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  1. Petty rivalry aside, that Woodhouse p***k really dug me up this week. Delighted to see Ayr United win in front of triple the crowd that watched Gainsborough Trinity lose.
  2. Curtis Woodhouse, journeyman English pro footballer and latterly a boxer, who I best remember from this weird interaction where he turned up at the address of someone who'd given him stick online - link below - is now engaged in a weird series of tweets about the standard of Scottish football. The Gainsborough Trinity (me neither) boss claims his team would beat Ayr United, who opted not to engage his services as manager earlier in the year. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2013/mar/12/english-boxer-curtis-woodhouse-twitter-troll.
  3. It's amazing that a disagreement about Stephen O'Donnell's merits as a football player can turn so quickly into "LOL - joke's on you, my Dad's dead!!!!1!".
  4. I was at the Theatre Royal on Sunday and they were asking for proof of vaccine, or alternatively proof of a negative lateral flow test on the day. Use of the latter as a contingency measure would address the gaps you describe.
  5. Just in case anyone's having a similar issue, although it does appear I'm the only numpty in Scotland here - I'd opted out of email marketing, and apparently this didn't then allow them to send my QR code tickets. What they'd have done if I hadn't got in touch I don't know, but it was pretty straightforward to change, tickets now in my inbox.
  6. Is anyone else having bother with tickets for this? I didn't get a confirmation email on buying them on 5th of August - and nothing has arrived by post. Just phoned the bank, and they've confirmed the transaction. Wondering if anyone has encountered something similar.
  7. Great result at a place where we've come unstuck a few times before, brilliant stuff.
  8. I really hope this is the last season they play this competition - so that we can win it, and declare the trophy as one of our assets..........................................
  9. Is this the first time you've been wrong three times in a single sentence?...
  10. Listening to the radio on the way home from a bit of hillwalking yesterday and honestly feared the worst when they suddenly mentioned "late goal at Palmerston" - what a relief. Sounds like we've maybe been a bit fortunate, but tbh I don't really mind. Hard lines to Queens though, shite way to lose a game as we know from pained experience. They're a club I've got a bit of a soft spot, so hope everyone's feeling alright this morning. Except Sandy Clark, who I hope hasn't slept yet, rumbling about his house like a bear with a sore head, pausing every few minutes to scream at the magpies in his garden.
  11. Seems to be for international subscribers, with audio for those on Plague Island.
  12. Came in to congratulate the Saintees but wow, I'm actually chuckling out loud at the precision and comprehensiveness of this telt. Anyway, I remember saying around the Rosenborg game a few years ago that St Johnstone were every Scottish football fan's second team in August - and it seems like not much has changed. An absolutely fantastic result - fingers crossed you can finish the job next week.
  13. Christ, these guys are always such losers. Clicked on his profile and was surprised by absolutely none of it.
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