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  1. We won't have any players in 2 days so who knows. Too early to say. Nobody knows when we will be playing for definite.
  2. In my opinion we needed to be at full strength more often than not to survive. That wasn't possible due to injuries. Squad wasn't good enough in so many games. It was improving since new year though. That's why I'm disappointed we didn't get the chance to catch Forfar who were to be honest pretty horrific as well. All these crystal ball fans of other clubs who said we definitely wouldn't catch Forfar. How the feck do they know lol. Its been done before by Stranraer sides. Unlikely but not impossible with 6 at home and a game in hand. However its not to be so moving on..
  3. That must have been one of the few summer evenings without wind lol.
  4. I find it bizarre as well. You can watch the game from all parts of the ground unless there is segregation. Even then you can watch from 3 sides of the away end. OK cooshed view is rubbish. For a home fan we can watch from anywhere. U goto some grounds and you are stuck away in a corner miles from pitch. Maybe fans basing it on bring stuck out in open terrace. If I was an away fan at stair Park I would just move about the whole of the away end.
  5. Thing is it before the wooden benches in the cooshed it was just concrete terracing. Then before that railway ash with wooden sleepers as terracing. Its just the regulations clubs need to do. I wish either side of the cooshed was covered with just high banks of terracing. That would be really good addition. Then the young team might be allowed to sing and create some atmosphere away from the moaning old farts in the plastic seats.
  6. Why not. 9 games left, game in hand, 6 at home. Forfar stinkin the place out as well. Nothing certain in football. I've said before if you play any sport you don't chuck it when you still have a chance. As a stranraer fan of over 40 years I've seen it all. Comebacks to win leagues. Comebacks to avoid relegation. Seems to me a lot of fans of other clubs have some sort of crystal ball allowing them to definitely know what's going to happen. If we were relegated over 36games then that would have been tough but deserved. However over 27 games is different and if other clubs had been in the same situation as stranraer there views would have been the same as ours.
  7. I think we are upto a grand. Not bad. Stranraer folk a bit slow on the up take of online stuff. Remember they just got the Internet there recently. I created the StranraerFCtv YouTube channel years ago and before that various websites. People still amazed some of the archived stuff is online. https://donateaticket.com/donate/stranraer/ St Rochs are well supported and the heart of a big community related to celtic so no surprise there's is bigger.
  8. Lol. 5 points is nothing. You are absolutely right we have been pants but have you been at all the stranraer matches. Obviously no. So you are basically saying just because our results have been poor fir 27 games we couldn't suddenly pic up some good results. Wow. I have been watching football a long time. Things change and Stranraer sides have done this sort of thing before. We actually won a league in 1998 from second bottom we won 12 out of 14 to take the title. Obviously this is a poorer side but to right off a teams chance to survive is bizarre. If you are playing golf and your 6 down with 7 to play. You don't walk in. You fight until its over.
  9. Is it not obvious I'm saying that if we're to go down then it would be strange that other teams were getting off with it. I also think the teams at the top should be given promotion in some sort of reconstruction whatever that might be. Stranraer if they win game in hand would be 5 points behind with 8 games left. That's not much. We have 6 games at home and players were coming back from injury so there is every chance we could have put pressure on Forfar who have been pretty pants as well. Still think its bizarre to want a team relegated by voting. Sorry I wouldn't want raith relegated by voting anyway considering my dad was born in Kirkcaldy. I might want Queen of the South..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. Its hard to believe some of the comments on here. Its bizarre some of the fans of other clubs think its fair to relegate teams with games in hand and 9 games left. I wouldn't to do that to another team. Another resolution should be found. Well done East Fife and Falkirk. On top of that brechin survive and nobody up from non league. You couldnae write it. Corruption of the highest order.
  11. We have its on our official website, twitter and Facebook. Linked to whole match YouTube threads recently. http://www.stranraerfc.org/index.php/77-latest-news/1740-relive-donate-a-ticket
  12. Also the town about 10 years ago not sure decided the school academy would get the 3g pitch inside the running track. Thats fine but stranraerfc look after it. Get grief for doing so. I wish we had either a tremendous grass pitch or a new 4g pitch. Then all our reserves youth teams and ladies could play on stair park. Some wee neds fae the toon would probably burn it tho🀣
  13. Town has a strange attitude to its team. You have the diehards. All the people that moved away that still go home and away now and again. However there is too many people with strange chips on their shoulders in the town. Nobody has been able to change the views of the haters as of yet. Myself and others who live away find it very strange as the town is very lucky to have an spfl1 team with a population between 10 and 12k. There is good hospitality at the park. 2 executive boxes and an internal sponsors suite. The bad design of stand means the rooms arent big. That isn't really a problem at the moment though. Old folks chase away the young team who have been singing and trying to create an atmosphere. Apathy is rife it really is bizarre and to think the money a football club has brought to the town. Anyway I've put 25quid in the pot on the online donation fund. I feel my 15quid most weeks was a donation anyway. I wish more felt the same.
  14. Pretty even match. First half the blues got a stonewall penalty denied. 2nd half was disappointing. Never really got a head of steam up. Montrose started to look more threatening and stronger as match wore on. Goal came from a poor kick by our goalie. We never recovered and it was a fine finish. Another bad result. Draw wouldnt have been a bad result in my opinion as Montrose are a decent outfit and we didnt even get that. Next two matches are crucial. Not a pitch for good football we were trying to run with the ball up the wings and doesnt work. The pitch was tackling the players. Very frustrating. Pre match pitch looked fine. It cut up and became bobbly.
  15. Ah well not to be. Fought hard against the well drilled Montrose. Could have quite easily got something positive from this game. An entertaining match. Controversial 3rd goal killed us of but my gopro pic just about proves the goal might have been onside. Hopefully we can start getting some breaks and take the chances as we are running out of time
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