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  1. You must have read my mind Andy, I didn’t do a head count but I reckoned at least 150 as well.
  2. FT Burntisland 2 Lochore 3. Fairly dominant second half won it for Lochore.
  3. Burntisland 1 Lochore 1 HT A healthy looking Friday night crowd saw a cracking header from the Lochore number 5 open the scoring. Unfortunately it was into his own net. Lochore equalised shortly after and dominated the next twenty minutes. But the Ship should be ahead as Ben Anthony missed a sitter late on. Hiiefully more of the same in the second half.
  4. Dundonald 0 Tynecastle 3 A strange game in which Dundonald dominated for an hour yet found themselves 2 down by this time due to a couple of bizarre goals. The opener came when two players went for the ball near the bye line and it ricocheted over the keeper into the far corner. Then a long punt forward was headed back by a central defender beyond his keeper and in off the post. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.
  5. A great opportunity for Sauchie and Dunipace. I suspect Dunbar will make it to R3 in their first ever go at the Scottish. Clydebank v Elgin or Cumnock/Formartine v Forfar the obvious tv candidates.
  6. I missed the first goal as I was too busy gassing!! I thought the second penalty and the red card were poor decisions. Maybe I need to see them again. Mind you a Vics player should have been sent off for a wild challenge on his own bye line later on. Nice wee ground. The car parking would be great on a miserable day in December.
  7. Yes whenever I try to go onto the home page just now and it has happened before. if you want tonight’s results go into the matches section. It’s working.
  8. Lochore 4 Newburgh 0 Lochore were the better team in the first half and dominated the second. Their number 10 should have been going home with the match ball but missed three sitters instead.
  9. Letham are doing fine for a first season at this level. So far.
  10. Just read the match report on Tayport website so now I know who Richard Roy is. He scored two goals(one a pen). He was definitely on the bigger side but put his size to good use, holding the ball up well and outmuscling the defenders. I thought he had taken one touch too many at the winner but to be fair it was a very cool finish. Liam Mcpake was the left back who really impressed me. Someone was recording but not sure where or when the footage will appear.
  11. Ground hopping Al. I’m in for life with no parole at the Saints. We’ve had some lows in the past but all we can do is try to bounce back. Not sure who Roy is. Haven’t seen many Tayside games in the last few years so only recognised Robertson from the Tayport team.
  12. Downfield 3 Tayport 2 i have to say that was a cracking game of football. Hard to believe Downfield had only one point from their first six games as they played some superb football last night. Tayport missed a few good chances but overall the Spiders showed the better quality and deserved their win. MOTM had to be the young Downfield left back(Liam?) who started the move leading to the first goal with a superb reverse pass and then scored a brilliant second. He’s not a bad defender either.
  13. 95 at the St Andrews game. Sorry this hadn’t been passed on.
  14. They are being played on the 7th. We were due to play Dalkeith in the league if we got a bye in the first round.
  15. https://www.eosfl.com/downloads/eosfl/The-East-of-Scotland-Football-League-Season-2021-22-Fixture-List.pdf
  16. I’d like to issue a public apology to Ormiston. After their defeat to the Saints last Saturday I said that Ormiston were a bottom three side. It looks like I was totally wrong. Two excellent away wins this week. I was already going to put Ormiston and Dalkeith down as results of the day but if Dalkeith did it with 9 men then that makes their win all the more remarkable. As for us well we led at halftime but despite getting into some good attacking positions a lack of quality in the last third cost us. I would say that Craigroyston were no great shakes but Ormiston have shown I’m not a very good judge
  17. I drove past East Craigies park on the way to the St James game and just looking through the gate it appeared that the park had been dug up in places. Drainage work perhaps? St James 6 Coupar Angus 0 It’s going to be a long season for Coupar Angus having lost to both the new teams in the league. St James worthy of their win although they are no great shakes. But then it is their first season. Decent park. A bugger to find though.
  18. You’re right, it is up to the refs whether club officials are needed. There were a couple of games last season where we put someone on the line and the opposition didn’t which was pointless. So I make a point of asking the ref before the game now. You just don’t get assistant refs at tier 7 games. To be honest it’s not the line calls which are affected it’s offsides. The refs are having to guess most of the time. If one or both sides are playing offside traps or high lines it’s almost impossible for refs to make an accurate call. But until we get human cloning on the go we will just have to accept there is a shortage of match officials and get on with it.
  19. I wish you hadn’t posted that link, my head hurts trying to make sense of that complete dogs dinner that he wants. Who is part of this “new pyramid campaign”? Anyone on here? The great thing about his site is that it is the one place where we can see all the latest scores from tiers 1 to 7 as the goals go in. I just wish he’d concentrate on that.
  20. We’re the Saints so not much more imagination up here. Our postcode for the sat nav is KY16 8BN. Alternatively if you are planning on coming DM me and I’ll give you detailed directions.
  21. You would be more than welcome at St Andrews on the 24th. There is no finer ice cream than Janettas(if you don’t mind queueing), two excellent beaches, a castle and you can watch the golfers play the road hole or come up the 18th on the old course. Unfortunately there will also be a football game on. But if you come down please ask for myself or Saints 1921 and we would be happy to chat about the game with you. Ps, are you a West Ham or Burnley supporter?
  22. That came from the EOS. I would assume that these are Scottish Government rules but don’t know for sure. St Andrews 8 Coupar Angus 2. Coupar Angus had a player sent off for a handball on the line. I would have went with a booking as it was only a friendly and he is now suspended for their first league game.
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