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  1. Definitely not my favourite munro although I did do it in bad weather. But as you are on 200 odd it looks like it needs to be done. Enjoy the drive lol
  2. Seems like although TJ looked like death during his cut to 125 he made it fairly comfortably and actually came in under the limit. What I found interesting was Joe Benavidez had to make 125 (usaually a 1lb allowance for non-title fights) for his fight against Ortiz as he was on stand by if any main event fighters had to pull out meaning he could have fought TJ had Cejudo had to withdraw for any reason. Former friends and teamates who trained together at both Alpha Male and Elevation.
  3. Lewis vs volkov I can see this happening, he's looked great so far.
  4. Floyd vs that Asian kickboxer at RIZIN looked like a bit of a joke to me haha
  5. BJ is now 1-8 in his last 9, enough is enough man.
  6. Always good to see Guillard getting ko'd. Missed weight about 10 times during his career.
  7. Tomorrow night at Ravenscraig stadium, Greenock. How are both squads shaping up for the season ahead? I haven't been to any games so far this pre season and will miss the first half an hour tomorrow. How do you see this one going?
  8. Chael said he heard it was December 6th, but did say he could have the date wrong.
  9. Yeah I'm not a fan of interim titles either but saying they're stripping him after 6 weeks is weird. Hopefully Alvarez vs Poirier is a good fight tonight, prelims start at 11pm.
  10. Me either, move up to 185 incoming imo. What was the point in Colby's interim title then?
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