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  1. https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/racing/fabio-jakobsen-to-be-brought-out-of-induced-coma-this-afternoon-461972 Good news that he's out of a coma but I genuinely gasped at how horrific the injuries are:
  2. One of the worst crashes I've seen. I know sprints are chaotic and there's a bit of jostling but that was absolutely awful from Groenewegen.
  3. f**k Iain Vigurs. Clearly a talented player when he was with us but he was one lazy fucker.
  4. Aye I've watched it back a few times and if he'd just stayed on his feet he'd have either body checked Gardyne or clipped his heels. Either of which would have been a booking and a wee ticking off from the ref. But flying into that at knee height, nowhere near the ball is nailed on for a red.
  5. That tackle was laughable. Can see why it's a red tbh. I'm all for professional fouls but at least just have a wee pull on a jersey or that rather than scything someone in half. Seedorf looks good. Nobody else does.
  6. We have been shit. And playing Turnbull wide left is absolutely mental behaviour.
  7. Or the mob that turn up at cup semis and finals belting out sectarian abuse for 90 minutes.
  8. We were abysmal for bits of that first half. Lamie I'm not sure about, Long is obviously unfit and Polworth. Polworth was so far behind the game he was running about in a Zoom Airlines kit looking for Richie Foran at the back post.
  9. Couldn't agree more. Everyone drooling over the return of Bundesliga and Premier League. If it's not Motherwell I struggle to give a toss.
  10. I've got a huge amount of time for a forward line of snide c***s.
  11. Could we just leave Sherwin Seedorf on the ground with the option to loan 50 quid?
  12. Now TV is your best bet for that. I'm thinking of taking it for a month seeing as we'll actually be on it.
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