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  1. I think we would have a good chance. Hopefully we can keep hold of Grady through this transfer window if not it might dent our chances. If we do get through the first play off i hope its not forfar we play if we get back up would like to be in the same league as you 5 hours ago, C_titz said: What’s the feelings with you guys if you make it to the play offs ? Got a chance ?
  2. Not looking great for the game on Saturday which is pretty gutting with the amount of supporters we have going
  3. Any news on the injury to Boti? We will be abit short on strikers without him. Can we recall one of the guys out on loan ?
  4. Not looking likely we will have a game tomorrow then. But you never know our pitch seems to cope with water pretty well these days
  5. I hope not if we were to go back up would rather have forfar in the same league.
  6. You do have a point there. Anyway we don't know for sure it will be us in it still a long way to go yet
  7. Ah ok didn't think it would be fair if any one from the lowland league never got a chance cause they have that mob in their league.
  8. Will the team 2nd in the lowland league not just go into the play off ?
  9. Oh yeah hes going to be hard to replace. With davo and cammie away too were looking abit light
  10. Seth away thats going to be a big loss to us
  11. At least the Lossie chairman won't he throwing his toys out the pram this week
  12. Yeah surely there must be some one to replace davo at least think we have plenty strikers. Dorrans just got released by dunfermline might be too much of a drop down though
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