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  1. I’m hoping we’ve slipped back to 2013/2014, when life was better
  2. Anyone who’s heard Kenny Macintyre’s Monday night Sportsounds could have seen today’s show coming from a mile off.
  3. Tommy Wright must look at squad building under Davidson's management and be baffled - he spent years publicly cajoling Brown to let him bring players in (may well have just been playing the PR game well...) and made a big play of recruiting based on character as well as ability...to this, where Davidson is throwing 2+ year contracts around like confetti and seemingly deciding he can't trust players brought in under his watch (is Cleary a Grieve signing?). Caveat that the Cleary thing isn't confirmed as I type.
  4. That's not the impression I got from the post-match...but then again wouldn't be the first time anyone's been thrown under a bus.
  5. Would agree that Parish doesn't deserve the stick, and I thought he did a decent job today. First half was broadly promising, though Ayr may have shown Saints a little too much respect - was surprise more pressure wasn't being put on the back three when they were passing it between themselves. We got the ball forward, a few inviting balls into the box, sadly just no-one connecting with them. Second half definitely not as good. Ayr clearly had us figured out. We gave them plenty of time to get into a solid defensive shape so by the time anyone moved forward they really didn't have any options. I've felt for a while now we often look light in numbers in midfield due to playing up the wings. Davidson commented post match comment about the midfielders going too deep for the ball...but if the back three are just going to pass it between themselves without really moving forward what are the midfield to do?
  6. There’s slim and there’s last year’s top. Give me Adidas sizing any day.
  7. Aye, but they’re not being bought by professional athletes.
  8. I just want a Saints home top that’s blue with white pinstripes, like the c.1981/1982 one, ideally with the lamb badge. I wonder if Macron’s sizing has improved any with this season’s kit? Buying last season’s in XL and finding it skin tight (and the quality of an eBay knock off) just put a cherry on a mostly pish season.
  9. Last season was my first season ticket in 5 or 6 years. I've renewed but was a little torn about it.
  10. Yeah, would agree with that. Fans were a lot flatter in general on Saturday too.
  11. Was rolling my eyes at Spence on this week’s Courier podcast. I thought Sean put across everyone’s frustrations well. It’s entirely reasonable that plenty of sensible fans are just scunnered with this season now. A bit too much evidence from on the park for it to just be moonhowlers, as is the main media line. Last edit! Given the frustrations in our fanbase over how this season has gone I’ve not felt like it’s gotten toxic. There’s still plenty of support being shown for the team - it feels possible to want to support the team but also want to see some possibility of an upturn.
  12. I think that's fair comment. Sometimes it's a little clearer what other teams are doing well, rather than seeing what your own team are doing effectively at times.
  13. Apparently the bad refereeing decisions even out over the season, so it seems we’re seeing some evening out. Pleasing to see a bit more fight from Saints, though we still feel a bit disorganised. Crawford looking a lot better. Not sure about Ciftci. Hendry has been fantastic since coming back…but money on a Hendry yellow looks like free money at the moment. Livi’s organisation is admirable. Getting forward and back in numbers. Much better at closing down than we are. Great three points.
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