordinary people 5-10 years to earn. It infuriates me how relatively powerless ordinary people are to stand up to bullying by others far more wealthy or powerful than they are, so to see two people indulging their ego like this when it's over not much more than a load of fishwife gossip, and only because they won't feel the financial consequences, really sticks in the craw. They've both been implored by their lawyers to settle this out of court because of the ridiculous cost involved, the total waste of court time to settle a pissing contest, and the fact that even if they 'win' they'll still be on the hook for costs that far outweigh any award, and yet they're both still absolutely determined to plough on regardless. It's a pity the judge doesn't have the means to slap them both with a contempt charge then just dismiss the case as frivolous
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