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  1. Agreed, just look at some of the responses last night to Johnston being dropped for O'Donnell. People genuinely outraged that a 17 year old kid was being replaced by a guy who's probably going to be Scotland's right back at the Euro's. Don't get me wrong, Johnston wasn't the worst against St Johnstone by any means and he's obviously a talent but you'd think he'd played like fucking prime Cafu the way folk were going on. While O'Donnell had an absolute disaster against Accies, he's clearly a far better option at this moment in time and justified his selection last night.
  2. On a lighter note, I noticed it was somehow 9 years ago today(mental) since Higdon went flying through the air to score that overhead kick against Hibs-best quality I could find on YouTube. McCall's Motherwell at their entertaining best, managing to ship 3 soft goals but still somehow winning the match.
  3. Is that not Kelly you can here after the 2nd goal goes in? Fair to say, he doesn't sound overly impressed with the defending(or lack of) in front of him.
  4. I think in the play off season, Baraclough just massively lucked out by being able to sign Pearson and McDonald mid-season. Two vastly experienced players, both of high quality and who had a genuine affinity for the club. They seemed to lift the whole team and raise the levels of those around them-just look at the difference McDonald made to Erwin. Without those two, there’s no doubt for me we were heading down that season. Unfortunately for Alexander, I don’t think Sam Foley and Eddie Nolan are going to have quite the same impact.
  5. So we were 3rd after 30 games and it hadn't been working?
  6. I haven't posted on steelmen in a good few years but if it's the poster I'm thinking of, I wouldn't take it personally. He says that about literally every team we play.
  7. I thought he was quite measured tbh. Let's face it, this lot have already shown themselves to be weak and fragile this season. We're not long coming off a run of nearly 3 full calendar months without a win, last thing Alexander wants is to destroy the confidence that was slowly building up after one bad result/performance. He was right as well, we did simply stop doing the things we'd be doing well. Just watch the 1st goal back- O'Donnell starts in the position you'd expect him to be under Alexander, tucked in narrow just inside the box. Then for some reason, he wonders out towards the thrower despite Campbell/Long already being 2 on 2 out there. The balls played into the big gap vacated by O'Donnell, cut back, goal. If you wanted a snapshot of why we defend the way we do under Alexander, just look how much easier it was to cut through us there than it has been when we've sat narrow and defended the box. I have sympathy for Alexander, when your captain and most experienced player is culpable for 2 goals and sent off inside 20 mins what chance have you got? Sadly he's far from the only example this season, far too many players have failed to pull their weight and that's ultimately why we are where we are. I'm sure Alexander knows he needs a clear out in the summer, however he's also experienced enough to know he's going be largely relying on these guys to get us out of trouble and can't afford to go full on Butcher at Hibs by telling them that. Get us to safety, then fire about 90% of this squad into the fucking sun.
  8. The 4 on 3 where he never even picked his head up and ran straight into an Accies player had me screaming at the tele. He won't get the same level of treatment as Gallagher or Polworth but he's another that's seen a massive drop off this season and was posted missing again today. Speaking of empty jerseys, I've tried to stick up for O'Donnell but he's sleeping for those first two goals. The penalty in particular is just fucking brainless, captain and most experienced player setting the tone for a half arsed display. How many penalties and red cards have we had now this season? The only two I'd even contemplate giving pass marks to are Watt and Cole. Who, despite a severe lack of support or service, continued to knock their pans in and were responsible for what few chances we did create including the goal. The rest, can quite frankly get in the sea. Fair fucks to Accies, an absolute paddling and richly deserved. No blaming Chapman today, simply the better team from start to finish.
  9. I don't think it's a coincidence that Lamie has looked semi competent since Alexander has came in(although I'm yet to be converted). Our default defensive setting under him seems to be to have the back 4 sitting across the width of the penalty box and the 3 in midfield narrow in front. Shuttling teams down the sides and asking them to put balls into the box. Whether this is something he's always done or whether he's just noticed few teams outside the OF have much in the way of subtlety or guile, it seems reasonably effective as most teams just keep putting crosses in which we seem pretty comfortable dealing with. Only 3 of the 8 goals we've conceded under Alexander so far have been from open play- bizarrely though, we do seem to struggle to deal with set pieces. In the main though, asking guys Mugabi and Lamie to head and kick it is as crosses are fired in is meat and drink for them. Asking someone like Lamie to play left back, wing back or even left of a back 3 like Robinson did, his lack of pace and footballing ability becomes evident. Keep it tight at one end and you are then relying on our front 3 to produce the goods which they have been of late. Even last night, when I don't think any of them had their finest game- the touch, turn, vison and weight of pass from Watt for the goal was pure quality.
  10. That was certainly ugly but I’m not sure I’d go as far to say undeserved. Killie had lots of possession but other than repeatedly firing balls into Mugabi and Lamie to head clear, they didn’t seem to do a great deal with it. Kelly had little to do other than a couple of straightforward catches near the end. The best chances of the match seemed to fall to us, Cole certainly missed two great chances either side of half time. The goal itself was a lovely bit of play from Watt and an excellent finish by Campbell. That’s Alexander won 3 of his first 7 games in charge, we’d only won 4 from 20 before he arrived. Not pretty tonight but organised and resolute, certainly heading in the right direction.
  11. I'd have taken Wright given the position we were in but as I mentioned at the time(rightly or wrongly), Alexander was my preferred choice. A lot of people seemed to have Wright down as some sort get out of relegation free card but has he ever actually done something similar before? What he did in Perth was obviously hugely impressive but I'm pretty sure he took over Saints from Lomas(although he was rumoured to be the brains of the operation) when they'd just finished behind us in 3rd, had a good squad at this disposal and built from there. Entirely different to taking over a team in freefall with only 11 games to go, little time to implement your ideas and no way of bringing in new players. Given he's got Ibrox then Pittodrie to come straight after this, it seems like a tough start. For us, we have of decent looking fixtures running up to the split but I'm still not sure how much I actually trust this team and it'll be interesting to see if any of Alexander's new signings make an appearance. Feels like a couple of wins this week and we'd be just about there and looking upwards, a couple of defeats and we'd be right in the thick of it.
  12. Yeah I think that's just Mugabi tbh. Can be absolutely fine for 95% of the game but you always worry there's a mistake/lapse in concentration coming at some point. Was far from confident in him and Lamie going in last night but they both done absolutely fine for 80 odd mins with Kelly largely untroubled- once they scored we looked a bit rattled though. As I mentioned on the match thread, it was interesting that Alexander has now won back to back games with basically the same set of players Robinson was using- save for Kelly instead of Carson. Which supports the theory they were largely underachieving, rather than just simply being shite. Plus, we now have about 6 new signings waiting in the wings(and hopefully soon the likes of O'Hara and Donnelly) ready to pounce if anyone lets their level drop.
  13. I fair enjoyed that. As has been said, far from perfect but encouraging. No exaggeration to say we created enough chances to score 4 or 5 tonight and should have had a penalty as well. Meanwhile Kelly was largely untroubled until the last 10 mins, where you could see us begin to panic a bit once Utd pulled one back. Again, we started with 10 outfield players who were at the club when Alexander arrived. He’s getting so much more out of Long and especially Cole, those two alongside the ever impressive Watt and we suddenly carry a real threat going forward. The addition of Kelly has been vital though and he was once again key to us taking the points. Not so convinced by Smith’s cameo right enough, ironically on a night where White came off the bench to grab a goal and an assist a few miles down the road. Was nervous as f**k the last 10 mins but kudos to the players, that’s the 2nd time in a week they’ve stood firm and seen it out.
  14. Aye, people have complained all season we lack 'leaders' and bemoaned the departures of Tait & Hartley- who apparently turned into prime Cafu and Baresi during lockdown going by some of the comments I've seen since they've departed. I'm happy enough with Nolan and can see the logic in Foley, a bit of experience in the spine of the team and all that. Kelly was a cracking bit of business we desperately needed, Lawless was a clear upgrade on Seedorf/Hastie and the boy Smith in his brief cameos looks a more competent lump than White. As others have said, I'm lost a bit at Roberts. Don't get me wrong he's exactly the kind of guy I could see us taking a punt on in other circumstances, however when we already have an abundance of -pacey, anywhere across the front 3 types- you wonder what he's bringing to the table we don't already have. Likewise this young centre back from Blackburn, when we already have three International centre backs on the books. Can only assume after having had a chance to have a look at everyone, Alexander is seriously not impressed with squad he inherited outside the starting 11 or so- which is absolutely fair. Given we held on to SOD's, Gallagher and Campbell, plus added a competent keeper, winger and a bit of experience, I'd say we look stronger now than when the window opened. However as has been mentioned, that squad is fucking massive and there's a lot of short term fixes there. It's hard to see anything but another complete overhaul in the summer.
  15. I thought Maguire was pretty decent last night as well, his wee turn and ball out wide for the goal was delightful. Exactly what you need if you're trying to play through midfield-thoroughly enjoyed his his two footed corner attempts as well. With Polworth, O'Hara and Donnelly all to still come back in, I'm struggling to see where 34 year old Foley is going to get the regular game time he desires- even if Crawford leaves. It's a an experienced squad option for us I suppose and his ability to cover at centre back might come in handy. You sense last night was massive for us though and we did it with largely the same team we've had all season- bar Liam Kelly. Which perhaps justifies some of Alexander's faith in the squad as going by his interviews, he's always seemed to be of the opinion that most of our problems were mental rather than lack of ability. First win in 3 months, a bit of fight/bottle shown to turn it around and we managed to leave White in Dingwall. A good day all round for the 'Well.
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