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  1. I'm not there but.... Apparently two players(one from each side) got into a bust up and were sent off. As they went off another Preston player went for one of our lads leading to everyone piling in. I believe the ref had lost control before this and decided enough was enough. As I say I'm not there.
  2. Preston v St Andrews has been abandoned with Saints winning 2-1. Nothing to do with the weather though. Down to a rammy on the pitch.
  3. 4-1. It's all falling apart for Oakley now.
  4. 3-1 Musselburgh. A poor kick out from the keeper leads to what should be the clincher.
  5. 2-1 Musselburgh. Complete turnaround in the space of three minutes. And now Oakley miss a sitter!!
  6. 1-1. Musselburgh penalty in 1st min of 2nd half. I thought he said 592.
  7. HT Oakley 1 Musselburgh 0. Mussy missed two good chances to equalise then Oakley blew a sitter just before half time. Musselburgh getting a lot of joy fown the left while Oakley's movement up front has been excellent. All to play for in the second half.
  8. Oakley have a penalty saved, hit the post with the rebound and score from the resultant corner. One nil after 25 mins.
  9. Time to give this a bump. I'm about to make the trek to Newtongrange for an intriguing cup final. There's no doubt Mussy are the favourites but Oakley have already surprised everyone by getting this far so in a one off game you just never know. As a Fifer I'll certainly be cheering them on. Here's hoping for a big crowd and a good game.
  10. I'm surprised there's no figure for the Glenrothes game. I didn't do a count because the guy on the gate appeared to be keeping a tally count as supporters came in.
  11. FT Glenrothes 2 Leith 1 What a difference seven days make!! Glens needed an injury time winner but should have been out of sight by then, having a penalty saved and missing some great chances. Leith certainly didn't look like table toppers. Ps, some result at Tweedmouth, 4-4 with LTHV.
  12. HT Glenrothes 1 Leith 1 Glens dominated the first half hour and should have had more than one goal to show for their dominance. Leith have come back into it since then although it took 30 seconds of dodgy goalkeeping to bring about the equaliser. All to play for in the second half.
  13. Inverkeithing v St Andrews has just failed an inspection. Gutted.
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