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  1. On the SPFL and HL being sounded out on Option Z front. Nothing had been heard or suggested about that idea in advance of the PWG meeting in December. In fact nothing had really been heard on the PWG front since the 4 way playoff idea was shot down earlier in the year. Then when the meeting came around there was no "meat on the bones" of the proposal. What had shifted from an SFA perspective that they would allow another 16 clubs voting rights after limiting those rights months at the 2019 SFA AGM. How would the SPFL League Cup and SPFL Challenge Cup be restructured? How would any SPFL Playoff work? Fairly obvious questions of significant importance to those involved. Yet there was never anything said on that front. Almost as if it was a compromise thrown out during the discussion hoping to find some consensus. West Region only enter = LL & EoSFL proposal which SJFA objects as it doesn't resolve the East Region.. EoS Premier, SoSFL, East Region Super, West Premiership at Tier 6 = SJFA & SoSFL fine with it but LL & EoSFL had already rejected it. West Region at Tier 6 and East Region at Tier 7 feeding into EoS Premier = SFA compromise one to get all the Juniors into the pyramid at same time. EoSFL object as they don't want the East Region as a feeder 3 Region Tier 5 with West Region & SoSFL feeding the West of Scotland and the East Region & EoSFL feeding the East of Scotland = SFA compromise hoping to resolve the issue in the East. EDIT: Just to add the "SPFL" were okay with SPFL3, Colts in general, and the Celtic/Rangers Colts in SPFL2 trial with no relegation. Except when the "SPFL" went to its members they weren't having it.
  2. Can you find something other than this? Since that was the only media report I remeber at the time. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51111688 Which amounted to explaining what the HL/LL boundary, quotes from the old Montrose chairman which may have been lifted from around the time of Montrose competing in the 1st SPFL Playoff and one sentence which was debunked at the time. The meeting on 29 January being the last PWG meeting which didn't have SPFL or HL representation. And going into it the SFA had asked the LL, EoSFL, SoSFL, and SJFA to provide feedback from their members on what they thought it should be. So was nothing more than trying to find some sort of consensus.
  3. He's got a bunch of people on ignore, but still ends up commenting on things they say. Which is why I find it funny when he says you're going on his list.
  4. The SPFL were not part of the PWG discussions, unless you're trying to say Rod Petrie was even though he didn't sit on any SPFL boards at the time. The four suggestions were just ideas to work towards if there was enough support from within the PWG, which is why part of the feedback process the other leagues could make additional suggestions.
  5. Whatever Tayside clubs do its best for a co-ordinated effort. It perhaps hinders the applications if there's only a small handful of Tayside applicant's to the EoSFL Which I can see happening. Entering the pyramid at this point means either feeding the Highland League or entering Tier 8 of the EoSFL and leaving the Juniors behind due to commitments required. Staying in what's essentially their own league with a cup against the North Region, the Junior Cup and perhaps whatever is left of the Lothians might be more appealing by comparison.
  6. A Midland League is a non-starter as it means ripping up the East of Scotland League at all levels. The bulk of the Fife clubs are in the South and probably prefer travelling into Lothian as well. Which is why they've all gone apart from Tayside original Tayport.
  7. NCL and North Region are expected to be Tier 6 to the Highland League's Tier 5. Its just a question of when by the looks of things. Nobody is talking with the East Region as a league body. Lochee United's Secretary said they're in 'no man's land'. His preference would be for a Midland League feeding into the Lowland League which would see Fife & Tayside clubs in it, but no one else is talking about it. Best bet for those in the Region is to collectively apply to the EoSFL if they want in the pyramid and are unwilling to entertain the Highland League.
  8. Its all the same thing. Start time determines what cups can get played.
  9. In the last couple of weeks i've seen potential start dates of end of September or beginning of October, October 10th and October 17th. How many plans do you want to see?
  10. https://www.northern-scot.co.uk/sport/change-highland-league-to-summer-football-and-regional-divisions-says-buckie-thistle-manager-graeme-stewart-208794/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook Bukie Thistle's manager has put forward their own suggestion, but also brought up the idea of summer football. The thing I found strangest of all is regionalising the league for 2020/21 by North/South rather than West/East.
  11. The Lowland League or Lowland Regional Division as it was first going to be once it was more than a soundbite, was a SFA idea to help facilitate a pyramid. Actively came off the back of the Scottish Cup reforms and start of licencing for SFA members. Part of the wider restructuring of the SFA that saw the changes ot the SFA board and creation of the Professional Game Board and Non-Professional Game Board. You can basically thank Stewart Regan pushing for some of the changes brought up by the McLeish Report rather than targeting 3 clubs that just signed up for it.
  12. That's the fear. That's the SJFA taking a hands off approach and not accepting its place in the pyramid. Spartans as one of only 3 fully licenced clubs in the Lowland area were guaranteed a place in the LL. When you consider the 3 key positions of the LL board went to Preston Athletic (Chairperson), Whitehill Welfare (Vice-Chairperson), and Gretna 2008 (Treasurer). And that the EoSFL reps on the SFA boards were not from Spartans. I think you might be overblowing the role Spartans took. If you want to point your paranoia somewhere it might be better focused on Preston. Since they had applied for the SFL three times at that point and came nowhere near.
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