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  1. What's the total prize money for league 2, and the bottom two clubs in league 1? I can't find up to date figures. Just taking your example of cutting it to 30 - see what financial impact it'll have.
  2. One wonders what the impact to the Old Firm would be to show more of their home games really - whether matchday income would be offset by the increase in sponsorship that they could levy for, given their massively enhanced TV presence. Though in all honesty, given the size of each support I wouldn't even be so certain that moving all their matches to TV would drastically affect attendance anyway.
  3. How does this close the gap between Rangers/Celtic and the rest?
  4. That must have been amazing for a United fan to be there last night. Tannadice looking absolutely spectacular. Hopefully they can conjure up a similar performance in the second leg.
  5. Feel like I can hear a Clive Tyldesley voice shouting "Rooo-NEY?!!"
  6. I'm really looking forward to this one - reckon both teams have improved since we last met in January. There's so much guesswork at this time in the season, and I don't really feel like I've learned a great deal about Killie from the two LC games I've seen.
  7. How on earth is that not a red card?
  8. Really feels like we've got an awful lot of work to do before the window shuts next month. Part of me feeling like the XI tonight will be pretty unrecognisable by the end of the season. I said this last season, but Kyle Turner puts in a performance every time I see him. Thought he was excellent tonight again.
  9. Not a totally inspirational Kilmarnock lineup. Thistle fans must be licking their lips at the sight of Dylan McGowan name on the teamsheet after last years game at RP.
  10. Is this 2022's "bubble has burst methinks"? St Miz supporters, a great bunch of lads.
  11. Aye, not great from St Johnstone again. It's the strange wee collar that ruins it for me - really liked the shoulder detail on the original release pics. Both Ross County strips look great.
  12. Came on after reading this in the bbc gossip page this morning - really intriguing. Does anyone have a link to the source data? Or know what the basis of the calculation is?
  13. They've got a live stream where they shout out the buyers name like a pirate radio station.
  14. Ordered my only king rib supper from the Kings Cafe in 2003. Would not recommend.
  15. Love that book. As soon as I stopped reading I went back to the beginning and started again.
  16. Aberdeen picking up the prize this year. Two belters.
  17. Or point to an innocuous empty pavement as the music darkens, and you deadpan tell the camera about the time he skooshed you with a hose.
  18. I'd give him a chance. Looked unplayable in some matches last year and has a totally different energy and physicality to anyone else in our forward line. Worth a gamble for all the expense it'd be.
  19. This opinion is so dull it's put me in a comma.
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