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  1. What a state to get yourself into. The boy already signed a new deal last January when he when he could have walked away for pennies. It’s hardly his fault he had a dodgy knee that required surgery. He’s far too good for us, the idea he’s not a proper Motherwell fan unless he puts his own career on hold to sign another new deal at Fir Park is properly mental. Especially when he’s essentially already just lost a year of his career through no fault of his own. As for Hastie, I never had any issues with his decision. He cashed in on a real purple patch and set himself up for life, fair play to him. However as many of us predicted, his development and career have gone backwards as a result of said decision.
  2. Some of his passing last night was sensational. The one in the 2nd half where he played it in behind Ricky Foster to Aarons was outrageously good. Paced and weighted to absolute perfection.
  3. I also thought Long was excellent but he’s such an infuriating player, I think he even annoys himself. His pace absolutely terrified the County defence(probably why he was given the nod over Watt) but so often much of his good work was undone by his own final ball. The one where he shot from the byline instead of cutting it back was criminal as was the volley he missed from about 6 yards out. Fair play to him though, he kept going and done very well to set up the 3rd goal which you were beginning to worry would never come. Great finish by Tony as well when he came on to round it off and finish what was a lovely move for the 4th. Apart from a dodgy first 10-15 mins, it was a dominant performance and it didn’t feel like 4-1 flattered us. The midfield was excellent with Campbell a cut above for me, in what must now be his best ever goalscoring season? And an assist at the end too to round off an imperious display.
  4. With all the talk of recruitment for next season, I take it there isn't much in the youth team that looks likely to break through in the foreseeable? Admittedly, due to the lack of any sort of coverage these days I have next to no idea what the current state of the youth team is. However, there seems to be a real lack of anybody even on the cusp of breaking through at the minute. Obviously, you can’t just have a conveyer belt of talent constantly coming though and there’s bound to peaks and troughs. However it feels like we’ve went from one extreme to the other in less than a year. The 2nd half of last season you had Turnbull, Campbell, Hastie, Cadden plus the likes of Scott and Semple who were all either in the team or at least in and around the squad. By my reckoning, Allan Campbell’s been the sole youth product in 5 of our 7 squads post January.
  5. To be fair to Taylor Sinclair, he’s scored as many League goals in 2020 as Motherwell have.
  6. I actually thought Gillespie should have had the winner, was a decent strike but from behind the goal it looked pretty central and he got a full hand to it. Both goals though were terrible from a defensive point of view. Saints are the lowest scores in the league and they've put 6 past us in 2 games at Fir Park this week. Meanwhile if it hadn't been for the penalty, I reckon we could have played all night and not scored despite how 'dominant' we were 1st half. We were into double figures for corners before half time and did absolutely nothing with any of them. Fair play to Saints, they've fair owned us this past week. Were we not supposed to have had Obika on trial during the summer as well btw and sent him packing? Looks exactly like the kind of centre forward we could do with. Done more damage and scored more goals in 2 games at Fir Park this week than some of our forwards have done all season. No harm to either of them, but us bringing on MacIver and Seedorf last night was pretty desperate stuff and didn't exactly fill me with any great confidence that we were going to go on and win the game. Cracking to see Turnbull back though, the highlight of an otherwise dreadful 2nd half.
  7. To be fair, it’s probably our first properly poor sustained run of form since 2018? Think I’m right in saying no team outside the OF picked up more points than us in 2019. When you consider the budget we have and the players we lost at various stages across the way, that’s pretty remarkable consistency. We were more than overdue a poor run. And whilst it would be disappointing if what looked like a promising season, stumbled towards a fairly drab conclusion- it’d hardly be seen as a disaster. If offered top 6 finish and a debt free club at the start of the season, most of us would bitten your arm off. With Watt and Aarons getting fitter though, O’Hara finding some real form and Turnbull’s return on the horizon, I still think we can finish the season strongly. Next 2 games are massive though, a couple of wins against St Mirren/ County and we could really put ourselves in an excellent position for a European spot.
  8. I’d chuck in Tait as well, the best he’s played in a long time. Ultimately though, that 1st half done us and you can’t say it hasn’t been coming. A few teams have threatened to do similar recently- Livi a few weeks ago springs to mind. We’ve become very predictable and easy to play against. 2nd half though the change of shape, a bit more aggression and even the ability to go a more direct with the 2 up top made a massive difference. Yes some of the goals were erm, slightly fortuitous. However, it’s amazing what can happen when you play at a high tempo, get bodies forward and put balls into the box. Instead of having your two centre backs and keeper dick about with the ball at the back for half the game First proper look at Watt and I thought he was very decent. More robust than Long and showed good quality on the ball. On the other hand, Manzinga and Mugabi just won’t do. And despite his mini renaissance during the early part of the season, Hartley has sadly reverted back to looking done.
  9. When’s the last time we had 2 home games in a row called off?
  10. I’m not sure it’s so much a tactic from us as it is from the opposition. Cut off the pass to Donnelly-see 1st goal last night- and have your wingers push up onto our fullbacks. This will force Hartley/Gallagher into going long and since we no physical presence in the final third at all after Cole/Scott left, we end up clipping aimless balls forward that we invariably lose. Rinse and repeat. I wasn’t there last night but this is exactly what Livi done to nullify us last week and I’d be stunned if more teams didn’t follow suit.
  11. Was it not Ross Wallace that got volleyed by a Motherwell fan during an end of season pitch invasion after a game with Celtic?
  12. I’d probably take a draw to be honest. We’re struggling a bit at the minute, for goals especially. We’ve only scored more than a single goal once in our last 9 league games(1-2 away to Ross County). So if Saints can score, they’ll take something here. Wouldn’t think we’d change too much but with us now having 3 games in 6 days, I imagine that a certain amount of rotation will be necessary. Can see the likes of Tait, Watt and Campbell all coming in at some point over the next week.
  13. It almost felt like Robinson was making a point towards the end last night- if he wants Watt and hasn’t got him yet. No harm to them but the front 3 that finished the game last night was miles off it. Chuck in Ilic as well as the lesser spotted Ndjoli and we might well have a lot in the way of options but sadly, not a great deal of quality. Like a few others have already said, I wasn’t fully onboard the #announcetony bus to begin with but after watching the last 3 games if there’s a deal to be done, then just get it done. On the plus side, the boy Aarons looked handy and was very impressive 1st half. A shame like that he was blowing out his arse 5 mins into the 2nd but still, he looks an upgrade on the likes of Ilic/Seedorf.
  14. Yup. And not even for like the last few mins either, which while still desperate would have at least been understandable. He genuinely went up there not long after we conceded when there was still about 20 mins to go. Although to be fair to him he did win a corner at one point, which was more than any of the other forwards managed.
  15. He’ll be fit when he’s fit I suppose, no point rushing him. On a more pressing matter, I still can’t believe we spent the last 20 mins on Saturday launching high balls up to Mugabi. What a state to get ourselves into. Losing both Cole and Scott in January was obviously a bit of a nightmare in itself. However it’s also pretty much removed any physical element we had to our attack, to the point we now look so lightweight and worryingly powderpuff. Long’s wasted trying to play with his back to goal and offers virtually nothing in the way of an out-ball. Manzinga certainly offers more in terms of a physical presence but plays with all the rawness you’d expect of a guy plucked from the Belgian lower leagues. I’m not sure if there any word on why Ndjoli wasn’t in the squad on Saturday? Early days obviously but as things stand, we’ve went from having 4 good options for the front 3 positions to having 2 and a series of question marks.
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