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  1. Next season’s home shirt, blue with white pin stripes and the lamb badge please
  2. I’m working on the assumption that most of those commentators (both fans and pundits) have seen the cup double but not been watching the subsequent near two seasons on the park. I had real hope before the World Cup break that a corner had been turned. Shame that it hadn’t.
  3. Fotheringham was by all accounts awful at Huddersfield.
  4. I’m sure I heard an announcement over the tannoy of a crowd in the region of 2,990. Wasn’t at the Aberdeen game but did notice on Saturday that most of the row behind my ST seat weren’t there, and the guy that sits beside me and leaves early set a new record - 42mins. Brought someone along who wanted to go to a game. Made the point ahead of time that it was likely to be awful. I was not wrong.
  5. I preferred no transfer rumours. I also can’t believe I was happier when we were too tight to pay fees. Nothing against Jordan White.
  6. Nice bit of business for them, €100k for us to have a loan of him for a year.
  7. I’ve been wondering what that’s been about - thought it might be a cautious approach to managing his return, but we’ve looked a lot better with him on the pitch the last couple of games so if it’s for any “tactical” reason then that’s another mark against Davidson.
  8. Cosgrove and Bradshaw for me these days. That said I tune in a lot less than I used to.
  9. Agree with the support for the Terrace (even if they are a bit down on Saints), and will second Old Firm Facts, the episodes aren’t too regular and are sometimes quite long but always a really good listen. Occasionally listen to the Courier Talking Football podcast for the local content. Never listen to their Dundee/Utd focussed one, though.
  10. I’ve always loved Stevie May, now I’m back in love with him. What a rejuvination. Didn’t enjoy the last 15 mins. Crawford wasn’t what was needed. Starting to feel a little less doomy about the season ahead.
  11. I’m really willing it to happen for Bair but I don’t think we have the time to wait - again May did more in 30 than Bair in 60, even if that wasn’t a huge amount.
  12. I’m hoping we’ve slipped back to 2013/2014, when life was better
  13. Anyone who’s heard Kenny Macintyre’s Monday night Sportsounds could have seen today’s show coming from a mile off.
  14. Tommy Wright must look at squad building under Davidson's management and be baffled - he spent years publicly cajoling Brown to let him bring players in (may well have just been playing the PR game well...) and made a big play of recruiting based on character as well as ability...to this, where Davidson is throwing 2+ year contracts around like confetti and seemingly deciding he can't trust players brought in under his watch (is Cleary a Grieve signing?). Caveat that the Cleary thing isn't confirmed as I type.
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