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  1. On seeing the word "only" there, I kind of feel the need to watch for complacency. Sure a yes vote is achievable and we shouldn't be letting the feart tell us it isn't, but there is much work ahead to get people thinking about this rationally.
  2. That's a bit odd, Bonnyrigg still one of the top eastern juniors? If so, I'd be surprised they'd want anyone who wasn't getting a game with us. They'd probably beat us.
  3. I came across this on facebook https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/971280_462414313865799_1562452598_n.jpg I know the circles the guy moves in and the way he speaks, so there's no point engaging him in debate as I'll no doubt just piss people off and achieve nothing (+ I'm a coward) but I wonder if he remembers that alongside the UK, the Soviet Union, USA, China, France, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Poland, Yugoslavia, Brazil, Greece, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Mexico, Czechoslovakia and Mongolia also stood united against the Axis powers. Whatever happened the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia by the way? Been awfy quiet these days.
  4. Point taken. Also, I'm not as box office as I once was, is a zero-pointer something to do with the influential poster/worst poster threads?
  5. Fair enough, there has been a lot of bullshit.
  6. I've just skimmed bits of this... When did Ad Lib become a unionist? Why? or is xbl just trolling him for being boring?
  7. Suddenly I feel less worried about the prospect of him leaving.
  8. If I think they can take the pwnage I usually link them to snopes. If I think they're too unstable and might be a suicide risk I just unsubscribe. This applies to most people posting such shite sadly.
  9. I bet that was Bercow too. Another flaw with the Westminster system is that the speakers constituency, to all intents and purposes - don't actually get to vote. edit- checked, wasn't him astonishingly. Lots of protest votes, not enough to outnumber the braindead sadly. Wonder where it was then?
  10. I got a 2:1, pretty happy with that but would be interested to know how close I was to a first as I had felt it was achievable.
  11. One of the most ineffectual players? Have you forgotten about Mickael Marsiglia, Paul Jarvie, Romuald Bouadji, Paul Hilland, Andrew Dick, Roddy Hunter, Gordon Parks, David McGowan, Andy Ferguson, Iain Campbell, Craig Potter, Andrew Traub, Shaun Fagan, Christian Smith, Scott Gemmill, Scott Findlay, Mark Casey, Scott Gair, Robert Halliday, Neil McGowan, Alan McFadden, Paul Stewart, Adam Coakley, Willie Sawyers, John Stewart, Murray Henderson, Craig Tully, Mark Archdeacon, John Kane and Craig Wedderburn? and that's just since 2003-04, and the wikipedia article for 10-11 is incomplete. McColm's decent enough. I'd keep him.
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