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  1. Bonnyton made a few signings last week. Seem to remember a mix from Whitletts and Girvan.
  2. I think they only put them up on the day. EDIT:
  3. Bill Simmons being involved in that isn't too surprising after the Andre doc and some of the things he's said about Vince on his pods.
  4. I remember there being a mention that Berwick's pitch is larger as they've had more say on those matters. On ground criteria they meet Bronze for their licence. Wikipedia lists Shielfield's dimensions 100 x 70 yards. EDIT: Blurb from Ashfield's NLS page http://nonleaguescotland.org.uk/ashfield.htm
  5. Entry Level licence which would be good enough to get up to SPFL League One requires: Bronze Level licence which is good enough to get all the way to the SPFL Premiership: Outwith licencing (Tier 6 and below) I don't think there is an official minimum but the likes of EoSFL's entry criteria does stipulate "The playing field shall be in compliance with the laws of the game and must be a minimum of 90m in length and 56m in width" so they look to apply the minimum required by Entry level licencing as well. Its believed Ashfield would struggle on this criteria due to the way things played out with BSC Glasgow. They had originally been accepted to the Lowland League with Ashfield's ground as their home field, but never actually played there as they quickly moved to Maryhill. The belief being that the speedway at Ashfield would make it unsuitable for licencing standards.
  6. They said they would start on 21st November based on the restrictions at the time. In terms of playing football they haven't really changed. In fact there seems to be some regulations that would allow for some clubs to provide changing rooms. Going by that previous statement there should be a formal announcement of whether or not they'll start in a little over a week.
  7. Girvan has been mentioned and how they would be less likely to participate. Any postponement would have to be played midweek, they don't have floodlights so would be unable to meet that requirement at their own ground. They seem to have lost more players than Auchinleck Talbot have. Less likely to go on a cup run so thought more likely to pocket the prize money without incurring matchday costs.
  8. I saw HJ say that in the other thread. I figure they'd rather do that than bump the away game to Gala in the next round to an unknown date.
  9. Maybe this is the new Full Gear tradition. EVP(s) get a title match but will never challenge again if they lose.
  10. Because in year one there will be no Europa Conference League winner the Scottish 3rd Place/Scottish Cup winner spot is due to move up to the Europa League Play-off Round. The expectation being that they'd get knocked out and go straight into the Europa Conference League group stage.
  11. No fans goes first. Then lack of changing and washing facilities second. Changing rooms would have to be available in order to participate so that box gets ticked. They never once mention COVID or concerns over spreading the virus by playing. Not sure you can say player safety comes first when they never bothered to say so themselves.
  12. Girvan don't have floodlights and have lost some of their squad. I don't think they'd go through all the hassle required. Auchinleck Talbot might see 💰💰💰in a cup run. Not a lot of their squad has left to go elsewhere and it would give them something to focus on.
  13. Yeah, so you would have been happy with the SFA just forcing through the 2019-20 West Premiership becoming the 2020-21 West Premier Division without changes?
  14. What a shame the 20 team Premier Division decision happened in April/May and the IMG didn't become a thing until months later.
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