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  1. Any news on the injury to Boti? We will be abit short on strikers without him. Can we recall one of the guys out on loan ?
  2. Not looking likely we will have a game tomorrow then. But you never know our pitch seems to cope with water pretty well these days
  3. I hope not if we were to go back up would rather have forfar in the same league.
  4. You do have a point there. Anyway we don't know for sure it will be us in it still a long way to go yet
  5. Ah ok didn't think it would be fair if any one from the lowland league never got a chance cause they have that mob in their league.
  6. Will the team 2nd in the lowland league not just go into the play off ?
  7. Oh yeah hes going to be hard to replace. With davo and cammie away too were looking abit light
  8. Seth away thats going to be a big loss to us
  9. At least the Lossie chairman won't he throwing his toys out the pram this week
  10. Yeah surely there must be some one to replace davo at least think we have plenty strikers. Dorrans just got released by dunfermline might be too much of a drop down though
  11. Davo away too with him and commie away that's gonna free up alot of wages davo was on a big wage must be bringing some one in
  12. Aprently there was a player at the game on Wednesday that we are going to sign. Any ideas who it is ?
  13. Not sure but we will find out today or in the next few days aprently he's signed but the paper work wasn't through in time for Saturday. All I know is he was signed from hearts
  14. He was ment to. He's just not lived up to the expectations. Still trying to find his feet
  15. 1 0 against 10 men a win is a win but it should have been more convicing than that. I've said it before I don't think this team is any better than last seasons we let better players go Wade is banging the goals in just now. I just don't think kirk is the right man for the job but we shall see
  16. Yeah was always a long shot shows the club are willing to do what it takes to get us back up. Sure we have other options
  17. The courier saying Rory is off to montrose didn't want to drop down to the Highland league
  18. Would absolutely love this just said yesterday we need some experience upfront. Not sure he would drop down the the Highland league though
  19. Looking forward to the season starting tomorrow. Can we still play trilists ? Unless we have a keeper signed up before tomorrow
  20. Knew some one would say that ok the other joint top goal scorer
  21. I just don't think the team is any better than it was last season. And to let your top goal soccer go just dosnt make sence I've been told he wasn't even offered a new contract
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