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  1. Anybody else get the impression Turnbull’s a goner then, or is just me?
  2. I think because this summer we had the much sought after ‘solid foundation’ to build on and thus there was no need for a massive rebuild as per every other summer, there was almost an expectation that we’d kick on this season. The fact we haven’t really- starting with a fairly underwhelming summer, having no cup run to distract us, have played some awful football and had some awful results as well along the way has has meant this season has been seen as something of a damp squib. Despite all of that we could well be 12 points clear of the bottom 2 by this time next week, have brought through another youngster into the first team(Turnbull) and sold another player(Kipre) which would pretty much mean Robinson is hitting most of the targets set out for him before a ball was kicked this season. Even looking at his much maligned summer business- 2 of his signings scored on Saturday with another saving a penalty. Chuck in Mbulu and that’s a third of Saturday’s team that was brought in during the summer. I mean we won in Perth and we done it without Carson, Cadden, Rose, Hartley, Tanner, Bigi etc even kicking a ball.
  3. Good to see he knows where we need to strengthen, bizarre that apparently Rose's wage being freed up won't impact his budget. Noticed he wasn't even on the bench today, wonder if he's played his last game? I said January would be a big month for Robinson but today's result, provided we follow it up with another big one at home to St.Mirren next week, has the potential to ease the pressure on him somewhat and not force him into any rash decisions- like signing more average dross just for the sake of it. Although to give Robinson his due this time last year he went out and signed Aldred, Main and big Nadz who played a big part in turning our season around after a disastrous December. Could really do with a couple of similar shrewd bits of business this time round, no point just adding more bodies to the squad for the sake of it. Also Gillespie and Johnson both proving their worth again today, just to show that despite our protestations as fans, the Summer business wasn't a complete disaster.
  4. Unbelievable. Fair play like I didn't see that coming, you can't underestimate just how big a win that is for us. That's us now 9 points clear of both St.Mirren and Dundee. With us playing Saints at Fir Park next week while Dundee are away at Celtic Park, there's potentially a real chance to open up a 12 point gap on the pair of them and give Robinson some much needed breathing space heading into the January window.
  5. I’ll also be giving this a miss. Our away form is brutal and I can’t see us causing St.Johnstone’s watertight defence many problems here. Given we’ll conspire to chuck at least one in down the other end, I struggle to see us getting anything out of this one. Whilst that in itself wouldn’t be disastrous, following it up with our inevitable beating at Parkhead during the week means that St.Mirren at Fir Park next Saturday potentially becomes another huge game for us and Robinson.
  6. Whilst I largely agree, has he done a great deal this season to suggest he’ll actually be missed? He’s been injured for a large chunk of it and has only started 3 games since September- Saturday’s defeat there and the 2 awful back to back performances at home to Livingston and St Johnstone. As I said I like Rose and whilst he wouldn’t be on my list to get rid of by any means, in terms of freeing up(I’d imagine) a decent wage against contribution I’d say he’s fairly expendable based on the season so far.
  7. Any money in it for us? Presumably Robinson wouldn’t want to let Rose go for nothing in January. Wouldn’t be on my list to hunt either mind but he wouldn’t be one I’d be overly upset at losing. He done a decent job for us last season and was a vast improvement on the likes of Conference Clay and sicknote Lucas. The two Aberdeen cup games in particular stand out for me. Incidentally if it were up to me, my list would be something like; Donnelly - fitness issues, looks suspect when he has played and we have about 6 other centre backs anyway Frear - ultimately just not good enough Newell/Gordon/Maclean - need games and never going to get them here Bowman Or Sammon - don’t need both Although you need someone to actually want to take them and that’s where my plan falls down.
  8. Firmly on board with this. Typified by the fact that even Bigi when he came on ended up putting the ball straight out the park 3 or 4 times including somehow straight from an (out-swinging)corner. There was plenty of effort and we were on top for what felt like most of the 2nd half, however the Hearts keeper never had a single save to make which says it all really. The overall quality and standard of the match was absolutely appalling, from both sides to be fair. That's us all over this season though isn't it? Give away a daft/cheap goal at one end and struggle to score down the other. I think yesterday, like so many game this season, felt like an opportunity missed because once again there was nothing in the game but we again came away empty handed. Of the 9 league games we've lost this season 5 of them have been by a single goal, which shows the 'fine margins' those at the club love to talk about. Not going to go over old ground because Robinson seems to slowly be admitting what most of us have been saying for a while, this summer was a bit of disaster and has to be addressed. If he's looking to shuffle things about to at least try and get some pace/creativity in the door during the January window then I'm all for him getting the chance to do that. See if we bring in any more fucking centre backs, 6 foot plus target men or defensive midfielders though- I'll be starting the 'Robinson out' thread myself. I reckon we'll lose our next couple of games and the heat will ramp up from the usual sections, however going by the season so far he'll probably manage to pick up about 4 points from the St Mirren/Killie/Accies games to end the year to see him limp through to the January transfer window. What he can/will do in that will then will define the rest of our season, in terms of either being comfortable with possible cup run or straight up relegation battle.
  9. Andy Rose has hardly played in the last 3 months or so, I’m not surprised he looked a bit leggy at times coming into a game like that. It was a ridiculous challenge for the penalty though, Christie was going absolute nowhere. As for Tait, he’s one that’s been below par all season and I’m not sure it’s anything to do with fitness. I wonder if being played out of position is taking it’s toll on him? His best qualities when he joined were his engine to get up and down the park, allied with his ability to deliver a cracking cross with either foot. These days he offers virtually nothing going forward. When was the last time he actually set up a goal, Aberdeen at Hampden? Do agree with @fat_tony about McHugh though, thought he was excellent again the other night and I actually think he’s been one of our better players this season- unfortunately he’s just prone to moments of absolute madness from time to time.
  10. Celtic never created a thing all 2nd half, I genuinely don't think Gillespie had a save to make. It really was a strange match, 1st half we were pretty poor and could conceivably been at least 3 down despite Celtic hardly getting out of 2nd gear. Gillespie saving the pen was definitely the turning point as both the players and the fans seemed to get a much needed lift. The 2nd half though Celtic took their foot right off it and were pretty shocking, the slow tempo and number of misplaced passes was really poor from them. They were almost as bad as us, as has been mentioned the wee spell where Gordon and co were trying to play out from the back under pressure and kept putting straight out the park was hilarious. We kept plugging away but never really looked like scoring, a familiar tale this season however when there's only goal in it you always feel there's a chance- it was fitting that the one bit of quality from us all game between Turnbull and Johnson led to an equaliser. All in all, f**k knows what to make it of. I didn't think we saw quite the reaction/performance that I thought we'd see after the Livi game but on the other hand we got a point more than I was really expecting- especially after the opening 15 mins when we were 2 subs and a goal down having barely touched the ball. Certainly seen us play much better and get nothing against Celtic so I'll quite happily take the point on this occasion and move on.
  11. To be fair to Robinson he's been getting pelters all season from a lot of fans(me included btw) for not giving the young players more of a chance, especially on the back of their Cup run. Tonight he put Livingstone on and he gave a fairly shaky performance before having to be subbed off again less than hour later with cramp. I think he was just trying to make the point, to the viewer(s) as much as the boy himself, that there's more to being a professional footballer than simply having a bit of talent and it's the other things(that we as fans can't really see) that will probably determine whether they'll make it or not. That's why whenever he talks about Cadden, Campbell, Turnbull etc he always mentions how they handle and conduct themselves off the pitch as much as anything they do on it. He also had a go at Donnelly, one of his own signings this summer, for his fitness levels as well so it's as if he just singling out Livingstone. More like he was laying down a marker to those who are presumably unhappy cause they're not getting a game, the levels they have to reach etc. As an aside, on a day where his summer business was getting panned, Gillespie and Johnson both proved their worth last night. Penalty save was a game changer from Gillespie and Johnson once again proving he is the natural goalscorer we've been crying out for- one half chance, one goal.
  12. The wee reverse nutmeg shroo ball by Turnbull, the finish by Johnson... Lovely stuff from the hammer throwers.
  13. I think we all know Robinson made a c**t of it this summer, it sounds like he’s realising that himself now even if he won’t overtly say it. In terms of who Robinson wants to get rid of, it's actually hard to tell. By my reckoning he’s either signed or given a new contract to everyone in the squad baring I think Elliot Frear. I mean Sammon is the other obvious one. He’s made 2 appearances totalling about 5 mins since September despite our struggle for goals and is surely surplus to requirements. After that, who knows.
  14. Link Robinson admitting defeat with some of his summer recruits?