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  1. To my mind, the only two strikers this century I’d put ahead of Moult are Higdon and McDonald. With Porter and probably Sutton(for consistency if nothing else) rounding off my top 5. As things stand, Cole is still sitting along side Curtis Main in the tremendous purple patch section. Moult was just a bit of a poacher when he first joined but he was much more rounded player by the time he left. In that 17/18 he was incredible and was capable of turning barely half chances into goals.
  2. Alexander confirming Campbell is away. Not exactly a surprise and he probably needs to move on for his own development to be fair to him.
  3. Whilst he’s not exactly Beckenbauer, he’s actually a much better footballer than he gets credit for(as above video shows). He really was outstanding last season, rarely put a foot wrong. This season has seen a big drop off in terms of form and consistency but he’s far from the only Motherwell player that could be levelled at.
  4. The guys career has basically been on an uninterrupted, upward trajectory since he left the jail. From playing in League 1 to helping Scotland to the Euro’s in 3 years has been some going. However in some respects, his careers probably peaked. He’s now the wrong side of 30, has missed the boat for his ‘big’ move down South(or Celtic) and lost his place in the Scotland team now as well. If he’s getting a wage hike and 3 year deal at his age it’s a no brainier and I don’t blame him. If he can stay fit and find anything like last seasons form, it’s a decent pick up for Aberdeen as well. He was outstanding for us last season but I think the fact most folk aren’t even arsed anymore about him leaving speaks volumes for the season he’s had on and off the pitch.
  5. Aye, showing exactly why we signed him in January. It’s a shame that we’ve not seen more of him like and at 34, I’d be surprised if he got a new deal. Was excellent today though, snuffed out numerous attacks and was composed on the ball throughout- great play for the opening goal as well. Lacked a bit of quality in the final third 1st half but the finish by Cole and his bit of skill to set up the 2nd were delightful. Lovey finish from the best right back Scotland as well. Overall it was an enjoyable display, done the ugly side effectively but actually mixed it with some decent football as well. Hopefully a sign of things to come next season under Alexander.
  6. Rogers starts for Killie as does Lafferty. Lawless, Foley and Hastie in for us.
  7. Agree with this. The 1-0 Moult game there not long after Robinson took over was equally turgid but the entire away end was going mental and cheered the team off at full time. Compare that to Wednesday night, where a lot of folk just seemed to be absolutely raging. Some of the criticism aimed at Alexander was wild, apparently he hasn’t turned our season around with enough style or panache for the liking of the footballing purists in our support. In normal times, fans would be singing his praises and chanting his name for the job he’s done since arriving. As it is, he seems to be the target of a lot of misplaced anger amongst our support.
  8. To be fair to Hastie, he probably did more when he was on than most managed in two hours. He put Long clean through on goal, was denied a stonewall penalty, almost scored himself and did just about take the net off with his pen in the shootout. I’d give him a start on Wednesday, can’t possibly be worse than Lawless has been these last two games. Outside of Kelly though, who bailed us out again, there wasn’t really any other pass marks last night. It was the sort of lackadaisical, half arsed performance that’s plagued our season. Scoring the ‘winner’ in the 119th minute and not having the professionalism to see it through sums this shower up.
  9. Aye, suppose it depends what Alexander wants to do. In terms of the pace/power that Roberts provides, Hastie is probably the most like for like replacement. However Cole and Long through the middle seemed to work alright last week so he might be tempted to give that another shot. In that set up, you could have Lawless at the top of the diamond. I think he could be a decent enough signing for us but was not impressed with him as part of the midfield 3 on Saturday, he’s not the quickest and the game just seemed to pass him by.
  10. With Roberts presumably knackered and no sign of Watt coming back, I imagine Hastie must be in with a good chance of a start on Friday and potentially a wee run in the team thereafter. I think what Alexander’s basically saying is, if he wants a future at this level he better fucking take it.
  11. Brutal to watch at times today but I wouldn't go as far as to say undeserved. While we didn't have lots of the ball, I still felt like we created plenty of good chances. Cole alone could have had a hat-trick, Long missed when clean through on goal and Campbell probably should have buried his chance as well. St Mirren certainly started much brighter but things kind of fizzled out for them after the penalty miss. That midfield needs a complete rebuild. Thought McGinley was in for a doing early doors against Connelly but he stuck at it and had a very decent game in the end- especially compared to the best right back in Scotland on the other side who had an absolute shocker. Signing Kelly on loan and Alexander sticking Cole through the middle has saved our season. Another big save from the former today while 9 goals in 15 games under Alexander is a ridiculous return from the latter. Anyway, job done by Alexander and with games to spare- not bad considering large swathes of our support had us relegated in January.
  12. The fact that when he’s had to fight for his place this season he’s chucked his toys oot the pram speaks volumes about Polworth. We’ve seen plenty of senior players like Hartley, Tait, Hammell, Sutton etc in recent years find themselves out the team. I don’t remember any of them greeting about it or falling out with the manager. However Polworth’s piss poor attitude is symptomatic of one that’s sadly seemed all too prevalent amongst our current squad this season. Too many fragile egos with delusions of grandeur. In Polworth’s case, he’s scored 1 league goal in over 50 games for the club and I don’t think he’s registered an assist from open play this season. He’s hardly the creative force his missus is making him out to be. Never mind the Scottish Cup final, for me May is all about that glorious 20/21 released list and I for one can’t fucking wait.
  13. To be fair, we’ve won 1 of the last 14 games Gallagher has started. This goes much deeper than just him. Have a look at the Accies/St Johnstone double header a few weeks back for example, that was on the back of 3 wins in 4. The lack of professionalism and drop off in standards we saw today is nothing new this season. Which is why, and I can’t stress this enough, we need to fire 90% of this squad into the fucking sea.
  14. Was there not a game against Hibs where Zemmama was running rings round our midfield and McCall sent Page on to basically boot man mark him?
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