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  1. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Did McCall not leave Thistle a few years back . Had to leave nothing to do with football let's just say Thistle had no choice to get rid of him .
  2. The start of 2 difficult away games for Queens. Hopefully Queens can play as well as Falkirk away but Partick look to be a good side at home . Our team just now will be the same 11 again but at least we have Frizzell on the bench now who looks to have a bit of pace that could change a game .
  3. Queens v Ross County

    Decent game draw probable about right . We had the better chances in the 1st half Dobbie hit the bar and Dykes had 2 good efforts but that is Dykes only fault he just does not score enough goals . Frizzell should have been on with at least 20 mins to go his pace was causing them problems he was allmost in at the end County lucky that the ball hit a defender . I suppose it is a decent point you can see why County are fav. for the league they have a very good squad
  4. Queen of the South v Crusaders

    Never a pen Doyle's arm never moved the ball was hit from very close amazing decision from the ref.
  5. Another hard game as they all are in the Championship . Ross County have a very good squad that will finish in the Top 4. If we play anything like we did in the 2nd half against Crusaders then we will lose the game hopefully we can reach the level we played at in the Ayr game maybe our shocking 2 nd half against Crusaders will show the players that you have to work hard all the time not just when you have the ball
  6. Queen of the South v Crusaders

    Strange game Queens started poor Martin had a good double save Crusaders passed the ball well then Queens got the goal it seemed to wake Queens up but even after that Crusaders hit the bar then Queens played some great footbal to go in 4 nil up. The 2nd half Crusaders as you would expect came at Queens Jacobs lost the ball when there was a simple pass back on goal . Crusaders then got a pen the ball hit Doyle on the arm but it was never a pen Doyle had his arm by his side . After that Martin had a good save but then we looked like we would see the game out but Mercer made a mistake now 4-3 . It was a long 5 minutes but we won the game which in a Cup Tie is all that matters
  7. Queen of the South v Crusaders

    I would start with the same team as last week hopefully if the game is going well then we can bring subs on. The Stenhousemuir game it was midweek so Naysmith was right to rest players . Norman surely has to play a few games in the res. to be ready for the 1st team
  8. The Queen of the South Thread

    Has David Norman started training with us . The likes of Norman and Semple do Queens organise somewhere for them to stay
  9. Queens v Ayr

    This will surprise a few Queens fans but I am a very happy fan. That 1st half was as good as I have seen Queens play for a long time . Sir Stephen Dobbie is easily the best player in the Championship we are lucky to have him but every player played there part.
  10. The Queen of the South Thread

    We surely have to sign a defender with both Brownlur and Fordyce out . Naysmith said it after the Falkirk game that he hoped to get a defender in said that if Semple got injured then we would not have any cover . We are already playing a right back at centre half.
  11. The Queen of the South Thread

    Would love to see over 2000 in Palmy on Sat but sadly even after a great win we will still have our normal loyal 1200 off fans backed up with a good away support from Ayr . 1800 odd to see 2 of the best strikers in Scotland !!! , ,no wonder we have no money to get players in
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    Rankin has found his level now . Can't complain about the football this week so will moan about other things . The Portland Road end turnstyle why is it never open . Many fans complain that they buy tickets at that side of the ground but have to walk round to gain entry to the Portland Road end . The clock is it going to get sorted many fans and even players miss it not working . Thought we had a Queens fan who can sort clocks surely the likes of the Queens trust could pay to get it sorted . Why did Dobbie only score 3 goals when he had 9 chances still Dobbie looks a decent player !!!. Been a good weekend this me a happy man amazing !!!!!
  13. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Queens are signing a defender on loan this week wonder if Liam Gordon will be available ?
  14. The Queen of the South Thread

    Looks like we are signing a defender on loan. We just can't go with 4 defenders and hope none get injured.
  15. Queens v Ayr

    Hopefully get a decent crowd for this game Ayr will bring a good support . Going to be very hard Ayr are flying just now don't concede goals and score a lot of goals. Have Shankland up top who just can't stop scoring just now . We will have to play the same team as against Falkirk as we don't have anyone else unless Queens find some money to let Naysmith add to the squad . Think Ayr will probably just have to much for us away win for me