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  1. Queens never say who is released our best hope is for you to tell us .
  2. The majority of clubs release a list of who is leaving and who had been offered a new contract .Queens seem to keep all that a secret. We find out on players social media what they are doing rather than from the club .
  3. Queens lost 2-1 at Montrose then best them 5-0 at Palmerston all is not lost for Morton as you say all to play for on Tuesday
  4. We can't just let him walk away from Palmerston without a send off . Very difficult to do anything with covid but to let a Legend of a man just walk away just seems wrong to me . Queens will never get another player like him I feel lucky that I have seen play .
  5. Queens nothing to play for have been going through the motions for a few weeks now just glad we need nothing from the game . All points to a Dundee win for me who would have thought Queens would be safe now after the easy Boxing day defeat from Dundee
  6. Ayr beat Queens get a draw at Inverness . Morton beat Alloa Arbroath draw at Dunfermline . Arbroath then play out a draw with Morton .. Queens lose to Dundee then with our poor goal difference we finish 9th ..all seems very probable to me .
  7. Muirhead will have Ayr right up for this with it being Queens . Teams now fall back no room for the likes of Sheilds to run iinto our threat with pace has now gone hence the reason we are now struggling to score goals we don't have a plan B . Ayr will win the physical battle and we will always concede goals with our weak defence everything pointing towards a Ayr win
  8. Ayr will come out all guns blazing next week Muirhead will get them up for playing Queens . We are going through the motions not up for a fight I just can't see us get another point this season . My worry is our awful good difference I can see all the teams finish on 31 points end up us in the playoffs then we lose to Partick that is the nightmare I am having just now
  9. No way are Queens safe Ayr don't need to win in Inverness a draw would be enough after they beat us next week . Arbroath will definitely ge at least 2 points from the last 2 games probable more . Morton will get at least 2 draws and beat Alloa . All this means with Queens poor goal difference we will finish 9th The thing I am sure if is Queens are done for the season will not pick up another point going through the motions
  10. Ayr will surely come out flying give everything after the Arbroath game . We need to wake up and realise we are heading for 9th players are going through the motions . We will always concede goals but now we are struggling to score .
  11. It is a just like the Raith game going through the motions looks like some players can't wait to get away . We are struggling to score goals teams realise now how to play against us. AJ does not have a plan B might get a sub before 80 mins today surely Dobbie has to be on early in the 2nd half
  12. Best pitch I have seen is the Raith pitch after that Falkirk . The Killie pitch does not look much better than ours
  13. Alan Johnston saying it was one of our best performances against Raith says it sets us up for the run in What game was he watching a real worry that AJ thinks that it must be why he never used any subs till the 80th min .
  14. I can see now why the club has not offered AJ a new contract . You just can't play 80 mins when 1nil down and then decide to put a sub on . It as if he has a plan A and can't change it . A decent manager would have changed it at half time or even after 60 mins but 80 mins why wait as long as that
  15. Our season is now drifting away players going through the motions I only hope we have enough points to stay up . Dunfermline will be right up for it expect a home win .
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