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  1. Delighted for Appere to get the winner today. His contribution to the team so far this season has been superb and he deserved to get back on the score sheet sooner rather than later. Also, I have to admit that after playing the first few games out on the wing, and his early season injury, I'd really under-appreciated Nicky Clark's importance to the squad. He's been excellent over the last month or so.
  2. To be pedantic, we actually did score a penalty against St. Mirren in the playoff final second leg, to very briefly go 1-0 up. We just didn't bother about scoring in the shootout later...
  3. Questions have been persistently asked about what would happen to our season if Shankland got injured for any length of time. Well the next few weeks look set to provide an answer. Last Saturday's result therefore couldn't have come at a better time. If this had happened after say, the Arbroath game, there would be a bit more panicking taking place. But, going by what I've heard from people who were at the game and looking at the highlights Queen of the South put up, that was also one of our more convincing performances this season. If we can keep that level up and maintain our current lead at the top until Shankland returns then that'll be big boost for the whole squad's confidence for the remainder of the season. Hopefully it might even leave those chasing us a little dispirited too.
  4. Paton was/is hideously limited, totally unable to use his left foot, but I still wouldn't have him near this list. That his eventual return from injury in our relegation season co-incided with a brief upturn in results for me suggests we should look elsewhere for candidates for this particular team. The spine of my worst United XI of the decade would however undoubtedly include Szromnik, Donaldson*, Kuhl and Lyng. Kuate wouldn't make the cut as there were flashes of quality from him, and he looked capable of thriving at this level if he'd just knuckled down and focused. Kuate's biggest problem was that he thought he was a world beater, who'd wound up playing in the Scottish Championship by some freak accident. *Yes ICT fans, we know he's been quite good for you, but it doesn't change how much of a bomb scare Donaldson was for us.
  5. That would certainly help explain why Neilson had Safranko play out on the wing for a few games towards the end of last season to accommodate Sow up front, despite the general ineffectualness of it. I'd be open to Safranko coming back on loan, his work rate for the team last season was superb, but he's not a signing we absolutely need to make imo. Appere and Clark have both worked well with Shankland up front so far, and Shankland's ruthlessness in front of goal makes you really appreciate just how wasteful Safranko could be at times.
  6. Kev its going to be one of these days. Need a drink now Never a truer word spoken. I'm away to the pub to meet a couple of Dee mates now. Nervous doesn't begin to cover my current state. 1st drink can't come quickly enough.
  7. Aye GMS had the ball at the touchline and it looked iffy whether he'd kept it in. You all were unimpressed by the decision and one of your players (very likely Gary Irvine) immediately clattered GMS in response. We then scored from the free kick. 😆 That certainly outdoes my record.
  8. The only league derby I made that year was the 1-1 at Tannadice where Gardyne equalised in the last minute... I also realise now that I was at the cup game that season where GMS scored the winner. So I have actually seen us win at Dens, but my previous post still technically stands. I've only seen defeats at Dens in the league, and particularly shite defeats at that.
  9. That was the first league derby at Dens I ever went to and every league derby I've been to since has been more mortifying than the last. I've been to the Jarvie/Lovell game, the Heffernan game, the new year's day 2016 and doon derbies. I've never seen us win a league game at Dens, but I'll be there on Friday. Get all of your money on Dundee folks.
  10. We were mostly pish tonight tbh. Pass marks for Shankland, Robson and Butcher only. Smith had a stinker tonight, while McMullan's biggest contribution was when he properly McMullaned that opportunity on goal that was gifted to him in the first half by hitting it straight at the keeper with the outside of his boot. Fantastic cross for the goal aside, I thought Appere struggled on the wing. Partick's winger and full back were getting past him way too easily. Alarmingly, I can't decide who contributed less tonight; Pawlett or King. Also, that free kick against us at the end for off-side taken in our half? Ffs referee and linesman. (Edit: Or I have no idea what I'm talking about.)
  11. My guess would be either Reynolds or Pawlett. Perhaps even Sow? There were some pretty high figures being suggested by various people claiming to be ITK regarding Sow and Pawlett's possible weekly wage when they signed in January.
  12. McMullan was fucking shite going forward today. The problem, unfortunately, from our point of view is that he is still the most likely player to make things happen for United.
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