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  1. Docherty has to go to the consultant on Monday to see if he needs an operation on his injury. Hopefully will be able to take painkillers and get surgery at the end of the season
  2. With Stevo giving it the big shot on Sunday say he wants a new contract, he should be given pre-season to see how much he really wants it. No denying he has the ability and if can get show find it again could be a massive player next season for us We need to sign a striker who has the ability to score 15/20 goals in this league along with a 10/15 support striker. Would like to see Moore and Moffat come back, Preston will probably stay down south. Would need a decent back up striker before we hit the academy Midfield need would like a seasoned championship cm come in and a couple of wingers. With doc Gilmour and Crawford in the middle a 4th midfielder who is Experianced at this level could hopefully guide them Need a CB to play alongside either graham/Murphy, wouldn't be shocked if Murphy drops down to play closer to home. And one more CB as wellBoyle and devlin should be good enough but if were getting a full back hopefully improve than a back up. Fleming should do a job s well
  3. They would expect to get thrown right to the top of tree as well
  4. At least you taught him how to use the hash tags #progress
  5. 2 teams that both didn't look like scoring. we missed Moore massively. Don't think Preston enjoyed playing with Stevo, a lot of the work Preston had to do was balls bouncing off him. The stamp on Crawford was blatant from the keeper and lucky it never got seen. Ah well at least the trips to tannadice and Easter road will be better than balmoor and glebe park.
  6. big summer ahead. Hope McCalls already looking at a few players. Definitely need a couple of wingers for next season. Would like to see Moore, mccrorie and Preston back next season. Important to have a bigger squad next season. If we have a similar injury crisis like this season. Will be even harder to get through next year
  7. Started off no at the races. Came into it and should of scored through either Moore or mccrorie. After that fell out of the game 2nd half don't think we strung 3 passes together without hoofing it, don't think that tatie field helped. Fleming kept us in the tie after his rush of blood. To say we got out of jail is an understatement roll on Sunday
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