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  1. AJ should be back full time from tomorrow we are going to miss out on players with him off another week . If we had a core of a squad together it would not be so bad but to only have 3 players signed makes us miles behind any other Championship team . When does training start back before the end of August ?
  2. Going to keep positive this season AJ will have a decent few signing already lined up just as you say be patience for another couple of weeks .
  3. Okay we lost 3 key players 2 we got a transfer fee for but the idea is your try and replace them with the same standard of player . AJ signing in Jan every one was very poor .
  4. Really good interview with the Chairman. Staying full time but going with a young squad according to the Chairman It is very difficult to work out a budget this season . I was really surprised that we do have a sell on Dykes him being sold could get us another 2 or 3 players
  5. We will surely have crowds at games come October . Palmerston is easily big enough and safe enough to have social distance crowds cut the capacity in the stands if need be . I take it there will be a code on my season ticket to let me stream games if I have to . Any idea when the Queens shop will be open ?
  6. Michael Doyle has signed for Queens Park. Would have liked him back at Queens but we miss out again . Other news fixtures out tomorrow at 2pm live on Sky sports
  7. Tommy Goss signing for Queens .Will he be good enough to make the step up huge jump from South football to the Championship .
  8. Will the walk up price be put up to £20 instead of £18 . This is the time to do it most clubs seem to doing that but can we do that now that we have set out season ticket prices . Is it right the fixtures come out this week
  9. Time will tell who is right but it will be nowhere near 15% be surprised if we even have a sell on clause
  10. It has not been confirmed anywhere that we have sell on with Dykes . If we do it will be nowhere near 15 % more like 5 %.
  11. Was in our local paper reporter getting the story from there . We are miles behind Ayr and everyone else all seem to have a core of a squad signed.
  12. Doyle is a far better full back than Mercer Doyle defends no messing about can't remember many who fly past him Mercer is easily beat for pace okay good going forward but that is not enough for me
  13. Surely they will be no reserve team this season hard enough getting a 1st team squad together . Gibson could do a job for us in center midfield his experience will be important for us
  14. Doyle much better defender . Mercer good going forward Mix the 2 you have a good right back . If I was a manager had the choice it would be Doyle
  15. Looks like we are going to miss out on Michael Doyle going to Queens Park. Are we going to miss out on a few players with us not even thinking about signing players till mid August .
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