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  1. Only one relegation spot and VoL are a poor side surrounded by a few poor sides. And what would have been the final run in. Gretna 2008 Mar 07 Mar 14 Spartans (H) Mar 21 East Stirlingshire (H) Mar 28 East Kilbride (H) Apr 04 Vale of Leithen (A) Apr 11 Bonnyrigg (A) Apr 18 BSCG (H) Edinburgh University Mar 07 Mar 14 Kelty (H) Mar 21 BSCG (A) Mar 28 Apr 04 BSCG (H)* Apr 11 Dalbeattie (H) Apr 18 Gala (A) Dalbeattie Star Mar 07 Vale of Leithen (A) Mar 14 BSCG (H) Mar 21 Gala (A) Mar 28 Caledonian Braves (H) Apr 04 Berwick (H) Apr 11 Edinburgh Uni (A) Apr 18 Civil Service (H) Vale of Leithen Mar 07 Dalbeattie (H) Mar 14 Berwick (H) Mar 21 East Kilbride (A) Mar 28 BSCG (H) Apr 04 Gretna (H) Apr 11 Civil Service (A) Apr 18 Stirling Uni (H) This season they would almost certainly go down if the LL was returning to 16 teams, but they still had the likes of Edinburgh University and Dalbeattie Star to play from a 50% perspective. Its the same familiar faces at this end of the table that have shown they can beat each other and take random points off others. It's not certain VoL would be bottom if they games were actually played.
  2. Only on the basis that PPG denied them the 7 games that could have seen them avoid relegation. I know people like to take the 201920 standings as gospel these days but it was it was far from certain. Same with this year.
  3. The reaction of PPG being used wasn't all positive from VoL and those with ties to Bonnyrigg Rose. The only thing that has made these decisions largely palatable is that it is looking like a repeat of the 2019-20 SPFL2 Play-off that never happened.
  4. Two episodes to go the Power Broker is a weird one to guess how that's going. Zemo seemed like a candidate but killed Nagel and destroyed the serum. Sharon was the other one that's been introduced but I still think she's investigating the Power Broker/doing something for Fury. With Zemo, Winter Solider reminders, Civil War feel, and Isaiah Bradley's years of being experimented on it all feels like HYDRA lurking in the background of the show.
  5. Always nice of you to twist the knife into people you don't like based on your own assumptions.
  6. The only way the 5th Tier will get two automatic promotion places is if there is reconstruction further up the leagues. Which is why a national 5th Tier is a bit redundant when the SPFL has shown some interest in expansion.
  7. It's not all about the Premier. Some clubs would rather start the new season in proper divisions and not another year of Conferences.
  8. It's not really a statement, it's an article written by an uncredited author that uses some quotes from people actually involved in the process. As the bit about number of games is not lifted from a quote it can be taken more as providing context for an otherwise uninformed reader. The only parts that really matter are the quote from the spokesman and that the meeting will be taking place on April 19:
  9. At this point i'm glad the speculation has died down. If there was a number out there all people would be doing is trying to fill in the gaps. Which probably would have taken up most of the discussion on the EoS forum recently if it hadn't been for deciding how their season ends.
  10. It's not exactly in the background if they come out and tell you exactly what they're doing.
  11. Doesn't it take a year of membership before voting rights kick in?
  12. However against promotion & relegation some Highland League members are. They also know not going along with the pyramid risks a split by those that do want to be a part of it. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/highland-league/843506/could-breakaway-movement-tear-highland-league-apart/ Luckily they're grown up enough to compromise. Which is probably where the relegation play-off model has come from so that the bottom club can save themselves and why nothing has been heard about if they're going to a set number of teams.
  13. The exact same one you've pointed out numerous times. It's not an issue until they become Club 42. By which time there will likely be a change to the SPFL Play-off if it even gets that far to be an issue.
  14. Ken Ferguson stepping aside shows some integrity, as his name for the past year has been dragged through the mud. It was only going to get worse. As for the SPFL looking at the validity of the HL/LL championships its not surprising. Reaction was mixed at best to the decision, with the best take being a make good on last season. The SPFL have a duty to their members to challenge the decision. No different than the LL/HL boards acted in their members interests. I still think the games will get played.
  15. I'd heard some buzz for this over the years, and in advance of the "Final Season" of the Anime debuting it had intensified because of the controversial twist. And I've now watched everything and read the manga to completion. I do like it. The first couple of seasons with the mystery of the walls and the titans is great...and then there's the first proper reveal of what's going on. I wouldn't have gone anywhere near that.
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