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  1. The first 25 minutes of this game was just Devante Cole absolutely taking bodies.
  2. The 3-5-2 was great when it worked and atrocious when it didn't. Watching us absolutely demolish Aberdeen & Rangers in the semi finals of both cups was absolutely great fun it has to be said.
  3. There was a small section of the fans ready to bin him but, for the most part, everyone was happy for him to stay on. We radically changed how we wanted to play football going from the 3-5-2 hammer throwers to getting a couple of wingers in and realising the best midfielder in the country was chilling in our under 20s team until about November.
  4. Not sure if it’s because I binned twitter but this photo of James Scott on a horse is all new to me and, quite honestly, I could not be happier about finding it.
  5. Came for the pie & beans, stayed for Bevis Mugabi being class. For about 20 minutes it looked like it was going to be a nothing game. Once we went 1-0 up it was an absolute canter from then on in.
  6. We were not very good. But St Johnstone are absolutely stinking the place out.
  7. He said something similar before announcing the, in absolutely no way patronising, Queen Tuts stage.
  8. He's got his captive audience of 16-20 year olds who will buy tickets for this regardless of line ups. Like you say it's just a tombola of the same bands in a different order for the most part.
  9. That’s right. There are no female acts that could possibly play. Or that no major festival will have a 50/50 split for many years. Apart from Primavera who already have. What a dick.
  10. Was that the game Hartley went down crocked and just punched the turf a couple of times then played on? I think if we avoid any real injuries we should probably be ok. And we're not playing Celtic 3 times a week this year so perhaps can avoid a bit of fixture congestion.
  11. To be fair it's not been entirely hibernation. At one point last year we had 13 players out injured so of course we were going to have a shocking time.
  12. As a collective unit I would put the defensive unit of Samson, McMillan, Heneghan, Jules and Chalmers as the worst defensive display I have ever witnessed. The Dundee players were pishing themselves laughing when they were walking off at half time 5-1 and who could blame them.
  13. If I had named a 23 man squad he'd be in it. Samson & Neilsen were worse IMO. Hollis also gets a bye for keeping a clean sheet again Aberdeen when we switch to playing Hammell & Hutchinson at the back and everyone else up front at Pittodrie.
  14. Would I have preferred an away tie to someone lower leagues that I'd never been to before? Absolutely. Am I gutted we've drawn Dundee? Nope.
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