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  1. Agreed. I’ve no issue with Muirhead’s celebration. I’m more annoyed that Tiffoney or Graham didn’t do similar.
  2. Thought Morton were hopeless all over today but thought the keeper looked particularly shite. Is he not quite highly rated by Livi?
  3. Embarrassing day for Imrie. Having his team time waste after 5 minutes with the score at 0-0 against Thistle before getting an absolutely scudded and also having to cut about all day wearing those horrendous trousers. Don’t think we played anywhere near our best and that was still a doddle. Thought Bannigan was absolutely brilliant again and deserved MOTM.
  4. We’ve been pretty poor for the majority of the first half but deservedly in the lead.
  5. Absolute disaster. We sat off Cove far too much when they were there for the taking then concede two soft set-pieces once again.
  6. I’m going to the Yankees vs Red Sox next weekend at Yankee Stadium. I know very little about baseball. Any tips for what to do/not to do at the game and players to look out for would be much appreciated.
  7. Would be a very good signing. Think we definitely need another CB in.
  8. My stream is terrible but it looks a pretty dull game so far.
  9. Not as comfortable as probably should be but no complaints, we’ve finally beaten Arbroath and are through to the next round. Thought Lawless was excellent and had their LB Hancock on toast.
  10. We should be at least one ahead here. No idea why Docherty didn’t square to Dowds rather than round the keeper.
  11. I do feel a bit for Sneddon. I've never been his biggest fan but to be dropped for someone who doesn't appear to be any better than him seemingly for the long hall is surprising. Agree with that. I don’t think there’s much between the two. Both are good shot stoppers but too indecisive and poor decision making. I think Sneddon should’ve started the season as number 1 and should definitely been given game time tonight.
  12. I was miles off with that prediction. Only 3 changes: Muirhead, Turner and Dowds in for Akinola, McKinnon and Graham.
  13. Would imagine we’ll make a fair few changes for the cup game. If fit then I’d imagine Sneddon, Brownlie, Muirhead, Hodson, Turner, Smith, Fitzpatrick and 2 of Weston, Dowds or Mullen to start. Something like this: Sneddon Hodson Akinola Muirhead McMillan Fitzpatrick Docherty Turner Smith Dowds Mullen/Weston
  14. Deserved 3 points but thought we should’ve scored more than 2. Don’t think we were at our best but it was a solid performance. McMillan was MOTM for me. Fair play to Raith to going to back for the last 20ish minutes then going to 1 for the last 10. Thought they looked pretty poor though.
  15. We’ve played well again. Should’ve been 3-0 up if it wasn’t for a bizarre call from the linesman. Shitshow defending again for the goal we conceded.
  16. He’ll be good for the first couple of months then fall to pieces. Absolute shitebag of a player.
  17. As mentioned, we were excellent. Every one gets pass marks. Thought Bannigan was excellent, he looked back to his best tonight.
  18. Bit weird that you enjoy seeing us getting beat but each to their own.
  19. Got it on my IPTV so no link for it unfortunately (or fortunately).
  20. Found a terrible stream for this just before the goal. We were asleep for the goal, really poor.
  21. Would be shocked if Low isn’t involved with the preferred new owner.
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