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  1. Maybe? Everything that's been said if Gretna 2008 & (previously East Kilbride) while members of the EoSFA would have been relegated to the SoSFL from the Lowland. Dalbeattie Star, Annan Athletic, and Threave Rovers were never(?) members of the EoSFA. They just played in the EoSFL and associated League Cup while remaining members of the SCFA and WDFA.
  2. In case of any confusion. Talking about Kello Rovers, Armadale Thistle, and Bathgate Thistle. It might explain why Kello Rovers are in the Strathclyde Cup. They chose it after being banned, or simply in that for a year until returning to the SJFA.
  3. Are those that withdrew banned from the following season?
  4. Not so sure on that considering the number of teams that have talked up Colts in the pyramid. There's now the 3 teams in the Lowland for the season ahead. Stranraer in the South. ICT & FC Edinburgh have recently applied to the Highland & EoSFL respectively. Also going to be 7 SPFL sides in the Lowland Development League (u20s+2 overage player). They play Friday night football. Which does allow for those to do double duty in some roles, but does typically require a distinction in organisation with the first team.
  5. Part of it seems to be the notion that players can then be integrated into the first team for weekend games. And I suppose those that play teams from outside Scotland do so on the weekends and want that flexibility.
  6. Enjoyed it. Nancy in the Nightmare in Elm Street inspired dream/horror sequence clicked. As did one of the soldiers being called Hicks. Wonder what they're going to do for the final season to top it.
  7. I'm not entirely sure if this will be much better. When Steve Kean appeared on SportSound he mentioned Tuesday afternoons. Which doesn't give the impression there will be an attempt at being fan friendly. If most of the games are being played Tuesdays @ 2pm on a training pitch it's not going to shake the poor impression of glorified friendlies.
  8. In a response about the SoS not being concerned with "blazer politics, fiefdom-building" I listed the variety of FAs, Boards, Working Groups and Committees that have South representatives. Which is no less, If not slightly more than some other associations. I didn't state any preference on them. The only one that people would struggle to understand any discernable difference in is the WDFA & SCFA. Since even the constitutions are basically replicas with a find & replace job on the titles. As for what the South could have done about Threave Rovers. A simple thing could have been to form an agreement with the WoSFL around boundaries. The WoSFL & EoSFL set boundaries and how they would treat existing members applying to another league when it became clear West Lothian would be an issue. The South has now lost two clubs to the WoSFL. As far as anyone is aware nothing's been put in place. That doesn't mean anything would have changed in how the Threave Rovers application was handled, look at Harthill Royal flip flopping between leagues.
  9. Representing less than 20 clubs at any one time there's the SoSFL, SCFA, WDFA, presence on the SFA's Non-Professional Game Board & SCC competition committee, the quarterly meetings of the lowland pyramid leagues, the SFA's PWG and at times overlap between South committee members and the Lowland League. For instance not sure if the South & Lowland treasurer is the same these days.
  10. When clubs left in 2018-19, the Reserve Leagues continued. Leagues because there were still enough teams for two divisions. It was COVID that ended it in 2019-20. There's since been the struggle to get it back due to a lack of interest mainly claimed due to the financial costs. 3 Lowland Colt teams, this new Reserve League, Stranraer reserves in the SoS, and 7 SPFL clubs in the Lowland Development League. Nearly half the SPFL run a Reserve/Development side this season. Just under different banners.
  11. What's the situation games wise? Fixture list is just the 22 but ends in February. Is there going to be a 3rd Round of games based on performance to give home field advantage or a split?
  12. Go by division under the upcoming fixtures tab.
  13. Talks of USC & UCLA heading to the B1G in 2024.
  14. As shown by letting Threave Rovers leaving without kicking up a fuss. The SoSFL don't seem that bothered and happy plodding along as it has always done.
  15. Conference A will once again be a mix of SPFL and LL. Albion Rovers joining Alloa Athletic, Bonnyrigg Rose, East Fife, FC Edinburgh, Kelty Hearts, and Stirling Albion. Bo'ness United & Tranent though are in the EoS Conference B.
  16. There doesn't appear to be a graphic up for a Conference E, but I would have thought that would be West of Scotland as well.
  17. Lochee United are already licenced. Just no guarantee they'll win the league.
  18. They'd have to win the NCL which is certainly possible. If they're willing to put some money into it. Best hope would be that the North & Midlands champions are unlicenced. Even then they're stuck having win a two legged playoff against bottom in the HL. Which is something they would struggle to do when in the same league.
  19. Aren't Hearts and Hibs hived off into their own cup competition, the Shield?
  20. There isn't going to be a new national feeder unless it falls under the SPFL umbrella. That would struggle to happen as the money would have to come from the top. Which is why Colts keep being dropped into near enough every reconstruction plan that includes the SPFL.
  21. General attitude has been a preference for another national tier or expansion of the SPFL. No Colts. No different than the Lowland/EoSFL happy with a West league. Maybe even a Tayside League. Just no SJFA.
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