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  1. I can only imagine your frustration. I hope you have some hair left. This is only a taster for things to come. The COVID situation is going to continue to change over the winter. Restrictions and rules will constantly change and we may well go into lockdown again. Both clubs and the League are going to have to be prepared to be flexible and to adapt the way we work and the season itself if we are to complete this season. But at least we are trying.
  2. England allow the "shuttle system" where 6 players go in, change, come out and another 6 go in. Not ideal, but it could be an interim solution. The shuttle system is specifically banned in Scotland which is what I meant when I said you couldn't have players replacing others. That's why Ormiston were given both changing rooms.
  3. Clubs have to submit detailed plans for use of the changing rooms to the league. They are only for changing in with no showers and the away team has to receive precedence. St Andrews gave Ormiston use of both changing rooms yesterday in order to allow for social distancing and five of our players used one of our portacabins. The reason for only five is that you are not allowed to have some players change and then others going in to replace them.
  4. The other attraction of the Junior Cup is the entry for the winners into the Scottish Cup with the prestige and money that brings. I believe at the moment no decision has been made on reduced entry to this year's Scottish.
  5. Nothing to do with money. He put in a lot of work getting his team ready for the new season, Glenafton voted to continue the season then he finds out today they've changed their minds. He obviously disagrees with the decision and has resigned.
  6. You can see right through it as well. What's the point?
  7. It's almost like cup games are slightly different from league games - you can't fit in a cup game 4 or 5 months later if necessary without impacting every other team in the competition. Spot on. The league Cup has to be fitted into a schedule before the final. The league games that have been postponed due to Covid were not forfeited. We are absolutely right to start the league. I still fear we'll have a full lockdown but if we can't finish the league then we should carry the positions forward to next season so that all the clubs to start this season aren't all for nothing.
  8. Welcome to the seniors Lochgelly, a goal down after 35 seconds.
  9. Weren't the "new" Bo'ness set up to continue a junior presence in the town? If so then if junior football finishes in West Lothian their raison d'etre is gone. I certainly see no need for two EOS teams in Bo'ness, Linlithgow and Sauchie.
  10. In a way it makes sense to wait for confirmation that football can start before releasing the fixtures. However the next lockdown review is on the 1st October so that would only give teams and supporters 9 days notice of their first fixtures.
  11. Every few months we have the same discussion. "Luncarty set a precedent". No they didn't. "teams from North of the Tay are in limbo as they can't apply to the EOS". No they're not and yes they can.
  12. The EoS have said that Orkney could apply to join them. Doesn't mean they'd be accepted though.
  13. Correct. The EOS have already said this.
  14. You're right FWF Saints lights don't work and to the best of my knowledge were never used for games.
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