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  1. Motherwell V Heart of Midlothian

    I like McHugh but if we drop big Ally Gorrin to shoehorn him back in the team, just so we can try and ‘win the battle’ then that seems like a massive step backwards to me. While I felt sorry for McHugh as he was hung out to dry a bit against Ross County, Gorrin has been excellent in that deep role since he came in both in terms of using the ball and protecting the back four. He’s certainly not afraid to put himself about, in fact the only reason Robinson brought him off in Paisley was because he was on a booking and wouldn’t reign it in. This will undoubtedly be a much tougher test than anything we’ve faced so far this year but what have we got to lose? Same team again for me, take the game to Hearts and see what happens.
  2. Bit harsh. Personally, I didn’t think Robinson had it in him to turn things around the way he has done post Ross County. The recent upturn in performances, results and style of play should be to his credit, he’s proving many people including myself wrong. I find it quite reassuring actually that we have a manger that’s able to change and adapt his style of play, you won’t get many of them at our level. If I had one fault, it’d be that what he’s doing now is what he should have done in the summer. In terms of adding pace, creativity(Turnbull) and trying to develop our style of play a bit more. I’d agree he got that wrong, fair play to him though at least he identified it and had a plan to rectify it. Of course, it’s only been four games and it’s been all bottom six opposition so I’m not get carried away just yet. Much tougher tests to come and all that. It’ll be interesting to see how we fair in the coming weeks, with all the top six still to play. Still, a few weeks ago I thought our season was all but over and it was going to be a long, hard slog watching us grind the odd win to keep our heads above water. Where as now, I’m positively buzzing to see some more of young Motherwell this weekend.
  3. Can’t blame him tbh. The boy scored 3 goals in 23 games for Alloa and 2 of them were against Elgin City in the Cup. As high hopes for him as he had, I doubt even Robinson was expecting him to hit 4 goals in his first 5 games back including a couple of goal of the season contenders. In an alternate reality, Frear never gets injured before the Hibs game and he’s probably still coming off our bench as an impact sub. He’d probably bite our hand off for a new contract as well. As such his sudden burst onto the scene has drawn a lot of attention and have tilted things in his favour, fair play to him if he’s trying to use it to his advantage. Hopefully we get it sorted soon as he looks a real talent. Athough, I’d like to see him perform at this level for a bit longer before we get carried away. I have no doubt he’ll see himself become a marked man in the coming weeks, it’ll be interesting to see how he deals with both that and the better level of opposition.
  4. St Mirren vs Motherwell - 06/02/2019

    Is there anything to actually support this, other than blind optimism? The whole situation just reminds me of Baraclough. I remember the waive of optimism that came when he signed half a new team in January as well, only for most of them to turn out to be fairly gash in the end. As for this, it’s a game on paper you’d like to think we’d be winning. We’re on a good run of form at the minute and have picked up as many points in our last 4 games as Saints have all season. On the other hand it’d be very Motherwell for everyone to get carried away, only for us to be brought back down to Earth here.
  5. Motherwell v Livingston

    To be fair, it’s all about balance. Yesterday’s win was our 3rd on the spin was built on our 3rd clean sheet in a row, having only kept 3 in the previous 13. The back 4 plus the goalkeeper comprises exclusively of players we signed from the lower leagues in England. Yesterday for example, Gillespie made several important saves in the 1st half at crucial times and his excellent distribution led to the 3rd goal. Aldred was and has been an absolute colossus at the back in recent weeks as well. As mentioned above, Campbell and Turnbull grab the headlines but Rodriguez-Gorrin has been excellent in the last 3 games. He seems to be making things tick at the minute and has been pivotal in our transformation from hoofball to football. Just like Ariyibi and Hastie will get the plaudits for their eye catching displays, Curtis Main gave a textbook performance in leading the line yesterday. Did a lot of the ugly work, held up the ball, linked things up and he even topped it off with a lovely goal. So yes, the younger boys have alll been excellent and fully deserve all the plaudits coming their way. However, the other 8 players who were pretty much exclusively all brought up from the lower leagues in England have more than played their part in recent weeks.
  6. Motherwell v Livingston

    Some laugh that was, first half was the most enjoyable attacking performance at Fir Park in a long time. Was like the good old Mark McGhee days, blew the other team away and had the game won inside 20 odd minutes. Some of the football on display was great to watch as well and you felt we could genuinely score every time we went forward. The young boys will rightly grab the headlines but I thought the spine of Gillespie, Aldred, Gorrin and Main were all excellent. To be fair there were no failures today, Hastie though was sensational. Just great to watch in full flow, he and Ariyibi gave the Livi defence a torrid time and he was unfortunate not to grab his hat-trick with the one cleared off the line in the 2nd half. Much, much more of that please Motherwell.
  7. Delightful stuff. Was genuinely resigned to him leaving in the summer this time last week, having him and Campbell signed up till 2021 is tremendous business by the club. With our current league position we should hopefully see a few more get their chance before the seasons out, with left back and striker in particular being problem positions for us you'd certainly hope Livingstone and Scott would feature at some point. With that in mind, I wonder if the club/Robinson have shelved plans to do any more business this window. Certainly incoming anyway, as that 'Reserves' team showed yesterday we're carrying some size of squad at the minute. Could probably do with shifting a few on, even if we don't bring anyone else in. Although apart from a passing link to Rossiter, there's been a surprising lack of chat either in or out in the last few weeks.
  8. It probably has. I think Frear following up his performance against Accies by setting up two goals in two games since the break has probably helped as well. He’s now got 3 wingers playing for 2 places with Cadden still to return as well. As for centre forward, I still think it’ll be McCormack. The guys clearly not fit but we were told when he signed he wouldn’t be fit till the end of January/early February. He’s been out injured since November and we chucked him straight in against Ross County after a about a weeks training. Probably cause Robinson’s not a great fan of his other options. He might not have the mobility he once had or the physical presence of Main, however he has the technique and footballing intelligence to make the ball stick and bring others into the game(see Ciftci last year). Assuming that he both gets himself fit and we actually play the ball into his feet rather than launching it at him at head height, I still retain high hopes for McCormack.
  9. Seems like the most obvious candidate to leave at present. He falls into the same category as Bowman and Rose in terms of being both expendable but we could probably find someone else to take him. Actually looking at our bench yesterday, it’s the strongest it’s been in sometime. So much so that our captain, top scorer and big January signing were all unused subs. That’s also us without guys like Carson, Cadden, Tanner as well as Sammon, ATS and Donnelly. Looking at it, it’s hard to see too many others that you feel Robinson would see as expendable but we could also find other teams actually willing to take them. Maybe why we’ve done very little business since the opening week in the window? You also have to wonder if our current league form/position is making Robinson and co reconsider their plans somewhat. Should be an interesting last few days of the window regardless, however I don’t expect us to be as busy as I did this time last week.
  10. Dundee v Motherwell

    That was basically a repeat of every game I’ve been to at Dens Park since Robinson’s been in charge. Dundee on top for large spells, rarely force our goalkeeper in to doing anything of note though, gift us a soft goal down the other end, we see it out relatively comfortably and they exclaim afterwords they can’t understand how they lost. Rinse and repeat. Early days yet but we look to finally have a balanced and effective midfield. Turnbull getting the headlines and rightly so, however Ally Gorrin was very good again as was the excellent Allan Campbell. The break seems to have done him the world of good. Aldred was absolutely immense at the back once again. Certainly wasn’t as entertaining as Wednesday night but I suppose you can’t ever really argue with three points and a clean sheet away from home. Job very much done and safety pretty much all but secured.
  11. I saw an interview Robinson done with Sky the other night after the Hibs game and he did actually say he had a few things lined up, however he wasn’t able to move on them till he got some people out the door. Who or what that is, f**k knows. Guys like Main, Frear, Gorrin etc who I’d have thought would have been prime candidates for the chop have all started games this week. Even the likes of Sammon and Bigi came off the bench the other night. At this stage I’m not even sure what Robinson wants in mind you, so it’s kind of hard to guess who he’s trying to move out. Should be an interesting last few days of the window anyway.
  12. David Turnbull hoping to tie up new Motherwell contract at long last 10 year deal please.
  13. Well vs Hibs

    To be fair I can’t speak for anyone else but my bemusement at his target man comment was more due to the fact he punted Bowman, had Main and Sammon on the bench, then proceeded to start with Johnson and McCormack up front before complaining he had no one up front to hold the ball up. Fully agree on Main though, the reaction on social media to him starting last night was ridiculous. Aye he doesn’t look like scoring ever again, however in that 433 he’s the best option we currently have suited to playing the lone strikers role and he done it pretty effectively last night. I genuinely thought he’d be on his way to be honest but it’ll be interesting to see what Robinson actually does between now and the end of the window regarding the striking situation.
  14. Well vs Hibs

    The young trio of Campbell, Turnbull and Hastie were indeed all excellent tonight, the latter two combining for the goal was a thing of beauty. Big shout out to Ally Gorrin though, while the young team will grab most of the headlines I thought he was excellent in the middle of the park tonight. Aggressive in the tackle, composed on the ball and looks far more suited to that deep role that Turnbull was asked to play on Saturday. Allowing Turnbull himself much more freedom to go forward and do some damage in the final third, which he duly did. In stark contrast to Saturday’s shambles you’d struggle to fault many of them tonight though, a far better all round display and a well earned three points.