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  1. Musselburgh join the ever lengthen list well done guys
  2. Brilliant the list is growing let’s hope it continues as this could bankrupt clubs at every level in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  3. That would be brilliant let’s hope so any lawyers out there
  4. I have just seen on Tranent twitter the players have advised the committee that they DO NOT want their wages for the rest of the season what a magnificent gesture full of admiration for everyone of them WELL DONE 👍
  5. Scrapping or cancel one and the same
  6. Banter but you are talking nonsense you say cancel next season but not this one get a grip
  7. Take it that view would change if Lithgie were top of the league
  8. After today’s announcement from Hearts maybe players should think long and hard as there maybe be very few clubs to choose from very soon.
  9. But legally would players be entitled to as they have a contract Personally I would like to think players would seriously think about helping the clubs out in these exceptional circumstances
  10. This will impact on every club regardless of what they pay. How much depends on how they pay players and in what fashion. Exactly my point this could have a huge impact on many clubs and probably put some out of business
  11. Problem is the players will have contracts
  12. Assuming there won’t be any games anytime soon most clubs are going to struggle paying wages with no money in. Does anyone think the SFA will give any help like the SRU who are releasing £500,000 to help clubs
  13. Very honest assessment and once again fantastic coverage by Dougie 👏👏
  14. Oh aye that will be when he breathed on Snowdon who went down as if he was shot and you say Tansey dived 😂😂
  15. Get over it Bo’ness support seem to think every tackle on their players is a foul but they don’t commit any fouls there is no doubt Campbell had his arm across Tansey and as said before referee in a perfect position gave the penalty Thought the referee was poor could and probably should have sent off Jacobs for you and Watson for us
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