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  1. The "last lot" were not totally against this at all. The club would have had to raise a huge sum of money outwith the various grants that are currently available. The amount of money raised from issuing shares has meant that it is now possible which is extremely good news.   
    Fair enough I apologise for my comment. But could this have not all be done by the last committee? I did hear a plastic pitch being mentioned but then nothing ever happened about it and it was never explained why
  2. Brechin City are latest Angus club to consider the Astro route to engage further with the Community 
    Hes right we do need to make the club more sustainable and that's the way to do it. The last lot were totally against this and that's why we ended up in the mess we were in. It's just ashame cause Neil dose a brillant job with the grass and has the pitch looking amazing.
  3. Zander Clarke out injured for St Johnstone now is there a chance they could recall Jack? I know they have Ross sinclair but they might still need him back. To be fair the few games I've seen Ian Ross play hes looked like a pretty decent keeper so wouldn't be too worried if we did loose Jack 

  4. 56 minutes ago, Cold Feet said:

    Why are BBC coming to the Glebe on Saturday to cover Fort William?

    Hey oh, maybe cause they have signed someone who cut david beckams grass at some point? Who knows....

    The way we have been playing lately maybe hoping to see forts first win of the season 

  5. 1 hour ago, gm_1982 said:


    As far as I’m aware it was a season long loan so unless St Johnstone recall him he’ll still be here I assume


    Ah ok thanks wasn't sure if it was till Jan or all season 

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