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  1. Impressed with just how equally comfortable he looks using either foot. I think out wide suits him just now but that 2nd goal also shows he has the potential to play anywhere across the front three in the future. His 1st goal had shades of Hastie there last season. However whereas Hastie was all about pure pace and power, Scott appears to have a lot more finesse about him- as well as being an absolute unit. Some of his touches and bits of skill are an absolute delight. Club got some amount of stick over Hastie’s contract but getting Scott tied up to 2022 before he’d even started a game for the first team is looking potentially like great bit of business.
  2. These would roughly be the same folk that think Robinson just got lucky with Turnbull and Hastie. However, anyone who watched Scott's performance last night will know different. Most 'Well fans, myself included, thought he should go out on loan this summer as he wasn't ready to play at this level just yet. The way Robinson's handled him though since the split last season and over these last 6 months shows, the man might just actually know what he's doing. On the match, I thought we were very decent. While guys like Polworth and Hylton continue to be absolute ballers and rack up the assists, their work rate and defensive diligence without the ball was equally impressive. First 20 mins or so were a bit of a scrap but once we got the opening goal, we settled down and played some good football. Also my first time properly seeing Bevis Mugabi and I loved almost every second of it.
  3. Agree with 13/14 season comparison. Like then, I think there’s a lot of absolute dross in the league this season. The fact that St Johnstone team we pumped yesterday is only 3 points off 7th speaks volumes. We were awful for the first 25 mins or so and while we stepped it up 2nd half, we were still no more than alright for the most part. Yet we cantered to a 4-0 win without Gillespie having a save of note to make. With that in mind, plus given our start and squad depth, a top 6 place is definitely there for the taking. Still reckon a lot could depend on what happens in January mind- as you can imagine teams like Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen will probably be quite active. Other than mutually terminating Sloth’s contract and trying to extended Cole’s loan, I can’t see us being too busy.
  4. Absolutely. Even outside set pieces, all 4 goals yesterday basically owed to us dominating in the air. Cole’s leap for the 1st was tremendous, as was O’Hara bulldozing the boy at the 4th.
  5. You could make up a better defence out of the players currently not playing for us - Carson, Tait, Dunne, Mugabi etc- than St Johnstone had out yesterday. Overall, it wasn’t exactly a vintage display from ourselves but there were still plenty of positives. Hylton continuing to look more comfortable at this level and setting up the opening goal again. Another goal for Cole and a much improved performance from him. First goal for Carroll. A debut goal for the bold Manzinga. An assist and first meaningful contribution from O’Hara- absolutely flattened the boy in the process too. Plus an always enjoyable Peter Hartley goal as well. Felt like a better team definitely would have punished us for that first half but I thought we stepped it up after half time and it was a comfortable and deserved win.
  6. Fair enjoyed that, Robinson always comes across well in these sort of interviews. In other news this morning; Oxford submit bid for Cadden What a stunning turn of events, certainly didn’t see that coming.
  7. I was including the League Cup as well to be fair, I’m sure he got a couple of assists and at least a goal in that as well.
  8. Fully onboard. Trying to replace Turnbull was always going to be nigh on impossible but getting Polworth in has been an excellent bit of business. Must be about double figures for goals and assists so far this season already. Speaking of Turnbull, I notice the official site doesn’t have him down for a return until hopefully Spring next year. I always thought it was January when he was pencilled in for a comeback? Or was that just hearsay.
  9. I don’t think we necessarily need a 15 goal a season striker, although it would be nice. However I would like to see us try and bring in a different option in January. Having a more robust, ‘target man’ type who could hold the ball up, link the play etc would give us a different option at least and allow us to go more direct on occasion. At the minute, I feel we can be a bit one dimensional and at times, are guilty of over playing and passing the ball without much purpose or end product. People talk about Higdon as a goal scorer, however he was also the focal point of the attack. A lot of the time under McCall we’d mix it up and go direct to Higdon then play off him. Even last season, we had that option with Main. We don’t really have that option this season with the strikers at our disposal. Scott playing wide was probably the closest thing we’ve had to it and him bodying Stevenson in the Hibs game was a major part of what was probably our most productive attacking display of the season.
  10. I quite like both players but I don’t really like the front 3 with Cole and Long rotating. Both players generally look uncomfortable when doing their stint out wide and both look far better when allowed to play through the middle. I understand Robinson obviously wants them both in the team but I think he’d be better off picking one of them. Or switching formations if he wants the two of them on the pitch. Whilst I’m at it, I also don’t like how our midfield rotates and we don’t have a designated sitting midfielder- like we did with Gorrin last season. I think that also contributes to our defensive deficiencies, as too often all 3 of them will empty the middle of the park and leave the defence exposed. On the positive side, I agree that Hylton is starting to look like he’s finding his feet. Looked a real threat yesterday and his play in the build up to our goal was excellent.
  11. I feel like we got what we deserved in the end; nothing. I seem to be saying it on almost a weekly basis now but we are far too soft and easy to score against. Since the League Cup group stages ended, we’ve now played 15 games and conceded 2(or more) goals in over half of them. Second half we did have a lot of the ball and played some nice stuff at times but what did we actually do with it? I can barely remember the Hibs keeper even having to make a save. By contrast Hibs scored another, hit the post and forced at least one decent save from Gillespie. We’ve probably played worse this season and taken points from games but I don’t think we can have any real arguments about leaving empty handed yesterday- possible penalty claim aside. Being a soft touch at the back and a lack of cutting edge in the final third is ultimately what done us though.
  12. I think for a Motherwell player to be called up, in general, you need a bit of good timing. You have to be in form, at a time when a gap opens up due to injuries/suspensions for others. Which is pretty much what has happened for Gallagher. As has been pointed out by already, generally speaking, I don’t think our players are at that level. Some might develop and get there, however chances are it’ll probably be after they’ve left Fir Park. I think in my time watching Motherwell, I’d say Faddy and Turnbull are the only two who instantly stick out as players I thought should be in the Scotland squad on merit- even while they were still at Fir Park.
  13. Link Some more Robinson chat this morning, this time from Gallagher on the back of his Scotland debut. Have to say, I was delighted when we signed him this summer. I thought he’d be a decent replacement for Aldred but he’s gone beyond that- certainly never envisaged he’d work his way into the Scotland reckoning. His age/past probably counts against him, otherwise I imagine he wouldn’t be here(not for long anyway). Was good to see his form rewarded with a Scotland cap though, even if some fortunate timing has played it’s part.
  14. What a guy. I just mind it was the start of an unbeaten run which was probably that Motherwell side at it’s absolute peak - bookended by those two beatings we dished out to Celtic. Also included a win at Tynecastle, bodying Utd at Tannadice and thumping Hibs on the Friday night at Fir Park.
  15. Which also gives me the fear. I like Lasley but as @Swello says above, the idea of handing him the managers job just doesn’t sit well with me.
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