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  1. If only there was someone available who perhaps had met him. Maybe even rustled up some empire biscuits with him.
  2. I mean I'm not surprised he's hating the style of play. Alexander seemed hell bent on telling SOD not to do anything he's at all good at. If he went past the halfway line you could practically see the veins pop out of his head.
  3. I think we've all come to the same conclusion on that. It's because Alexander was absolutely daft.
  4. At risk of stating the obvious this is a massive appointment to make. With this squad in its current state I would rip both your arms off to finish 10th this season. I'm not sure who we'll end up with but I hope to goodness we're able to get a couple of signings through the door as soon as possible to address the massive issues we have in this squad. I think we've all heard the various murmurings coming out of the club in the last while and it did seem like all was not well. I'm not sure if it was quite on the Gannon scale but it certainly wasn't far off it. Seeing the various people going in and out of the squads for no real reason like Slattery vanishing, Lamie seemingly being told to bolt and Woolery's exit. Also noticed we'd switched the dugouts back on Saturday. Undoing the Alexander era one thing at a time.
  5. At least nobody ever posted gushing praise about his fucking bleep test score.
  6. Quite gutting to lose in the way we did but I thought we were actually good in that second half particularly. There's more emphasis on trying to pass the ball to each other and less fucking pointless long balls. Goss was great. Move the ball around really well and put in some good set pieces. Would be happy if he could keep that form for a while. Maguire is rubbish. I think he's a big unit of a guy who is doing his absolute best but his best is nowhere near good enough to be a starting 6 in this league. Always looks like he's in the wrong place and doesn't anticipate anything. Shields is somewhat similar but probably has a bit more about him to be a busy forward who can get us up the park. Joe Efford though. What kind of hallucinogens was Alexander taking when he signed him up? The guy is a proper dud. Yesterday he cut in off the left then I've never seen anyone look so completely devoid of ideas. Ended up falling over his own feet in the end. We are also in need of a solution to the defence. We've now got no left backs, Ricki Lamie is our best centre back and Mugabi is looking like the original edition we signed. We can't rely on Ojala to be fit and Sol is still a bit of an unknown.
  7. Presumably an unseasonably cold snap has been forecast in hell today because I thought Goss was great.
  8. To be honest I'm not particularly arsed about where we sign people from. My problem with this summer so far is that the glaring issues we had all season last year are still glaring issues.
  9. Aye I kind of assumed we were signing McGinn to play as an RCB. I also think the players we have would be capable of playing passing football to some degree. For all KvV is a big guy he's definitely not a target man. Similarly when we have folk like Tierney/Shields/GI Joe around him. I'm not expecting us to play like 2009 Barcelona but something that actually gets you off your seat occasionally would be sound.
  10. I know we said it when Ojala signed but Finnish is a mental language eh?
  11. Luca is the definition of a wee guy.
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