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  1. Maybe it's been explained elsewhere, but this breakdown by Petershill is the first time i've seen why the Phase One / Phase Two approach has been taken instead of a full fixture list. The priority is to get everyone to have played each other once in their division before adding the second round of fixtures.
  2. Rick & Morty, Bojack Horseman, Big Mouth, and Archer tend to be the more current ones that get a mention. Mid '00s into the 2010s you had Adult Swim shows like the Venture Bros, the Boondocks, Metalocalypse, and Frisky Dingo.
  3. Looks like the Junior Cup and South & East Cup Winners Shield will still be separate qualifying pathways with no overlap in terms of entrants. The West are introducing an Alex Jack/Alba Cup equivalent in the Strathclyde Cup. This will be played on the same dates scheduled for the Junior Cup so no one can play in both.
  4. Do you mean October 16th? That's the South Challenge Cup 2nd Round dates.
  5. They're still listed as a member of the SJFA on their website. https://www.scottishjuniorfa.com/west-region/clubs/
  6. I might be missing someone but based on current membership, the Strathclyde Cup would have these entrants: Bellshill Athletic Bonnyton Thistle BSC Glasgow Cambuslang Rangers Campbeltown Pupils Drumchapel United Finnart Forth Wanderers Glenvale Harmony Row Harthill Royal Kilsyth Athletic Kilwinning Rangers Neilston Newmains United Port Glasgow Royal Albert Rutherglen Glencairn St Cadoc's St Peters With winner presumably going up against the Alex Jack & Alba Cup winners in a rebranded South & East Cup Winners Shield. Certainly an easier pathway to a trophy and potential Scottish Cup qualification than the Junior Cup.
  7. Until the SJFA have confirmed who's in membership for 2021-22 they wouldn't do the draw for the Strathclyde Cup. So anytime after Monday on that one. WoSFL Cup is probably being saved for the second half of the season which is why there's no news on that front.
  8. Anyone know what is meant by 'the Camelot sponsorship deal to factor in'?
  9. I believe the SJFA AGM might actually be on the 21st and not the SFA one. If that's the case it should be known exactly who has retained Junior membership and draws would follow soon afterwards.
  10. And on the same dates as the SJFA Cup is the Strathclyde Cup. Guessing thats the Alex Jack/Alba Cup equivalent?
  11. Auchinleck Talbot v. Clydebank on the first weekend of the season.
  12. It's not exactly a surprise. It's what both clubs do all the time. Some work out and some don't. At least now the Lowland League are get that all important social media plug. You've also got their 'B' team goalie signing an extension. Talking about playing in the Lowland League next season. Another Englishman signed from Tottenham a couple of years ago. https://www.celticfc.com/news/2021/june/Hoops-stopper-Tobi-Oluwayemi-signs-new-deal-with-Celtic/
  13. It's normal for Scottish clubs to amateurs/community clubs as well. They aren't 'B' teams or reserves though.
  14. This is some top trolling, google translate and wikipedia.
  15. First time I remember the 21st June mentioned as an AGM date was in the Junior forum. This looks to be where some confusion set in as it referred simply to the Scottish AGM.
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