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  1. With our budget can we get any better than Osman ?. We still have 2 loans to use but with our early Cup exit it would not surprise me if nobody came in in Jan We should try and get Brownlie and Murray to sign extension to there contracts but both players can sign pre contracts in Jan think both players will wait and see what offers they will get from elsewhere
  2. Hopefully we can build out our great win at Dundee.. Partick will be right up for the game but we must go into the game with the right attitude not the attitude of the Cup game Hopefully Murray will be fit for the game only Hamilton missing from the squad .
  3. You have to be more positive Skyline as soon as I seen the GOAL 93 I new it was a Queens winner and even who scored it . Some fans are negative but always be positive about Queens I am a very very happy man tonight
  4. Got it half right with Dundee scoring but what can you say about Stephen Dobbie to think a idiot like me thought his best days had gone .
  5. Willie Gibson has now left Stenhousemuir will now be a full time coach with us. Better news on the injury front hopefully only Jack Hamilton missing tomorrow .
  6. After the home Queens Park Cup defeat it will be hard to find a happy Queens fan .It will be a poor away support on Saturday
  7. Would take that but sadly Dundee will score Queens won't which means only one thing
  8. What is the injury update with all our injured players are they out long-term ? Is there no way we can do a pre match interview with Johnston we used to get a radio interview before the game but that has long gone .
  9. Johnston was to blame why the hell did he not play Holt at left back in our 2 best performances Holt scored in both games and was outstanding . When not play Osman at center half . Lyon is never a left back his best games have been as a attacking midfielder . Johnston got it all wrong from start to finish why not even try and change it with the 2 subs we never used . Saturday defeat should have seen the sack for Johnston but we are stuck with him plain and simple because we just don't have the money to pay him off . What is the point of us having a reserve team yet another heavy defeat today we should scrap the whole youth set up if any decent local players ever turn up then we should pick them up from local boys clubs
  10. Do you really believe Semple is injured ? Think Semple will have the same injury as McCarthy will now have. How is the door McCarthy booted when he went off is it injured as well !!!
  11. The Cup result has killed our season we will now have no money for players in Jan and now we will again have a huge loss come the end of the season .. It is going to be a huge fight to stay in the Championship something the manager and players don't seem to have it in them
  12. I would hope for a reaction from the players after the very poor showing in the Cup . We have to somehow move on and try and get something from this game hopefully we can get a few injured players back
  13. Johnston should never have been given a 2 year contract huge mistake now however poor Queens are he will either just continue or get sacked which won't happen as Queens just can't afford to pay him off .
  14. McCarthy had every right to be pissed off when subbed he was no worse than every other player never went near Johnston took his anger out on the dressing room door if I was him and Semple I would never play for Johnston again Johnston should be sacked tonight but Queens just don't have the money to get rid of him should never have been given a 2 year contract.
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