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  1. Arbroath vs Stranraer

    Utter joke. Conditions hadnt changed from 1.30pm. Our goalie was managing ok in warm with his kicks but the arbroath goalie struggled. We didnt have many fans maybe 10-15 and committee. We had guys from Durham, Glenrothes, Edinburgh, Ayr, Troon and Glasgow. Not many all the way from Stranraer. Why start it. Forecast was for gales. Wont be back for rearranged game.
  2. Stranraer v Stenny

    Aye pitch was solid at weekend. Then it thawed monday. I travelled from glasgow. Tuesday afternoon game off not surprisingly due to torrential rain all afternoon. Back up road in 1hr35min. Water on road was horrific.
  3. Airdrie V Stranraer

    Stunk the place out with one of our worst performances of the season. Didnt like the line up before hand. Usual awful game at Airdrie. An easy win for them. Only turner played with the pace and ability needed. Hopefully see a better performance this saturday.
  4. Dumbarton -vs- Stranraer

    Poor match. Plenty of posession first half. Kept giving ball away though when in forward areas. A few players not performing but we had one that did more often than not. A great 2nd half by Kyle. Surging runs and energy. Capped by a cracking goal. You could see the three missing from the regular starting line up affected us but we got the 3 points and that was what mattered. Dumbarton were rotten for a home side. Thomas looks a cracking player. He was the best player on the park in the first half while Kyle Turner was in the 2nd.
  5. East Fife v Stranraer

    Excellent footage as always. Showing perfectly how game went. Question is tho what game was DY watching.
  6. East Fife v Stranraer

    I actually felt we were the better side for spells in the first half and like an east fife fan above 2-2 at h/t might have been fair. Hamill crossan x2 and other chances were missed. 2nd half well that was mad. Deserved equaliser. Nice journey back. Some stupid red cards from both players. Hope east fife tv show all the chances and misses in first half as well. They usually do. Quality highlights.
  7. Arbroath V Stranraer (Scottish Cup)

    Nice... teehee
  8. Arbroath V Stranraer (Scottish Cup)

    Yeeha. We were pretty poor first half and a mixture of poor finishing and good goalkeeping meant we were still in the game. Lamont came on and made a big difference. In all honesty we should have made it 2 on a couple of occasions. Well done the defence for digging in. Good goal. Lamonts cross very well finished Ian Smith. After last years debacle and poor result against brora this result is massive for the club. Hope we get a good draw.
  9. Stranraer Reserves

    I attended my first reserves match of the season. Was so disappointed it didnt finish. The Blues should have been about 3up at h/t. Several chances to add to their lead. Agnew could have had a hatrick. He is way above this league. You can see Dean has played at a better level than this. Ally McColm scored a fine goal. Ill have it online this evening. Baxter is a good player. Stop moaning at the refs lads though. Concentrate on the game. Lochar were more aggresive in 2nd half and just used their presence more to deservedly get level. Anyway I went round to help Taffy try and get the lights on. The south stand was fine. The north side lights were out. The electric cupboard has had work done to it due to a water leak. There appeared to be burnt out db boards. It looks as if nobody i suppose had informed the club the repairs hadnt been completed or their had been a problem. Dont know if thats the council or someone elses fault. Anyway sean tried his best to get the game finished but it was getting dangerous on the north side of the pitch. It was the correct decision.
  10. Stranraer FC Supporters Facebook Group. Goto Albums. There are loads of pics on that fb group. Scroll down to 16/17 https://www.facebook.com/groups/2553246500/
  11. 1st team squad so far Max Currie (GK) Lyle Avci (GK) Jamie Hamill (DEF) Chris McGowan (DEF) Andrew McDonald (DEF) Sam Lidington (DEF) Kyle Turner (MID) Cameron Elliott (MID) Grant Anderson (MID/STR)
  12. No surprise if only 200-300 can be bothered to go with no black and white pound next season. First half of season we had 300-500 at home games then it dropped considerably. Town doesnt give a shit. Most of them prefer to pretend they are old firm fans when infact they havent been passed cairnryan in their lives.
  13. See the usual negative comments about dragging a stranraer boy to fife and leaving him on the bench have appeared again. Damned if you do damned if you dont. As faz said he cant pick a team on their postcode. Thats part and parcel of living in stranraer. U might have to go to peterhead on a tuesday night to play or sit on the bench. Knoxie and jenks did it. Not much fun but thats fitba. Just the usual small town mentality that holds the town back.