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  1. They were one of the clubs fully compliant, except for the new floodlights requirements. That was the only thing they had to throw up last minute. Also in the middle of fundraising and getting planning permission in place before a derogation was given. No one has suggested Beith have a secret stash of cash to put floodlights up at this late stage. Unlike Bonnyrigg, it's also not a requirement that's caught clubs out. You would have thought there would have been signs of fundraising.
  2. Clubs getting news is about licencings, is the only thing that provides the Beith news some credence. The hard deadline of February for inspections that was talked about in recent was to allow a cushion for minor improvements to be carried out ahead of the last committee meeting before the SFA AGM. Wouldn't consider floodlights to be a minor thing. They also don't have the Policies docs on their website. There's more than one thing to be ticked off. Strange source since you'd expect news like this to filter through the WoS forum.
  3. I would have thought they would have done some sort of fundraising if it was true. Vast majority have even when gifted floodlights and it's not like that's the one aspect of licensing they would have to cover.
  4. I think the majority would rather a proper end of the season, rather than the season being dragged out higgledy-piggledy for weeks for the sake of a couple of clubs. Something that would happen in the days of a 22 game season, let alone 30 games. Clubs and fans were sick of it before being in the pyramid. Which is why so many called out for a proper fixture list. We are where we are because of clubs trying to have their cake and eat it. Wanting Saturdays, knowing the majority of them aren't going to deal with the backlog of games coming from the combination of cup runs & postponements.
  5. The way the South & East do it is that it gets paired with the Scottish Cup. That way just about everyone has a match on the first/second round date unless there's byes. Causing minimal league disruption. Because the Strathclyde is paired up with the Junior Cup it means the minority of Scottish Cup who are aren't Junior teams get left idle
  6. Didn't the SJFA kick in £400 to everyone if they completed their fixtures this season? Had to stop the rot some how. Forgot the couple of balls.
  7. Think the rule change only happened this season. The reason why there wasn't any prize money is surprisingly enough becaue I doubt there's been much cash to go round. It's rarely had a sponsor. Even last year's final had under a 1000 if I remember right. Any money made in the Final after expenses would go into covering the cost of travel expenses in the earlier rounds. The only time the cup had any money was the first two seasons after replacing the Qualifying Cup. When the SFA were kicking in £20k. If anyone wants to look at the rules. http://www.southchallengecup.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/competition-Guidance.pdf http://www.southchallengecup.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/competition-regulations.pdf The bit about gate receipts and final.
  8. Hang around to push through the B teams for another year. Fold after the AGM for a neat 18 team league in the new season, while collecting their free season tickets at Ibrox.
  9. At least it's better than the Rocks changing their name to Caledonia Gladiators. That's a real abomination.
  10. When I went on the website the table still had them on 32 games, so I saw the games and didn't think to look past it. Though I did find it strange they were playing up to the end of the month.
  11. Some potential banana skins to come. 08/04 @ Tranent 15/04 Cowdenbeath 22/04 @ Berwick
  12. 10-10 provides a buffer division, we've seen how teams can freefall to club 42 status. Two championships, 6 promotion playoff spots, 2 relegation playoff spots, and 1 relegation spot keeps the divisions interesting. Go to say 12-12-18 which has often been mooted as retaining a 42 team SPFL. You're losing spots in the bottom division that have consequences and the only real way to add them would be increased chance of relegation out of the SPFL.
  13. I think it's pretty much standard that the two clubs can agree to a switch.
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