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  1. It was mentioned there would be a meeting with the SFA this month, where proposals to streghten the league were to be heard. There's been no news on that front either. Not sure how much the change in the board has delayed things.
  2. Thought it was decent enough first episode considering the COVID era of the show. Just feels like they put out the censored version with all the pings & "Don't try this at home" message.
  3. It's being reported that Rampage will be staying on TNT while Dynamite continues with its move to TBS. Which would make some more sense in having TNT and TBS titles.
  4. I'm not so sure. The fans of AEW are invested in Hangman and that will carry over on TV. The problem comes in setting up suitable challengers after the title win. The heel side is a little thin.
  5. There has been chat on the merged Superleague, but it's pure speculation at this point. If the unified national non-league cup happens the NCL might be more attractive to some. Right now though you're leaving behind a lot of local clubs, stronger leagues, and more diverse cup competitions. I mean Loch Ness and Inverness Athletic are scrambling around just to get their own pitch at the moment.
  6. It's why i'm still bemused they went with Broomhill as a name, rather than the generic Caledonian Braves type option. Something that could be plugged in anywhere. Maybe they were disappointed Glasgow United got taken just before they had to change their name
  7. It's the usual response whenever talk of BSC/Broomhill and getting a ground closer to Glasgow comes up. "Have they thought about Scotstoun? Have they tried Scotstoun? What about Scotstoun? They could try Scotstoun? Why aren't they at Scotstoun? What's stopping them doing something at Scotstoun?"
  8. Dynamite Main Event 23rd February 2022 20th Anniversary Bryan Danielson v. Christopher Daniels v. Low-ki Book it TK!!!
  9. They needed a ground that would meeting licencing standards. It was the nearest senior plastic pitch that didn't already have a groundshare. The Juniors options kind of ran out. Ashfield wasn't going to meet licencing. They left on bad terms with Maryhill by most accounts. Then there was meant to be an attempt to get in at Petershill that never went anywhere. They've failed to get different projects off the ground for their own place or other non-football facilities. Which is why the youth club has split off from them having given up on getting a ground that would meet licencing standards within Glasgow.
  10. Can't believe I forgot about Broomhill being an EoSFL team I don't imagine there is anything set up like that. Their best attempt would be to try and get a groundshare in the West to fall into the WoSFL area despite having the EoSFL nominated at the start of the season. Which would be doomed to fail.
  11. With this season actually started, I wouldn't worry too much about a LL team being relegated to the WoSFL right now. VoL are 6pts adrift with a massive -GD. Failing to pick up a single point so far. You're then playing ifs and buts over the SPFL2 Playoff and having a Cumbernauld Colts or Broomhill drop off a cliff to finish 2nd bottom.
  12. One last ride with the Fallen Angel.
  13. Awesome show. Saw Cody's look and instantly thought of
  14. There are those that advocate for a single division LL2 or LL2 West & East as a means to streamline promotion relegation between t5&t6. The trade off in weakening the WOSFL & EOSFL to benefit the LL & lower the South's standing doesn't seem worth it to me.
  15. A little preview of what it will look like tonight.
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