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  1. The rate is much lower in Dumfries and Galloway compared to the central belt etc. as is reflected in the latest government restrictions which are much tougher there than here. With that in mind the teams in the South have decided, whilst being well aware of restrictions on changing rooms and showers, to begin the league. As a player I fully understand that the season could be stopped at any time if cases rise in D&G and the league could end up void/long term postponed but to be honest i'm just happy to be back training and playing again, regardless of restrictions.
  2. Only one way to find out. Good luck to the boy
  3. Possibly financially motivated but credit to Saints for a strong turnaround in the second half of last season and look intent on building a strong team this season based on their recent signings so one would assume that has counted towards his decision too. McCulloch to Nithsdale certainly a surprise, especially since he's not signing from the Sunday League which looks to be where Nithsdale are doing their shopping right now. It's known that 'Dale have money to spend so maybe they're offering a decent signing on fee? Are the new signings from the Sunday League getting cash?
  4. Confirmed earlier. Goalkeeper merry-go-round in the south it would seem Dodo to Dalbeattie. Wright to Threave. Gemmell to Saints. McCulloch to Nithsdale.
  5. Threave and Nithsdale signing half the league apparently if you go by the rumours
  6. I think generally it's good for the league having a Friday night game every few weeks. It gives loads of folk the option to go and watch it when they'd usually be at their own teams' game on a Saturday, thus potentially improving the attendance. It also gives the players of each team the odd weekend where they've got a full Saturday and Sunday without a game which can be spent with family etc. I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea and it might not be ideal for Stranraer, Bonnyton, Newton & Wigtown travelling away on a Friday night but as long as the fixtures are out well in advance it shouldn't be too much of an issue to make the necessary arrangements.
  7. That's the spirit! Anyone else? Promise i'll no e-mail it to The National
  8. It's just a stab in the dark for a bit of discussion pal. Yer no writing a blog that's getting published in the Record.
  9. Should they be right next to each other? Can we see your league table prediction? Why can't Lochar win the league? Signed Anderson, Jardine & Wells. 3 great signings on top of a team with other strong players.
  10. 1. Lochar Thistle 2. Threave Rovers 3. Stranraer Reserves 4. St Cuthbert Wanderers 5. Upper Annandale 6. Annan Athletic 7. Wigtown & Bladnoch 8. Mid Annandale 9. Newton Stewart 10. Bonnyton Thistle 11. Abbey Vale 12. Lochmaben 13. Heston Rovers 14. Creetown 15. Nithsdale Wanderers 16. Dumfries YMCA Lochar have made some excellent signings as well as keeping a hold of their best players so must be looked at as early favourites. Threave should build on their form from last season and finish higher. Stranraer always likely to have some quality in their side and Saints will be thereabouts as well. Uppers have been vocal in how their summer is going so let's see if they can walk the walk. Annan will likely pick up some results but struggle for consistency. Wigtown likely to lose players to Stranraer and Mids always a mid table (no pun intended) team. Newton usually solid enough at home but struggle for consistency. Bonnyton totally unknown but come from an area with a decent pool of players, might take a season to get going though. Vale and lochmaben will get a few results but can't see them doing anything special. Heston with no manager will suffer i'm sure. Creetown, Nithsdale and YM to prop up the table.
  11. He was on the line but must have realised after about 60 minutes that he hadn't done anything to get noticed so made sure the Heston manager was sent to the stands for doing nothing out of the ordinary. The quicker that wee boy stops refereeing, the better for everyone in the league.
  12. Heston Rovers v St Cuthbert Wanderers Friday 24th Feb, Meadow Park, 19:30 Kick Off. Should hopefully be a decent game. Noticed Saints have turned them over a few times this season so expect them to win but it would be good if Heston could make a good game out of it. My prediction is 4-2 Saints AET
  13. Did anyone say they would be whipping boys and wouldn't bring anything to the league? Cause I don;t remember it
  14. The thing now, is that the south league is a lot different now compared to 3 or 4 years ago. There's not really a huge fixture backlog anymore where every team in the league is playing Mon Wed Sat for six weeks. I appreciate that the south does have plenty of cups already but adding one more, especially if the prize is going to be a place in the Scottish cup or at least a playoff for a place, I believe to be a good idea and I'm sure most players/managers etc would agree.
  15. So it correctly shows all the necessary changes then...
  16. With cup final's fast approaching I thought it would be good to keep them updated in this thread with dates times and venues. Tonight (11th May) 7.30pm KO - Palmerston Park - Mid Annandale v Edusport Academy Saturday 14th May 3pm KO - Galabank - QOS v St Cuthbert Wanderers Wednesday 18th May 7.30pm KO - Dumfries High School 3G - Heston Rovers v St Cuthbert Wanderers Monday 23rd May 7.30pm KO - Galabank - Edusport Academy v Upper Annandale Wednesday 25th May 7.30pm KO - Galabank - Mid Annandale v St Cuthbert Wanderers Potts Cup Final TBC after both semi's are played on Monday 16th May
  17. Incorrect. It's not the best of astro's to play on. Very bumpy in comparison to others.
  18. I wouldn't have thought family members would get in for free. At this level of football, the majority of supporters are family.
  19. Both teams finished the game with 10 men. Both red cards during the game harsh, Heston's especially. Wigtown one was for a last man challenge. Probably just slightly mistimed from the boy who had been playing well and as soon as the ref gave the foul he had to send him off as the Heston was clean in on goal. didn't think the Heston one was a red, penalty and a yellow card would have been correct as there were plenty of players around the ball at the time of the challenge - I think the ref was happy to even the game up. The reds at the end of the game seemed to come from Heston scoring the winner in what must have been the 92nd or 93rd min when it should have been a free kick to Wigtown for a foul on the striker - who was instead given a yellow card for diving. After Heston scored, the ref said there was still a minute to play but blew the whistle after only about 20 seconds. Cue a host of angry Wigtown players up in his face and I think he just started flashing the red card to anyone who went near him. Not sure of the final red card total but I only saw 1 getting sent off after the game. I could easily have missed a few though!
  20. Abbey Vale v Mids 1-3 Mids too fast and strong for Vale Edu v Saints 5-3 Saints too weak at the back to cope with Edu for 90, albeit I'm sure they'll get on the scoresheet tonight Heston v Crichton 2-2 Two close teams, Only 2-1 on Saturday so Heston looking for revenge but won't expect Crichton to get beat
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