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  1. Something the Highland League and South of Scotland have had to deal with for years.At least this looks like it could be temporary in the grand scheme of things.
  2. At this point they have no excuse. The WRJFA engaged with the pyramid working group. The NRJFA is engaged with the HFL and NCL. The ERJFA have to do its own thing to try and access the pyramid.
  3. You'll probably see a mix of things happen. The youth clubs creating their won teams or taking their amateurs in to the pyramid. But also just hooking up with existing clubs.
  4. Might of named them first, but no real thought into it like you did. Looking at the Quality Mark scheme, especially the higher tiers tends to find familiar names that have entered senior age sides over the years.
  5. Looks at the SFA Quality Mark scheme and guesses Giffnock SC and Strathaven Dynamos.
  6. Which won't be a primary motivator for the league. Conferences, SCC and probably creating their own cup will be more important to squeeze in to a tight season.
  7. Edinburgh South was from different people, suppoorted by other saying an amateur applied. Not another junior club. EDIT: Lowland Team was the first to mention Edinburgh South on here, and seems to be someone in the know. Then on Saturday Burnieman said who all 9 applicants were and Eyemouth stating their intention to return.
  8. The nine applicants are meant to be Kennoway, Lochgelly, Newburgh, K&D, Rosyth, Thornton, Lochore, Luncarty and Edinburgh South. With the majority of them having made public statements to that.
  9. I personally would rather do it a tier at a time like has happened in the EoSFL. I'm only assuming they won't do that as most quotes around the Conferences idea from West Clubs has been that it would be for one season only. It's going to be Seeded Conferences in 2020-21. Everyone has signed up to that idea which is why you see so many clubs mentioning it in statements and interviews. So the structure has been agreed. Beyond that it comes down to the members wishes in terms of shaping 2021-22.
  10. Probably because with 4x Conferences its easier to say 1-4 Premier, 5-8 First, below regionalised with possible next applicants. Rather than 1-4 Premier, 5-8 with a couple of 9th in First, with regionalised below with possible new applicants.
  11. The plan is for seeded Conferences for 2020-21. Then use that to make up Tiered divisions. The specifics of that has been set as they're going to be a variety of ways to do. When it comes to seeding, do you use current standings, PPG or 2018-19. Stuff like that due to the incomplete season. Then for what 2021-22 might look like that's going to be down to what the members will want. I'm sure the LL/EOS will present one or two clear options having given it some consideration. Then it will be down to the members to vote on their preferences. That's what has happend in the EoSFL during these times.
  12. The deadline for applications has just passed. It couldn't really be decided until now. I think he got locked out of his Burnieman account. He had to create a new one as @BMan
  13. This is where you might see some competing voices in the membership. Some might prefer 16-16-16-18, others the thought of regionalisation at the bottom, few will be thinking about a new set of applicants that may try for 2021. I imagine it will be resolved relatively early so that everyone knows what they are playing for 16-16-16-18 or 16-16-regionalisation. To avoid the issue that the EoSFL had this year.
  14. If they are there's a disagreement in the family. Has JuniorFitbaSC been converted, or finally found someone more Junior than him!
  15. Which is why I said Ashfield would look into. Its not like they're the only ground with speedway. Its possible there's a compromise that could be reached.
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