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  1. I’d say Celtic and Rangers but we’ve not beaten one of them in nearly 30 years and their fans couldn’t give a f**k. I started going to games in the early 2000s and at that time there was a rivalry with Airdrie so it’s them who I consider a derby, although they’ll probably say one of the Lanarkshire teams is there derby. I think it depends when you started going to games. Some older fans than me will say Killie or Clyde. Younger ones might say Morton. I wouldn’t say Clyde is a derby game but I do dislike them more than Queens Park, Hamilton or any other team that’s nearby.
  2. Pretty boring but it’s still a bit different. Bannigan needs to shave his head.
  3. That statement is a pure riddy. It’s worry but not surprising how many of our fans are lapping it up.
  4. Is Murray decent? Never seen our games against each other last season.
  5. Will be a massive upgrade on Williamson. Happy with that.
  6. Don’t quite see how me calling out your dreadful patter makes me a bellend tbh.
  7. Thought Gikiewicz would’ve went to a better side than Augsburg. He’s been excellent.
  8. Shut up. You sound like a Celtic da on Twitter.
  9. Belter and a lot nicer than the shite Joma templates.
  10. Scott Burns now saying Fox has knocked back Killie and will sign for you. Unlucky.
  11. More good news. Had 2 good games and was a complete shitebag.
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