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  1. They want to try and skip them as much as possible. One single season and they're in the Championship. Look at how they signed up the likes of Lewis Morgan, David Bates, and players like that to play in the Colt team. They'll just keep doing that whenever they want to take a punt on someone. Then there's also no need to loan the the players they bring through anymore.
  2. Nobody knew then when football would start again. Nobody knows now when football will start again. Contracts were coming up. Clubs were moving leagues not only West Region to WoSFL, but East Region to EoSFL. Different leagues were doing different things so with promotion and relegation at stake some league bodies were having to follow other people's decisions. Across the leagues there was no uniformity in terms of number of games played. Some clubs had a backlog of 2 games and some clubs had a backlog of 14. That's just league games. Most of the leagues that have returned or planning to return have similar number of games played. The difference can be made up in a week(s) not month(s)
  3. Considering some of the previous chat around the highland pyramid it could be done with just the NCL for now. A licenced NCL champion gets promotion to the Highland League, Highland League say they don't max out as a single division until 20. Nothing to worry about. Could still even say relegation is automatic, but as they aren't at 20 the club would be free to re-apply if they so wished.
  4. 4 would be good. The two West Conference Champions and two East Conference Champions play off for the WoS & EoS Championships. The winners then meet for an overall Lowland League crown.
  5. Don't think the Scottish Cup access is the attraction to them keeping their place. Its a major trophy to them and drives a lot of interest their way. There's a good chance they won't need the qualifying spot anyway, and the possibility that it won't even exist going forward.
  6. The SFA need a handout to buy Hampden. The SPFL are looking to get another handout themselves. When it gets down to a level of part time football there isn't enough money to cover testing and salaries with no gate money. The SPFL are going to do what ever they can to honour their TV contract(s) in particular, and that's about it since that's the main money generator right now.
  7. With Scottish Football suspended until the 10th of June, i'm going to guess the SFA AGM won't be until after that date.
  8. Even in a fictional rewriting of history I doubt you would get 4 NCL clubs willing to sign up for that. Down to 7 teams with one a reserve side at that point. The other leagues getting five teams, with the token NCL champion could work though.
  9. You joke, but the top 4 from the SoSFL in 2012-13 would all have been SFA members at the very least. Top 4 from across the board would have seen: EoS Premier Whitehill Welfare University of Stirling The Spartans Gretna 2008 East Region Super League Linlithgow Rose Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic Camelon Juniors Bo'ness United West Region Super League Auchinleck Talbot Petershill Clydebank Glenafton Athletic South of Scotland Dalbeattie Star St Cuthbert Wanderers Wigtown & Bladnoch Threave Rovers
  10. That's part of the point though. Just because they were last reviewed in June 2019, does not mean they get reviewed again on June 2020.
  11. Just because a club had their last licencing committee review in June 2019, does not necessarily mean they'd get reviewed at the same time next year. I've seen both earlier than a year and later. Notice how on the list you've got the likes of Dundee from April 2019 as an example. Considering the most recently reviewed clubs in May were restricted to the SPFL Premiership, there's a good chance the licencing team has not been able to do any in person work since the middle of March. The ones to think on are the members that don't have floodlights and were given until June 2020 to get them in place. Since the likes Girvan, Golspie Sutherland, and Whitehill Welfare haven't been able to get them up. You'd like to think the SFA will take into account the COVID19 situation. Especially as it could see the clubs seek some kind of recourse considering things have been in lockdown beyond their control.
  12. Most people on here have known that the line of latitude is only used in reference to the SPFL pyramid playoff rules. Its always been seen as a loophole. One that would allow Luncarty in without grievance. Especially once it was known they could be applying. My rememberance, likely from you, was that Orkney was used as an example and that the SPFL were looking to do away with HL/LL boundary line entirely. Since then we've heard about the pressue from the SPFL on the Lowland League. With the responsibility falling to the Lowland League to change the boundary, not the SPFL. They have suggested they have been pressured to do so, rather than actually wanting to do so. With everyting that has happened between the LL/SPFL and it coming to a membership vote it could go either way. With only the league champion competing in the SPFL League Cup and 4/16 in the SPFL Challenge Cup its only a minority of clubs impacted by the SPFL's 'pressure'. The status quo just needs 9 clubs that don't fancy trips to Brechin and the increased chances of relegation due to the Lowland League catchment area increasing with nothing in return. I obviously wasn't a part of the EoS AGM. But how much of this topic actually arose around the singular topic of Luncarty's application? And how much of it could be considered actual promotion of getting additional Tayside clubs to apply to the EoSFL? As for the spirit of the playoff. The quotes above are from a quick look for the Lowland League application advert and something from the Highland League. To help show that the spirit from both leagues is that the SPFL pyramid playoff boundary, is the boundary for both leagues.
  13. The full quote around that was: If this year the Lowland League choose to keep the boundary the same for the SPFL playoff, why in a year's time would they let the issue rise again by being undercut by the EoSFL. They could simply change their membership criteria to include the boundary line for registered grounds. At which point its a case of a Northern East Region club can freely apply to the EoSFL. Just never be promoted to the Lowland League. Which is the case for reserve sides. The bit about the edit. The Lowland League are free to change their membership critiera. They already changed the rules around relegation to clarify them for 2019/20. They wouldn't be breaching any pyramid rules in doing so, as the Lowland League pyramid playoff rules simply states Membership Criteria. You mention Kelty and i'll mention Brechin. If they end up voting against Brechin City's wish to change the boundary, why would the Lowland League then let in clubs from the same area come up from below? David Baxter might be the secretary for both, but its the members that ultimately decide these things. Only takes 9/16 to do so. Next season the LL are probably going to deal with two relegations from the Lowland League to get back to 16 clubs. Which will see the WoSFL, EoSFL, and SoSFL seek an additional promotion opportunities to make 2up/2down the norm. At the same time that's happening does the EoSFL also want to bring up the boundary all over again by accepting Tayside clubs.
  14. Which is why I only mentioned it in relation to the SPFL playoff. The Lowland League has not until recently had to consider its boundaries as it was explicitly understood from the outset that the boundary used for the SPFL playoff was used for everything else. Which is why there has been years of interviews from both the Highland League and Lowland League representatives that everything Dundee northwards is the Highland League and South of Dundee is the Lowland League. Its also why when the Lowland League last put out an application for a vacancy the SPFL boundary line was used. The EoS can accept who they like, take reserve sides for example. Reserve sides are barred from the Lowland League. If the Lowland League is having to consider the boundary line once more they may well set it in a revised set of rules, in the same way they did with the relegation rules last year to clarify the matter. EDIT: Keep in mind its the Lowland League that sets the membership criteria. So if they set a boundary for themselves its entirely within their scope to reject a licensed EoSFL champion based on that. Chances are when it the LL pyramid rules get updated to the include the WoSFL it will include the same terminology.
  15. When it comes to the pyramid everyone points to the English one. Forgetting how long it took to get where it is now, and its still evolving now. First season of the Alliance Premier was 1979-80. Didn't get automatic promotion until 1986-87. Didn't get their second promotion spot through the playoff until 2002-03. That's without considering all the shuffling below that.
  16. What's left of the East Region is considered to be split between the Highland and Lowland League. The Lowland League AGM (whenever that will be) is meant to have a vote on whether or not to change the boundary between the Highland and Lowland League for the purposes of the SPFL playoff. If they vote to allow the change in favour of the change to benefit the likes of Brechin City, then you could well see the East Region apply en masse to the EoSFL. If the Lowland League retain the existing boundary. It will likely see the trickle of Southern clubs from the East Region apply to the EoSFL, with those Northern left uncertain of what to do.
  17. According to the 2019-20 handbook Robert Napier (Bathgate Thistle) was President of the Region. EDIT: And as of basically a week ago he was still the person to contact. Although there are looking for new members to the committee.
  18. I ended up giving it a go earlier in the year. I'd heard good things but the name put me off. I thought it was great and the entire series is complete to stream on Netflix having just wrapped the final season. The mum and dad in it are Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara. So if anyone is a fan of the Christopher Guest films its one to watch. The show's Mayor I don't remember being in Home Alone but is Chris Elliott. Who's a face most people will recognise and I largely remember as the butler from one of the Scary Movie films that had a baby hand.
  19. @sfha I've been keeping an eye out on the updates on the site, and see that the South of Scotland league table histories have been added. It's great to see them on the internet somewhere. As I don't remember them being available before, even on older versions of the sfha.
  20. It basically gets reviewed annually at some point where you get audited again, but its technically on a continous basis. As for losing a ground. I don't think a local park would pass league standards, that's before you have to worry about the SFA. Now that Glasgow University are in the WoSFL, there are no longer any licensed clubs playing at amateur level where that might occur. The SPFL, HL, LL, EoSFL, WoSFL, SoSFL, NCL and North Region probably wouldn't allow a competitive fixture be played on a local park. Overall though a loss of a ground would probably see the Licencing Committee do a review due to exceptional circumstances.
  21. Everyone's at the mercy of the SFA on this one. Chances are the SFA AGM might be after the Lowland League and EoSFL AGMs. In which case you're likely to see the ripple effect of Bo'ness United getting their SFA membership, which leads to the invitatation to the Lowland League. Fixture list wouldn't be out so its easy to slot them in. The EoSFL would have confirmed their 18 team EoS Premier and Conference set up. So Inverkeithing move up and Livingston United get an invite to fill Inverkeithing in their Conference. The only possible issue at that point is if they have done the cup draws for the SCC, Qualifying Cup & Alex Jack Cup.
  22. I don't think both of those things can happen. If they never applied, they could never have been rejected. In their own words they applied after the deadline for the 2020-21 season and have an application in for 2021-22. If a vacancy has been deemed to arise by the EoSFL, doesn't it make sense that the EoSFL would go to the club with a deferred application to see if they want to join now? https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/livingstonunitedjuniorfootballclub/news/official-club-statement-2533366.html
  23. That's Stevie Aitken formerly of Stranraer and Dumbarton. Bringing along Iain Durrant as his assitant as well.
  24. There wasn't any bluff by the LL, that's why Beenz's post has been shredded.
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