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  1. Niche as f**k but there was a photo of the tank driver at the time and, to this day, his t shirt absolutely fucking cracks me up.
  2. Looking forward to going reverse-Ilic and playing him at fucking left back.
  3. Oh aye. Cannae wait to see the list of c***s that are getting emptied. Could bullet 7 or 8 folk and be no worse off.
  4. You could probably argue that everybody has been off the boil in the whole team. One of the parts of Polworth's game when we were good was through balls to wide players to run on to. Unfortunately we don't have any of those anymore so that strikes that out of his game. Gallagher's not been on the same level, O'Donnell's a trier but he's not a revelation. Watt's probably the only one with pass marks in terms of being a link man but he's not a goalscorer as such. It's just been weird. Hopefully Graham Alexander buys everyone their own pair of Copas and we bounce back to some degree.
  5. If you'd told me 18 months ago that Liam Donnelly would be the absolute lynchpin of our entire midfield I'd have pointed and laughed at you.
  6. I know he hardly kicked a ball since ballooning his penalty against St Mirren into orbit but in terms of final ball he was streets ahead of Seedorf. Who knows what happened in the end up with him.
  7. Lets be honest here lads. We all just want a visit to Somerset Park eh?
  8. Hopefully. Two belting draws for a day out. Typical that it's the first patter draw we've had in ages and we cannae get near a stadium.
  9. Starting to wonder if the lad along the row from me is shouting "HOWWWW MAANNYYYYY TIIIIIIIIIIMES?!" at his weans any time they spill their dinner just to get his fix.
  10. I think one of the worst bits about this season is that I haven't even had the catharsis of shouting abuse at c***s. Might open the window and start shouting at the neighbours.
  11. I'm not too fussed tbh. It's the sensible outcome and just another example of how pitiful the SPFL's response to Covid has been. Mainly all this was funny because Div was making such a rip-roaring c**t of himself on Twitter.
  12. I don't tend to lose my heid very often at the football, really. However that was an exceptional circumstance that merited an absolute torrent of abuse. Fortunately I was not alone in this.
  13. This is what I remember from Adam Rooney. Now I know that's an absolute dive but fucking hell I thought my head was going to explode at Craig Samson for that bit of goalkeeping.
  14. The worst of that shitshow was that there were 10 other fucking hopeless cases on the park that were also at fault at that point. Ainsworth was just an easy target for McGhee. Also I stand on the hill of Lionel Ainsworth and I will fucking die on it if need be.
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