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  1. After a pish result I have seen references to Charli XCX and some smashing looking prawn dishes on an Indian menu. Never change, troops.
  2. Can only assume we have applied to make our league cup games 5-a-sides due to us having nae players and a captain conquering Europe one spice boy at a time.
  3. I dunno. We signed like 34 folk on loan in January. Some of whom may or may not exist.
  4. No sure if it's the apocalyptic hangover but I could greet watching that interview. The big man knows he wasn't good enough on Monday but he's got baws the size of watermelons to turn up at Wembley and put that type of performance in. My hero. My mate.
  5. Can't lie when My Captain hit that volley at the back post I was nearly on the table. Then when he planted Grealish immediately after coming on. Well.
  6. "I thought I possibly had to look elsewhere" definitely translates as "I wanted fuckin loadsa money". Fair play to him though. Can't grudge him the move.
  7. He can now be miserable in the North of England instead of North Lanarkshire.
  8. Dundee being promoted as well. I make us on course for top 4 already.
  9. Swear down St Mirren are 6 months away from announcing the signing of Josh Law.
  10. A new guy in my team said "it's about being pragmatic, not just following a dogma" with a straight face. Just about hoisted my laptop out the window.
  11. That kit looked like some shite training gear. A total stinker.
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