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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/gallery/2019/sep/06/for-forest-an-art-intervention-transforming-austrian-stadium should be done to Broadwood, IMO. permanently.
  2. My work decided that they needed to know how many desk drawers my team is using, and they've to be calculated in 'linear meters'. They also decided that each drawer should be counted as one linear meter, regardless of its actual physical dimension. therefore they just wanted the drawers counted, then multiplied by 1.
  3. https://www.cumbernauld-news.co.uk/lifestyle/cumbernauld-cosplayers-get-engaged-at-sci-fi-convention-1-4876067
  4. A mate knocked me down outside the snooker club and was trying to drive over me. it was a very tidy mk4 Fiesta in radiant red, tastefully modified except for the front grill he'd had custom made where the cut-out part was a large RDS badge, like you get on FM radios. quite worried by the frequency of dreams lately where my pals try and kill me.
  5. last night I dreamt I had two piercings on my neck, and no clue how I got them. Then a mate came after me with jump leads, wanting to give me shock treatment. But I ran off. Oddly, I was wearing one of those Umbro stadium jackets that were popular in the mid 90s which you thought made you look like a football manager. Or at least I did when I had mine in 3rd year.
  6. Chlamydia Kid can roadie for the tour supporting the album. single-handed carrying of Marshall stacks etc.
  7. I was down in some wee English seaside town with my pal and we were looking for some scran. We spotted what we thought was a bowling club and went in to see if they did food. We told them we were bowlers and they invited us to join them as they were just sitting down to a five-course meal for fifteen quid. that seemed very reasonable so we sat at the tables. my starter came out reasonably quickly, but then the next course was taking an age, and my pal hadn't had his starter yet. we inquired what was taking so long and we were told he wouldn't get his starter until the other team was batting. turned out it was a cricket club, they'd thought we were spin bowlers. I decided we should leave as we had to get home to on a stag do the day after next and we had to catch a minibus and drive to Poland. My pal refused as he'd paid his fifteen quid and wanted his coronation chicken. I shot the craw and then realised I hadn't done any washing but i'd have to pack clean clothes for the stag do. I then acquired two massive lettuce leaves and a leek, and cut the panels for a short-sleeved shirt out of the lettuce, used strips of the leek to tape the seams, and sewed it together. Then I went and caught a bus. It was a 1970s double-decker, red. We were travelling along at a fair rate through the English countryside when the driver of the bus suddenly got up and started waving a gun at the passengers. It was Mel Gibson as Mad Max, I realised, and became worried that he'd find my lettuce shirt and eat it, so I jooked down behind the seat back so he wouldn't see me. He got a ham sandwich from a chunky lad in the back seat and I decided to take control of the bus while he was distracted. I jumped into the empty drivers seat but Mad Max had cut the brakes and glued the accelerator down. I dodged a Morris Minors and crashing through a hedge and onto a go-kart track, which just made things worse as a Leyland bus with the accelerator glued down doesn't handle too well. Destroyed their tyre walls, but managed to get back on the road, when Max appeared and pointed the gun at my head. Then the alarm went off.
  8. I still want rid of Low and Caldwell. Beating a team near the bottom of the division below us (for now) who're suffering from a number of injured players, and only have 17 on the books in the first place isn't a huge achievement. Clearly a number of changes were made after intel from Thistle spies (possibly Komitet Georgij Brittonovich) lurked about on here/twitter/WAT/facebook/hipster coffee shops/vegan pubs and revealed that the number of dissidents was growing daily. Especially after tuesday. Normal service will be resumed Saturday, IMO.
  9. so we can get rid of her and not have to pay compensation? ideal.
  10. Rednyella, the anonymous arbiter of who is allowed to be considered a Thistle supporter, based on how nice they are about incompetent people dragging a club into the third tier.
  11. < That's my real name, Mr Rednyyella. Keyboard warrior calling the kettle a load of cowardly c*nts. And a salary.
  12. been saying for months how much i'm looking forward to visiting Broadwood again after relegation. hope we don't bottle it and turn things round.
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