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  1. That's the worst we've played in weeks. Really poor game. Hoof ball. Both teams struggled on our rubbish pitch. All u can say it's all to play for on Tuesday. Major technical issues prematch. Sorry about that. Thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown with the pressure of getting the stream online. Does your head in when hardware and software fail. Then I had to film the game with my nerves shot to bits. Thank god I've got out of editing it this week. Load of rubbish that game.
  2. 6 out for the Blues today. It's up to the guys coming in do the business. "Ruari Paton – sent off against Elgin City – and Joao Victoria – sent off against Queen’s Park – both sit out the contest through suspension. Meanwhile, Lewis McIntyre, Grant Gallagher and Adam Cummins have been joined on the sidelines by Matty Yates."
  3. Both teams with big injury problems. Who knows what will happen. You might find a few playing only half fit.
  4. Wow that was a hard edit..😆🙃🙄 Well played Elgin.. decided to give u highlights instead of just the goals.
  5. I apologise to city fans as I will only be putting the goals up. Who knows when. Maybe late tonight. The schedule is ridiculous. Time to do the editing and full highlights is becoming really tough when you are working. I actually don't know how the players do it.
  6. Terrible night. Team poor. Internet signal causing us havoc prematch. Software problems. Hardware issues. Then official website crashed. Then Internet went down in 2nd half of streaming. I know people have paid money but we are trying our best. Volunteers. If the technology fails what can you do. Back hame in Glasgow knackered Things hopefully better at next match. #monblu
  7. Highlights from the Falkirk Stadium of queen's Park 0 stranraer 1
  8. Good 3 points. First half should have been more ahead. 2nd half not quite as good as the subs appeared to upset our rhythm and the spiders subs improved them. Barry Cook go and retire. I was cameraman for stranraer tonight and the evidence is there for an appeal. Never a red card. Handbags. Qp player actually sticks head into joao and he flicks his hand out. Pathetic stuff from the ref. As was farrells booking when he complained about Paton getting taken out.
  9. Thankyou we will have highlights from Cliftonhill probably tomorrow evening with our commentary and footage.
  10. Thankyou. You get very self critical though when u know people have paid money to watch then you zoom to quickly and miss something. Not an easy job but the teamwork and technology that we have produces a very balanced highlight package.
  11. Could have been double the scoreline. My camerawork wasn't always the best however George did a good job on the editing plus the other cameras gave a different perspective of the goals.
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