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  1. Absolutely. Feel bad for slagging big Woolery the other week now. A cracking assist last week against Aberdeen followed by a goal at Ibrox today. Taken his time to get up to speed but starting to look like another good bit of business by Alexander.
  2. We had 4 wins from 20 games when Alexander took over in January, we’ve won 3 from 5 already this season.. Last season we looked weak and soft. By contrast yesterday we looked robust, aggressive and streetwise. Defensively we were rock solid. Ojala gets better with every game and big Sondre slotted in seamlessly beside him with an impressive debut display. Slattery is another who looks a better bit of business(3 year deal?!) with each passing week. The addition of KVV gave our attack a different dimension from the Dundee game. With the technical ability of him and Watt combined with the pace/power of Woolery, we looked a real threat every time we went forward. The latter having his most impressive game to date. Looking at the bench yesterday and with the likes of SODS, Roberts etc still to come back the squad looks pretty healthy. Certainly a far cry from when folk were panicking when we lost to Airdrie with Lawless and Crawford in the team. It’s taken time but we’re finally starting to see Alexander’s side take shape and if yesterday is anything to go by it’s one I can absolutely get behind.
  3. Agree with this. Neither are exactly setting the heather on fire but my expectations for Amaluzor were pretty low- a 1 year deal from Maidstone. By contrast, I was expecting Woolery to have a bit of something about him but other than a few flashes in the league cup we’ve seen precious little so far. Even on Saturday without being great- Amaluzor won the free kick we scored from, was involved in the build up to Watt’s failed dink over the keeper 1st half and set him up with a decent cut back at the start of the 2nd half. I can’t really remember Woolery really being involved in anything positive. Perhaps a spell on the bench as an impact sub would suit? If memory serves it did for Hylton, seem to remember he came on to score against Hibs & Hearts. Coincidently the best I’ve seen Woolery play was his cameo off the bench against QOTS. Would agree though, if Alexander is welded to the idea of the 433 I wouldn’t mind seeing another wide man coming.
  4. The thought crossed my mind too. KVV certainly seemed to have the best scoring season of his career under Alexander as well. Maybe Alexander actually knows what he’s doing? As I said yesterday, it’s a hard watch at times but you really can’t argue with the results. I do feel we really need to use the ball better but I think if you drop SODS, KVV and one of Donnelly/Goss into yesterday’s team then our use of the ball would probably improve drastically. As a side note, noticed there was no Crawford or Lawless in the squad yesterday…
  5. Very much this. He must have committed about 4 or 5 fouls and somehow avoided getting booked. A cracking footballer as well, getting him on a 3 year deal looks a great bit of business. Despite my earlier reservations, Goss did look like he might bring something a bit different in his cameo. One lovely pass down the line to Watt in particular and a couple of decent set piece deliveries. Also felt big Ojala had his best game so far as well. Not a silky footballer but he reads the game well, rarely looks flustered and just calmly dealt with most things that came his way.
  6. We had 2 footballers in the entire team today, Slattery and Watt. Outside of those 2 it’s a tough watch- although Goss looks like he did indeed have a lovely left foot when he was on. I like Grimshaw but he’s never a midfielder. O’Hara was probably even worse. We NEED to sort that area of the park out and find the right balance or better teams than Dundee will take advantage. The defence was solid though and it was nice to get a clean sheet. Big Ojala might not be one for playing out from the back but he looks a calm, experienced defender who reads the game well. No more Mugabi at right back though please. The front 3 doesn’t convince, expect Tony Watt who’s still absolutely class. Would have absolutely taken 7 points from the first 4 games so overall can’t complain but it’s fair to say we’re very much a work in progress.
  7. I assume(hope) Yass was being facetious tbf. Goss is exactly the type of dross you worried we’d end up panic signing if things didn’t work out. A 25 year old just released by Shrewsbury with only 80 odd career appearances- which already includes 2 previous failed stints in Scottish fitba. I was all in for Alexander’s more patient approach. I still hold out some hope we’ll see a few more of a similar quality to Kelly/Slattery in the next week to round off the window. However, the closer it gets to the end of the window the less optimistic I am of that actually happening and the more I’m fearing a couple of squad filling jobbers being signed to make up the numbers.
  8. On Ojala, would I right in saying he’s not had a pre-season? Chuck that in with moving to a new country, quarantining etc and I’m not surprised he’s looking a bit rusty. Much like Shiels, he’s basically having to get his fitness through games so I’m expecting(hoping) he’ll come good and be a bit sharper for the two full 90 mins he’s had. Which feels like where we are as a team, still playing our way into things even though the seasons started. Overall yesterday didn’t feel massively different to what we’ve seen so far, only this time we ended up on the right side of what was a fairly close game. Always felt like a big 10 days or so coming up and yesterday was a good start. Another win next Saturday coupled with a few decent additions before the window shuts and it could still turn out to be a very decent start to the season.
  9. Yup, a real low point watching us shell high balls towards the strike paring of Manzinga and Mugabi. Pretty sure Hartley hit the post in injury time with what was our first and only shot in the entire game.
  10. Reminds me of when we signed Peter Hartley and he had multiple YouTube compilations of his goal scoring exploits. I mean, I’d settle for one that was actually a competent defender but I do love a centre back that comes up and causes havoc at set pieces.
  11. See, part of me is beginning to wonder if we actually were that good against Hibs. Or, if Van Veen’s performance that day coupled with the novelty of properly being ‘back at the fitba’ actually just helped paper over the cracks.
  12. Van Veen was never gonna live up to the hype of last week. If he was hitting those levels every week, he’d be nowhere near Fir Park. In his defence, his work rate or attitude both looked spot on and that’s all you can really ask from him. Good to Slattery last the full 90, him wrapping a pass into Watt through the lines for the goal is exactly the kind of thing we’ve been missing. Still think we’re a body short in there, judging by the Gotts news it sounds like Alexander agrees. I thought Lamie had a very good game, especially 2nd half and will be interesting to see who out of him or Mugabi makes way for Ojala. Also fair play to the much maligned Lawless as well, showed that while he might not be a regular starter he could still have a role to play this season.
  13. I'm happy enough with a point and thought it was about right in the end. We're very much a work in progress and still look a bit rough round the edges where as Saints look a far more settled, cohesive unit. Having said that, I thought we gave as good as we got for large spells and missed at least 3 excellent chances. Saints obviously tired 2nd half but it was nice to see our bench used to good effect- it was something that cost us last week. A lovely goal, great pick out by Lawless and an empathic finish by Watt. Get Ojala up to speed, get another first choice midfielder in the building and possibly(being greedy) another forward option and I'll be fairly happy with how we're shaping up come the end of the window. Long way to go but we've already come on leaps and bounds since that Airdrie debacle only a few weeks ago.
  14. Noticed it's now being reported by Alan Nixon this morning... Story I got telt is that Leeds want a permanent deal but there's a few other teams chasing him, so it's not an easy or straight forward deal to do. Similar could be said for Slattery right enough though and we got that one done I suppose. But aye, seems like there might have been something in it.
  15. He actually played mostly out wide for us. Robinson tried him through the middle but at 18 he didn’t really do well with the physical/ugly side of the game. So he put him out wide instead where he could spend more time doing the things he was good at- getting on the ball and running at people etc. He looked a cracking prospect if a little short on end product back then but as I say, he was very young. Still only 20 now, could be an excellent pick up for St Mirren.
  16. Some chat at the game yesterday one of the players we were/are sniffing about was Robbie Gotts of Leeds. No idea if true but he fits a similar profile to Slattery so would at least make sense in that regard, plus it would be strange name to randomly pluck from nowhere.
  17. I have no strong feelings either way about Murphy tbh. On the game, was fairly pleased with our performance. Considering the lack of football for several of our players, the players missing and those still come in there’s enough to be positive about. Slattery just looks a lovely footballer, at least 3 times yesterday he took a Hibs player right out the game with a drop of the shoulder/deft first touch. Always a positive touch too, head up and looking forward as well- reminded me a bit of Nicky Law in that respect. Given he’s about 3 or 4 weeks behind the rest of the squad I thought it was a very encouraging performance before he tired. Van Veen was unplayable at times, not expecting that every week but he look like he’ll be great value. The bit in the 2nd half where he flicked the ball past the Hibs player and then left Porteous on his arse as well had be me positively purring. His through ball for Woolery was sublime as well- massive turning point as I think we take at least a point if that goes in. With Donnelly/Slattery getting fitter, Ojala getting up to speed and if we can potentially add a few more shrewd additions, I think we can be reasonably confident about the season ahead.
  18. Maybe because I don’t really give a f**k about Airdrie myself but the reaction to Wednesday night seemed just a wee bit ott- even though it was an absolute shocker. There seems to be a fair amount of folk with the knives out for Alexander already which to me is absolutely mental at this stage. We were joint bottom when he took over in January. He done a terrific job in difficult circumstances and surely deserves not only credit but a chance to build his own team as a result? Wednesday night wasn’t it. At least by no means the finished product anyway. In fact 9 of the 11 that started were here last season. Van Veen(and Donnelly) obviously weren’t risked. Shiels hasn’t been seen yet through injury. We look to have added another couple of players since then as well and have at least another 3 senior players coming back from injury. Yet some folk have us relegated already, the window doesn’t even shut for another 5 weeks! I know watching us just about stumble our way through the League Cup games hasn’t been great but it’s far too early to judge Alexander when we’re essentially still in pre-season. Have to say outside of maybe Amaluzor and Parker, I’ve actually been quite pleased with his signings on paper so far. Very much like the look of Slattery as well and Ojala seems like he’d be a bit of coup compared to your usual English lower league clogger we pick up. Essentially, I’m willing to wait a wee while longer and see where we are in 5 or 6 weeks time before I start accepting certain relegation.
  19. Some chat that Callum Slattery from Southampton is the midfielder we’re about to sign.
  20. I thoroughly enjoyed that. Shipping two soft goals right before half time and getting booed off actually ended up making for a quite an exciting game. It added a little bit of edge and jeopardy which is sometimes missing when you cruise these early season affairs. Must say I didn't think we were actually too bad 1st half though, lots of possession and moved the ball well without much punch. A lack of pace up front or creativity in the middle will do that I suppose. As someone else said, the introduction of Woolery and Lawless coming centrally made a massive difference and we could have won by several more if Van Veen had his shooting boots on. Was impressed with both KVV and Woolery though, Lawless looked a lot fitter/better than last season as well. Was slightly bemused at the McGinley sub right enough, we were well in control at that stage and was looking a case of how many. Then for some reason we let QOTS back into the game by bringing on an extra centre back- relying on Kelly to bail us out with his customary big save at the end. Overall though, it was just great to be back at the football and actually celebrate a Motherwell win in person.
  21. I was a massive fan of Scott as well to be fair. He basically had all the attributes you could want in a modern day forward. Six foot plus, quick and strong. Great touch, comfortable with either foot, could dribble etc. His end product was a bit hit or miss but he was still only 18 to be fair. If he stayed another year or two, smoothed out some rough edges and became a more consistent goal threat then we’d have been looking at Turnbull level money. On the other hand, he might not of and we could be left regretting turning down 7 figures for a guy who’d only scored 4 league goals for the club. So you can absolutely see why he and the club both jumped at the Hull offer when it came in. I think Covid, injures and a lack of game time has obviously hampered his development down there but he’s still only 20. Plenty of time for him to develop, a loan move and a run of games seems a fairly sensible move for him this season.
  22. Kelly is about a rounded a keeper as you could possibly hope to have at our level. His footwork, positioning and handling is all excellent. He’s loud, confident, decisive and comes off his line well to deal with things when needed. His distribution is spot on- he’s a better passer than any of our midfielders. He also seems to produce at least one massive save per game to bail us out the shit. I’m also a big Trevor Carson fan but Kelly is arguably already on a par with peak Carson despite currently being 5 years younger than Carson was in that 17/18 season. Getting him tied down on a 3 year deal is an outstanding bit of business by the club. Best of luck to Trev as well btw. Genuinely hope wherever he ends up he gets a run of games and a bit of luck, if anyone deserves a break it’s him.
  23. On recruitment, I recommend this weeks MFC podcast btw. Alan Burrows was on and discuss the state of things at the club currently. Such as why we’ve not been as busy as usual(yet) as well as the new recruitment process etc. Also heavy hints that Campbell is close to signing for an English Championship side. They also spend the first 20 mins or so talking about Andy P. Even as someone that didn’t know him outside of Steelmen Online, it was touching and lovely tribute.
  24. Devante Cole away to Barnsley. That’s some move for him like, signing for a team who were in the Championship play-offs last season.
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