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  1. Big Donald's going to end up back on Twitter after that weirdo buys it so there's still time.
  2. As someone put in the group chat: "My client is a first offender. He's just committed 40 of them at once."
  3. Going on a bender after some bad news is understandable. I know I've done it in the past. Homophobic language etc is still out of order though. I suspect the club probably dealt with it at the time which would explain his absence from the team for months at a time when we were complete fucking shite.
  4. My favourite thing about this game is the lad in the County end shouting "EMBARRASSING" every time we score.
  5. I'm a big fan of Penney from what I've seen so far. Gallops up and down the park, whips a decent cross in. Also Goss is like a new man these days. Delighted to see his redemption arc on the way.
  6. Heading here for a weekend in November. Any recommendations?
  7. Took the dug out for a walk and had to pick up his shite as the clap kicked off. I mean I know it's a good thing to do but the whole street out clapping was unnecessary imo.
  8. I'll always fondly remember him having an absolute stormer in midfield when we battered Aberdeen round Hampden for 90 minutes. Ran off the park celebrating when he got subbed.
  9. Runs in straight lines really well. Has a tremendous accent. Seems like a decent lad.
  10. I can just about understand them not being able to sell on the rights to a highlights package to council telly but even still. You're not telling me it's impossible for them to get a couple of cameras set up at each ground to chuck the highlights up on YouTube afterwards?
  11. Willingly searching out highlights of an Alexander team sounds like a cry for help.
  12. I missed Saturday because I was at a wedding all day but by all accounts we're quite good eh.
  13. This presser is either going to be a world class bit of unveiling or a car crash eh.
  14. I don't know what bit is funnier. The two handed shove to get the ball in the first place or borrowing DT's trick of passing the ball off the defender's arm while he's on the deck.
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