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  1. Patrick O'Neil signed up for next season. Sad to see Gerry go been a good servant for the club wish him all the best at Ayr (just not against us)
  2. Yeah I didn't realistically think Adams would be intrested in the job just saying that who I would like to see could be we go for some one relatively unknown that has worked out well in the past. It will be a while before we start hearing about players singing up untill a manager is appointed there was rumours about Gerry going to Ayr but they seemed to have stopped now
  3. Bollan would be a good choice but would we have to pay compo to Airdrie ? Having tapping next season would be awesome fully fit I think it would be a fantastic player for us
  4. Yeah I would have thought they would go with him would make sence. My first thought was chuckie but not sure if he's ready yet but he would have the passion for it. would love to see Derick Adams but not sure if he would come down to this level
  5. May be they just want to make sure they get the right person ? Are Grant and Darren still at the club ? Maybe they are looking at players
  6. let's hope not. Wonder if Grant and Darren will be following him
  7. haha clearly you are using better bate than us.sounds like Ayr are building a pretty decent team
  8. Sad news for us not only could we loose our manager today but our best player as well tough times ahead hope we can get decent replacements
  9. you've been fishn our pond ? And cought a trout
  10. great manager could do a job at a higher level be sad to see him go
  11. yeah shame to see him go but don't really blame the guy wanting to play at a higher level
  12. Well clearly not that reliable lol Jacko Darren McCormack and Pabs have signed for next season Ray is saying in the paper today
  13. Not sure how true it is herd it from a few people
  14. Was starting to wonder when we would hear some news big blow loosing Bobby hopefully trouten can be persuaded to stay. Seen Grant and Darren at the Montrose game on Saturday but they weren't giving any thing away. See Gary woods is leaving Montrose he seemed to be pretty decent wouldn't mind having him. Also herd that Andy Jackson could be on his way to Stirling
  15. did pabs and trouten not sign extentions in Jan ? Or did I dream that ?
  16. big loss to us if Bobby goes hopefully we can get an adequate replacment
  17. I'm just going along to support a team that need all the support they can and to watch a game of football I'm not saying I'm going to change from a brechin supporter to a Montrose one. An Angus United team isn't a great idea where would they play ? that's like saying Dundee,United and st Johnstone should make a Tayside United team or Rangers and Celtic making a Glasgow untied team it just wouldn't work
  18. Any idea how much it is at the gate for this ? thinking of going and supporting a fellow Angus team
  19. So says on our web site Gerry is still out but BBC is saying he's back? so We could be short on central defenders looks like Chico will come in but can he play there ? Should be a good game think it will be tighter than some people think
  20. No was at the hedge side by the left of the camera shed was brechin supporters it the same guy every week if we're not winning good luck to Stirling next season hooefuly they come back up a batter team
  21. We were lucky to win that one had plenty of chances we just didn't take them. As for the people standing behind me today that call them self supporters shouting abuse at the players and telling them they are useless there's just no need for it you are there to support your team and get behind them not hurl abuse at them it helps no one
  22. Looks like we're going to be without Gerry tomorrow so will porb be pabs taking his place with McNeil coming in. We will miss Gerry but we have more than capable replacements so not worrying too much
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