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  1. Willie Gibson +1 got into the papers earlier this season for one of the extreme versions of this. Both based in Dumfries(?) but both play for Peterhead. Didn't mind it too much because half the season was basically in the Central Belt and only have to train twice a week. One of the training sessions happening somewhere in Angus as well i believe because it was more convenient for everyone in the squad.
  2. Give me a 16 or 18 team top flight and i'd be quite happy! Not a fan of going back down to 10 or any of the convoluted ideas to make a 14 work. I'll take what we have over that any day. If all we're doing is pie in the sky thinking, i'm pretty sure i've said this in the past: Tier 1. SPFL Premiership (12) Tier 2. SPFL Championship (20) Tier 3. SPFL Highland (16) + SPFL Lowland (16) with no fixed boundary.
  3. There's probably scenarios where compressing the 40 match days into the 38 could work by making teams knocked out of the Scottish Cup play League games on Cup weekends/mid weeks. By the time of the split you'd be at the Quarter Finals. You wouldn't know which 4 teams would make the Semi Finals when you announce the fixture lists. I'm not sure of the various permutations of that but it seems like a possible minefield. That's if everything goes well. March can see some poor weather and that'd be after any split. Any one postponement could throw things off.
  4. It would be 40 match days because 1 team in each split would have to sit out a match day. That's the problem with an odd number of teams.
  5. I think the consensus seems to be a return to the SECC due to the smaller scale. Just hoping some of that thinking isn't purely rose tinted glasses on past glories. Either way i'm glad they never announced it a year in advance. We went away talking about maybe going to Square Go and i'm sure we weren't the only ones. With Grado I was just thinking of him trying to intefer in a match or just get in the ring, only to be pulled away by security. Something to keep him in people's minds going forward. Also can anyone tell me who the woman was that tried interfering in the Woman's match only to be dragged up the aisle by Carmel?
  6. I'd say I enjoyed the in-ring aspect more this year than last. Just wish i'd gone for standing tickets. It'll be interesting to see how ICW will develop in 2018. Joe Coffey apparently away, no announcement for a return to the Hydro next year and the prospect of WWE UK getting off the ground deplenishing the talent pool. My mates were expecting a Grado appearance as apparently he was DJing in the Box after the show. I've since recalled the Loser Leave ICW match from Shug's, but its maybe a missed opportunity doing a return of some kind here.
  7. The teams in the South do have a pyramid, they just aren't happy with it. Any club trying to get a new licence in the South are being told to join either the EoS/SoS so that they commit to the pyramid. Whichever club in the North gains a licence next, i doubt they'll be told to join the Highland League.
  8. I know people that went last year because of Kurt Angle & the Dudleys, plus the curiosity of Finn Balor's involvement. They then came away talking about Ricochet. None of them are interested in Rey, RVD or Nash.
  9. If Junior teams in the Lowland League area are being forced to join either the SoS or EoS in order to get a licence, then someone should force the Highland League's hand and make it open up its membership. Otherwise scrap the pretence of a pyramid.
  10. Waiting for some sort of Section 31 twist after the black badges from the 3rd episode. Although i've given up on that being a fix for all the anachronisms on the show. As it can explain away the Discovery being kept secret never to be acknowledged on the main show timeline, but i'm not sure how it could do that with the changes with the Klingons.
  11. Cheers for that. I'd forgotten it was basically a playoff between other cup winners.
  12. I've basically asked this in the past and what i've gotten in response i think is a pretty fair answer. In the last couple of years where the Scottish Cup has opened up its qualifying structure, the NCL has been hanging on by a thread. There's been as few as 6 teams involved and it isn't necessarily fair for their champions to gain entry after a 10 game season. I'm sure if the NCL continues to strengthen in numbers its champions can gain an automatic entry like the EoS & SoS. For now they'll either have to get licensed or win the new Senior cup (the actual name escapes me) that has entry into the Scottish Cup as a prize.
  13. Jon would have the strongest claim due to the patriarchal system that Westeros has been ruled under. I'd personally only call it a claim. When Rhaegar dies at the Trident, King Aerys and Viserys are both still alive. Rhaegar's firstborn boy Aegon would presumably be discounted due to the annulment and Jon hasn't been born. Chances are if both Viserys and Jon were known at the time, there probably would have been a civil war within the Targaryen loyalists.
  14. I just clocked the new 10 year rankings Bert Kassies site. Also saw some discussion on it on their boards, but nothing stood out as a break down to how exactly it works. Does anyone round here have an idea what's going on for next year? https://kassiesa.home.xs4all.nl/bert/uefa/data/method5/trank10-2018.html
  15. Is that actually set in stone somewhere? As far as i'm aware the only legit geographical divide in the pyramid relates to being either North or South of the Tay for Highland/Lowland. There's been the tradition of certain SoSFL "area" teams preferring to compete in the EoSFL. Admittedly that was just down to Gretna 2008 by the time the Lowland League was introduced.
  16. I think it was last Friday there was some sort of deadline for a declaration of interest from the clubs. This was the first time I'd heard mention of such a deadline and it came in a wee newspaper blurb mentioning how Aberdeen weren't likely to be interested.
  17. How about this for simplicity. Kill off the Lowland League. Western remnants go to the SoS, Eastern to the EoS. Playoffs: Highland League champions vs. North Region Superleague champions SoS Champions vs. West Region Premiership champions EoS Champions vs. East Region Superleague champions (any of the 6 Regional champions can reject the opportunity to take part) 3x Regional playoff winners go into the pot with SPFL42 for playoff semi finals and final. Regional mergers may take place over time due to promotion & relegation likely to affect things.
  18. " Position not yet declared, but fans views are welcome. While not determining the Club view they will of course influence " - Mike Mulraney
  19. This is true, just look at Stranraer and Annan running their reserves in the SoS. Or even when the likes Annan and Dalbeattie ran a team in both EoS & SoS. The more obvious issue with prize money is the flip side. Prize money going to make the balance sheet a little nicer for some Premiership colt teams or keeping the likes of Montrose, Clyde etc alive.
  20. That basically already happens with the Red Bull & Man City clubs. Also the likes of Atletico Madrid having their involvement with one those Indian Super League clubs.
  21. You'd like to think so. My concern with colt teams eventually displacing SPFL clubs is more of a Trojan horse issue. While the League One & Two clubs have a limited say in the running of the SPFL, at least they have that voice. Chip away at it over the years, and the SPFL no longer has to consider a 42 club solution for things. Hypothetically it could just be 38 clubs voting on matters. This issue also extends to prize money. Reserve teams become a little more cost effective if they start getting prize money from SPFL competitions. Hiring out someone else's ground for a season certainly becomes a lot cheaper.
  22. They seem to have laid out their basic agenda for this. Under-21s that enter either the Highland or Lowland Leagues and can rise up to League One level only. So if it were to happen, at least there would have to be some restructuring below the SPFL. With Annan and Stranraer reserves rejoining the SoSFL you could argue its already started.
  23. Will be interesting to see how next year goes if my numbers are right. HFL - 18 (at capacity unless SPFL relegation) Lowland League - 16 (going to stay the same regardless) SoSFL - 16 (might only accept new members if they're forced to because of Lowland League relegation) EoSFL -13 (might be the only pyramid league accepting members from outside the current structure. And even more East of Scotland clubs isn't going to change what we have)
  24. Of course its ridiculous! It even goes back to when the Highland League expanded in 2009. Supposedly Banks o'Dee were the best candidate of the 4 clubs applying but were overlooked. The way I understand it, at the 3 Junior Regions AGMs this year some form of restructuring will have been discussed. The North is going to Region wide leagues, the West is looking to go to Region wide leagues and the East has some convoluted proposal. At the same time the SoS & NCFL have expanded, the EoS is almost certain to expand and the Highland League is standing still. So that's 6 out of the 7 organisations we would all probably like to see formalise a structure beneath the SPFL, discussing and implementing change of some description. Something could actually be done if someone takes the first step.
  25. I happen to think this way as well. They just won't be playing their games out of Alloa for it to happen. Much like the Juniors joining the pyramid, it seems like nobody is willing to ask the question. The likes of Banks could always do a Edusport/BSC: as a club be based North of the Tay, but play their games in a ground South of the Tay. If you can get promoted to League 2 you can start playing your games at home once again and if you get relegated you can finally play Highland League football.
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