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  1. I was being tongue in cheek tbh, was quite surprised he picked up the award today and I really like McInroy. There's been a few strange selection issues over the season already, McInroy's seeming inability to get in the team in a consistent position that suits him is one of them. On another note btw, thought young Wales had a great cameo late on. First I've seen him.
  2. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. The only thing to look forward to for us right now is the decades of seethe that we're going to get from Sportsound when we finally pap McInnes. How the f**k we've added four first team defenders this summer and ended up with that is just fucking outrageous.
  3. Confirmation, as though any was needed, that Mark Lawrenson is an absolute dickhead. I couldn't believe he was only 65.
  4. This weirdo grasswanker lobby really radiates bad divorce energy. Lots of tearful middle aged baldies making false promises to disinterested teenagers about taking them to Alton Towers when Livingston and Kilmarnock are finally expelled from the top flight.
  5. Tough game for us this afternoon. We need to see signs of life on the road at some point, hopefully today's the day but St Mirren are on an excellent run of home form - very difficult to see us getting anything.
  6. Are Willoughby and Schofield in Prince Andrew territory? This is getting harder and harder to follow.
  7. Not sure why you've put the word equality in inverted commas, but anyway... It's not that it wouldn't be 'equality', it's that it wouldn't be 'football'. It would be futsal, and futsal is fucking pish. For me the issue is the way in which the team is discussed as though its some kind of social movement, as opposed to what it is - a football team that's currently functioning as less than the sum of its parts. In the closing stages yesterday the co-commentator said that "this is a huge eight minutes for the women's game in Scotland", and I understand why women of a certain age see this team as some kind of historic standard bearer, but it's an enormous mantle for these girls to bear. One wonders if its too much. Disappointing performance all round last night, in a game which Scotland should really have won. Terrible penalty, catastrophic defending for their goal, very little creativity, poor ball retention all over the park. Really really poor stuff.
  8. Think it was Graeme Smith wasn't it? Ex-Motherwell guy.
  9. Totally understand all of this, but I think the crucial difference is that the guys on Sportsound aren't just reminiscing about old times - they're employed, and presumably well paid, to bring journalistic content and professional opinion to a radio program which should be tailored to fan interest/priorities. The issue with SS is that for years, it's become completely remote from its audience - and has become a boys club circular talking shop. Craig Levein misremembering details on Sacked in the Morning in the context of an entertaining anecdote - absolutely no issue. Craig Levein obviously not knowing a key current issue in the SPFL when contracted to provide insight on key current issues on Sportsound, not right IMO. ETA - I've no real issue with Levein in the context of the rest of the goons on Sportsound. I'm just using him as an example because I initially quoted Paxo's post about him.
  10. Willie Miller had no idea who Scotland's all-time leading (male) scorer was when I was listening to the prematch en route to Scotland vs Ukraine the other week. It's like listening to a load of old boys at the bowling club.
  11. Lafferty should be punished, Hearts should be punished, Rangers should be punished. Its quite simple really, we either have a societal problem with people who use this kind of language or we allow it. Personally, I'm in favour of trying to eradicate it but you do you Edinburgh.
  12. And in accordance with the time honoured tradition of these boards, it will now definitely be neither of these groups.
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