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  1. Any chance we will have more than 3 subs tomorrow ? What's happened to the right back we got on loan from hearts ? Injured? Or cup tied ? Really need a sub goalie if wills gets injured were screwed think this is the first season in a while I'm actually looking forward to the start of it. Mon City!
  2. Any news on happening with Gerry ? He was ment to be back for pre season but nothing has been said if he's been signed or not
  3. Yes he did defantly has alot of talent. Seems to have a good left foot on him
  4. Though the Ukrainian guy we got on loan from St Johnstone was brillant today
  5. Thought we put in a good preference despite the score line think Davidson will make difference to the defence when he's back once we put wood upfront we looked decent going forward
  6. Any more signings being announced tonight ? We still don't have a 2nd keeper
  7. No idea we never put one up know cox was 7 9 was wood 4 was Davidson all j could make out keeper looked decent in the 2nd half
  8. Daniel Scally left forfar may be on his way to the glebe ?
  9. Defanlty one of our better players we mainly used him as a right back likes to get forward always fights for the ball
  10. Yeah defantly thought inglis could have easily gone to a league 2 club keeping Gerry would be brilliant. Sorry to see Paddy going though aprently he wanted to stay
  11. Some news at last paton staying as a player be abit weird for him but still a decent player to have great to see big Gerry will be back for preseason too ingils and currie will be decent players to have in the Highland league as will jordan and bolan. Looking forward to seeing who the new players are
  12. Nothing has been said by the club no communication. Can't be right as paton was sacked
  13. Would have liked to see him stay great signing for them
  14. Yeah looks like it we've been there before and it's not worked out too well
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