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  1. Still no word on why Campbell wasn’t involved last night? Turnbull is obviously our best player in terms of pure talent but Campbell is arguably our most important in terms of making the midfield function. You could see how flat and one paced it was last night without him. If fit, just start the pair of them in the middle of the park please. Those two plus Gallagher and Carson, there’s the spine of your team right there Robinson. Build the rest around about them.
  2. See I like Long but I kinda agree, the same flaws from last season were there to see again. He’s not a lone striker and never has been. He should really be the focal point of the attack but he’s not. He can’t play with his back to goal, doesn’t offer much at all in terms of link up play and he doesn’t even attack the ball when it’s put into the box. At least when Lang and White came on, they gave us a bit more presence and were a bit more aggressive in terms of attacking the crosses that were being fired in. To be honest, I’d have hooked him for Watt or White long before Robinson did.
  3. I’m not going to go overboard, we were poor tonight but still should have taken at least a point from that. Nobody to blame but ourselves mind you. We missed 3 absolute sitters. We also gifted County their goal by giving away a ridiculous penalty and the stupidity of the red card summed up our evening. Fair play to Seedorf, he was impressive when he came on. Felt McGinley and Lamie came onto a decent enough game as well with Carson also showing he’s more than capable of replacing Gillespie. Grimshaw was shocking though, he couldn’t even throw the ball to a Motherwell player. Polworth looked as off the pace as he was at Ibrox and wasted so many set pieces with shite, floaty balls straight to the keeper. Hastie was ineffectual and Long is still never a lone striker- not for the first time his composure in the final third let him down. Also I can only assume Allan Campbell was carrying some kind of knock, otherwise not playing him was criminal. As was playing Turnbull out of position to accommodate vastly inferior players.
  4. He was 1 on 1 with the keeper and didn’t even hit the target. Turnbull’s been through the middle 5 mins and he’s slipped Long in twice already. Mental we spent the first quarter of the game playing our best player out of position on the left wing.
  5. I might be miles out but I assumed Donnelly was just filling at centre back due to Gallagher(and Mugabi) being injured/behind the rest in terms of fitness. I think the fact the rest of the back 4 outside Gallagher all played the full 90 against Rangers and again against Accies on Saturday suggests that’s what we will lining up with come the start of the season. At least until Carroll’s fit anyway, then Robinson might have a decision to make.
  6. Aye, the boy comes across as a bit of a fud. I doubt there’s anything in it. Just seemed a bit of a random name for him to pluck out of nowhere.
  7. Aye, I posted it earlier but made a c**t of trying to edit it and ending up deleting it. Basically seems to stem from this boys article. Reports this morning now say they’ve offered it to the Leeds U23 manager(also mentioned) but the boys sticking with Robinson still being in the running. An owner that wants to sign the players and is looking for his 4th manager in just over year. A far cry from the control and security he has at Fir Park. Then again, they could probably quadruple his salary without batting an eyelid.
  8. I like Long and wanted him to stay but I hope we haven’t paid over the odds to keep him. He was originally offered an extension way back in January. if he’s come back to the table 6 months later and 4 weeks into pre- season cause the Covid fucked his move back down South I hope the offer reflects that. Something similar to what Tait was offered. I also liked the sound of the boy Lang but that looked a bit too good to be true. Just can’t see how we were going to afford to pay a 6 figure fee in the current climate- especially when I imagine in their current situation, Wigan would have surely been looking for the majority of it paid up front. Long is probably the safer bet but the Lang deal sounded a bit more exciting, I’d imagine as you say that’s dead now though.
  9. Yeah, you wonder how much we could actually afford to offer though? Especially in the current climate. I know we’ve paid a few 5 figure fees for the likes of Moult and Johnson but I can’t imagine they’d let him go for that, even if they are in admin. I’d have thought they’d be looking for at least six figures and I think I’d be right in saying the last time we spent that sort of money, was on Stevie Hammell over 10 years ago.
  10. Link Record reporting we’ve apparently made a cash offer for Lang now.
  11. Yeah, Hutchinson scored a looping header from what seemed about 25 yards out before jumping head first into the crowd to celebrate. Both goals were absolutely superb, also seem to remember O’Brien almost topped them both near the end with a spin and volley from miles out that cracked off the post.
  12. Hard to tell. Like a lot of younger players who have a big breakthrough and are hyped up beyond belief, once he became a known quantity and got a bit more attention(on and off the pitch) his form nosedived. Usually in those situations, the player is given a spell out the team before being phased back in gradually and you get a better gauge of how good he actually is. Which we never got to see with Hastie, so there’s definitely a question mark about how good he really is. What I would say though is if you actually look back through his goals, very few of them are actually as a result of him cutting inside onto his left foot and shooting. Despite him often being painted as a ‘one trick pony’, I do think there’s a bit more to him than that. He might not be as good as he was initially hyped up to be but I still reckon there’s still plenty there to work with - pace, power, good movement and a sledgehammer of a left foot. If he’s up for it and Robinson wants him then I don’t really see the problem with it.
  13. Scott nods home 15 mins into his first start for Hull.
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