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  1. They very may well have picked her up for that earlier in the series. I guess they didn’t really want to take it off her when she was on the verge of finally winning. Especially as last series Judy contrived to screw up both her chances to win episodes in the live tasks despite being given plenty of help/advice.
  2. Glad Fern got a win tonight. She got shafted in the prize task scoring, but they'd clearly lined up the tasks to give her the best chance of winning at least one episode. She still managed to make hard work of the live task in the end, even with John and Sarah effectively out of the running. John chucking his jacket away before the start of each task is a classicly pointless long-running joke; much like Acaster refusing to say hello to Alex. That it never gets brought up by Alex at the time, or later in the studio, just makes it all the funnier for me.
  3. I'd wager it has something to do with him being a colossal arsehole.
  4. If you didn't know better, the BBC's pre-match build up to the 7 o'clock game would have left you assuming that Brazil were the only team playing tonight. Barely any attention paid to Serbia at all. I know Brazil always tend to draw a disproportionate amount of attention during the world cup, but it was still a bit much.
  5. I don't know how much of a positive this really is. After all, Dundee fans have been warning about our imminent financial collapse since the early 2000s. Let's just get through tomorrow without going into administration first before we start cheering at these results.
  6. Tbf the Iran squad yesterday refusing to sing the national anthem in support of the protesters being brutalised by their government is a reminder that a national team isn't always aligned with the horrific regimes in these countries. Hope that win's a lift for those in Saudi Arabia who don't sympathise with the horrible c***s that rule the country.
  7. Pity for Al-Shahrani. Just a few minutes away from seeing out a historic result then gets clattered by his own goalkeeper. It's remarkable how little pressure Argentina have really put Saudi Arabia under since they went 2-1 down.
  8. He does have a habit of coming up with big goals for Argentina despite putting in a overall hopeless performance though. I think it was the quarter-finals of the 2014 WC where he looked utterly dreadful and it was baffling how he'd avoided getting subbed. He then curled in an absolute peach in the last minute to win them the game.
  9. That is some finish. Argentina have been all over the shop 2nd half.
  10. Dixon greeting about England not getting a penalty yesterday in a game they won 6-2, the prat. Scenes!* *Until VAR swoops in to somehow spoil it.
  11. In the last of 10 minutes of stoppage time no less.
  12. Agreed. I also think the fact that he flogged a goal in his first game - a Dundee derby no less - after it taking weeks to get his work permit cemented in some people's mind from the get go that he was utter pish. To me he was a big improvement than either Zwick or Szromnik, although I admit that's damning with faint praise.
  13. Don't Celtic have that diddy tournament thing in Australia coming up? Sportsound's precious resources and expertise shouldn't be squandered on our lower leagues when they could be focused on that instead
  14. It's more than the fact that the USA is divided that makes it the next looming problem for FIFA. If Trump or another god-awful authoritarian Republican nightmare wins the 2024 election, then Fifa might also have to deal with a host country that's gone quite a bit fascist-y by 2026.
  15. That's a pretty staggering and shameless attempt at whataboutery from Infantino. Laughing off the last minute alcohol ban in stadiums is probably not going to go down well with those corporations inconvenienced* by it either. *about to miss out on a shit-tonne of money
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