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  1. 3 of us heading up, not confident at all but should be a good trip. Talking of which, Aberdonians, where's good to go on a Thursday night in town? We headed along Belmont Street last time we were up so I'm presuming that will be a safe bet, but in terms of clubs what are the options on a Thursday? We ended up in Institute last time which wasn't too bad.
  2. This. Best pint of T in the land. Don't go in as often as I used to but it's the best pub in the area. Food is good as well.
  3. My mate and I made a last minute decision to go up to this after the Hearts game got called off. I'll throw in my tuppence worth. Didn't think there was an awful lot between the teams in the first half. Dunfermline knocked it about well without really creating much and Ayr looked dangerous on the break. Dunfermline could have got the ball out to the full backs a lot quicker, time and time again they found themselves in a lot of space due to the way Ayr set up but Falkingham (who played well) in particular was too slow in getting the ball out to them. Geggan's goal looked OK to us, not really sure why that got chopped off! Would have changed the flow of the game for sure. Thought Ayr's first goal was taken really well, great ball in and a strong header. Penalty was a gift. All fine and well trying to play out from the back but there's times when you just need to clear your lines, and that was definitely one of those times. Would have been harsh on Dunfermline had they gone into half time 2-0 down, so the penalty was probably deserved on their part. Ref didn't have any choice but to send the boy off. Made for an exciting end to the first half! Second half was a bit of a foregone conclusion as soon as Cardle equalised. Ayr then tried to play for the point (thought the number 15 who came on had a poor game) and got caught out. The midfield sat really deep and the striker was very isolated, but at 3-2 Stevenson started to get a bit more support. El Bakhtaoui, who I was very intrigued to see play, took his goal well but obviously benefited from the deflection. Sloppiness crept into Dunfermline's play but in the end it was a reasonably comfortable victory. Obviously the red card was the turning point. Thought Geggan and Falkingham did well in the middle of the park and Moffat led the line really well, he has a turn of pace that I didn't think he had (we were expecting to watch a bit of a huddy in all honesty). Thought Richards-Everton looked a bit shaky, especially with the ball at his feet. Talbot had a really good game at left back. Was Forrest the number 10 for Ayr? I thought he looked decent, and could have done better with that chance at the start of the second half. The number 3 had a decent game as well. Ryan Stevenson was his usual self, his body language stinks. Good afternoon's entertainment though and we enjoyed ourselves. Nice padded seat in the main stand as well! Title pretty much in the bag?
  4. The Sun reporting that Don Cowie will sign for us tomorrow. Underwhelmed if I'm honest.
  5. All trains from Edinburgh and Glasgow bound for Inverness are all terminating in Perth. Had a few friends drop out within the last hour because of this. Numbers in the away end will probably drop quite significantly as a result. Glad we're taking the car up now, but I wouldn't be surprised if this got postponed.
  6. McGhee has been great at left back if you ask me. You can tell he's not comfortable as soon as he crosses the halfway line though. It's not a long term position for him, but he's more than capable to play there as a stop gap. I am starting to feel a wee bit sorry for Oshaniwa though, he just can't be trusted at the moment.
  7. Looking forward to this, always a great trip. Storey is obviously a threat, but his goals seem to have dried up a wee bit? No Augustyn or Rossi is a blow, but it's a chance for Oshaniwa and McGhee to prove their worth to the team. Oshaniwa now finds himself third choice left back so he needs to show why we spent ages trying to sign him. Nicholson and possibly Walker being back will be a bonus. Never an easy game up there, I'll go 1-1.
  8. I just clicked on the wrong thing and signed a player on a 2 year contract who doesn't have a work permit. Spent ages trying to sign a right winger and then this happens. Desperately trying to farm him out on loan somewhere in Eastern Europe.
  9. Yes, I realise that. You will also notice there weren't 5 hours between posts, it took about 20 minutes.
  10. Installed it again and my save was still there. Very strange, seems to be OK though.
  11. Coming across something strange at the moment. I got this for Christmas and I installed it on Monday night and got a game set up etc, however I've just gone to play it now and my laptop is wanting me to install it again (estimated download time of 5 hours, took less than half an hour on Monday night). Steam even shows that I last played the game 2 days ago but I can't play it without installing again and to be frank, I've not got 5 hours to spare. Any advice? Just seems a bit bizarre.
  12. Will be a tough game for us, Aberdeen looked good yesterday and appear to finding a bit of form again. I'd be happy with a point tbh, especially seeing as how we could fall 7 behind if we get beat after the postponement yesterday. We've looked a lot better defensively recently so hopefully we won't see a repeat of the shambles that was the game at Tynecastle. Hopefully Neilson has learned from the poor tactical decisions he made that day and we won't see Juanma bumbling about on the left wing again. We've definitely got enough quality to take something from this, but I'm not overly confident at this stage. Quick side note, my friend and I are heading up on the Friday. Where's good to go in Aberdeen on a Friday night?
  13. Gutted I missed this, love this sort of thing. I googled the AIK question, ridiculous
  14. Pearson should have been sent off, absolutely no question. Juanma made the most of it but Pearson kicked him, simple as that. Draw probably a fair result in the end, but we should have gone on to win it after Sow's equaliser. Too often do we create a shed load of chances and fail to take any of them.
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