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  1. Hope u lads have a great day. We had happy memories of our trip to Bo'Ness last season. They have a vocal support but your team should put at least 6-10 goals past them if you have the same quality of player fae last season
  2. PRS still do have a good support both home and away. So you boys must miss the Highland league big time then ?? Caley were always a magic team in the Scottish Cup. Can mine MFR had a live commentary match fan yi beat Airdire on pens and then i think yi had aboot 5000 fans doon to ST Johnstone for a midweek match and Caley was still a Heilan League team then
  3. So do you Caley fans nae go and watch fitba these days since you dont seem to support ICT. Av nae much happy memories o Caley as they always seemed to beat the Buckie Jags wi somethng to spare although it was always a big match. WE did beat yi one year 87/88 4-3 at Telford Street the year we bottled the league. WE needed to beat Clach last game by 8-0 and only got a 2-2 drawn and a the Caly players / supporters willing on their INverness rivals
  4. Raybees can remember the season the Jags should have won the league 1987/88 fan we came fae 3-1 doon tae beat Caley 4-3 at Telford Street and we bottled it by getting beat by the Bloo Toon at hame on he last seterday o the season meaning we had to go up to Clach and win 8-0 in the last game. That game ended 2-2 and thus Caley pipped Buckie to the title again
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