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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    They're meant to be groundsharing with Sauchie.
  2. New set up for next season

    Does it count as a side effect when its intentional, I wonder? Once again the EoS appear to have put a lot of thought and consideration into their set up and came up with the best of both worlds.
  3. New set up for next season

    I don't think it really makes that much of a difference. Now I think that Conference B is the stronger of the two.
  4. New set up for next season

    One team that can finally celebrate
  5. New set up for next season

    3/16 is pretty common. Can't all be the Lowland League I'm guessing they'll just drop into a single EoS First Division. However, it seems that the format of the leagues in 2020-21 is still open for discussion.
  6. Game of Thrones

    Jon would of confessed to it but with Drogon flying away with Dany's body there isn't any proof. That would of led to some initial confusion where he would of been held and not immediately executed. By which time Davos probably would of rallied the Northern army and you'd have a stand off between the battle weary armies which probably held things in the stalemate.
  7. New set up for next season

  8. New set up for next season

    As there's a proposal over the King Cup. Is there a proposal over a tiered First and Second Division in 2020-21?
  9. New set up for next season

    Thanks for letting us know! I had stuff prepared based on how they were seeding the 6th placed this and how the set up the conferences last year.
  10. New set up for next season

    Did they give the seeded leagues or is the method still to be decided upon?
  11. Lowland Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    There are. This is about the full members of the SFA. People see it as a tail wagging the dog type situation where the greater number of non-league SFA members, the less say that the money making SPFL have in the running of the game.
  12. Lowland Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    I am of the opinion that Whitehill Welfare haven't been relegated as their is no licensed Tier 6 champion and that because of the vacancy caused by Selkirk the Lowland League is now at exactly 16 members. Which means the additional means of relegation caused by the Berwick coming down does not apply. Others have made the arguement that the Selkirk vacancy can only be filled by application or that Berwick coming down causes Whitehill to be relegated. You can have a look of the rule and come to your own conclusion:
  13. Pyramid 2019/2020

    You could actually get away with that. It's one of the perceived positives of a Lowland League 2 that the South of Scotland would get moved down a tier.
  14. Who replaces Cove?

    Won't the new Aberdeen stadium be on Westhill's doorstep?