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  1. John Collins' recent appearances on Radio Scotland about this have been absolutely toe-curling - even in the context of the pantheon of cringey shit that he's come out with over the years.
  2. I've a suspicion this could be a brilliant cup tie. At first I was delighted that Killie/Montrose were paired with the winners of this one...on reflection, I reckon the winner of ours are decidedly second favourites.
  3. Montrose are a team I've never known Killie to play - Google suggesting it's our first ever ScottishCup tie.
  4. Hang on, how the f**k did it take just four posts for us to get a slagging on a totally unrelated forum?
  5. Our "friends and southern neighbours" have been absolutely seething on twitter over the news. Falling over eachother to say how not bothered they are... I love him already.
  6. I think he deserves a chance regardless of what division we're in next season. If we do get relegated, he'll have had 11 games and no transfer window, think it'd be a bit harsh to bin him on that evidence. I'll be honest though - I absolutely did not expect us to get just 1 point in his first 5 games, particularly when you think we played Motherwell, Dundee United, and County in that time.
  7. The two professions that I always seem to refer to when colloquially describing a team from the lower divisions? Accountants and Pipefitters. Don't know why.
  8. Compared to some of the football we've watched this year, the commentators are the least of my worries And as a fellow plastic pitcher you should be ashamed of your comments. 10 unbeaten and you forget your roots, Uncle Tam. Disappointing.
  9. I thought it was Salomé and John the Baptist, and was about to try a play on words for "slumming it on the couch". They're class mathematics - if you're going to be inundated with cushions, you're as well getting something of interest.
  10. If Kilmarnock were on the run that Livingston were on - before hosting a team below us in the league desperately needing a win...I'd see the previous couple of months as little more than an ominous development and start shiting myself that the traditionally charitable aspect of our personality would be coming to the fore again. I can only hope that our pals over in West Lothian have a similar self identity...play to form and it's 2-0 to Livi with us recording a single shot on target.
  11. Despite Hibs' dodgy recent home record, this is definitely not one I'm looking forward to. We've had a mini-resurgence of late, but against three of the eventual bottom four in all probability.
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