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  1. I’m not convinced his work rate’s that great tbh. He’ll make a 50 yard sprint but then spending the next 10 mins strolling about and pointing.
  2. ‪Right the joke’s over now. Get Tommy Robson off and get him back to Yorkhill hospital.‬
  3. Think they stopped selling them online because Celtic fans were buying them. Think you can get them over the phone in the morning.
  4. I’d say he’s best as a box-to-box midfielder. He’s tidy on the ball and times his runs into the box well. Caldwell thought he could be converted to a RB and I think he played there a bit at Elgin last season. He played a bit in the League Cup for us this season and looked good but then picked up a bad injury, think he broke and dislocated his shoulder. I’ve always been impressed by him but he’s absolutely tiny.
  5. What’s the Woody like before we playing either of the OF? Do they let them in?
  6. Sounds like they will have first option on him for the future and a sell on clause.
  7. Anyone know which side of the main stand is section M1? Is that towards the north or city? Can’t see it anywhere on the website.
  8. Surely these twins are some sort of practical joke. Zero personality and are munters.
  9. He is after today. He’s now on 5, Shea Gordon’s on 4.
  10. Williamson, Robson, McGinty, Miller and Austin. Easy.
  11. United have much better players than us. Result not a surprise.
  12. No doubt we’ve improved under McCall but there’s a long way to go. So many of the squad aren’t good.
  13. Berra’s is finished and his legs have gone but so had Steven Anderson’s. Despite not being very good, his leadership and organisational skills improved us. Can’t see it happening though.
  14. The Record saying Rudden’s a done deal and we’re close to signing Graham and Darian McKinnon. Rudden and Graham are impressive signings (on paper). Unsure on McKinnon. Would’ve loved him 2 seasons ago but Accies fans think he’s done.
  15. Apparently he’s coming to us. Hope it’s not broke down.
  16. Won’t believe it until it’s on the website. Seems fairly legit though considering McCall’s son has posted on one of the facebook groups saying it’s done.
  17. 4 goals in 20 games isn’t that decent considering he’s played 90 minutes in about 90% of them. He spends so much of the game out of position which is why means we’re light upfront. His finishing is pretty poor - I can remember 3 open goals he’s missed. His passing is pretty mince too.
  18. He’a right sided. He looked okay when I seen him but 2 if those games were against Rangers Colts and Clyde’s development team. The other he gave away the ball and let an Ayr player to take a free run at goal and score.
  19. Didn’t have a great view of that but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. Recently Fox seems to be behind the line trying to save shots.
  20. Draw was a pretty fair result. Thought we were slightly better but not much in it. Thought we should’ve actually had a 3rd penalty but no chance you’re getting 3 penalties in 5 minutes.
  21. Could probably include Reece Cole. His loan’s been extended until the summer.
  22. We’ve been linked to Blair Lyons, Gary Miller and Brian Graham. Alan Forrest too but would imagine that would be in the summer. All are just internet rumours, nothing’s been said from the club or in the press.
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