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  1. I’d sack Hamilton to make a point, then play the whole season without a keeper. Thank you.
  2. Congrats, Crawford. Hope young Brent is doing well. Too far?
  3. I honestly can’t wait for the season to start tomorrow... simply so other teams fans have something other than the mighty Dee to occupy their time. If it’s not DABs or St Johnstone fans flailing around about May or Shankland, it’s someone else clouding the shine of our glorious thread. Thank you.
  4. Surely it should be Yodel AE-OOO? I’ll get mine tae.
  5. How much of the 25% does McNamara get, though? Reynolds looks like a right pap. Thank you.
  6. Totally agree with the last few posts, that strike-force would be worth going to see every week, imo. Thank you.
  7. Oh dear. It would be quite possibly the best trolling of all time if he’s genuinely brought Saints to the point of ejaculation, before rubbering them to join a club whose fans that are (at best) indifferent about him. I’d like him immediately if he did that, even with that fucking hair. Still, seriously doubt he’ll be signing for us. Thank you.
  8. Oh dear. This really is cringeworthy stuff — pathetic point-scoring over who listens to what music. Haven’t read the politics forum as, with the greatest respect intended, if I wanted to engage in political discourse, it certainly wouldn’t be on a fucking Scottish football forum. F**ks sake. Can we get back to all things Dundee please? Ps. For the avoidance of any confusion (I’m looking at you, Granny Danger), this thread has no place for any form of bigotry, I’ve seen questionable things mentioned on P&B over the years and posters of all sides rightly and thoroughly get them telt. This is, however, a dreadful attempt at getting one over someone you clearly dislike. If you have a legitimate problem with someone, speak to a mod rather than following them around the internet like a fucking weirdo. That is ultimately what anyone with more than two braincells to rub together is taking out of this situation. Now, please f**k off. Thank you.
  9. Julian Speroni has just been spotted getting his team photo taken on the Dundee Wyvern outside H&M. Thank you.
  10. Charlie Adam is in the Stobie Bar and Berbatov is having a three-course meal at Vissochis. Thank you.
  11. Loved Eric Paton, great player and servant to the club. Stephen O’Donnell was my fav from that crop of players. Any suggestion that Paul McHale was anything other than attrocious is debateable at best... a poor mans Brian Kerr imo. Ps. What about Eddie Annand? Thank you.
  12. He’s another one who had his confidence shattered at the club. Decent player that would do a job for us in the Championship. He’ll be a few years older (and hopefully wiser) since we last saw him, too. Also, as The Gifted Sub mentioned, he relegated the DABs and should be worth a second chance for that alone. Thank you.
  13. Hiya pals, Was going through the archives of this wonderful thread and came across the above post from early 2017. Since the chat of the Teckledome (aka the Neu Campy) has tapered off, I'd completely forgotten about the proposed Derrification of the Kingsway area. If we're really going to make it our new home (Dens will always be home, imo), I think it's time we got something like this built in direct juxtaposition to the V&As architectural dominance, as well as offering a much-needed visual threat to anyone entering/exiting the city that isn't a Dee. Rio De Janeiro has Christ the Redeemer Newcastle has the Angel of the North Argonath has Isildur and Anárion But what other city in the known world has a giant, bronze statue of Fabián Caballero? Fucking nae-c**t, that's who. Get it done, Dundee. Build the Cabby Arch and get this bloody stadium built. PS. Sign a fucking striker, tae. Thank you.
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