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  1. This is my own bug bear, but technically fits in with the character.
  2. The real meanwhile, before the thread was derailed by the usual nonsense. Football games that are actually happening Friday 15th October 2021 North-East Zone Bo'ness Athletic v Gartcairn (7:45pm) Cumbernauld Colts v Rosyth Saturday 16th October 2021 North-East Zone Bo'ness United v Kirkcaldy & Dysart Burntisland Shipyard v University of Stirling Caledonian Braves v Kennoway Star Hearts Cumbernauld United v Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts Dundonald Bluebell v Crossgates Primrose Dunipace v Sauchie Glasgow University v Luncarty Glenrothes v St Andrews United Jeanfield Swifts v Broomhill Kinnoull v Harthill Royal Linlithgow Rose v Camelon Syngenta v Oakley United Thornton Hibs v Lochore Welfare South-East Zone Berwick Rangers v Broxburn Athletic Blackburn United v Stoneyburn Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic v Arniston Rangers Coldstream v Tweedmouth Rangers Easthouses Lily v Spartans Edinburgh College v Penicuik Athletic Edinburgh University v Dalkeith Thistle Haddington Athletic v Leith Athletic Lothian Thistle HV v Civil Service Strollers (3pm) Newtongrange Star v Tranent Ormiston v Hawick RAU Preston Athletic v Peebles Rovers Pumpherston v Edinburgh United Tynecastle v Armadale Thistle West Calder United v Bathgate Thistle Whitburn v Gala Fairydean Rovers
  3. Some people might be happy with that since RAF Lossiemouth don't exist anymore. I think from what we've seen based on this season, is some form of regionalisation to whittle down the numbers and keep the travel costs down. I'm still not convinced the SCC or SJC proposals will be enough to entice the current HL teams into the mix since they've got the 34 league games.
  4. Number of entrants and there's not a ton of competition with the WoSFL now included.
  5. Which isn't something that's really changed though. People really do have a hang up on the name of things in this country. It's not like juniors were a bunch of kids and seniors were OAPs. It's an old argument that the bottom the Juniors/Seniors/Professional/Semi-Professional/Non-league game are basically amateur in all but name, while the top of the amateurs are often getting paid despite their status.
  6. Even with the regionalisation there's a decent amount of inter-league games this round. Cumbernauld United v. Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts being the only WoS Premier v. EoS Premier clash. Jeanfield Swifts v. Broomhill, Berwick Rangers v. Broxburn, Darvel v. Gretna 2008, and LTHV v. Civil Service Strollers provide some LL v. WoS/EoS Premier match ups. Then there will be a decent amount of LL v. Tier 7+ clubs for people to once again debate the overall standing of the league. LL = RED, WoS Premier = BLUE, EoS Premier = GREEN Bo'ness Athletic v Gartcairn Cumbernauld Colts v Rosyth Bo'ness United v Kirkcaldy & Dysart Burntisland Shipyard v University of Stirling Caledonian Braves v Kennoway Star Hearts Cumbernauld United v Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts Glasgow University v Luncarty Jeanfield Swifts v Broomhill Kinnoull v Harthill Royal Berwick Rangers v Broxburn Athletic Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic v Arniston Rangers Easthouses Lily MW v The Spartans Edinburgh University v Dalkeith Thistle Lothian Thistle HV v Civil Service Strollers Whitburn v Gala Fairydean Rovers Abbey Vale v Newmains United Bonnyton Thistle v St Cuthbert Wanderers Cambuslang Rangers v Lochmaben Darvel v Gretna 2008 East Kilbride Thistle v Newton Stewart Larkhall Thistle v East Kilbride Lesmahagow v Creetown
  7. This is a thread specific to the discussion of EoSFL clubs which is why it is here. There's already a South Challenge Cup thread in the Domestic Cup forum.
  8. Smackdown is doing a 2.5 hour special so there will be an overlap from 22:00-22:30. With Smackdown going commerical free for the last half hour for what's supposedly going to be Becky Lynch v. Sasha Banks. I don't think MiSu has proven to be much of a draw in his couple of appearances. Chances are they'll be starting with CM Punk v. Matt Sydal to draw in the casual viewer. This is all because they'll be on FS1 instead of the Fox Network. The last couple of times they were on the cable channel they got 888,000 & 881,000. So with Rampage now in existence there's the slight fear i'd imagine they could at least win the demo on the night if left unchallenged.
  9. I've seen it said it's not Danielson v. Fish on the Buy In, but they'll both be in singles action as a tune up for their match on Dynamite. Edit: Bryan Danielson v. Minoru Suzuki Bobby Fish v. Lee Moriarty
  10. I think everyone can tell you very much care about the senior v. junior divide, since everyone's moved on to the Scottish non-league.
  11. The SJC was pitched as the premier competition non-league football and didn't involve everyone in the non-league. There are more teams competiting in the SCC than any other non-league competition this year. Doesn't seem to be a controversial take, except for those looking for one.
  12. They'll come up with something to make it work. They basically adopted the inter-conference play aspect when they were planning on having Groups with in a division to deal with COVID.
  13. No one knows the make up of the Third Division right now as its dependent on the number of clubs that are going to be in it. Were the West Region trying to put the bottom division teams out of business in 2018 when they moved to region wide divisions? As this is the same situation if clubs kept applying to the West Region.
  14. I think most people would have associated ICW with a drinks and drugs culture. During the #SpeakingOut movement people got to hear the stories of what that was like from the perspective of women, trainees, and those happened to pass by their orbit in the likes of the Cathouse. Dallas, a lot of the wrestlers, and I think even some of the BTS crew were named. The company's reaction wasn't considered to be great, and Mark Dallas is still in charge. For many it feels like nothing has really changed, they just rode out COVID with little consequence.
  15. Looks to be a wee error, Arthurlie v. Shotts Bon Accord is on the 6th November.
  16. Another spin-off on the way courtesy of Netflix, That '90s Show. Unlike the failed 80s Show, this will have a link to the original as Red and Kitty Foreman are going to be in it. With Eric and Donna's kid coming to Point Place to spend the summer with their grandparents.
  17. Unfortunately, he's calling it home and talking up becoming champion. Feels like a backwards step since they're an even lower scale nxtuk. That's without factoring in the bad taste left by speakingout.
  18. First notable appearances of Big Damo seem to be ICW and OTT. Had been hoping he would land in Impact, involved in some way with VBD or get some more US based work.
  19. It appears to be wrong going by the website. On https://wosfl.co.uk/table/premiership it's marked that Largs Thistle have 3 point deduction for fielding a suspended player. So they're on 12 points and not 15. Which could prove rather costly considering how tight relegation could be this year with so many places involved.
  20. The gathering headcounts experiment started late into the Junior season in 2019-20 and had a lot of TBC. There was one tie in the SJC noted as getting less than 50-60 people in attendance. Gartcairn v. Ellon Utd in the 4th Round with 49. Don't think many are doubting their future in semi-professional football or the many other clubs that have operated semi-professionally for decades with low crowds.
  21. Don't the away team get half of the gate after referee fees plus the travel guarantee in the SJC?
  22. The showrunners had the specific restraint of only being allowed to use characters already introduced in the MCU.
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