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  1. JR still has some good takes. Just after the Toni Storm interview on Rampage and talk amongst the commentary crew about the interim title. "Bury that title forever".
  2. Luncarty Alex Jack Final Camelon Juniors EoS Q Coldstream EoS Q Dunbar United EoS Q Glenrothes EoS Q Lochore Welfare EoS Q Kennoway Star Hearts King Leith Athletic King Burntisland Shipyard League Kinnoull League Dunipace Scottish Kirkcaldy & Dysart Newtongrange Star Preston Athletic Rosyth Whitehill Welfare Couple of options were left after the cup commitments. Since Kinnoull v. Burntisland got added as a league fixture. I'd imagine those left behind weren't able to arrange something or didn't want a fixture.
  3. And the Bucks have been laughing all the way to the bank for years now.
  4. No leaks look to have happened. Thoughts on tonight in advance. Won't stop me watching of course. If I was ever to do a rewatch. I reckon i'd stop with the time jump from baby Judith to kid Judith.
  5. Next week's statement and the real problems start.
  6. Lothian Thistle HV 3-1 Kello Rovers Stirling University 2*-2 (4-2 pens) Darvel
  7. The Fourth Round draw: Rossvale v. East Kilbride Spartans v. Dunipace Tranent Juniors v. Linlithgow Rose Caledonian Braves v. Bo'ness United Newton Stewart v. Stirling University/Darvel Stirling Uni's outstanding tie is played today. If they make it through most of the Lowland League sides will fancy their chances. Tranent v. Linlithgow looks like tie of the round.
  8. I don't imagine they'd see a massive uplift in attendances. Black and white budgeting would be 26 league games v. 36 league games and the cups are basically the same. I can see why they played the waiting game since there were rumours of a joint Superleague. North Region expanding next year seems like a good time to jump.
  9. Dunfermline 2-1 Celtic B The B stands for bounced.
  10. I'm not really sure what people are expecting for the series finale. Everyone knows a bunch of spinoffs are coming, and they already did a series that did a timejump 'World Beyond'. Didn't watch that one. Doesn't seem like many other people did since it was cancelled after 2 seasons. I'm considering the Rick Grimes series to be more of a TWD wrap up. For the finale i'd guess
  11. AMC has ads & the 2hr line is from them. Gotta milk those ad buys one last time.
  12. Prepares it would. However, what we've often seen in Scottish football is that when something happens once that goes against the grain. Rule changes are brought in to prevent it from happening again.
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