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  1. They haven't released a book in at least a few months.
  2. I got my LLB offers three years ago, but both Dundee and Strathy must've been at the end of March IIRC
  3. Anyone that drinks anything other than Scottish Blend is a no-voting, Tory c**t tbqhwya. Splash of milk and one sugar to attract the kids, as Skidmarks says.
  4. What a seething mess.There was no evidence at the time and there is still no evidence to prosecute him, therefore he cannot be prosecuted. If the Crown don't have evidence to prosecute, there's no chance that a family will have sufficient evidence to privately prosecute, so that has been correctly denied by the Lord Advocate. The Court will also deny the PP too. At no point was Clark told by any medical professional that there was a realistic chance that he could have another blackout and that is the crucial point.
  5. Sound guilty imho. In all serious, Anwar is one of the best solicitor-advocates about, though he does know it. A very clever man nonetheless.
  6. Early touches sounds like a Police sting operation to catch beasts IMO.
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