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  1. I thought Powers looked a bit lost 1st half. He and Butcher seemed to be tripping over each other trying to fill the same role within the team, but in the 2nd half he showed a decent range of passing. I think he looks ok. As has been said, today was still only his 2nd game for the club and it was also his 1st time playing alongside Harkes and Butcher after they both missed the Partick game last week.
  2. Shanks. 😍 Honestly not a particularly encouraging half from our point of view before that equaliser. Hibs looked sharper than us and deserved to be in front by the 1st 10 mins. We are giving them far too much space to run through us and Benji bailed us out with a big save to keep it 1-0. Robson's crossing has been stinking, Pawlett looks barely even half fit and isn't covering back enough so we're really getting exposed down our left. Shankland though. 😍 We've given him barely any service and he still pulls that out the bag
  3. Doesn't really matter, retrospective trophy awards don't change the loser's memory of heartbreak from those games. Dundee are already the winners in the long run anyway. Their fans stepped in to save the club from the brink. Twice. Sure, Rangers got a few extra trophies; but then they died, while their fans were too pre-occupied with countless paranoid tears and snotters rants to bother helping in any practical way.
  4. Remember to hold onto your wife's season ticket though. Just in case.
  5. Rodney Snjeider - suspected he'd be total pish but didn't expect him to be released only a couple of games into the season after McNamara had him with us on trial for several weeks over the summer. Paul Dixon (2nd spell) - Thought we'd lucked out on the best possible long termreplacement for Andy Robertson just 6 months after he went to Hull. However, Dixon was shadow of the player who'd left us a couple of years before. Robbie Neilson - Was quite unenthusiastic when Houston signed our current manager back in late 2011, but he turned out to be a shrewd signing. Kept Keith Watson out of the team for most of the remainder of that campaign and helped fortify a defence that had been leaking goals up to that point, setting us up for an excellent 2nd half of the season.
  6. Tbh, the Sow signing was the one that excited me the least of our deadline signing flurry last year. I hadn't seen much of him when he'd thrived at Hearts previously and I knew his injury record since had been pretty poor. It's hard to get too worked up or bemused by how disappointing a signing he's been when my expectations of him were pretty low to begin with. If you'd asked me a few games into the season then I would have said the Neilson signing I was most disappointed by would have been Reynolds, but in hindsight that was probably a little harsh. He's still particularly guilty of resorting to aimlessly punting the ball up field even under minimal pressure, but our defensive record on the whole since he came in has definitely improved. If someone had told me following the East Fife cup match that we'd go on to have a 12 match unbeaten run, winning 11 of them, with mostly Reynolds and Watson at centre-half then I would have laughed my head off, whilst carefully backing away from the obvious lunatic.
  7. If we can't win the league from here with ICT signing the likes of Toshney then we deserve to stay down here forever.
  8. Give him his due, he was excellent in the 6-0 against Morton at Tannadice and pretty good in the 6-2 derby too. But otherwise you're right. He's been generally underwhelming since he's joined the club.
  9. IMO, time wasting is everything that's wrong with modern football. Unless it's your team doing it. Then it's fine. Arbroath did it spectacularly to us back at Tannadice earlier this season, although Shankland sucker punched them right at the end of that game. Referees are just as culpable because they let teams that are out to do it get away with it for ages before flashing a token booking at the keeper when the game is almost done. As for yesterday, great 3 points for us considering the hiding we took last time at Palmerston. Glad to hear Glass did well, but praying whatever caused Butcher to go off is a relatively minor issue.
  10. I've got the fear about tonight. Our results have been great these last few weeks even if some of our performances have left a lot to be desired. Hopefully we don't show any signs of complacency and are raring to go from kick off.
  11. Excellent result if not a particularly great performance from us. I was impressed most by Butcher, Watson and Harkes. It's a testament to how much Robson has improved under Neilson that his performance tonight was a disappointment rather than something we've resigned ourselves to expecting from him. Great to see Appere hit the net two games on the bounce even if he wasn't at his best on the whole tonight. Onwards now to Arbroath!
  12. Delighted for Appere to get the winner today. His contribution to the team so far this season has been superb and he deserved to get back on the score sheet sooner rather than later. Also, I have to admit that after playing the first few games out on the wing, and his early season injury, I'd really under-appreciated Nicky Clark's importance to the squad. He's been excellent over the last month or so.
  13. To be pedantic, we actually did score a penalty against St. Mirren in the playoff final second leg, to very briefly go 1-0 up. We just didn't bother about scoring in the shootout later...
  14. Questions have been persistently asked about what would happen to our season if Shankland got injured for any length of time. Well the next few weeks look set to provide an answer. Last Saturday's result therefore couldn't have come at a better time. If this had happened after say, the Arbroath game, there would be a bit more panicking taking place. But, going by what I've heard from people who were at the game and looking at the highlights Queen of the South put up, that was also one of our more convincing performances this season. If we can keep that level up and maintain our current lead at the top until Shankland returns then that'll be big boost for the whole squad's confidence for the remainder of the season. Hopefully it might even leave those chasing us a little dispirited too.
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