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  1. Johnson will never get sacked our board don't have the balls or the money to pay him off.
  2. A lot of the Motherwell young boys in the 1st team squad today including Max Johnston AJ son probably why we never got Devine back on loan . Really amazed we never signed a defender on loan both Buchanan and Ayo had poor games last week but both have no pressure on them they must play every week even at that what happens if either gets injured we have nobody to step in not even a midfielder like say Wilson did last season
  3. It is very difficult times but the squad we have now with only 3 defenders is not good enough to stay up . I suppose the board want to play it safe and make sure Queens are still here next season.
  4. Not long now till the loan window is closed looking like we are not signing anyone . Must be great to be a Queens defender play poor you will still start the next game . We must be hoping to pick up a free agent if and when we need it or I sure Wullie Gibson will cover at centre back been everywhere else in defence
  5. That is the thing I have noticed about Buchanan he is quick to blame others rather than just do his job and defend it seems it is never his fault when most of the time it is .. It is very difficult just now but we must bring in at least one loan signing defender today not a boy but a experienced center half to push Ayo and Buchanan and to cover for suspension and injury .
  6. On budgets Ayr have a similar budget to us but have a far better squad that will challenge for the Top 4 how are we that far behind Ayr . We will again struggle to stay in the League Ayr have attracted decent signing with the offer of 2 year deals why have we again got the whole squad out of contract again come May .
  7. Just about right with your post but Ferguson needs to do more in goal half asleep most of the time to give Leighfield a start . Loan signing are a must this week we almost got him in Jan Berra at Hearts would help to sort the defence out. He is just coming back to full fitness needs games a half fit Berra would be better than what we have just now
  8. Gibson struggled at left back is not much better at right back McPake in the Morton game did exactly the same as Armstrong did yesterday . Gibson might be able to do a job in midfield but that is it . More of a worry is goalkeeper and centre backs Ferguson looked like he was half asleep no cock ups but never really looked like he wanted to save any of the goals . Ayo and Buchanan play them together at the back we will always lose goals . Ayo might work in midfield but Buchanan now I see why many fans of other clubs don't rate him .Big week coming up must sign at least 2 defenders not young boys just to make up the numbers
  9. Think AJ said he needs one defender to complete his squad that says it all really . We will get another young boy on loan
  10. Queens have not got a hope in hell of getting a result if we get out without losing 4 or 5 then that would be a good result . Any Dunfermline fan thinks I am being negative just watch the highlights of the Raith game .
  11. Positives my stream worked great that was all good thanks for that . Our defending Raith looked like they would score every time they came forward a shambles at the back not all his fault but Willie Gibson is never a left back . The worrying thing is Raith were not that good we just made it easy for them .
  12. Go on the app and as I say it's just a search engine. Type in the address and it'll come up like it would a PC. Best fiddle about with it now so you know what to do come Saturday. Thanks for your advice the streaming was 1st class good picture and great commentary team The game it was very poor on that form we will be lucky to win a game never mind stay up we have nothing can only hope we can find money to get some loan signings in. Raith were not even that good we will come up against much better teams . The defence and goalkeeper I take it they realise they are supposed to try and stop the other team score goals . Wullie Gibson at left back never again l like Wullie as a player but not as a defender .
  13. Go on the app and as I say it's just a search engine. Type in the address and it'll come up like it would a PC. Best fiddle about with it now so you know what to do come Saturday. Thanks for that come Saturday I will have no problem I hope . On that difficult game with no management team again not ideal thought we would have got a defender in on loan but it looks like Gibson will have to fill in at left back
  14. Have you got the Firefox app? It's just a web browser and you effectively do what you would do on a PC/Laptop except you have to use the Fire TV remote. Easy enough though. Got the Firefox app have a Firestick and remote now what ? Easy enough if you have a clue what you are doing
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