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  1. I take no satisfaction in sticking up for Stephen Thompson. That said, isn't it remarkable that in every single one of these articles that have appeared this week, all with no other purpose but to perpetuate bad feelings between the two clubs, they never provide a single quote of Thompson's apparently particularly vocal opposition to Sevco taking Rangers place in 2012? Also strange that all these types of stories this week have only mentioned that Rangers fans were charged half for the re-arranged game called off at half time over a decade ago.
  2. I was quite impressed by Lewis during the pre-season/ League cup of 2017/18, so all I'll say in his defence is that it's a little harsh to expect anyone who spent a year being managed by Ray McKinnon then Csaba Laszlo to come away with any signs of improvement to show for it.
  3. Wasn't massively impressed by us first half. The break away that led to Bolton hitting the side netting was the only real chance of note I can remember. We looked a bit more comfortable 2nd half though so that's encouraging. Was impressed by Robson, Harkes and even Connolly today. Appere worked his socks off up front but we left him far too isolated for long periods. I thought Sporle had a really positive influence when he came on for us. There's a potentially useful player if Mellon can figure out how best to use him, which Neilson never seemed to manage. Cammy Smith looked pretty determined to contribute when he came on as well.
  4. I've only got audio from United's commentary team but the audio of what's on screen. Anyone else got this or is it just an issue on my end?
  5. I think that kit is minging; and I liked the jobby sleeves kit at first. However, at least it's in aid of a great cause.
  6. In that case it'll also have to be moved to the Championship forum.
  7. Sevco did business with us in 2016 when we got Cammy Bell from them, and they just played a friendly with us. We also no longer have the people in charge who were present when relations between the clubs became particularly vitriolic. Unless there's been a big falling out behind the scenes, possibly about the allegations of Sevco players being allowed to play the friendly without the all clear from tests, then I doubt it's true.
  8. If they'd only mentioned it once they might have gotten away with it.
  9. A big reason Shankland came to us last summer rather than try down south was the guarantee of first team football. Well, that and the £25K per goal bonus. While Morelos is at Ibrox, Shankland is not going to be certain of game time that he knows he'll get with us. I'm not worried about this, especially as the source of this rumour looks more like a shit-stirrer craving attention. Morelos leaving the Rangers for a good fee in the next couple of days might change that though.
  10. Had a good chuckle at your Butcher entry. Made me remember the feeling of pure dread I experienced back in November upon finally getting into Dens 3 minutes after kick-off, only to find out Butcher had already been booked. 😆 Ciftci post-January 2015 should be nowhere near that high up the rankings though. However I dounderstand that selection because, if nothing else, I know how much I still love that mad b*****d.
  11. It's so very hard to feel bad about this considering everything Hearts and Thistle have done in this situation has been purely to save their own skin.
  12. Partick are worse in my eyes. They cowered behind Hearts, letting them be the focus for all the deserved flack while believing and wanting the exact same thing Hearts did.
  13. Misleading graph, not fair imo. Doesn't take into account the fact that Sevco were definitely going to win all their remaining games* last season and close the gap on Celtic before the shutdown happened. *Just like Hearts were going to at the other end of the league.
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