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  1. EOS board are meeting tonight(by conference call) so maybe an email to the clubs tomorrow.
  2. Tayport and Newport are just inside the DD boundary as are parts of Aberdeenshire. I honestly don't know why.
  3. Absolutely. For such a short distance common sense should apply. But Tayport are in Fife not Tayside!! It's time they were told that.
  4. I'd be happy with Scone. Can't see it being Tayport at all.
  5. No you're right. I've just seen Burnieman(or BMan now) put it up on the futures of the juniors thread. Scone appears to be the best bet. I'd be happy with them coming on board.
  6. I don't know who you are which is why I didn't ask you. I was simply responding to two posters, one of whom thought Kilwinning were leaving the SJFA and another who believed they may have changed their mind because of the WRSJFA/LL agreement. I then asked for clarification from anyone who had viewed the Q & A session. Not sure what I've done wrong here.
  7. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/spfl-pyramid-masterplan-agreed-juniors-21753119 Read all the way to the bottom. Maybe someone who tuned into to Kilwinnings Q & A session this week could let us know what came out of it.
  8. Those are the only two to say publicly that they are resigning. Plenty of clubs have said that they are staying in the SJFA and at least a dozen didn't say one way or other in their statements. I would still be amazed if we don't have all 63 teams applying to the WOS.
  9. The EOS are likely to email the number of applicants to clubs and this information will leak out. That's how we knew at the start of last week that there had been 8 applications so far. All applicants would normally receive site visits to ensure their grounds meet EOS requirements and last year There was a meeting of all the clubs at the end of last season to decide on who was successful(possibly the AGM). Obviously due to the current crisis site visits are probably impossible and a meeting of all the clubs certainly won't happen until the lock down is lifted. So I certainly expect the clubs to be informed of this year's process soon.
  10. But has there been any indication that the North Juniors want to be part of the pyramid alongside the NCL? There were rumours that those two organisations had met with the HL but now it appears it was only the NCL.
  11. The fact that the North Juniors have sent a communication out asking clubs views on the future of the current season and the planned changes to the Junior Cup with no question about their participation in the pyramid suggests they aren't involved.
  12. No mention at all of the North region moving into the pyramid themselves.
  13. There is the possibility that tier 8 in both the WOS and EOS will be localised in which it wouldn't be difficult to add new entrants at this level.
  14. Interesting. I did wonder if it referred to the West Lothian teams.
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