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  1. Hmm, passable excuse. Carry on. I'm #wfh until further notice. Got a few books I've been looking forward to reading, and my 3 year old is still at nursery so I've been hiding his toys around the living room to make him think they come to life when he's not around. And working....god, been working like a dog...obviously.
  2. Im salaried, I'm not doing it for them, I'm doing it to help my team. Real world time, we ain't getting any more staff. Will you get your holidays returned to you?
  3. In the event of this game being cancelled, the only responsible thing for UEFA to do is dispense with the playoffs entirely and have the highest remaining competitor from each Nations League group to automatically advance to the finals.
  4. I've always quite like the sense of parity there is between Celtic and Rangers sharing the distinction of winning 9iaR - and I'm not really sure I want that to change yet. Having said this, if and when Celtic do win it next season, I'd then like them to bluster through another 3 to hit 55 before Rangers manage it. The meltdown when they're overtaken will be hysterical.
  5. Norway aren't far behind us though. They've not been since (I think) Euro 2000.
  6. Jeezo, that was brilliant. Looked extremely comfortable here. ETA - meaning the turn and layoff to Giroud.
  7. And after withdrawing from the Albania/Israel squad, he started 2 games in the league, 2 big Europa league games, and the LC final - playing every minute except when he was subbed after 79 against Accies. Then there's the squad he was withdrawn for in October, before playing 90 minutes for Arsenal two days later. He's a guy who has clearly prioritised club fitness over playing for Scotland in his career to date - and that's obviously his prerogative. There's nothing to suggest that this trend will change, and I don't know why you want to suggest that I'm "barracking" the player because I'm pointing this out.
  8. In 2018/19, KT played 40 games at club level and withdrew from every international squad he was named in post-Israel. I'm not barracking him. I like him as a player, and wish he was interested in playing for Scotland, I don't have a personal gripe because he isn't. He's a club over country modern pro, that's all. It's just as weird crossing our fingers and hoping he'll have a change of heart to solve our RB issue, when the evidence suggests he won't.
  9. Still my go-to pen. No need to nostalgify them, they're still absolutely bangin'.
  10. Neither is Tierney, he won't play.
  11. Kelvin looks pretty wild, not a day for Gary Mackay Steven that one...
  12. I still absolutely cannot believe that his happened. Between this and the laughable way we exited the SC this year it's been some year.
  13. My contribution to this thread, not sure if it's been mentioned already, is Radio 4's archive of Great Lives. Vivid biographies of amazing people, some you've heard of - although my favourites are often the ones I'd never known of before. In fact, there's so much of R4's output on BBC Sounds that is just fantastic. A Good Read is another.
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