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  1. Fuming tbh. Had already arranged to pick up my dinner at 7pm. It's not paneer. Sorry lads.
  2. I think one of the other issues is that we have no idea what we could expect of Fox. I think he managed 45 minutes of a friendly before he was broken. Either way I'm all in on Liam Kelly. Had a great laugh at him losing his absolute shit at the defending against St Johnstone.
  3. On that note I'd love to see us have Kelly as number 1 with Carson as backup while he does his coaching stuff. Morrison can go on loan unless we have another crisis. I loved big Trev in goals but the way his knees have packed in this season is very concerning. And I don't think any of us want to be scrambling around in October trying to find a keeper again.
  4. Had a couple of occasions where the game has told me I need to sneak through a fortress to get something. But 20 minutes earlier I raided it and there's literally nobody left alive. Overall it's a great game. Loads to do. I think I'm pretty close to the end of the main story but I've got all the Asgard stuff to do etc.
  5. If he gives us thunderdome I'll buy him a chippy Tuesday and a pint of Neck Oil in Mono whenever he's available.
  6. I thought Connolly was giving us a horrible time of it in the first half tbf. Clearly didn't come back out the dressing room after half time though.
  7. Good to see our goalkeepers making their own running club. Not enough of those in this country.
  8. Spectacular watching us use 35 players and only about 3 of them being good.
  9. Cannae wait til we double the f**k down on this and appoint Mrs Polworth as the head of social media output.
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