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  1. Mind ZFA was apparently on trial with some German mob. Presumably they were looking for someone to turn round and pass it to their left back.
  2. Hope we draw Greenock Morton. Been ages since I've seen that fixture.
  3. Granted Twitter is even more of a hellscape than it is usual right now thanks to E*on but folk bending themselves out of shape about a mid season training camp or lack thereof is a pretty mad thing to be bothered about.
  4. It wouldn't be nearly transfer season without Veronica Mars posting up in this thread.
  5. I have been having a lovely time playing Death Stranding recently. Just chilling in my truck delivering my parcels. I don't even know what the story is anymore. Only that Lea Seydoux turns up every so often and the dead folk want to murder me.
  6. Fair play to him. 179 minutes of cutting about with a cigar on, one minute of quality. Better than we've managed in a while.
  7. Watching him not track his man in a midfield that isn't ours is fucking wonderful.
  8. We are crying out for a 6 who has literally anything about them. Spittal doesn't track the runner which means Sol suddenly looks fucking miles out and when him & Lamie try and fix the situation it left Wright with enough time to read the paper before picking his spot. So far we've watched Maguire, Crawford and Donnelly all be utter bobbins in that role so let's hope there's someone out there fancies it in January. Cannae mind who it was said before but stick Ally Gorrín in there to cement folk and we'd be a massively better side.
  9. Can you let me know who those people are because whatever they're being prescribed sounds class.
  10. He's not terrible but he's not the world class goalkeeper some folk think. In our list of keepers over the years I'd probably go. Randolph Carson Gillespie Ruddy Kelly.
  11. Given myself a few hours before I had a full cranial detachment. It is very, very fucking annoying how soft we are. Guaranteed to ship at least one shit goal every week. Sol is a beautiful, beautiful man however, unfortunately, he's rubbish at football. He can't defend and is ponderous in possession. Bring back Bevis. But preferably sign somebody new in January. Our midfield still has a big 6 shaped hole in it. Goss & Slattery are grand but we need someone to throw some hammers in front of the back four. I actually enjoyed us going to a 3-5-2 today. Penney's magic on the ball, Spittal is more effective going forward in it and it means we don't need to play Connor fucking Shields. Moult even if he's not fit changed the game big time. Without him coming on there's no chance we come back. Anyway. I'll not be there Wednesday. I'm off to see these lads:
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