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  1. Every single guest on the ‘Si Ferry meets ...’ podcast says ‘At the time’ constantly and half the time it doesn’t make sense. ‘Celtic were playing at Parkhead... at the time’. Do they not still play there like?
  2. Went round to my folks on Saturday to see them for the first time since lockdown started. Immediately regretted it when my mum told me she found Janey Godley’s voiceovers hilarious. Swift boot to the pie and see you again in a few months
  3. I would recommend The IT Crowd to anyone who is a fan of Father Ted and hasn’t watched it.
  4. He has so many people on strings, a joy to watch it unfold. Well done Jimmy!
  5. I don’t like the ‘Challengers’ element of the Premier League at all. It provided some great matches last year but it’s not fair at all
  6. I think any other manager would have struggled to assemble as good a squad as McPake’s has this season. I’m sure most folk would have been happy enough with a transitional season after the shambles of last year so I think there’s a bit of an over reaction to yesterdays collapse. This league is brutal but I’m confident of play offs
  7. I have to give Dundee some credit for their ability to continue to surprise me. In fairness, more fool me for being surprised
  8. Surprised kids were able to play this in the US and live to tell the tale
  9. All this talk of how shite we are has reminded me of a debate held previously on either this forum or Twitter when we were in the Premiership. The question was would you accept relegation if it meant Dundee winning either of the major cups in the same season? The majority answered that they would rather stay in the Premiership and not win the cup. I did and still do find this baffling. Supporting a team outside of the Old Firm means you won’t see your team win the league. In my lifetime the only success we’ve had has been promotions to the Premiership. I would happily spend the next ten years in this league if it meant winning the Scottish Cup. After all, who’s going to tell their grandkids about the time we finished 9th? What are your opinions? Have they changed?
  10. Matt Ritchie had never set foot in Scotland before he played for us. That’s not right
  11. I think this forum is nicely summed up by the fact there’s almost 10 times as many posts in the PTTGOYN thread compared to the RTBC one. What a bunch of miserable c***s
  12. Yewande was the biggest freak in there. Total nutjob
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