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  1. You were definitely the best organised team we have played and when in possession passed the ball well. The pass for your goal was beautiful don't know why our commentators were trying to say it was a miss hit shot, thought on the day it was a pass and highlights show this. Best of luck for the season ahead
  2. https://www.raithrovers.net/raithtv?vid=1143 What a tit
  3. Agree he definitely does the dirty work and tracking back wellnoticed this last week as well. Gomis is a great wee player just got that habit of being in the right place to break things up and gets the ball moving again. Definitely need the sprinklers back on the pitch before the game and at half time.
  4. Anyone going tonight? Could be one of our lowest crowds at the falkirk stadium
  5. Is it not good thing for opposition players to hate playing at your ground?
  6. My head is burst reading all that, I've not got a clue
  7. Yeah noticed that as well was calm throughout and not just humping it up the park
  8. I thought the new rule was the team that last played the ball got a free kick when it hits the refree
  9. Thought Mcshane done really well yesterday tracking back and doing the dirty work to allow the rest to push forward.
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