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  1. Thought Osman looked decent when he came on. He will certainly give us a physical presence in the midfield, which is probably lacking at the moment. I can see Paton dropping out again if Osman gets up to full fitness quickly.
  2. Talking on the radio about Steve Clarke being at Livi today to watch Dykes. He was outstanding apparently.........
  3. I think we’ve finished 7th, 6th, 6th and 9th the last 4 years? Currently sitting 7th equal after 6 games. We are clearly a bottom half of the championship club at the moment in terms of crowds/finances/standard of player, etc. I think we were all hoping the return of Johnston was going to signal something better, but it looks like the calibre of player he has been able to bring in on our budget is going to mean another bottom half finish this season. Im still holding out hope that Dobbs will hit some form soon and we can bring in another couple of players to strengthen.
  4. Wasnt blaming the pitch for the result yesterday, or any other day. Was just speculating (after the pitch was mentioned by another poster) that we might currently have the worst pitch in british senior football. Cant be doing Dobbie much good playing on concrete every 2 weeks either.
  5. Do you know how much that would cost? Not that I'm disagreeing with the sentiment of your post. Unfortunately I don't think we can afford to go back to grass. Would it be fair to say we have one of the worst, if not the worst, pitch in British senior football? I would be surprised,given the money in English football, that any of their 92 pro clubs have worse surfaces than ours. Of the terrible pitches in Scotland (that I've seen) Killie , Hamilton nd Alloa have all replaced theirs recently with something better. Artificial surfaces at Falkirk, Livi, Montrose, etc, all seem much better than ours. The only other pitch I can think of thats possibly worse ithan ours (presumably cos they are really skint) is the grass pitch at Albion Rovers?
  6. Not sure why Kidd Is getting pelters either. Its glaringly obvious that we need a couple of midfield players and im sure the manager is aware of this as well and trying to do something about it. Whats supposed to happen til we get them in - play with no midfield? Or for Kidd to tell Johnston to f**k off, hes not playing there? Give the lad a break til the squad is complete ffs.
  7. Given that Connor Murray has started the season really well and now looks to be fulfilling his potential under AJ, anyone else thinking we should be getting him signed up on a longer contract than just 1 year?
  8. I certainly think that calling young guys like Lewis Kidd “shite” or saying he should be released after only a couple of games is way over the top, unhelpful and pretty distasteful in my opinion
  9. So to summarise so far for anyone who cant be arsed reading the last few pages: Kidd should be released, Paton should’nt play because of his poor interview technique , the management team are “clowns” and we are virtually certs for relegation. Jesus wept.
  10. Any more info/predictions on potential signings? You’ve been spot on so far
  11. I’d definitely include Ferguson as a great Scotland player supplied by Rangers. 45 caps and captain under 4 different managers. Ok, it didn’t end well..........[emoji3]
  12. Thought McCrorie was going to be the first of hopefully a few young Scottish boys at Rangers starting to break into the national team, but looks like he’s on his way out? U guys have a long history of supplying great players to the national team until recently - its time u were doing your bit again. Hastie maybe?
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