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  1. The lack of communication from the club is pretty terrible thats 2 players away and nothing had been said. Our first friendly is in a few days and we have no idea if we have any coaching staff or players
  2. Silence from the club just now is abit worrying I know things will be happening in the background but would be nice to be updated
  3. Slightly nervous about to night and looks like spence and watt are struggling be fit and if jacko isn't back its not looking good
  4. Had a steak and black pudding pie at Arbroath a few seasons ago has to be the best I've ever had. Have to admit our pies are pretty rotten
  5. Ray always spoke highly of Bobby at brechin seemed to be a big admirer of him. Was a great player for us kind of player defenders hate good luck to him great to see him doing well
  6. was thinking that myself also notice Craig Johnstone wasn't even in the team yesterday any idea why? even if Dods dosent like him that shouldn't stop him giving him a game surely he has to put his best players on the park specialy with the position we are in
  7. A must win game for us. but can't see it happening loose this and there's no doubt were going down
  8. Time for Dods to go and start planning for next season in league two
  9. It's already been said they won't sack him so looks like we're stuck till the end of the season at least
  10. maybe not the players have to take some of the blame but maybe a manager with more experience would get us out of it but it may be too late now
  11. as much as I hate to admit it I have to agree with you he needs to go if things stay the same that's us 4 points adrift time to bring in some one else before we slip further behind and have no chance at all
  12. Going to be a tough game today. We will really miss spence. Good to see pabs will be back but not sure if that means Fusco will go back in to midfield and Dods will play or tiger will come back in need to be at our best
  13. Some of your fans shouting at Dods I wish you would die was well out of order no need for that.
  14. Can see the excitement is really building for this game
  15. Haha just noticed my mistake bloody auto correct lol or it could be my sausage fingers
  16. great news if true about pabs yeah all the injury's are abit concerning hopefully McCormack itsnt too serious agree with Tiff he did well hopefully in for weatherston on saturday. Jamie McCormack is an arse hope he gets published for what he did though I think there was a few brechin players involved as well but its OK big Ricky rushed in to sort it out
  17. Pretty boring game we had a few chances but no one to put them in the net. Spence was deff our best player thought the guy from Aberdeen played well but with another defender out injured looks like we will have to make do with Dods for now. Not too impressed with shepherd didn't really do much we had better players on the bench. Least a point is better than nothing both forfar and cowden have games in hand over us so don't fancy our chances but you never know
  18. Just the kind of player were needing with pabs injured and get Dods off the park but as usual we will prob not be quick enough to sign him up
  19. Need to win this but hard to see where goals are going to come from. A win would see us catch forfar providing they get beat
  20. well Charlie king herd that where he's heading not 100% though may have come from the man him self
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