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  1. Keith Lee is someone i'd definitely try to pick up if i'm AEW. Their women's division will also likely get a solid boost from these releases. Just in time for the two title era beginning.
  2. This looks a lot worse than people were expecting. Keith Lee, Mia Yim, Harry Smith. Sucks that RoH is in limbo as a lot of talent are going to need a landing spot.
  3. I wouldn't put much stock in that. It's the usual fantasy pyramid building that likely stems back to the one passing comment on the Catch Up pod that the South are looking to go down a tier in future. Not based on any actual discussions but the consensus from everyone outside the South believe that it will eventually happen.
  4. The LL have rejected the idea of removing the HL/LL boundary twice now in votes, and within PWG meetings. They've just buggered it by including the OF Colts this season. If that hadn't happened there would have been nothing for the SFA to hold over them to change how Club 42 is treated in the SPFL Playoff.
  5. That's a further issue. There's still no uniformity. The HL T6 agreement allows for the HL club to choose their league. Which is something that the SPFL have pursued previously. The LL T6 agreement has the leagues decide between themselves.
  6. On the face of it nothing really changes. The LL has an agreement with the WoS, EoS, and SoS. The HL has an agreement now with the NCL, North, and Midlands. Elgin will go to the HL and the Angus SPFL clubs don't look like an immediate risk of being Club 42. There needs to be a wider reconstruction or some secondary shenanigans. On the secondary shenanigans front something like the LL can stay at 18 with Brechin being an "applicant".
  7. Unfortunately the Jon Moxley fantasy booking has to be put to one side for now. He's gone into rehab. Hopefully he gets the help he needs and wish him all the best.
  8. Plenty read it. It was a few pages that amounted to half arsed power point presentation. The 500 fans as a conservative estimate , tv deal, and the like all got ripped to shreds. Lowland League Proposal - May 2021 minus cover sheet.pdf
  9. It has been said previously that the SFA are doing this for the sake of uniformity. Since none of the other inter-league relegation situations have a hard boundary. Even the WoS/EoS boundary seems to be more of a gentleman's agreement since you've got the SoS throwing a spanner in the works.
  10. Look to be a decent addition in terms of the organisation. The problem that a lot of these clubs are going to have is a decent ground. Their ams seem to mainly play at the Queensferry Sports Hub which looks to be your typical 3g cage.
  11. 2021-22 = 16 games 0 pts 2020-21 = 12 games 0 pts 2019-20 = lost last 4 games of the league campaign 16+12+4 = 32 Their last points before yesterday were won on 28th December 2019 with a 3-1 @ Gala FR
  12. The Eternals feels more like a DC movie to me.
  13. Finished 1-1 against Gretna 2008. Their first league point of the decade
  14. I realise there has been a lot of COVID concerns around the start of the season that probably impacted decision making. However, it has been a rather poor effort on the part of the SPFL that they couldn't get a reserve league of some standing put together this season. You can't really blame a lack of interest when you've got Alloa, East Fife, Edinburgh City, Kelty Hearts, and Stirling Albion all competing in the Lowland Development League. There's got to be more joined up thinking both for the men's first team pyramid and the youth development side of things.
  15. I think they got Gretna & Edinburgh Uni mixed up. As they would have been on 9 pts back then and have now shot well and truly out of VoL's sights on 12 pts.
  16. I see Neilston v. Rutherglen Glencairn has been announced on their twitter feeds. Anyone got the rest of the draw?
  17. The RoH tape library is supposed to be for sale. Certainly would make sense for Sinclair to make some cash. Obvious incentives for AEW and WWE to buy. Although with the network not quite as important it really should be a purchase that AEW pick up. At the very least it gives them the rights to All In which planted the seed for AEW.
  18. Are they drawn in the 3rd Round of the Scottish Cup? Must have missed that.
  19. They playoff with the South's Alba Cup winners and the East's Alex Jack Cup winners for the Cup Winners Shield. I'm sure the NCL could have one of their cup competitions without SFA members to at least make a cleaner Semifinals/Final for the Shield rather than the 3 team round robin they now have.
  20. I'd like to think the pyramid (SPFL included) will have changed in the next 20 years so who knows what any of this would mean.
  21. The rot set in years ago when they sold to Sinclair. Instead of trying to expand they got stuck in a holding pattern. When AEW came along they tried to compete with the RUSH, Bandido, PCO type signings. Those kind of contracts would have killed off most companies if Sinclair hadn't been willing to eat the cost during COVID. Its possible running things on a shoestring they realised they didn't need those type of deals. If the likes of MLW and NWA can do the same thing in terms of a weekly TV product with a handful of live events per year why complicate things.
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