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  1. I think a main reason for Pals Battalions was, as has been previously mentioned, the instant camaraderie that would be created near-instantly, rather than a unit having to be together for months. The British Army's doctrine at the time was unchanged from Napoleonic tactics, whereby they'd fire rife volleys while advancing and then have a bayonet charge. The French doctrine was exactly the same. The winners of a bayonet charge are likely to be the side with the best morale or esprit de corps, and the best discipline. Most bayonet charges result in one side surrendering or running away, so there are usually less fatalities, and the battle continues. The European forces all sent military observers to watch the American civil war (where the bayonet charge wasn't really used, and instead they just stood 50-100 yards from each other and fired until one side was dead) but only the Prussians actually studied the goings on with any detail and learned from it - the rest just thought it was a mess and dismissed it entirely. Prussia experimented with what they learned in the Franco Prussian war of 1870-71, and then developed the tactics they used when a unified Germany swept through the low countries in 1914. The French and British armies still thought it was 1814 and expected to be able to do the volley-advance-volley-charge routine, which doesn't work against entrenched men with machine guns. it was 1916, i think, before the British Army officially changed the doctrine and accepted that it wasn't going to work. The Lee Enfield rifle being issued in 1914 had a 10-round magazine, but also a cut-off to make it function as a single-shot rifle, so they could have the second rank advance while the first was reloading. That the Army requested a feature which deliberately made one of the most advanced military rifles of the time function the same way as a gun from forty years earlier is another example of the leadership at the time being completely out of touch with reality.
  2. no, i just set questions that i knew would be answerable, but it was very unlikely the folk in my team would know. I did once set a quiz which was a drinking game for a pal's stag do. it was incredibly rigged (one question was 'name a four-piece band from Liverpool', he says the Beatles, but the answer i had written down was Carcass) and he ended up having to tan the entire 2l bottle of Strongbow himself. Might have contributed to why he tapped out at 11PM, in hindsight.
  3. 'crushing' Germany was what lead to the second world war. German were blamed for starting the Great War despite Austro-Hungary starting it. France and Britain wanted a square go against Germany in 1914 for territorial and economic reasons respectively, and disproportionally crippling them afterwards was to ensure they stayed down, but like a dog that's been kicked a few too many times they got behind Hitler and rejuvenated their economy despite the Versailles treaty rules. Or a minority did, as the Nazis only had about 33% of the popular vote, but the Reichstag was in such a chaotic mess, to try and inject some stability von Hindenburg agreed to make Hitler Reichskanzler. Hitler likely wouldn't have been able to amass even that much support if it hadn't been for the economic turmoil imposed on them by the allies, and Hitler's ability to harness the ill-feeling towards it. Also, the allies occupied Germany until 1949, retained military bases in Germany until the 90s as a bulwark against Sovyet aggression, and f**k knows what reason the US trots out for retaining the ones they still have. Japan was occupied until 1952.
  4. He had a habit of joining whatever party was most likely to get him elected at the time, rather than face being out of parliament. He spent five months in Belgium during the Great War, largely behind the lines, then applied to get back to London and the safety of the Houses of Parliament. He made an arse of Gallipoli, but was on the Dardanelles Committee which looked into why it was a disaster and was therefore not blamed. He made an arse of the Norway campaign in 1940 and yet used the failure of the campaign to engineer his way into power by distancing himself from the government and shifting the blame onto them. He had an opportunity to end the war earlier by supporting the German generals' coup against Hitler and didn't take it, favouring a complete destruction of Germany instead (because completely destroying the German economy and military-industrial complex had worked so well in 1919 to prevent any future aggression from that state). He was comprehensively voted out at the first opportunity after the war, and immediately wrote a history book painting himself in a great light, then set off on a lecture tour of the USA where he stoked up anti-Sovyet feeling and aided the onset of the Cold War. But apart from that and a dozen other examples, there isn't much evidence that he was a total wido and chancer.
  5. Queen Bitch, V2 Schneider, Life on Mars, Heroes, Yassassin, Ashes To Ashes... could go on and on
  6. he was strongly motivated by a desire to be in power, to be the big man, and to cripple Germany again.
  7. can you prove with any certainty that any of your antecedents were enslaved by the Romans? Because any Afro-Caribbean folk can prove that they were enslaved by British plantation quite easily. Therefore, arguing that the Italians should destroy 2,000-year-old statues because some of your ancestors might have been slaves somewhere between 1,600 and 1,900 years ago is a bit of a stretch, i'd say, and not really comparable.
  8. i was tasked to set the questions on this week's team WFH quiz. out of a possible 11 points, one person got 4, a couple got 2, some 1 point and a couple of them scored 0. I don't expect i'll be asked to set the questions again, therefore i'm the real winner.
  9. There's a mini-beach in abronhill. that doesn't count, it's mostly comprised of broken glass and mud. and so's the beach.
  10. terrible patter. implies women can't be condescending.
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