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  1. If it was the one in Sneaker Cafe you didn't miss too much. The guy was looking for like £70 for a training jersey from about 2009. Was going to buy a classic Zerouali 0 dons top for my pals birthday but I was concerned I'd wake up in an ice bath missing internal organs if I'd taken it to the till.
  2. I had a hangover measured on the Richter scale yesterday and watched 8 episodes of this back to back. So wholesome.
  3. I got carried away on eBay last year when an original 94 away jersey popped up in great condition & my size. Had been looking for one for yeeeeeears. However I wouldn't be against the club embracing it as an earner. Or, and I know they dip in here, just give us the highlighter yellow Dortmund style away kit next season. It's what we all want ffs.
  4. Can't find the post on here now but it was definitely the same one. You have to respect the brass neck of I might make these retro kits if you all give me £40 for something which I don't currently have. The hooky jersey market is some laugh though. A Hibee pal of mine got Australia in the world cup sweepstake a few years back so ordered a Jamie Maclaren jersey from one of these sites only to get a letter through the door a few weeks later saying it had been seized by customs as counterfeit goods and to contact them if he wished to appeal. Or this could happen:
  5. I'm not naive enough to think that everyone who plays for us is a lifelong Motherwell fan however Lawless can absolutely get to f**k.
  6. Slattery adding scoring screamers to being a massive shithouse is a welcome development.
  7. Just to say I will respect the absolute hell out of a Grant Russell "show us yer medals" type post on this thread. Fair play to them. They do a very decent job.
  8. Away to the Friday & Sunday of Playground festival. Less than 24 hours to go and there's still no set times... Oh well.
  9. I'd agree. I cherry pick ones to watch and found a few of the one on one interviews were quite good as he maybe had players more relaxed than they would otherwise be. However the panel set up with the Slane etc is absolutely murder.
  10. From a few folk I know who went along to their month long residency at SWG3 it was a fucking car crash that had no structure and mainly boiled down to them eventually just singing Baccara to keep folk onside.
  11. I've still not stopped laughing at his wild fresh air swipe when we were away to Dundee last January.
  12. Got tickets to see Jungle in Berlin in February which I so hope goes ahead. Because Jungle are class and Berlin is such a glorious city to spend time in. Also got tickets to both weekends of Primavera Sound in Barcelona which is a wonderful festival in a beautiful place.
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