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  1. Interesting to hear about the fan ownership model proposed for Morton. The Rae family writing off the £2M debt and they have 500 members signed up. Was looking at the stats and their crowds averaged around 1600 last season, in comparison to our 1400. Is this a model that could work at Palmerston somewhere down the line?
  2. Im assuming our manager can still pick up a phone and have a chat with potential signings even while furloughed. Or maybe he’s scared the furlough police will catch him...
  3. I would like to see the likes of Murray, Mercer, Semple, Kilday and Lyons come back into the squad once we are re-signing players. I think having some sort of core of 8-10 players who have played together (albeit fairly poorly in the latter part of the season) is preferable to having to bring in around 12-15 new players and trying to gel a whole new squad (again). I just wonder if our decision not to extend their furlough wages will put some of them off from re-signing for the club?
  4. If we could afford to sign 2 of the following 4 out of contract ex-players, who would you go for? Joe Thomson Gav Reilly Jamie McDonald Ian McShane Probably Thomson & Reilly for me.
  5. Think they have released all 17 out of contract players
  6. Hopefully Mercer, Semple, Murray & Lyons would be retained when the squad is re-assembled. Would probably keep Kilday as well and I think Osman would have been a good squad member if he had stayed fit. Get a decent keeper signed early and that would be a decent base to build the rest of a 20-man squad from. Wilson looked ok and I wouldn’t be against adding him , but McGuire would be a no. Any loan signings - make sure they are for the full season!
  7. Maybe Skyline could comment on this one - can we see the template for the home & away strips for next season? I know the shirt draw cant take place yet, so replica strips cant be ordered, but the club must have decided what strip design its going to use?
  8. How about a vote on demoting Dundee to league 2 for gross misconduct on the basis that they are putting lots of clubs at risk of going bust. Thistle & Stranraer stay as they are and Cove, Raith & Dundee utd get promoted. Think it would get the necessary 75% backing?
  9. From the squad that were sitting not too bad in december, to the team that finished Tuesday nights match at ICT, the following players were not on the pitch - McCrorie, Brownlie, Holt, Pybus, El Bahk, Osman, Murray, Dobbie & Kidd. Bloody hell!
  10. This is really good stuff from the club. And those quotes from the kids in breakfast club..........jeez
  11. Least u lot might not sell out of pies at the away end this time if the crowd is so low [emoji106]
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