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  1. Came on after reading this in the bbc gossip page this morning - really intriguing. Does anyone have a link to the source data? Or know what the basis of the calculation is?
  2. They've got a live stream where they shout out the buyers name like a pirate radio station.
  3. Ordered my only king rib supper from the Kings Cafe in 2003. Would not recommend.
  4. Love that book. As soon as I stopped reading I went back to the beginning and started again.
  5. Aberdeen picking up the prize this year. Two belters.
  6. Or point to an innocuous empty pavement as the music darkens, and you deadpan tell the camera about the time he skooshed you with a hose.
  7. I'd give him a chance. Looked unplayable in some matches last year and has a totally different energy and physicality to anyone else in our forward line. Worth a gamble for all the expense it'd be.
  8. This opinion is so dull it's put me in a comma.
  9. Love apostrophe's, hate class football strips.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.scotsman.com/sport/football/celtic/latest-celtic-news/even-michael-nelson-admitted-it-was-spot-kick-claims-foiled-anthony-stokes-1638135%3famp Not always
  11. The middle one looks like a bus seat Your mum's a fucking bus seat.
  12. Does it help if you imagine it to be a perfectly oval hole with a white Bakery-branded t-shirt underneath?
  13. I love the usual Motherwell strip, one of the great strips of Scottish football IMO - doesn't need too much done to it, and I'm not keen on this year's one. Really like all of ours, Celtic away, and Hearts home is note perfect.
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