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  1. I’m assuming that the clubs who attained their licences this summer will receive their first payout from the SFA after next year’s AGM?
  2. Yep. Why do we need another league at tier 5? Are the SJFA expecting the EOS to feed into the Central and not the Lowland? So no relegation from the Lowland?
  3. As far as I’m aware both the Lowland and Highland leagues have voted against a national non league cup. Without them there’s no point.
  4. Probably the same reason they had for joining the west. They can’t be arsed travelling to play a game of football. Thought they would cover less miles playing in the West, discovered that wasn’t the case so moved back to the primarily West Lothian 3rd division where they’ll happily play for years to come.
  5. As far as I know it wasn’t discussed at the AGM.
  6. It’s not been announced yet. I’m not sure when the decision will be made but there will be a board meeting later this month.
  7. On a different note I’m surprised to see Oakley part company with their management team after exceeding all expectations this season. Any word on what’s happened?
  8. Should we be worried about this “pyramid review”? Too many “established” teams dropping out the SPFL for the bigwigs liking?
  9. When is Lesser Hampden going to be ready?
  10. I look forward to your match report after a dramatic finish.
  11. What a sickener for Thornton as an injury time goal sends them to the 2nd division and reprieves Rosyth.
  12. Well done Oakley. Seems like the nerves kicked in the last couple of games but I wouldn’t have had Oakley down as one of the favourites for the title so a superb achievement.
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