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  1. Durnan needs to stop thinking about playing football and just get rid off it
  2. Think the picture quality is good, biggest improvement is the camera is steady and following the ball
  3. Do we make much from hospitality? Thought the stadium company took a big chunk of it
  4. Not old enough to remember that game but their antics in a midweek spl game really annoyed me up in Aberdeen, think it might of been the game we needed a win to get in the top 6.
  5. Think we should be more worried about how many clubs will survive this than reconstruction
  6. The shitbags goal against dumbarton stands out for me, lovely wee chip pass with a good finish
  7. Definitely our bogey team this season, thought the boy Grant stood out against us and controlled the games
  8. Fair play to Raith top most of the season and top when football stopped, under the current circumstances their will always be winners and losers. Biggest disappointment for me was the run in was going to very tense and interesting and should of been a winner takes all final day. Best of luck next season and give the Pars a good hiding from us lot as well.
  9. If its voted through we should boycott away games next year, see how the other chairmen like that, especially if partick do it as well.
  10. Positive - promtion to championship, league one and league 2 playoffs. Negative - premiership playoff weighed heavily in favour of the premiership team finishing 11th.
  11. Yeah seen pictures over the weekend and stories about people having house parties etc, current measures won't work if people can't follow a basic set of rules.
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