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  1. Pretty much how I saw it Penicuik the better team
  2. Didn’t see the Broxburn dominance first half but certainly did see the Cookie dominance second thought we should have scored more Credit to both teams for playing good football on such a horrendous day
  3. I do get your point but I do not have a clue what my teams budget is or any of the other teams in the league and I’m almost certain neither does anyone that is my point
  4. Maybe you could gives us your guess of the leagues budgets from top to bottom or are you suggesting we only have to look at the league table
  5. I’ve have no idea what their budget is and have no inclination to know but as you say they will probably be mid table but having seen a lot of them over two seasons I rate them Big budgets not always the winners
  6. Don’t agree with HOB they finished second in the conference behind Penicuik so no surprise to me they are up there . They are a very good team with a mix of experience and youth they won’t be far away at the end of the season
  7. I understand all that but surely if the estimate given by Penicuik is more than the smaller away stand holds then common sense says use the larger one No matter where we are put I will definitely be there ticket already purchased Mon the Cookie
  8. What an absolute nonsense having Penicuik selling tickets for the game being held in a stadium with a capacity of 10,000 plus WHY ????
  9. Hopefully not. Why would you say that don’t think he ever lost to you when at Penicuik and if your thinking about his time at Berwick give the guy a break it was an impossible job
  10. Didn’t have to do well we were very poor you certainly deserved your victory
  11. What are all about funnily enough in the east we tend to work during the day
  12. And so will everyone else Penicuik had to go to Coldstream for a 6.30 ko last season and just got on with it my original point is the distance travelled
  13. I was meaning the distance rather than the crowd
  14. Tuesday Newtongrange v Camelon Wednesday Sauchie v Penicuik surely the sensible fixtures would have been Sauchie v Camelon and Newtongrange v Penicuik the fixture man has not been very kind to Camelon or Penicuik. I will take a wild guess and suggest both crowds will be down
  15. Another great read what a weekend you had 20’s 3 down at ht go on to win then Saturday doesn’t get much better
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