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  1. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Ah, good point. Although I feel like a copy and paste job would be now a bit embarrassing. Could you start directing interested parties in here please?
  2. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    I'm finished with Off the Ball. For good. The disparity between the boys from The Terrace yesterday compared with Cowan's inane, under-researched, outdated, clichéd drivel was outrageous. I've felt it was on the wane for a couple of years, but I felt like a light was shone on it yesterday afternoon and it looked awful. Whether Cosgrove could do something with a different format I don't know, but Tam Cowan is now perhaps the worst thing on Radio Scotland. Feel pretty sorry about it, because it's formed a cornerstone of my Saturday routine for more than twenty years, but it's no longer worth listening to.
  3. Fear for the Hibees in this one. #cornerhasbeenturned
  4. All things Dundee FC

    Great result for Dundee this afternoon. Corner turned?
  5. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    Good results for both these teams at Pittodrie and Ibrox this afternoon. Hope this doesn't give Celtic a bit of extra motivation...
  6. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    Kilmarnock won something like 10 of our first 50 games on that surface. Ergo the idea that our improved position is down to the pitch, and not the characters on and around it does not stand up to any scrutiny.
  7. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    Trying to elicit a sense of perspective out of these clowns? Be sure and let us know how you get on with that...
  8. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    It's considerably more than 10x I'm sure.
  9. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    You're forever backing him up. It's like you're a Celtic-y Starsky and Hutch. Can just imagine the two of you having a great time together. Parking in disabled spaces, shouting abuse at kids, having milkshakes, that kind of thing.
  10. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    So you think Rodgers has done well in Europe over the piece?
  11. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    I think you're probably being a bit nit-picky here. There's no way that Rodgers gets the criticism he deserves for Celtic's European travails, and while you're right in saying it's a poorly constructed sentence - to focus on the semantics rather than the observation probably proves this point.
  12. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    Very quiet on here. Did something happen last night?