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  1. If Docherty’s out long-term then Paton would make sense. Can’t see us signing anyone though.
  2. Given that Breen is away, new injuries will most likely be Sena, Brownlie and McKenna.
  3. Started off shakey, then looked okay then got injured and couldn’t get a game. Was 4th choice CB so him leaving makes sense for all parties.
  4. Another win for Union today. Starting to think Europa League qualification might actually happen, which is absolutely wild.
  5. I’d stick Sena up front for the chaos factor. He’d be no worse than Murray/Lyons/Gordon.
  6. That was the best performance I’ve seen from Rudden until he needlessly got sent off.
  7. Anyone else having issues trying to buy the PPV? After clicking the Paypal checkout button and it says “things don’t appear to be working”
  8. I suppose getting beat off Peterhead is a good omen.
  9. What a bizarre comment. We’re 9 points clear of Forfar. We’ll shitfest our way to a play-off place.
  10. Only seen the second half but that was absolutely brutal with no shot on target. The amount of time we gave the ball away was pathetic.
  11. It’s grass. Have we played each other since the 2006 playoff?
  12. 22 shots with only 5 on target (one being a penalty) is really poor. Williamson’s crossing was dreadful. We miss Spittal. Thought Docherty and Sena/Brownlie were good. Lyons was poor when he came on.
  13. Was never a penalty. Good save from the keeper then a shocking miss from Graham.
  14. McCall said it’ll be a few weeks before any of the injured ones are back.
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