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  1. I mean Hammell really can’t legislate for Lamie’s decision making at the first or McGinn missing an open goal from 6 yards out. Two massive blunders from experienced pro’s that change the course of the game. Especially with Hearts going up the park and scoring the 2nd minutes after the McGinn miss. Van Veen missed his customary sitter first half. We hit both posts including the aforementioned open goal miss at the start of second. Gordon made two cracking saves from Van Veen and Penney. Penney also hits the bar. I mean it’s not as if it’s possession for possessions sake. We are creating plenty of chances but we’re simply not taking them. I’m not an XG nerd by any means but we must be setting records these last two games for chances created and somehow failing to score any of them. I’m conflicted, part of me is happy with how we’re playing and optimistically saying it’s surely only a matter of time until we absolutely batter somebody. However when I look at our upcoming fixtures, I also fear we are in for potentially a tough month and will be ruing all these missed opportunities to put points on the board.
  2. I think this is it for me. Like others I was worried last summer when we were linked that we’d chuck a 2/3 year deal at him and end up saddled with him in a Stevie May type scenario. A loan deal till the end of the season seems a bit more sensible. He might not be the Moult of old but we probably don’t need him to be? In reality we’re really just looking for someone to add some cover/competition for Van Veen. If he can stay relatively fit and chip in with 7 or 8 goals then happy days. If not, we send him packing next summer.
  3. Van Veen has his flaws obviously but we’d fucked if anything happens to him and we’re relying on the others. Even yesterday he wasn’t particularly great but he still scored our only goal and created our best other chance for Tierney. We were poor 2nd half (compared to the first half hour) but Efford’s failed cut back at 1-0 and Tierney’s miss at 1-1 were two huge moments in the game where a real lack of quality/composure in the final third cost us. We take either chance and we probably leave with 3 points. Fine margins and all that. Shields has good physical attributes and tries hard but just isn’t good enough technically or tactically to be a starter at this level. Ditto Efford. Morris has shown next to nothing so far. Tierney meanwhile shows flashes of promise but has been here nearly 9 months now and looks no closer to nailing down a place in the team. It’s clear Hammell isn’t happy with his options in the final third and it’s something he’s looking to address despite having already brought in McKinstry. Whether or not he can find the required quality this late in the window, we’ll have to wait and see.
  4. As I said on the match thread, I thought Saturday was promising mostly due to the way Hammell had set the the team up. It wasn’t some ten men behind the ball, ride your luck and try to nick a goal from a set piece type of display. He had clearly identified weakness to in the Aberdeen back line and came up with a game plan to exploit them in a positive, on the front foot fashion. Even at 2-3 we were still going in search for the 4th instead of simply sitting back and handing the initiative to Aberdeen. We won’t play that well every week and our defence still looks a bit suspect but to me it was a sign that Hammell perhaps isn’t the naive youth coach some are painting him as. You could even see after a weeks training against St Johnstone what we he was at least trying to implement. Like any young coach, he’ll get it wrong and I imagine we’ll probably take a few dull ones this season but I can’t accept that if we see a similar approach to Saturday. I think most Motherwell fans would. I have no grand ambitions for this season, considering Hammell’s starting position and the money being chucked about by the City clubs. If Hammell can stay clear of the relegation fight, bring a bit more entertainment back to Fir Park as well as bringing a couple of the young boys through I’d count that as a successful first season.
  5. CLOSE CALL: A-LEAGUE COACH JUST MISSES OUT ON JUMP TO SCOTTISH PREMIERSHIP Not that it matters much now but it looks like Nick Montgomery was the third one interviewed for the job.
  6. Wouldn’t surprise me. There’s f**k all between most teams in the league. Livi are more than capable of coming to Fir Park next week and turning us over.
  7. Agree with this. This wasn’t a smash and grab like last season at Pittodrie. We were the better team and could/should have won by more. Hammell for all the shouts of cheap and lazy appointment during the week, showed himself astute enough to pinpoint Aberdeen’s weaknesses and come up with a game plan to hit them at every opportunity. I’ve been underwhelmed by Spittal in the middle but he looked much better in a more advanced role. The diagonal runs from out to in for the 1st and 3rd goals were excellent and looked like something that had been worked on. We also seemed to target the space in behind the full backs for Shields to run onto as well (then Efford 2nd half), which suited his strengths and the first goal came directly from this. Even the corner Slattery scored from sounds like something that’d been spoken about pre-match. Early days and all that but I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve seen and heard from Hammell so far. Even in defeat last week you could see the things he was was trying to implement. Club still need to back him in the next few weeks mind but yesterday gave hope that we might not be in for the dreadful season we were all expecting this time last week.
  8. I agree with the Capt, if it’s being announced today I can’t see it being Simo. Doesn’t really seem like something we’d do, announcing we’re pinching another clubs manager on the day of a big European game for them. Even if we’d agreed it in principle, I’d imagine we’d hold off till tomorrow. I mean Hammell would still be in charge on Saturday either way so it’d make little difference to us. If it’s being announced today when the final interview was supposedly yesterday, I can only really see it being Hammell for it to be concluded so swiftly.
  9. We had our academy director in charge(for a day), being aided by a guy who’s only senior managerial experience was getting Albion Rovers relegated. We’ve a lot of work to do but we’ve still got a new manager to get and several new signings to make. Until that happens, there’s little point making predictions about how our season will go. Todays game wasn’t about performance, you can’t change things in one training session. It was about bouncing back from that shitfest on Thursday and we did. Three points, clean sheet and away up the road.
  10. I think this is it for me. I didn't see the point sacking him last season when we weren't in any immediate danger. To be fair to him, we stumbled over the line and I was prepared to draw a line under it and let him rebuild this summer. These last two games though show nothings changed, except we might actually be getting worse. For all you could criticize the quality of Alexander's team last season, I always felt at least they had a bit of fight and dig about them. Even during the 2nd half of last season there was Ibrox, Almondvale, Dingwall, final game against Hearts etc where we pulled out some big results when required(through character more than good performances). Last night though, the players looked liked they'd chucked it and at that point there's really no return. Is it a surprise though? Constant rumours of fall outs have plagued his tenure and now he's stripped our captain of the armband and benched him before a ball had even been kicked this season. I can't imagine that had a positive influence on moral in the build up to a big European tie. The summer business has been poor, no harm to them but all 3 have started both legs and we'd have been no worse off if we'd just went with Sods, Goss and Efford. Alexander seemed to hint there wasn't much to spend but given he spent big last summer I'm not surprised the board aren't trusting him with any more money. We spent good money to recruit Ojala and Sol only for them to become back ups to the two guys they were supposed to be upgrades for- one of which was culpable in 2 of the 3 goals we conceded during the tie. Then there's the fans, there's literally nobody left fighting his corner. Even McGhee had more people supporting him towards the end. He's too far gone, there's no way back for him now and it's genuinely a case of when the board pull the trigger. The longer they wait, the less attractive we become. In summary, thanks for keeping us up Graham but don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way out.
  11. About to be signed on a permanent deal by all accounts, with Connelly heading back out on loan. Also KVV has signed a new deal as well apparently.
  12. Middlesbrough set to sanction exit with Scottish trio in pursuit Not much but it’s an actual rumour I suppose. Does feel more like the kind of signing I would expect Robbo or Martindale to make right enough.
  13. A decent player who seems to have had a good season in Dingwall, is he an upgrade on what he have?
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