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  1. I dont see it happening. I can see on an individual level why certain clubs would consider it.
  2. Before the full impact of COVID was known, there was a stronger call for regionalised Conferences when everyone thought they would enter at Tier 6. For the majority of Central clubs it wouldn't mean much having West Lothian clubs. Not sure the Ayrshire clubs would be keen at the lower level. It seems daft to be scared of trips to the Borders but accept journeys to Maybole and Girvan. With the West looking to go Premier-First-Second-Third following next year maybe they would regionalise the lowest tier if they have the numbers which could prevent that longer term.
  3. A billion over 5 years apparently. Works out to basically 1.666m monthly subscribers on the network. Currently only have 1.1m. So WWE has got a good deal, especially if they can still do traditional PPV to top it up further. Peacock obviously hoping they can grow that base by offering more diverse content than just wrestling and top up with ad revenue.
  4. I would say Peacock has fudged things a little with their payment structure to make it confusing. Free that presumably has ads, small pay monthly with ads, premium with no ads. Probably smarter long term though as it helps develop corporate sponsors that aid in financially supporting it. It's not going to roll out internationally in the same way netflix & disney+ have. At least not anytime soon. So cant hope for an ever expanding international subscriber base in the same way. Seems like a good deal for them as they pick a million subscribers, as i dont imagine there's much existing overlap. Certainly a better deal than HBOXMAX dumping their box office movies on it this year.
  5. Not sure how it will work over here. Don't see anything changing, as BT don't really have a streaming service that would make sense to extend their deal to takeover the UK network. Said to be worth more than $1bn over 5 years. So that's far better than what they would be doing from US network subscribers.
  6. In the US the network is now getting tied up in NBCUniversal's streaming service 'Peacock'. They've probably ran out of new subscribers in the US and it makes sense to sell the rights.
  7. Don't think UEFA will be a problem from a lower league point of view. The issue is the Euros and the knock on effect of the SPFL playoff system. Because of the Euros, UEFA will want the top leagues to finish/stop during that time. As the Premiership and Championship are continuing as normal, it's not clear how you can arrange the Championship playoff if League One hasn't also finished around the same time. Which is probably one of the main factors for L1 & L2 proposing testing to start back up as soon as possible.
  8. If by league club you mean SPFL, they have a different set of concerns. Their season is scheduled to run into early May and doesn't really allow for an extension due to contracts and the trickle down of their playoff system with Championship clubs still playing. That's why they're proposing testing to get back playing. The WoSFL season was due to run into early June with the LL Play-off and SCC Cup final. With at most 8 games to play they can probably get away with a start in May as a worse case scenario. They'll also know by February if they have to worry about co-ordinating a rescheduling of the LL Play-off if there's the potential of a title challenger being licenced. Even without that there's still the title and a Scottish Cup place to go for. Having started the season, I imagine the players would want to finish it in some form.
  9. There are some obvious differences. When 2019-20 stopped there was a significant difference in number of games played between clubs. There was also the original decision to null and void the leagues and come up with a method to put forward a qualifier for the Scottish Cup. Only for the league decision to be reversed, as the SFA would only accept a league champion as a qualifier. The WoSFL look like trying to get everyone to place each other once, so the eventual champions will have at least played the same opponents.
  10. They're at a surplus and meant to be going back to 16. They've given themselves the ability to temporarily expand to 18 after what happened last year. The SFA not wanting it to be a permanent circumstance.
  11. The SPFL lower leagues, the Tier 5 leagues, and the Tier 6+ leagues each have their own meetings with the SFA this week. Maybe that's where wires have been crossed as the league reps will have to give an update following that.
  12. League One and Two clubs are more likely to be tied into contracts that end after the scheduled SPFL Playoffs, so probably don't want to extend the season beyond that. Which is why they're pushing for a solution that allows for the season to be completed on schedule. Otherwise they're facing the same possibility of having to null and void the season. A good 15-16 of them aren't going to have anything to do with being Club 42 this year. So that's not going to be a primary motivator for them.
  13. Give it time with the way the blazeratti works. He's currently Vice-President since Rod Petrie moved up.
  14. If the SPFL clubs try to stick to their original schedule. Then there's no way the Highland League will be able to get close to a finished season of any kind and will likely null & void. That would give the LL any extra couple of weeks with no HL v. LL part of the SPFL Playoff. They then should be able to complete a season that crosses the 50% threshold to declare on PPG.
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