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  1. Hello, pals. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here. I just wanted to swing by quickly to say a quick, ‘f**k hearts, f**k Craig Gordon and f**k Greyfriars Boaby’. A decent point yesterday — hopefully we kick on from here and get the job done midweek. Thank you.
  2. Oh dear. Moving to a new job for a better salary and conditions is a no brainer. People do this every day. That is the system we live in. Football has to be the only profession in the world where an employee gets slated for taking an opportunity to better themselves and their circumstances. Yes we want loyalty, but in reality how many of us would turn our nose up at a bigger salary and in the area you actually want to live in? Good luck to him, hopefully the new boy takes his opportunity and we can all move on. Thank you.
  3. This sounds about right, from my understanding. I suspect there’s actually more to it, which we’ll likely see over the next week or so. If the players were back in group training after two positive cases then the club, league and government are probably terrified the whole team is at risk and currently testing negative. Wouldn’t be surprised if that number goes up, but who knows. It’s annoying but IMO it’s right to cancel the game and keep them all locked inside the Soul Bar until they know for sure who’s actually got it. Thank you.
  4. Given the financial state of the game (and indeed club), I genuinely don’t see us signing many players before the season resumes. Sadly, I reckon we’ll be lumped with Flapjack for another season. It still boils my piss that we paid for him. That being said, we do need another striker, assuming Hemmings stays on. Not many options at the moment, but I’d say Murray is an improvement on Nelson. Both can be rash, but Murray’s the stronger and more direct of the two and can compete with the cluggers of this league. Nelson did get bullied around at times, causing him to loose his head and either get sent off or forget what he was meant to be doing (imo). Murray, although limited, always gave 100% and I reckon he’d put more in the net than Nelson. Will be a strange season, this. Thank you.
  5. I’d ask Greenock Morten about their recent history of the above. Thank you.
  6. Nowhere near as impressive as some of eindhovendee's paintings and a few others, but I've started drawing weird Scottish football things again. Thank you.
  7. Hiya eindhovendee, Due to the quality of your paintings (and your kind words), I've gone ahead and picked your hero to draw. Not young Jocky, though, as I'm too young to remember him play for the Dee. Woudln't be able to do him justice. Instead, I've drawn him as I remember him at his best — cutting through the skies, jetpack on back and Leigh Griffiths in hand, getting everycunt telt in the process. Bit of a double-whammy, this ane. Going to give this a rest for a while now, will be back in a week with the next edition. Have a good weekend a'bdy.
  8. Ha — that goes to show how often I'm on here, I suppose! I put that together when we signed him, in the blind hope that he'd turn out to be alright. Little did I know... Good shouts all round.
  9. I know I said I'd do one drawing per week, but I'm cracking up now so it was between this and prank calling Robbie Neilson all morning. There's only so many times you can pretend to be Tony Ashgar, inviting him to Gussie Park for a few bottles of 'Rona, before his enthusiasm starts to wane. Anyway, here's our second instalment; Dark Blue Heartthrob, Gary Harkins. Next up... I'm not sure yet. Thoughts? Thank you.
  10. Hiya pals, Long time, no speak. Lockdown is fucking shite, but it's given me a bit of time to reflect on my favourite Dundee players — in particular the characters that make my heart (and sometimes cock) swell. To kill some of the boredom, and to get my Dundee Fix, I've decided to draw one Dundee legend per week until we're all dead, lockdown is lifted or I run out of steam. First up is a tribute to our modern-day, anti-establishment talisman and POTY Grand Slam Champion, Paul McGowan. Here's a drawing of him celebrating after scoring against United, thumping the match commander in the puss and diving into the Derry. Next up, Gary Harkins. Thank you.
  11. Hiya pals, I’ve not been following the thread this week, but on first glance it looks pretty much as I’d expect. Saying that, it still baffles me to find some people attribute John Nelms the capacity to orchestrate something like this. That simply (in my view, anyway) shows how little Is actually known about him. The guy’s a total charlatan and likely just wants this to all go away. Supporters of other clubs are entitled to a dig or two, not so much for how we voted, but for how we’ve failed to handle/communicate our role in the whole thing. It’s a total blunder and it does, once again, expose Nelms’ (and others) incompetencies. The SPFL have made a dogs c**t of the whole thing from their end, too. This whole situation brings the need for a clear-out into sharp focus. I really am lost as to how Doncaster et al have held on for so long. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming days, but it’s been heartening to get texts/WhatsApps of United pals losing their shit. Dundee are once again public enemy number one — our natural position. And for that, I say thank you, John Nelms and Dundee FC. You’ve brought a smile to my face in a dire time. The only thing I’d like to add is to say f**k Dundee United. Thank you.
  12. Had to google that. He’s 26, apparently. Something fishy there, was convinced he was in his late 30’s. Maybe he was held back at school and they got his paperwork wrong. Poor c**t.
  13. Again, did this actually happen? Looked like a pie and food packaging to me, never saw (or heard) of coins or anyone spitting. I haven’t watched it back — simply asking if this is actually the case or whether it’s the usual embellishments.
  14. It goes without saying that this is horrible to see/hear from either club, but it’s also worth reminding folk that we have our own idiots within our support. Only this season I’ve heard someone shouting something unacceptable in the Derry. ETA: With regards to the coin throwing; did this actually happen? I saw wrappers and what looked like a pie thrown in the first half (which is obviously not ok either), but were there actual coins?
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