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  1. At the restart he happily stood and watched the ball get put back in play about 30 yards away from where it went out. Should never ref again.
  2. This is a deliberate design ploy in order to limit the number of poor unfortunates who inadvertently find themselves headed to Fife through no fault of their own. This is why there is also a roundabout at the immediate far end of the bridge, i.e. to enable immediate 360's and a swift return to the 21st century.
  3. You should point out that Mumsnet regards 'silent treatment' as a form of emotional abuse, and since she's an abuser, you'd be well within your rights to kick her out of the family home and phone Women's Aid for support.
  4. Yup. Proverbial back greens, draw the curtains etc.
  5. Yes, beggars belief they gave Mazepin a licence. Not only is he woefully off the pace, but he's an utter fucking arsehole with it. Only a matter of time before he either completely screws a leader while being lapped, or worse, causes an accident in which some other poor fucker gets hurt. Weaving in front of your teammate like that at 200mph when you are two of the last three still running is absolute lunacy. If I'm MS I'd have fucking chinned him.
  6. They seemed oblivious to the fact that when they signed him he'd really only played about 40 total first team matches despite his age. Threw him in at the deep end in CL matches etc then the fans hit the fucking roof and wrote him off as shite when it was clear as day he simply wasn't ready for that sort of step up just yet.
  7. Tebow only made the playoffs in the first place because Marion Barber/Felix Jones (can't remember which) was too stupid to understand NFL clock management.
  8. *Insert Del Bosque OOFT here* Useless arseholes
  9. Leafs shiteing up the playoffs yet again. Some things never change.
  10. That tweet could only be made by someone who didn't see him on the field last season. I say 'on the field' rather than 'play', because at no point did he do anything reminiscent of a football player playing football. If he's one of the best remaining, god knows how bad the others must be. If he's not completely washed up, then he did a damned fine impression of someone totally mailing it in to protect his health in 2020.
  11. Based on ability, yes, but I'm sure I remember at the time that he'd fallen out with the management and wasn't bothering his arse in training.
  12. I'd have Holt back simply to give us proper cover at left-back, but I don't think he's any better than Marshall so I wouldn't bring him to Dens expecting him to be first choice. He flogged a goal every other week in his first spell here, so if he's a poorer player now I honestly can't see how he'd be an improvement on Marshall. Spanish John was a far superior player at that time.
  13. Far prefer this season's home kit. Dundee play in Dark Blue and White. Get the light blue/red etc in the bin ffs.
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