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  1. The 12/13 season is the only over the past 15 years that we’ve been good from set pieces.
  2. Surprised at the lack of people having Firhill as the worst.
  3. Timewasting is absolutely brilliant when done by your own team. Love it.
  4. If we can’t beat this Dunfermline then we’re aswell just forfeiting the season.
  5. Would agree with this. Good selection beers too. Although I was in on Friday before the game and it stank of pish.
  6. The most predictable goal of all time. Fox is useless.
  7. Don’t worry. John Baird scoring is a certainty.
  8. At least we’ll be able scud both Clyde and Airdrie 4 times a season.
  9. What’s happened? I don’t venture on to the borefest.
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