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  1. I was wayyyyy less arsed about Turnbull leaving than I would have been if it had been Campbell. I think Turnbull is the most technically gifted player I've ever seen at Motherwell but ultimately he's far more replaceable than Campbell would have been.
  2. It is a really odd season. Like you've got Celtic & Rangers who'll be top 2, Hibs & Aberdeen who look good for 3-4th and then 8 other rag tag bunches of average footballers.
  3. Imagine Mo Ross winding you up so much you've appointed a polis and a lecturer to ward him off.
  4. When he came out his box to header away a through ball he landed funny. Hopefully just a jarred knee or something like that.
  5. Tony Watt is an absolute baller. Looked like he was having some laugh yesterday as well. Hopefully Robinson's cracked what to do with him long term. Even if, on yesterday's evidence, it seems like he's been told to just do Tony Watt things.
  6. Turns out big Devante is the missing piece of the puzzle. I think we should take no chances and keep Lamie quarantined until at least Christmas, if not longer. Can't be too careful imho.
  7. I can't decide what outcome I would prefer (if that's the right word). But all I want is for someone to be fucking raging about it. I want statements coming out left, right and centre, threats of legal action, fans in meltdown. The full shebang.
  8. I wonder what the long term plan for this kind of thing will be from the SPFL. Obviously there's all the chat about forfeiting games but is the alternative either to end up play about 3 games a week through winter to catch up, or just end up playing the season to a finish in however long that takes?
  9. I paid my £12.50 about 5 minutes before they called it off. Delighted.
  10. Bevis out, SOD is knackered, we've no left backs. And the worst news out the lot of it is that Lamie is fit and available to start.
  11. I stayed til the bitter end of that. Some laugh. Comfortably the most incompetent display of defending I have ever seen and will ever see. That Zak Jules OG is incredible.
  12. Properly dominated the game last night. LeBron was a man on a mission. Deserved. Could have wrapped it up on Friday night if Danny Green hadn't absolutely bottled a wide open 3.
  13. Ultimately the truth is utterly irrelevant to Trump. If he tweets it, its fact to him. If he disagrees it's "FAKE NEWS".
  14. I mean I suppose this might encourage the government to acknowledge the huge, big school/university shaped elephant in the room in a couple of weeks time.
  15. That speech from Boris is chronic. I never understand why the Tories have a weird hard on for the Second World War all the time.
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