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  1. And having a few beers rockin Saturday night

  2. Gutted I'm missing the Brechin Forfar game today I hate my job some times

  3. Clearly our postie needs to go to specsavers not only did they give us mail that wasn't for us but bends a parcel to get it through the letter box even though it clearly says on the front in big bold letters DO NOT BEND watch out royal mail

    1. Lofarl


      Get a bigger letterbox then ya dick.

    2. Bobby Skidmarks

      Bobby Skidmarks

      I did not bend it,its not true, its bullshit, I did not bend it.... i did nahhht. Oh hi Rossco8326

  4. Where's the best place in arbroath to go for an MOT ?

  5. So aprently some one has left me $7.5milion and all I have to do is email them my bank details aye ok then

  6. Where's this big rangers support they always talk about ?

    1. Richey Edwards

      Richey Edwards

      At home watching Sky Sports.

    2. K-Koke
  7. Nothing like an early morning to go to the football come on city!

  8. Any one watching channel 4 tonight ? What the he'll is going on with the voice over woman ??

  9. Off to an all you can eat for tea gonna be messy

  10. Nice place to stop for my brake

  11. If I ever find the wee s**ts that smashed glass all over my street I'll ring there necks now have to pay for a new tyre

  12. Thanks to every one for wishing me happy birthday sorry I can't reply to you all really apreceate it chilling out with a few beers with Claire tonight

    1. Gaz


      Good stuff. Tell Claire I'll see her tomorrow.

  13. Hmm is there any point watching this debate or will it be the playground fight it was the last time ?

  14. Today isn't a good day to be delivering peoples shopping

  15. Claire Grant Susan Adams

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