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  1. The teaser trailer for this week's episode is rather funny. I feel sorry for whoever had to put it together. Compare it with the previous Episode's teaser.
  2. For those of you that keep up with the Conrad Thompson family of podcasts, they've managed to make them even worse as a listener. The questions at the end are now being phoned in.
  3. You'd think if United don't put something together, then Athletic will get round to setting one up.
  4. Any chance promotion/ relegation format between the Lowland & tier 6 is on the agenda for the four leagues meeting?
  5. I can only assuming they're trolling. Its never been a thing because its never been practical. It won't be known until after the LL playoff is completed on the 28th May if such a spot would be needed. Conferences would have been long over. And why would everyone else be best placed side to make up the First and Second Division numbers where applicable.
  6. Let's see, you've had a league board member confirm what's happening. Which has been talked about since summer 2020 that only the 3 Conference winners would be promoted to the Premier Division. Then today a brand new user appears with a name variation of "pyramid". Complete mystery on who to trust.
  7. The Butcher's had some injuries and was in a band. Which meant he would disappear on tour every once in a while. Every Time I Die just split up though. Hopefully he might be back a bit more and was there on the stairwell for the AHFO merger promo.
  8. Why wouldn't they be? Kelty 2018-2021 Bonnyrigg 2019-2022?? They'll fancy their chances this season Whoever gets promoted this season from Tier 6 will fancy being one and done in the Lowland League. If a Pollok, Talbot, or Linlithgow Rose can't beat a club like Albion Rovers or Elgin City over two games. That'd have nothing to do with self-preservation but those clubs not living up to the hype.
  9. Sometime in February is the deadline these days. There's still time.
  10. Ah is this still first round? Yes. There's been two rounds contested for the most part now. The Preliminary Round and First Round. Not sure how many outstanding ties are left.
  11. As part of the notes from the last LL Board meeting there was a section devoted to promotion/relegation. It may well be a fabrication but it does take on the language you usually see from them. A bit like when the Tier 6 leagues got together to go against the Colts proposal, they have to do so again to come up with a format to push on the Lowland League.
  12. No they cannot. Licenced (or licenced by 2022 AGM) Champions only.
  13. The only price being paid right now is from the cost of two COVID interrupted seasons. Bo'ness would have replaced VoL instead of join them. 2021 would have seen another Tier 6 champion promoted. There may have been a 2nd Tier 5 club promoted to the SPFL instead of just Kelty and the LL Playoff probably would have been changed for this season or next.
  14. The Lowland League haven't exactly restricted anything. They've just not opened up as much as some people would like. It was the LL that waited on Bonnyrigg getting confirmation on a licence that would relegate one of their existing members. They accepted Bo'ness United and probably would have included in a SoS champion if they were licenced in 2020. They also put VoL out on a shoogly peg in 2021 where they would have likely been relegated if Tier 6 leagues had declared a champion. You can't blame the LL for the Juniors having a lack of trust and waiting to see what it's all about. The Juniors had the chance to shape the pyramid. Ignored that opportunity and then came up with a plan to replace with a Lowland Superleague.
  15. Since they're a "Queen's Park" fan that's only found the time to take shots at Talbot, Clydebank, and Darvel. I'd hazard a guess he's the man of a thousand of usernames or just a random troll.
  16. The winners of each Conference go up to the Premier Division. It's 2nd, 3rd and 4th in each Conference who will be in the First Division, not the top 4. Which is why it says 2nd-4th.
  17. Top 4 (2nd-4th) are guaranteed to be in the First Division next season. So that's 9 clubs total. Then it depends on if there's 7 teams relegated from the West Premier or 6 plus the best 5th placed team from the Conferences.
  18. In something that's not really a surprise but still is due to the optics. Lio Rush has announced that his contract expires on February 22nd. He disappeared from TV after asking Tony Khan to apologise following the Big Swole podcast backlash. It does beg the question how long he signed for in the first place.
  19. It's not just the NCL that would have to be involved, but the HL as well. Since some of the HL clubs that might get relegated and opt for the North Region might not fancy the extra journeys down Tayside.
  20. Aren't Inverness Athletic onto their 4th/5th ground now. How many of them would have had anything to do with the Highland Council for the Council to be getting stick over this?
  21. On their Twitter feed I think they did the December round up. It's still ongoing. Premier First Division Conference A First Division Conference B Conference X
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