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  1. Selkirk FC thread

    Thanks for that. Only two players turned up to last night's open training session. Looking to do more sessions next Tuesday and Thursday.
  2. Selkirk FC thread

    I thought it was leaving things a bit late considering they still have one of these open training sessions tonight to help find players. Gives them till the 25th until another game has to be played and by then they'll likely have a better sense of where they are players wise, financially and LL disciplinary wise.
  3. Selkirk FC thread

    Do the upcoming cup games have any restrictions on the likes of trialists/player registrations?
  4. Junior football, what is the future?

    Structure in 2019-20 has popped up in various threads in the EoS forum. Sygenta Juveniles have already applied for next year, and there are rumours of others but there's always rumours. There's also meant to be Clydebank's application so while nothing happens in the West that's something that'll get brought up. Tier 6 becomes the 16 team EoS Premier. Then below this year's conference model gets replicated at Tier 7, orregionalisation at Tier 7, or a single division at Tier 7 with regionalisation at Tier 8. They've all been brought up. Until the number of applicants are known no structure can really be defined for 2019-20. Games have started in both the EoS and Juniors. Think everyone's put restructuring on the back burner now and looking forward to the new season. It'll probably rear it's head again whenever the next PWG/SFA meeting happens. Voting rights after the completion of their first season.
  5. Junior football, what is the future?

    The majority of games played by EoS clubs this year have been cup games, maybe they'll look at their cup situation to avoid this happening for another 2-3 seasons. As for the league they've already solved the problem of parity as the current membership will form 2-3 tiers with a make up of 3 divisions. That's without any further expansion.
  6. Selkirk FC thread

    Not really. Having spent the bulk of their time pre-Lowland League in the EoS First or finishing 10th or lower in the EoS Premier. Selkirk are one of the clubs that would seen as candidates for back to back relegations now that the EoS has been beefed up. So on the field struggles isn't surprising. Then look at Wigtown & Bladnoch 2014-15 SoS Champions, SoS runners up in 2016-17 and then they withdraw from the SoS just before the 2017-18 season starts. At a certain level with limited resources and size of town getting teams together can be difficult. As for the admin issues there's been far worse affairs. Top Tier Rangers and Gretna going into administration then liquidation. Airdrieonians getting liquidated (with a homeless Clydebank being taken over and rebranded Airdrie United in the process). The repeat administrations of Dundee and Livingston. Admin stricken Motherwell avoiding relegation because Falkirk didn't have a 10,000 all seater stadium. All the other administrations.
  7. Selkirk FC thread

    No idea as I don't know the area well, but that's the rumour from over the summer.
  8. Selkirk FC thread

    Last I remember seeing they were meant to be developing a bit of Strathclyde Park.
  9. Selkirk FC thread

    I believe Edusport and the future Glasgow United have split between the academy project & the football club. That'd be a possible workaround if they aren't actually registered as Edusport FC and are just Edusport Academy students deciding to play for Selkirk instead of whatever Amateur league they might have been in.
  10. Selkirk FC thread

    Hopefully the club's on good terms with the member with 100k in loans, and they aren't in a rush for it back anytime soon. The talking with an Academy bit does seem to confirm Edusport as giving the player offer.
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    You're supposed to see upsets like this where a mid table team from the bottom of the pyramid lose to the best of the amateurs, its where the divide is at its slightest and why some want to see the amateur leagues added to the pyramid once the junior/senior divide settles.
  12. Selkirk FC thread

    Some good news for Selkirk at this time
  13. Selkirk FC thread

    With September as the start date for the 20 player offer, Stirling Uni might be a shout. Since they've ran multiple teams at different levels.
  14. Selkirk FC thread

    I'm on my phone so can't link to it, but there's an article in the Southern Reporter that goes in to detail about the situation and what was covered last night.
  15. Lowland league attendances 2018/19

    It's even more work than you're already doing, but do you think you could edit the thread's first post with an average or index of where the posts are? Week 1 is already lost amongst the pages. Great work by the way!