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  1. Three thoughts; 1. Brilliant result given any circumstances, much less what the squad have had to manage in the last two weeks. 2. It's not a penalty. 3. What the f**k are we (all) going to do when David Marshall retires?
  2. In which they drew both matches they played against eachother. Very similar record in main qualifying last year too - I certainly wouldn't think there's much difference between them.
  3. Last night Iceland beat Romania, who are ranked ahead of every team in our playoff route.
  4. My thoughts exactly, it seems similar to our testing results from last week. (Kilmarnock)
  5. Absolutely - I've said since he arrived that he plays like a guy who knows for sure that he's in the middle of his biggest opportunity, and now he's added goals into the mix. Get him signed. He obviously loves it up here too. What a guy.
  6. Killie rack up their 2nd win in only 17 away games. Here we fucking go! #juggernot
  7. 24 hours after the game's finished?
  8. Hmm, no I don't unfortunately - thanks anyhow.
  9. Does anyone know if it's possible to get this game on the Amazon firestick? Edit - not asking for a streaming site in case this aggrieves the mods - just in case there's a way to get a PPV or something.
  10. I heard that Rory knocked on Guff92's door the night, shagged his missus, and ate all the pineapple of his pizza...
  11. Estragon


    Absolutely blown away by that first semi - what a match. Gutted for McGill - hope he can gain the perspective to see what an achievement he's made despite the circumstances of his eventual defeat, some of the stuff he's played today was fantastic.
  12. Estragon


    Excellent opening session from McGill. Long way to go, but that's a great start.
  13. When will Hibs' reign of terror ever end? We're in #laughingstockofeurope territory with this one horse race bullshit.
  14. I thought as much during the break - but now I'm convinced. There is absolutely zero chance of us completing this season.
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