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  1. Pabs out for 4 to 6 weeks just what we don't need just now
  2. no bother he did say he felt fine though and should be back training this week
  3. fusco was talking to us when he was warming up during the game he pulled a hamstring and hadn't trained all week that's why he was left out. But agreed buchan needs to be dropped
  4. Have to agree think he's finished. If he wasn't he would have been signed up by a club by now he couldn't make it in league 2 (no ofence to east fife) he's not got much chance in a higher league
  5. Think its pretty decent good thing for ayr to provide for us people at work
  6. Gerry scores for ayr I knew it would happen
  7. thanks not so gutted I can't go stuck at work least I can listen to it. Hopefully our defence will put in a better performance than last week and dods gives some of the new guys a chance
  8. good player would have liked to kept him will do well with you
  9. as said before what an arse hole the club pays out to help his recovery then he buggers off. But to answer your question he was out injured most of last season but the few games he did play he was pretty decent think he will be a good player with a full pre season behind him got your sefs a good signing there
  10. Dane shields has signed for us what number was he at the Aberdeen game 10? Or 11?
  11. Well bit of a doing but kind of expected that no 15 seemed pretty decent and 19 seemed OK didn't think I would see chico back but he seemed to have a decent game for the short time he was on
  12. Screech in the goal. Put me down for central defence can't move very fast but I'm big enough to knock people off the ball
  13. There will probably be a few trialists playing and dods will probably play as well still too soon to be panicing
  14. No he's not but he did say during the season he would sign as a thank you for getting him through his injury but he still hasn't signed (as far as I know)
  15. Happy with that appointment hopefully he plays as well. Just over the moon it wasn't Booth
  16. Could be Jimmy Mann having a fag they will still have interviews to do but hopefully we will get an idea today of who's applied
  17. not herd any thing about him but my guess is he will be away
  18. Seeing on the raith topic were playing them in a friendly in July no date yet though
  19. God I hope not did they not see the mess he made at steny
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