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  1. EoS Premier Division Blackburn United 0-2 Crossgates Primrose Dundonald Bluebell 2-3 Broxburn Athletic Jeanfield Swifts 4-2 Musselburgh Athletic Penicuik Athletic 2-0 Tranent Juniors Jeanfield and Crossgates with some important wins to add some distance from the relegation zone.
  2. It's still early doors. Some of the current Top 6 vs. Top 6 have only played one fixture due to postponements and abandonments. So far Conference A 7-4 Conference B. Other than the 8-1 loss for Glenrothes, the only disappointment is probably Dalkeith losing both games having had home field advantage. 1st Tynecastle (2-0) Haddington Athletic 1-3 Tynecastle Heriot-Watt University 1-3 Tynecastle 2nd Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts (1-1) Haddington Athletic 1-2 Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts Leith Athletic 3-2 Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts 3rd Glenrothes (1-2) St Andrews United 8-1 Glenrothes Glenrothes 2-1 Leith Athletic Lothian Thistle HV 4-2 Glenrothes 4th Dalkeith Thistle (0-2) Dalkeith Thistle 2-4 Dunipace Dalkeith Thistle 0-2 Lothian Thistle HV 5th Preston Athletic (0-1) Leith Athletic 2-1 Preston Athletic 6th Edinburgh United (0-1) Edinburgh United 0-4 Haddington Athletic
  3. And Roselea are the club that have helped prove some of the concerns wrong over moving North as an Angus club.
  4. EoS Premier Division Linlithgow Rose 3-2 Newtongrange Star Seems like it was a thrilling game tonight with Linlithgow needing an injury time winner. Time for a couple friday night jars!
  5. What is dead may never die! WoS Wrestling has kept its social media profiles active all year. There's been the odd international TV/Streaming announcements. Most recent for something in Australia back in October. Yesterday they posted this on twitter.
  6. I guess it's because they went from 'we can address this issue at a future meeting' to 'here's 4 options'. On the face of it there's doesn't seem to have been any discussion on the matter. Especially as the main take away was 'West Region in, East Region sitting out as a option' and nothing too radical to rate a mention.
  7. Angus clubs may well prefer it, but the same was said at the time it was created and it didn't make any difference. I spotted how this bit of discussion started by someone asking if Brechin would be relegated to the HL, to which the poster said I wouldn't assume that. The SFA stepped in last season and prevented the LL from amending their rules regarding relegation because it happened during the season. So within the space of the year the SFA are suddenly okay with that. Looking ahead next season there may only be 1 HL league area club in SPFL2. That's with using the current boundary. You change the boundary to Stonehaven-Helensburgh, more often than not there could be 10 LL area clubs in SPFL2. Why would the LL accept equal standing with the HL without automatic promotion. Right now it looks like Brechin are complaining about it because they fear relegation. No different to how Montrose complained about it. Nothing changed then. Why should it now?
  8. It's at best speculation on another that predates the most recent PWG meeting. A meeting where 4 options were offered by Rod Petrie and the league delegates are now meant to go back to their members to canvas opinion. While @Burnie_man has yet to hear the specifics of those options, none of them are meant to have something as drastic as a boundary change. The next PWG meeting is hoped to be the end of January. So they do seem to be trying to get something in place for 2020-21. I was just wondering why Helensburgh-Stonehaven had been chosen for this speculated new line. Since it's based on geography and actually sees North Region Stonehaven on the southern side it doesn't seem to be anything but someone's personal preference.
  9. I think there's a decent number people with an understanding that Oban Saints operate in Central Scotland area amateur football. Doesn't anyone else find it incredibly weird that its then Helensburgh that gets used for the West Side marker on the new '"line"? Wouldn't it be easier to say Stonehaven and Oban? Since that has no effect on any junior / senior league. Whereas if you try and draw the line to just south of Stonehaven and just north of Helensburgh you end up cutting through parts of Perthshire and Angus.
  10. That's basically what I was going to say. Something like LL2 just moves the issues down a tier and would see the West Premiership and EoS Premier likely gutted. Which isn't an obvious vote winner. The boundary has always been murky with how it's been handled, but has never been an explicit topic of discussion. We now know that there are 4 options. We might as well find out what they are, rather than speculate over hypotheticals. If it's up to the league reps to canvas for preferences i'm sure we'll start to hear what they are over the weekend's games. It's obviously starting to filter through.
  11. That's all from before the PWG meeting by the way. A lot of it seems to just be an opionion as well.
  12. At what tier will the West go in at? Sorry if this question has already been asked 6th Tier with a promotion route to the Lowland League (5th Tier).
  13. If these are coming from Petrie the West Premiership, SoSFL, EoS Premier and Tayside league could be raised since it's basically a former EoS suggestion.
  14. Presumably the North won't get mentioned as this is still technically the Lowland Sub Group. Which is farcical considering one of the issues here is the HL/LL East Region. Any insight into the other ideas?
  15. Maybe looking at recent form could be an indicator of who makes the bottom 3
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