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  1. Nice to have them back in the Championship, however, of the 4 signings they have made only Reilly is half decent and where as you might get away with a few below par performances in League 1 you will get punished in this league against better teams.
  2. All we need now is an extremely competent goalkeeper and we won't be far away.
  3. I must admit that for the first few months that Grant played for us I wasn't keen, but I hold my hands up and say that he has proved me wholly wrong and some.
  4. He definitely needs games and I agree that he is ready at Championship level, so why not send him somewhere like Dumbarton, however, I think that if he does go out on loan that it won't be to a team in our league.
  5. And players no matter how well they have done for us in the past, Alston being one that springs to mind. He has scored some big goals for us in the past, 1/4 final away v the Accies when he got both, the 2nd being a contender for "Goal of the Century" never mind Goal of the season.
  6. I'll be more than happy if we get the 2 we are after as well as not losing anyone other than Alston, would be a good close season in my eyes, however, I dare say that that there people who will still pick holes in what the "Ginger God" is doing/has done.
  7. Danny Rogers with a bit of luck, then we will be good to go.
  8. Tim Krul Scott Arfield Jay Fulton Stephen Kingsley and last but not least.......Lyle Taylor.
  9. Think Austin could do the trick but might need a little bit of "bedding in", however, some Bairns fans might get on his case if he is not at it straight away.
  10. According to Wikipedia Gasparotto's current team is Falkirk.
  11. Just need to get Danny back for next season and we will be good to go.
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