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  1. Fauldhouse United 2017/18

    Was at the game as a neutral, I was behind the goal, thought it was a definite pen! As soon as the ref doesn’t give the pen he’s going to book the player. But tbh the player doesn’t get send off if he hasn’t been booked for dissent about 10 minutes earlier where he runs at the ref and starts screaming in his face, this happened 2 minutes after the ref had spoken to him about his dissent!
  2. Arthurlie Fire sale

    Welcome back at Forth anytime you want Lenny, terrific player and a really decent fella!
  3. Pollok v Talbot Feb 3rd

    Went to this game really looking forward to some top division fireworks, from two of Junior footballs big guns. Unfortunately didn’t materialise. Talbot were the epitome of professionalism, never losing their shape and taking the chances that came their way. Pollok never really got started, the 3-5-2 looked completely alien to them and to often their midfield just didn’t track the runners! Shankland looked a cut above tbh. Gormley looks like he needs games, to often off the pace! Probably should’ve been more goals between the sides. Here’s hoping the cuptie is a better contest!
  4. Friendly Required

    Forth Wanderers would be happy to be your opposition!
  5. Central Sectional League Cup 2017-18

    Ah, being slagged off for having a 19th century transport system by a guy from a town that's stuck in the 17th century? Oh, the irony!
  6. Central Sectional League Cup 2017-18

    Buses run every hour to and from Forth until 11pm! Ffs it's Lanarkshire, hardly the end of the world! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  7. Sat. 29th July friendlies scores

    Forth Wanderers 2 - 0 Bathgate
  8. Fixtures

    Scott Robertson re-elected! 32-29
  9. Signing deadline

    U can't register a player after 31st of March, but u can play as a trialist if they have been released prior to the March 31st deadline, but only in games which do not require players to be signed. That is league games but not cup ties!
  10. Pitches - Weather!

    Unless the refs a complete idiot, the game will be on!
  11. Pitches - Weather!

    Game on!
  12. Famous players that played Junior

    Forth Wanderers had Willie Waddell, ex Scotland goalkeeper George Wood.