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  1. Stranraer v Brechin

    Brechin deserved to win in the recent game at Stair Park but it looks like we are playing better now so hopefully Stranraer can do the business this time.
  2. Easier to play good football on that decent astro pitch though. Our pitch is so bobbly not easy to string passes together. I hope they water it a few times before this saturday or it will be a lottery.
  3. Stranraer v Loons

    I thought Hilson and Baird were a constant threat. Very dangerous. Hard fought win against a decent forfar side. We stuck at it and did very well to get the 3 points.
  4. Stranraer v Loons

    The winning goal
  5. Mo V Stranraer

    Cant pic or chose in a 10 team league. Should always strive to be in the highest league possible as the following season u could be going in the other direction. Montrose should be trying to hard to go up. Why not. We would rather be in their position. Good luck Montrose.
  6. Mo V Stranraer

    Unfortunately no support for Innes till spells in 2nd half. No pj crossan again. If he had been available i would have gone 4-4-2. Too many players off form and with no confidence. Badly missing Adam Cummins as well. Defence struggling at times. Not a good formula for success. Aghh...
  7. Mo V Stranraer

    Sorry to airdrie fan. No complaints just like brechin game. Awful first half. Spirited 2nd half. Too late tho. Well done montrose.
  8. Stranraer v Brechin City

    These highlights are done by a volunteer cameraman and volunteer editor. Who also does twitter and facebook. Cant be critical. I set our site up stranraerfctv and did the editing for years but dont have the time. Occasionally i will do a sidecam or gopro but that takes time as well. Our video editor does very well to get the highlights out so quickly and considering it is stranraerfctv he is entitled to do slow mo incidents he chooses that involve stranraer incidents. We try to make them inpartial not biased and show incidents for both sides to give a true reflection of the game.
  9. Stranraer v Brechin City

    I only mentioned him cause i thought he was too fussy. I never said he was the reason for the defeat. We deserved to lose cause we made bad decisions ourselves all over the pitch. The only time i blame a ref for a defeat if he clearly costs us the game with a poor decision like east fife away.
  10. Stranraer v Brechin City

    Got what we deserved. We had few chances but the ones we did we should have buried. Lyke Avci made some great saves. Victoria ckean through was a huge miss. Ref McKendrick was his usual idiotic self. Moving on.
  11. Stranraer v Champs elect

    Tremendous stuff from Stranraer. Could have won it. Some great saves and blocks by arbroath keeper.
  12. Stranraer v Champs elect

    Stranraer 0 Arbroath 0 at H/t. No complaints about red from where i was. Looked to be a stupid decision by max. However the ref has been abysmal. Booking stranraer players at will. Even contest as well both sides hitting woodwork
  13. Stenny v Stranraer

    I was behind the goals. Cameron ran in to score from close range. He appeared not to be standing in an offside position waiting for Turners cross.
  14. Stenny v Stranraer

    Well done Stranraer dug in fought manfully with some great blocks near the end.