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  1. I’m not so sure we’re actually on holiday mode btw, although there may have been an element of that in yesterday’s display. See outside of an excellent first 45 mins against Accies and an excellent last 20 mins against St.Johnstone at Fir Park, yesterday’s level of performance has been pretty much the norm from what I’ve seen since our winning streak ended. We keep the ball on the deck a lot more which is great but at the moment, it’s a lot of neat passing without any real cutting edge. We only have two genuine goal threats- Turnbull and Hastie, which is basically now just one goal threat since Hastie decided to chuck it. On Scott, he took a bit of a battering from Kilgallon but I’d wager he’s learned more from that 75 mins than he would 75 games of reserve football. I’d stick with him next week, see if he can get himself a goal and see where it takes him. On the other hand, I thought all of four of our wide men were pretty abysmal and would have a tough time picking which two of them to I’d like to see start next week or for the rest of the season.
  2. Link Certainly doesn’t look like he’s hanging about.
  3. He seems to be getting some rave reviews from his time at Cliftonhill.
  4. Seen that. Looked well worth a punt on paper and I was fully on board with the signing at the time. However I was genuinely shocked to see the state of him in that Ross County game. Looked like an ex pro in his 40’s turning out at a testimonial. Can only assume he didn’t make much of an effort to get himself fit, so the mystery calf injury was invented to save face as we sent him packing about a month after he arrived.
  5. Despite his words to the contrary a few months back, Hastie clearly has no intention of being at Fir Park next season. That’s pretty much where my interest in the matter ended. Talented boy who it’ll be a shame to lose but based on his performances for the last month or so, you’d question whether his head/heart was really in it anymore anyway. Take the compensation money and move on. As for Polworth, it looks like we’re heading towards a big turnover of players this summer and presumably will have quite a young squad again next season. Perhaps signing a couple of experienced guys, with decent track records in Scottish football is part of our plan to make the transition a bit smoother.
  6. Agreed. Aldred’s been immense for us and will be hard to replace but Gallagher looks as good as a replacement on paper as we could have made. Been excellent defensively for Livingston this season, looks comfortable on the ball and is just about coming into his prime. Back to middle we actually look in alright shape going into next season. You’d think Gallagher, Dunne and Tait will make up 3 of our back 4, with the only question being whether Robinson takes another stab at signing a left back or just sticks with Tait there. At 21 an still having never started a senior game for us, it’s surely a now or never season for Livingston though. We’ve got 2 excellent goalkeepers to choose from as well, however I’d imagine Robinson will have a tough decision to make cause I can’t see either being happy with being made 2nd choice. Replacing Gorrin in front of them will be difficult but easier you feel to find a partner for Campbell and Turnbull though, than having to replace either of them themselves. The forward area though is mental- in terms of wingers/strikers we literally only have James Scott and Danny Johnson under contract for next season. We have to be looking at somewhere between 4 or 5 ‘forwards’ minimum, including a target man and at least a couple of boys with some pace. On our budget, that’s going to be extremely difficult to do in a single window.
  7. I liked Tanner, one of the few players we had last season that had a bit of craft or guile about him and he really stepped up once he got a game through the middle after Moult left. However if we persist with our current system, it’s hard to see where he’d actually fit? He’s not a target man. Robinson likes his wide men to have pace, Tanner was never the quickest and I can’t imagine a serious knee injury will have done much to improve his mobility. And the attacking central role belongs to Turnbull. I’d have happily given him another year on a vastly reduced rate, as I think he’d probably be a decent option to have in the squad or off the bench. However if it’s true a teams actually willing to offer him decent money despite him not having kicked a ball in over a year, I can’t say I’d blame him for taking it.
  8. Was bulleted by Boavista and some random Romanian mob as well before he rocked up at Fir Park. I’ve been a massive fan since the turn of the year but if he and his agent are pissing about demanding silly money after a dozen or so good games, then I hope the club tell him not to the let door his arse on the way out. Same goes for Hastie as well. Or anyone of them out of contract really for that matter. All good players but we’re talking mostly about guys we’ve picked up from the footballing scrapheap. Guys who were hunted by the likes of Bury, Portsmouth and Sepsi Sfântu Gheorghe(Googled it- me neither). We should be setting them a deadline before the seasons out, if they don’t want to sign the contract on offer then fair enough. Wish them all the best and move on to other targets. It’s another big summer for Robinson, he can’t afford to waste time on guys who have no real interest in being here next season.
  9. He must have been pissing himself laughing watching us at the back today, he’ll be confident of strolling into that team no bother on todays evidence. On the plus side I can’t imagine the likes of Aldred, Gorrin or Main done much to impress many visiting scouts that were there to watch them today either. Likewise Hastie, although he got himself into numerous good positions his end product let him down all afternoon. That’s us now tried to go toe to toe with Hibs(a), Aberdeen(a) and Rangers(h) in recent weeks and have come out with 0 points having lost by an aggregate score of 8-1. Which kind of emphasises the point of us not being good enough for the top 6 I suppose. However I do think we’ve come a long way since the horror days of the 1st half of this season and I’m confident we’re moving in the right direction- still very much a work in progress though and top end of the bottom 6 is about right. You do feel we’ve gone from one extreme to the other though at times and there’s a balance to be struck somewhere- between playing attractive, expansive football and being more pragmatic/difficult to beat. Especially against the better sides in the division. Anyway if I were Robinson, I’d be looking to start phasing out those who won’t be here next year and start planning for next season now. Use the remaining games to get some minutes into the likes of Livingstone, Scott etc and see if they’re ready to handle the step up. Although I’m sure he and the club will want to finish 7th for that extra cash. On that note, noticed Danny Johnson and Liam Donnelly were both bumped from the squad today(along with Sammon obvs)- Another two that you imagine will be on their way this summer?
  10. Is he actually that good though? Great fun to watch at times but he seems to be the epitome of all style, little substance. Although stats obviously aren’t everything, the fact that Frear’s got more goals/assists than him in 2019 despite vastly inferior game time kinda points to that and I’m not exactly great fan of Frear. Kind of summed us up today, a lot of possession but done nothing with it- other than shoot ourselves in the foot. I’m all for the less hoofball more football approach but fucking hell, that was kamikaze stuff. They set up traps and we just walked straight into them all afternoon. Been a much more enjoyable second half of the season but we’ve been given a bit of a reality check in recent weeks in terms of where we actually are. Still very much a work in progress and hopefully Robinson can pick the bones out of it and we can still finish the season strongly.
  11. Motherwell squad will get picked apart Getting the impression that all those still out of contract have pied our offers and will be on their way come the summer.
  12. Since his double at Hampden this time last year, Main’s scored 6 goals in 40 games. That includes a penalty as well as goals against Edinburgh City and Clyde. He’s done a good job of leading the line since the turn of the year, see our first 2 goals last Saturday for examples, however that goal tally is still absolutely appalling. Plus, the games like Easter Road where nothing sticks and he just spends the full time jumping into people are infuriating to watch. Still, how many strikers have we actually had that can play the lone striker role well? You’d argue that Main, although clearly not a natural goalscorer, has done it as well as anyone. If Robinson does want to play the same system next season, it’ll be a difficult role to fill this summer and one he will have to get right.
  13. Certainly doesn’t sound overly positive on the renewal front. Half a dozen contracts offered, with nobody willing to sign them(as yet).
  14. It was the bit in bold that stood out for me, makes it seem like he’s having a very specific dig at somebody- who’s more interested in their summer move than the here and now. While Hastie would seem the obvious target, it’d be strange to say it on a night where he played him for the full 90 mins and he scored our only goal. Also for all the talk of Ross Forbes and purple patches, that’s his 7th goal in 12 games since he came back from Alloa. I find it hard to be overly critical of the boy, he’s been tremendous for us and played a massive part in turning our season around. Anyway, having been at Easter Road a few weeks back last night wasn’t really a surprise for me. While we’re great to watch and fairly free scoring at home, that hasn’t really translated to away games. Apart from maybe away to St.Mirren, any other game I’ve seen away from home we’ve really not managed to impose ourselves and have struggled to create chances or score goals. Still the second half of the season has been a massive improvement on the first and we do seem to be moving in the right direction. I imagine we’ll see the usual team again on Sunday but it’ll be interesting to see how Robinson approaches the post split fixtures with so many players in that team unlikely to be at Fir Park next season.
  15. Having a wee dig at somebody here? Specifically mentions downing tools and players with their eyes on other things, not once but twice.