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  1. Think we will be without Dobbie and Harkins for this game . Dobbie is a huge miss as he would be for any team in our league Dobbie scores most of our goals so difficult to see where our goals will come from . Dunfermline are a big club with a good squad surprised where they are in the league hopefully a Queens home win to stay 4th the in the league
  2. Get £200,000 for a player or get nothing 6 month later surely any club in our league would take that deal.
  3. Jamie Adams saying that Shankland is a better player than Dobbie take it he must have been joking Shankland is a good player at our level but it will interesting to see how he gets on at a higher level of football maybe in 10 years time if Shankland has had as good a career as Dobbie then maybe you can match them up but not right now . If Swansea offer £200,000 Ayr have to take that you can't turn down that kind of money when you will lose him for nothing in the summer we lost Dobbie to Swansea for nothing 10 years ago
  4. The Queen of the South Thread

    That will have saved a lot not hiring a coach but a long drive up for some players . It seems to have worked as that was a great point at Ross County really expected nothing today .
  5. Ross County v Queens

    Great point today really thought we would not get anything today . Queens are now in the Top 4 but it is a very tight league there will be many draws in the league nothing between the teams.
  6. Ross County v Queens

    With a 5-4-1 set up it looks like we are playing for a point would be surprised if we get anything out of the game . Andy Stirling out is that because he is not defensive enough might try and get forward
  7. The Queen of the South Thread

    No need to worry about Harkins looks like he is out with injury for the Ross County game . Looks like we are set up to try and get a point a defensive 5-4-1 set up . Is it not a waste of what little money we have to travel up on the Friday surely we could leave early Saturday morning and still arrive in plenty of time for the game
  8. That is Dobbie now out with injury that is how easy it can happen surely best to take any decent offer in Jan for Shankland
  9. Ross County v Queens

    Just can't see Queens scoring without Dobbie it would be a amazing result to even get a draw against a very good Ross County side .
  10. The Queen of the South Thread

    Dobbie out for a few games how long is that . Take it now he has had his scan are we talking weeks out or months
  11. The Queen of the South Thread

    Harkins is not mobile enough to play centre midfield in a game like this when we will not get much of the ball .
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    Great idea was the Xmas day a success .Weather not the best but think most things inside ?
  13. The Queen of the South Thread

    Why would we recall Tremble he is nowhere near ready for the 1st team .Now it is time for Dykes to step up and be the main man .Would play Harkins up top on his own play 4-5-1 . Was Dobbie and the rest of the 1st team squad down today for the Xmas day at the Arena ?
  14. Any team that finishs above Ross County will win the league . They have the best squad so this will be a difficult game . Looks like we will be without Dobbie as well we will set up 4-5 -1 go looking for a draw would rather us go for a win but that is not the Naysmith way. If we somehow get a draw that would be a great result
  15. Queens v Partick

    We won enjoy the win can't believe I am saying this but think positive Dobbie injury might not be as bad as you think