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  1. When will the Queens players and staff be put on furlough leave . Queens have no income so why pay players when the government have a scheme in place to pay 80% of the wages .
  2. It really is feeling like that now isn't it. I have a feeling of impending doom. Absolutely gutted how this season has gone. We have nothing to suggest that we will stay up the Jan transfer window was a disaster for Queens AJ has made some very poor signing he is to blame .Of the 5 signing only Wilson is a decent the other 4 are very poor .
  3. This really is a must win for Queens . I like many fans just can't see where our next win will come from. We look like we have gone we have nothing to suggest that we will get out of the trouble we are in
  4. The shareholders meeting on Thursday night surely the board and AJ will get a hard time or will it be the same shareholders asking the same happy questions .
  5. What a negative post it is like something I would post in saying that it will be hard to find any Queens fan who thinks Queens will stay up this season
  6. You really think a new manager would make a difference ? The players are giving 100 % the problem is that they are not good enough I don't think any new manager would make a difference you seem to think that if we get a new manager all of a sudden we would be hard to beat and start scoring goals again
  7. Would sacking AJ make a big difference. ..I really can't see how a new manager can make average players better overnight .The players give 100% but Dobbie aside we have no quality we could have played till midnight and not scored today .
  8. No chance the board gave him a 2 year contract we just don't have the money to get rid of him
  9. Don't worry many Queens fans are worried .The problem is everyone has made good signing in Jan. to improve we have let players go signing poor players as replacements
  10. Queens are in very poor form have not won this year lost 4 of the last 5 games it is like last season all over again I just cant see it changing against Dundee unless the board have the balls to sack Alan Johnston
  11. We won't have got much for the 2 players be lucky if it was £20,000 to continue my negative thoughts are we going to let Alan Johnston take us down or do something about it now before it is to late . It will cost us to get rid but do you gamble and keep him in the hope he keeps us up
  12. It seems like the game should never have started player safety is everything what is the point of trying to play football in heavy rain and more important gale force winds
  13. The Motherwell connection is that Alan Johnston son plays in the same youth team as Devine. His son must be best pals with Devine that must be the reason we signed him and still play him !!!
  14. It is great news to make a profit but it was only really because we did so well in the Scottish Cup . The disaster against Queens Park will make it very difficult to make a profit this season
  15. Queens are all over the place just now conceding easy goals 3 key players have left in Jan Arbroath have added real quality to the squad in Jan I expect a home win Arbroath will definitely score Queens will once again struggle to stay in the Championship
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