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  1. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    Have to hope Semple is a good defender Doyle is a full back end off . We somehow won the game only because Stranraer had a crazy 5 mins before half time . Stranraer the better side for most of the game really deserved something from the game . Queens have a lot to work on I suppose the only good thing was that we won the game
  2. The Queen of the South Thread

    I am hoping Semple is as good as Jason Kerr if not then we will lose a lot of goals. Doyle is a right back will never do as a center half . Stranraer had a crazy 5 mins that cost them the game. Queens very poor for most of the game positive was that they won the game
  3. The Queen of the South Thread

    What is the injury update on Martin and Todd ?. How did the trialists play tonight .? Was it Doyle and the player from down South . Who is the mystery player from down South ?
  4. The Queen of the South Thread

    Even me who is not the most positive fan thinks Dobbie is the best player in the league.
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    Josh Todd is he out with a injury not involved in the friendly games so far . Who was the trialist center half tonight ?
  6. The Queen of the South Thread

    How does it take us that long to sign a player ?. Doyle would be perfect for us but it seems Naysmith and the board take forever to sign a player . I realise money is very tight but other clubs like Morton just identify a player they want then go and sign him .
  7. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Not heard anything about that is that the ex Morton player
  8. The Queen of the South Thread

    Great to get Marshall back but for a while I thought it was going to be Gavin Reilly now that would be signing to get excited about .
  9. Summer 2018 transfer thread

    Queens have resigned Jordan Marshall .
  10. Really think this is a very hard game for us all the pressure will be on us not to lose . Brechin will be right up for the game as this is the last chance to get a win . Hopefully we can take the form from our last 2 games into the match and finish the season on a high.
  11. Last home game against a inform Untied team . Easy away win for Untied in what has been another poor season for us especially at home We just can't defend especially at home just give teams easy goals .
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    Why when we had the chance did we not just sign Ballantyne . Why bring him in in trial according to Montrose fans he was outstanding for them . Then he does well on trial then we still don't offer him a deal Ballantyne then gets offered a part time contract at Dumbarton no trial can't gamble on us offering him anything so he signs for Dumbarton . Have to hope Naysmith has better lined up time will tell
  13. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    You pay your players over £1000 a week no wonder you signed Thomson and Durnan we could not get anywhere near that . I suppose you are the same with County and Dundee Utd you could not get anywhere near what they are paying . As always players will always go to the club who pays the most money players have no real care for the club they play for.
  14. The Queen of the South Thread

    John Robertson the Inverness manager thinks other clubs are trying to but success . Ross County and Dundee United paying huge money for players Falkirk binned their youth academy so they will put all funds in to the first team so they will spend big . Partick and Dunfermline are paying players over £1000 a week . Robertson saying Queens Morton Ayr and Inverness all pay similar money . He is using Livi as a example of what can be done with a club with a small budget No wonder Joe Thomson and Mark Durnan signed for Dunfermline we could not get anywhere near £1000 a week . It is not just Naysmith who is finding it hard to sign players can make more than double what Queens or even Inverness can offer them
  15. The Queen of the South Thread

    He will have to wait for his op on the NHS.? Always thought Queens paid for private treatment for players but I suppose it will all be down to cost again . Alan Martin had to wait for a op in the NHS last season so Brownlie will be the same .. Wonder if other teams in the Championship have private healthcare ?
  16. The Queen of the South Thread

    Heard it many times from various folk that Dobbie is the best paid player in the Championship . Okay he is a great player but can we afford to pay him top wages. Does most of Queens budget go on Dobbie wages
  17. The Queen of the South Thread

    Never heard of him . Gavin Reilly is now looking for a club why not make a good offer Reilly could be our main forward for years to come but it seems we shop in the pound shop only getting a special offer like Harkins and Todd every so often .
  18. The Queen of the South Thread

    Livi had a budget similar to us last season but had a manager who got the right players in it can be done on a small budget maybe Naysmith had 4 or 5 players lined up just taking his time signing them !!!
  19. The Queen of the South Thread

    We have Cammy Ballantyne training with us . Young full back who was at Montrose on loan from Dundee Utd last season . Very highly rated at Montrose but a huge step up to the Championship.
  20. The Queen of the South Thread

    Allan Ball really was a great goalie and a really nice guy as well . Played snooker with him the story's he had about his football career really he could write a book great guy . Not been keeping well hopefully his health will improve .
  21. The Queen of the South Thread

    When do Queens come back for pre season training ?
  22. The Queen of the South Thread

    Joe Thomson will score more goals than all our midfield put together . Time to put my sharpest tool back In the box Mr Steeplechat
  23. The Queen of the South Thread

    That like saying we have 2 forwards on our books so we don't need Dobbie !!!
  24. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Thomson is way above Burns and Reilly great signing for Dunfermline .A box to box goalscoring midfielder will get at least 10 goals for you
  25. The Queen of the South Thread

    Any new signing is a risk but we all no what we would have been getting from Joe Thomson .When very good players become available you do all you can to sign them. Amazing to say we need as left back and a centre half more than Joe Thomson what a load of rubbish you can't have enough good players