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  1. I don't think the life expectancy in posh bits of Edinburgh is close to the lowest in Europe. Morningside and The Grange are the Labour heartlands now.
  2. Probably. Live games on the BBC are usually online as well Yes, they usually are. I watch games on the BBC Scotland channel online. It's just with Premier Sports also showing it I thought they might have online rights.
  3. Is this going to be streamed online by the BBC? Took down my aerial and can't be arsed replacing it.
  4. Quite a sensible piece on Xinjiang. Surprised to find it in the Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/apr/05/sanctions-uyghurs-plight-china-policies
  5. This is very true. But given the pish most Scottish people eat, isn't it an argument in favour of free school meals? The main problem is that companies providing the meals take excessive profits, the kids don't want to eat nutritious meals (parents fault IMO), and most of the staff don't know how to do anything other than heat something up.
  6. You probably think that's some kind of rebuttal of what I said, but it's not.
  7. It's a bit of a myth to say that anyone who criticises the government online (or elsewhere) in China gets put in jail. People criticise the government all the time. The main difference is that there are certain things people can't say when they are criticising the government that they can say here. And they'd still only get a warning in 99.999% of cases.
  8. Relative to the size of crowds, haven't Hearts spaffed as much money up the wall as anyone else in recent memory?
  9. Jesus, this is absolutely spot on. Well except the £10k bit - too low!
  10. He described it as 'less distressing than the nasal one'.
  11. A friend of mine just completed 21 days of quarantine getting into China. Got an anal swab done for final test.
  12. That's true, too, at least in terms of the economics of it. There are few issues in recent times that have produced such an outpouring of bollocks from both sides.
  13. People get carried away with the 'UK vaccine success' stuff without any seeming thought as to what the final result will be. We're not even a fifth of the way through the vaccination program, and there's every chance many EU countries will end up doing just as well, if not better. Denmark (a small northern European country with a population of a bit over 5 million) is quite sure it is going to be done with second doses by the end of June.
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