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  1. Only just saw the sad news that Finn Dossing passed away yesterday.
  2. I disagree with pretty much the entire rest of your post, but I'm so glad you pointed that out. I've not seen anyone else mention it and was starting to think I was imagining hearing it.
  3. Tbh if anything I thought they were scored a little harshly on the painting/hole task. The butcher and the bumface efforts were far worse imo. The Series 14 line-up looks good though. I was kind of anticipating Sarah Millican due to a poster on reddit with far too much time on their hands. They noticed that a few weeks back she had cancelled some shows on her tour on the same nights they were doing the studio recordings for this upcoming series.
  4. I appreciated that little touch too. That and Obi-Wan calling him "Darth" at the end of duel. It's now his specific little dig at Anakin rather than just a weird outlier line from A New Hope and before they'd decided to make Vader Luke's father.
  5. That was a fantastic finale for a series that's been far better than I was willing to let myself hope for. Despite that I really hope they resist temptation to keep going and leave it there. This felt like as natural a place to leave things ahead of A New Hope - particularly for Obi-Wan, Leia and Luke.
  6. Hopefully immediately for all those with smashed glass jars stuck up their arse.
  7. I honestly had no idea that Craig Hinchcliffe had returned to the club.
  8. I think he's about right tbh. Slightly less shite than six other teams and much less shite than the Saintees and the Fun.
  9. I imagine many of those fools were also part of the small but vocal group of fuckwits who kicked off at Souttar and from then on held a grudge after he wished GMS and Armstrong well on twitter the night they transferred to Celtic.
  10. I think he's perfectly capable of stopping Obi-Wan's rescue. He chooses to let him go. Whatever his reasons, Vader's clearly furious at himself, judging by the way he's writhing about in the bacta tank and the way he lashes out at Reva when he thinks she's lost them in the latest episode.
  11. Ms. Marvel's off to a great start. After finding Moon Knight a bit of a slog recently, the first episode here was a breath of fresh air. There's a real confidence on show, with no rush to set up the series big bad; instead time's just used to properly introduce Ms. Marvel and her family etc. Iman Vellani really is impressive as Kamala, especially considering it's her first real acting gig.
  12. Sadly it's only going to be the one-off episode unlike the two episodes we got for the previous C.o.C. Long overdue though. By the time this airs we'll already know who'll be the third contestant in C.o.C 3!
  13. The only more poorly timed United themed tattoo is the one that guy got to celebrate our 2014 Scottish Cup victory before the final had been played...
  14. Neilson's an odd one. Never been a disaster when he's played, but at the same time never particularly wowed either. Although he broke into the team first under Mellon, he's since had Kerr Smith then Ross Graham overtake him in the pecking order. I can see why he might have gotten frustrated to the point of looking for opportunities elsewhere. If he gets a deal from Hearts then fair play to him. I certainly don't begrudge him moving on at this point.
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