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  1. Was good for us the last time he played for us should be a decent siging. For more to come so I'm told no idea who but ment to be good one
  2. Ah ok he did say he had an offer too good to turn down
  3. So that's Murray Mcintosh left sure a couple of others will follow
  4. Garry Wood signed a pre contract with Inverurie for next season
  5. Max out on loan to Kelty so much for St Johnstone recalling him for their first team
  6. How is it looking in brechin for the game tomorrow ? Not had any snow where I am just abit of rain
  7. Zander Clarke out injured for St Johnstone now is there a chance they could recall Jack? I know they have Ross sinclair but they might still need him back. To be fair the few games I've seen Ian Ross play hes looked like a pretty decent keeper so wouldn't be too worried if we did loose Jack
  8. Totally lost as to what kirk was doing with that team selection most of our best players were sitting on the bench. Davidson rotten as usual
  9. Any word if were bringing in any one to replace Max ?
  10. The way we have been playing lately maybe hoping to see forts first win of the season
  11. Ah ok thanks wasn't sure if it was till Jan or all season
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