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  1. Bo'ness United 3-0 East Kilbride Thistle seems to be the only one missing from today's fixtures. Should be some quality ties in the next round.
  2. Its a benefit of hindsight. With the early start to the season and maximising the good weather a lot of games have been played.
  3. Vale of Leven v. Edinburgh University in the SCC. It's not a mistake.
  4. I can actually see the return of Johnny Impact. Don't think he or Taya left on bad terms. They can both work there and Mexico like before. Johnny would walk into title contention instead of getting lost in the shuffle of AEW's midcard and there might be more stuff for Taya to do in the Knockouts Division.
  5. Stumbled across this recent tweet from Rossvale. By the sounds of it they're trying to make the move to Petershill permanent.
  6. I saw this before watching Dynamite. So I thought the Briscoes were going to debut. Don't want to see them pop up. They've got enough tag teams to try and slot in on TV. Also think they've tied themselves up with GCW like PCO did. Which will hopefully keep them away.
  7. The Buy In and most of their packages got broken up into individual clips and were all over their other social media. Here's the Buy In which also had Thunder Rosa & Hikaru Shida v. Nyla Rose & Jamie Hayter The Countdown show they had after Rampage on TNT and was put online with extras. Then most of them got broken up into individual clips that can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/c/AEW/videos
  8. Seems like a dumb move on paper. Paying money to buy back the rights now, when no one internationally really has access to Paramount+. A decent chunk of people are just going to stream it elsewhere or kind of forget about it.
  9. They'll be tied into the BT Sport deal. The only issue is what happens with BT Sport with DAZN looking to takeover. Long term it looks like they'll try and get it packaged into Peacock for the guaranteed money.
  10. The seating and floodlights rule in the HL were more to do with having their members pursue SFA membership in the pre-licencing era. Once licencing started the SFA scaled things back to keep more of their historical members who hadn't maintained those standards expected of new members. Now that licencing includes floodlights with a minimum flux chances are their rulebook is back to just being a full member of the SFA. Although they haven't bothered to place their constitution online the last couple of years.
  11. Just remember who the original 4 pillows were!
  12. A lot of the voice cast will be back. The original showrunners are also consulting on it.
  13. First bit of news of Disney introducing the X-Men isn't quite what people will have been expecting. Certainly one for the 90s kids out there.
  14. Speaking of BSC Glasgow they're alive and well apparently. Good to know people are paying attention to the LL!
  15. I think its more likely not having to worry about Pollok despite how well they're doing. Talbot with 2 games in hand only the 1pt behind have the track record to reclaim top spot despite their cup runs getting in the way.
  16. Bit of a Taskmaster tangent. Stumbled across 'No More Jockeys' a game created by Alex Horne, Tim Key, and Mark Watson that's on Youtube. It's basically the 3 of them getting pissed on Zoom. I'm currently on Set 4, Game 10 where for some reason Alex Horne is sat in Tim Key's bath getting pissed and has poured a couple of bottles of Radox in the water to create more bubbles. He has now go on to pour vinegar in his eyes and some ravioli in there
  17. Based on where they are located and the agreement between the WoS and EoS over their boundary, Broomhill will be relegated to the EoSFL. By the way. There was a debate around Harthill. They were given an exception due to their unique circumstances. All the other West Lothian teams that applied to the WoSFL, or showed an interest, were directed to the EoSFL.
  18. "I'm already in CHAOS, look I have a towel and everything!" Thought Dynamite was pretty good. Although some of the good like Rush/Martin v. Sydal/Moriarty and the return of the HFO felt like major filler heading into Full Gear. Plenty of things got teased for directions after the PPV as well. Which should be interesting if/when they pay off. The ending was visually telegraphed which was the only problem I had with it.
  19. There's no special arrangement. They'd be stuck in the East unless they wanted to start over in the West most likely. If they're ever relegated I'd imagine they'd scramble for something or give up the ghost.
  20. That does remind me that MJF and Page faced off for the first Dynamite Diamond Ring. The 3rd edition of that must be round the corner, winning again or losing must spark the next feud for MJF if he moves on from Darby. Although I doubt they'd do him v. Hangman.
  21. I think the Leo one might be a reaction to seeing the tweet. Rather than something more in the know. Then Gimme's seemed more like part of the conversation that surrounded it.
  22. Boundary issue is such a minor thing though. A big change like promotion/relegation might be a different matter. Especially if it means more money in the form of parachute payments. Although when it comes to Stenny. It does look like Iain McMenemy might be one to climb the blazeratti. He was on that working group for league reconstruction if I remember right.
  23. Problem is I don't think the Club 42 candidates can be considered "big" clubs to those with power within the SPFL. I think there might be more of a change if the likes of Cove Rangers, Kelty Hearts, and some others start encroaching on the Championship. You then have the full time teams putting pressure on things due to bouncing between the 2nd & 3rd Tiers.
  24. With things like this I usually dismiss the clubs that are regular midtable/bottom half clubs. At non-league level if you haven't shown the ability to be in a title fight occasionally, it doesn't get easier once the top teams move on.
  25. It's a common point that some people from the West seem to have. That the 16 in the West can simply slot into the LL or higher.
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