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  1. Had to google that. He’s 26, apparently. Something fishy there, was convinced he was in his late 30’s. Maybe he was held back at school and they got his paperwork wrong. Poor c**t.
  2. Again, did this actually happen? Looked like a pie and food packaging to me, never saw (or heard) of coins or anyone spitting. I haven’t watched it back — simply asking if this is actually the case or whether it’s the usual embellishments.
  3. It goes without saying that this is horrible to see/hear from either club, but it’s also worth reminding folk that we have our own idiots within our support. Only this season I’ve heard someone shouting something unacceptable in the Derry. ETA: With regards to the coin throwing; did this actually happen? I saw wrappers and what looked like a pie thrown in the first half (which is obviously not ok either), but were there actual coins?
  4. Merry Christmas to all Dundee Derry boys and girls out there. f**k everyone else, particularly United, on this special day. Thank you.
  5. We do have a habit of hounding out the mediocre only to replace them with slightly worse players. My fear is we do the same with Kerr et al. I keep hearing that he’s not good enough but I just don’t buy it. Get rid of the real problems (McPake included) and keep building.
  6. Forster is terrible and Flapjack needs to go. Both liable for all three goals imo. We need better.
  7. I’d take Jocky just for the comedy value. Dens is so depressing these days. Thank you.
  8. Hard to argue with any of this. Only Nelms to blame, imo. Terrible track record but he’s got free-reign so will be this way for a while, like it or not (sadly). Best we can hope for is a lucky streak of fluke wins to carry us to the (promotion) play-offs, completely reliant on other teams being marginally shiter than us. A real shame, given the quality of some players in the squad. Sadly, McPake is going nowhere, literally and metaphorically. Thank you.
  9. Actually, I’ve had to think pretty hard but I think I’ve found one bright point: and that’s our goalkeeping situation. I’m much more relaxed with Hazard between the sticks. If we’d played with Hamilton, I think it would have been a lot worse. Not that he had much to do, but you can see the defence are more comfortable, particularly with crosses and free kicks. Thank you.
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