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  1. Pretty even match. First half the blues got a stonewall penalty denied. 2nd half was disappointing. Never really got a head of steam up. Montrose started to look more threatening and stronger as match wore on. Goal came from a poor kick by our goalie. We never recovered and it was a fine finish. Another bad result. Draw wouldnt have been a bad result in my opinion as Montrose are a decent outfit and we didnt even get that. Next two matches are crucial. Not a pitch for good football we were trying to run with the ball up the wings and doesnt work. The pitch was tackling the players. Very frustrating. Pre match pitch looked fine. It cut up and became bobbly.
  2. Ah well not to be. Fought hard against the well drilled Montrose. Could have quite easily got something positive from this game. An entertaining match. Controversial 3rd goal killed us of but my gopro pic just about proves the goal might have been onside. Hopefully we can start getting some breaks and take the chances as we are running out of time
  3. Custom house for wetherspoons type food. StranraerFC Fitba bar next door for pre match and post match. Their is also the pavilion bar at the ground next to turnstiles you will go in. Craigenelder is also a good pub with food just 5-10minutes walk from the ground and 10minutes walk from station at end of pier.
  4. Sadly town appears in general not to give feck. Too many say they support the old firm yet dont go to see them. You are allowed to support both though. The apathy is rife. Too many with chips on their shoulders and too many with negative attitudes instead of trying to help the club develop. There is no reason why it couldn't prosper really. Just need people to give themselves a shake and go now and again. I don't think people in the town realise the money a fitba club brings into such a remote town. Out of 300 home fans. Probably 100 of them come from other parts of the country to watch them. So only 200odd from a town of 10000-12000 is pretty grim.
  5. Pitch inspection today at 3PM. Heavy rain all morning. Showers and 50mph winds tomorrow. I'd be surprised if its played.
  6. The first claim for a pen is never a pen. Ball comes over and hits robbos thigh. Flies up onto his hand complete accident. If that had been given as a pen I would have walked out. 2nd one not much better. Ball comes over Thomson misjudged flight of ball due to wind probably dropping it short of where he wanted boom lands on the flaming ball.. pen. Not much luck there. Then straight in fae corner. Never mind we got what we deserved heehaw. Next...
  7. No probs. A season in which we should have stayed up. Queens signed 6 players in January. While we sold players and got injuries. Lost out in play off final to thistle. 3-2.
  8. However if you arent at a game you wont know if we have been unlucky in a game will you. As I said we didnt deserve anything due to a bad period in the middle of the match. I have been very frustrated at several matches infact at clyde I left early which is unusual for me. Mind you I was oncall. 3nil down against 12men with 10 on park lol. Until its mathematically impossible then I will give the club full support. No point in changing the manager now. Whose going to come in now. The club have spoken to faz on numerous occasions about their plight. They will do so at the end of the campaign as well.
  9. Were u at the game kv. Yes we are in a terrible position but with 3 points for a win it's never over till it's over. It's easy to be negative. I prefer to give the squad as much support as I can. All the best to young Jinky who got a nasty injury after falling awkwardly on the astro. Might be out for 6weeks. Yet another injury blow. We should have been 1up. Missed a gilt edge chance and were the better side. Then I thought and others thought stevo got pushed on halfway and the move forward might have been offside but hey 1nil. Then a very unfortunate pen. Ball in doesnt carry due to wind and thommo mistimes a header. Apparently accidental handball and the bampot ref gives a pen. Aggie scores. We concede a very easy 3rd for east fife and the confidence is gone. Arguing with teammates is rife. Then Wallace corner gets caught in wind and it flies in 4zip. We come into the game and perhaps could have nicked another after the 2 we got but the middle part of the game cost us when we were ragged. This is not a time to give up. The club needs as much support as they can get whether they go down or not. Town doesnt really deserve a team. It as if some want relegation. Soon get a shock if were a non league team with even worse crowds #monblu
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