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  1. Queens have lost 4 league games in a row Morton will score just depends how tight Morton mark Dobbie he is our only goal threat . Queens are sadly heading for relegation
  2. Relegation Royal Rumble

    This is Queens huge problem we have Dobbie but no other goal threat mark Dobbie tightly Queens won't score
  3. The Queen of the South Thread

    Turning point in the season we now face a fight to stay in the Championship . Are we good enough after today it makes me wonder
  4. The Queen of the South Thread

    Dykes has no interest in scoring goals never gets himself into the box always looking to play someone else in has to try and get himself on the end of some of the crosses that come in not stand back and leave it all to Dobbie
  5. A game Queens must win to get our season going again start of a huge week with Morton and Dunfermline next will make or break our season We have lost the last 3 league games don't think that has happened when Naysmith has been the manager. Hopefully we go 3 at the back have a right go at Alloa not just sit in and hope Dobbie can get us a goal . Hopefully Todd will be back we will have Aird back hopefully only missing Maguire
  6. Queens v Dundee Utd

    You played Dobbie well always 2 sometimes 3 men on him gave him no room
  7. Queens v Dundee Utd

    Really unlucky not to get a point . Wilson should have put the ball out instead of trying g that pass to Maguire but can't understand what the hell Maguire was trying to do pathetic attempt at a back pass then another very poor decision pulling the Dundee UTD player down to give away a pen and get himself sent off . Queens much better in the 2nd half had a real go went 3 at the back makes you wonder why we did not start the game like that really if we had 11 men then I think we would have won the game. Hit the bar had a few half chances but sadly Maguire cost us the game
  8. Queens v Dundee Utd

    Surely there will be a good traveling support 500 odd .Queens will have the usual 1200 odd fans very poor home support
  9. Will have to try and get going again against a very good side . We are losing to many goals from crosses need to try and get that sorted .Will have Wilson available hopefully Low and Doyle will be fit think Todd will still be out as will Aird .
  10. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    Aberdeen deserved the win but we again gave away poor goals. The 2nd goal was poor there is no excuse for any player getting a free header from a corner that got Aberdeen going again .Cosgrove more or less got a free header as well .The pen was a joke it really put Queens on a downer Stephen Dobbie what a player he could easily get into any team in Scotland he must think at times why am I not playing for the likes of Aberdeen still Queens are lucky to have him
  11. The Queen of the South Thread

    Queens won 3-2 but there are no players coming through makes you wonder if we should go down the Falkirk and other clubs way of thinking and scrap our youth system .
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    To lose over 200,000 when we have the Arena making a 119,000 is a worry . Dumfries it seems does not want a full time football club the crowds we get are very poor it just can't go on like this
  13. The Queen of the South Thread

    We make over 50,000 a year from the Arena and hire of the pitch . Really have to now look at part time football a backward step but it looks like Dumfries is not going to support Queens anymore with our poor crowds we can't go on losing 200,000 every season .
  14. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    That is what's worrys me we just don't have the height to deal with crosses. Queens will have to play very well and hope Aberdeen have a off day to have any chance of even a reply .
  15. The Queen of the South Thread

    This is my worry I can see Aird getting some great crosses into the box with no striker on the end of them Dykes should be the main target but he is just not a penalty box striker that is why he does not score any goals take someone like Derek Lyle for example he would always be in the box that is why he scored so many goals Dykes just has no goal threat . The Iain Wilson interview was hard work surprised Sandra Brown did not give up half way through . Naysmith saying we could have lost 5 players in the window but the board turned down the money on offer