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  1. Surely you would want a good grass pitch like we had before upgrade King George with a new 3 G pitch have Heston reserves and young boys train on it . Okay we don't have as many games off with a 3 G pitch but is that a good enough reason to keep it give me any grass pitch rather than 3 G
  2. Will Dapo be available for Saturday all the Rangers players involved are now back .
  3. Do Dundee not put highlights of the game on you tube seen every other game apart from ours .
  4. Yet another hard game they all are in the Championship . Dunfermline have added some very good signing in Jan / Feb so have we hopefully we can get near a full squad for this . We will need to once again be at our best to get anything
  5. Really good interview with AJ after the Dundee game . Great news that Sheilds is either back this week or next McKee and Leighfield . close to a return as well. He says how difficult it is to sign players and more important keep our good players we just don't pay as much as other full time teams .
  6. Another brilliant win to get 7 points out of 9 from Hearts Inverness and Dundee with key players missing all 3 games is great stuff. Never thought I would say this I had him sacked a while back but now time to offer AJ a new contract then if he hopefully signs try and get some of this squad signed for next season don't start from almost nothing again it will be very difficult as most players will hold off to see if they can get a better deal elsewhere .
  7. This is still going to be a very difficult game . Dundee will come out fired up AJ must get this into the players head the game is nowhere near won we must use our subs get fresh legs on when needed
  8. Why would I bother about punctuation on a football forum anyway more important very difficult game today if we can get a draw it would be a great result a big ask players will be tired after a midweek game and a long journey
  9. This is a great idea well done to all involved it has shown the club do care about the fans . This is more like it from Queens improving everywhere not just on the pitch .
  10. Think this will be very difficult to get a result Dundee have made some very good signing in Jan in Charlie Adam they easily have the best midfielder in the league. We will still have at least 5 key players out it is asking a lot of the same team to go again on what will be a very heavy pitch
  11. Lets not sour the mood after a great performance and result but also let's not kid on there's not been more shite than good on show from us this season. Result all that matters could not care how we play as long as we win . We had 6 key players out tonight this is our best result of the season
  12. That is a brilliant result even with a full squad it is very difficult to get a result at Inverness but we were missing so many key players would have taken a point but to get 3 very happy man tonight
  13. We have no goal threat why not try Jones up top take Dobbie off bring Joseph on out wide lucky to still be level change things before it is to late
  14. We must now cancel the loan what is the point of having a player who has a long suspension coming up hopefully we have positive talks with Rangers on getting someone else on loan .
  15. Surely Queens play him untill told otherwise the next step must come from Rangers
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