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  1. Very good much you think that he is worth then?
  2. Neil Lennon rates him wonder if he will sign him on a bosman at Bolton?
  3. What about on a bosman they actually have some decent central midfield guys anyway probably on big wages
  4. Naw the Dryhorse refutes this childish claims and awaits a appology
  5. Not yet and Burnley would switch Arffield to the right and have Boyd on the left no naw Deeboy your wrong
  6. Aye were do you want to meet up forty a piece right?
  7. This certainly is not spamming plenty of other threads is though that the moderators let slide from other posters
  8. Bet Lennon would love him at Bolton see he was once on his radar when he managed you
  9. Reading Everton Southampton Hull QPR Burnley are in for him think he will move in January?
  10. Coarse they do they scout guys like Doolan and Erskine and give them the chance of senior football And also people watch junior games a lot when there senior side is not playing
  11. Perhaps a solid income to the junior teams would be to make pies from road kill? Do not bomb out the idea on how it sounds right away Down Ayrshire way there are pheasents and deers and rabbit and hairs that all get killed I hear Fox can be quite tasty as well and makes a great feast
  12. Loads of pubs in Shettleston Denniston Parkhead camp anywhere around its a easy walk to the piggry
  13. Now that is a myth and you know it any way back to politics who is right who is left?
  14. Sin bin idea is good then I can secretly corrupt weaker members minds in cou deta against other parties And come out the shadows in a revolution that over throws the established orders
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