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  1. I don't actually think it is important to make these distinctions. Trying to assess the extent to which a football team has a sense of place or identity doesn't seem like the best use of one's time. I suspect a team that has neither would not be around long term, but as long as they have a place to play and a team on the park, they're welcome to have a go as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Surely a "made up" team would be one that didn't actually exist, like Melchester Rovers?
  3. Always good to get the kids involved 🤔
  4. https://www.dw.com/en/how-tiny-football-clubs-profit-from-big-transfer-deals/a-36027650
  5. I don't see what is mental about us having a clause that pays us a percentage of any money Hibs subsequently make on the player. Hibs could have avoided it, but they took the short term view of saving a bit of money at the time. We'd also get part of the development fee as well, irrespective of any agreement with Hibs.
  6. I can't believe the word 'colts' is used as part of the official name in the draw. Get that word to ****!
  7. Well, as I said, if she had been outside and he did this, he should be charged in my opinion. He has used excessive force, but the fact the victim doesn't think he should be charged should put to bed any thoughts that this was a 'vicious assault' as some are calling it. Like the law, I have a varying degree of tolerance for people using excessive force depending on the circumstances. I'd say it would be appropriate for the police to have a word with him and nothing more in legal terms. Politically, I could see him spending a few months on the back benches - that would seem the appropriate thing to do.
  8. I'd say he uses unreasonable force, so if he'd grabbed someone peacefully protesting outside the building, he should be charged. To me it makes a difference that the person has entered a place they weren't invited and is trying to disrupt an event. They both seem like entitled idiots to me.
  9. There are going to be teams in the last 16 without any players as good as those three. That's what is so frustrating for me.
  10. You're right. If the Corsie situation had been reversed, we'd all have been calling for a penalty and a red card, even though it was on the softer end of the scale. For the handball, I can't imagine anyone could even claim it wasn't justified if it was given.
  11. And as we don't have a media to speak of in this country, nobody seems to be asking FIFA to explain. I'd be amazed if I ever see another blatant handball like that in a major tournament go unpenalised. The VAR officials, incidentally, were Massimiliano Irrati, who is a Serie A ref and did a huge number of VAR jobs at the 2018 World Cup, with two assistants. All apparently asleep on the job.
  12. Yes, I think there's no evidence at all that serious thought goes into these decisions. Every time Oban comes up in a football discussion, I start fantasising about an away day up there. If there's anyone in Oban thinking about entering the pyramid, I'll contribute to any crowdfunding effort!
  13. You're probably right, but Oban in the LL would make quite a bit of sense in terms of travel, wouldn't it?
  14. Coventry's problems are more to do with being sh*** for most of the last few years. I'm not sure the stadium is 6 miles frrom the centre either - it's certainly much more part of Coventry proper than Aberdeen's stadium is going to be. It's interesting that the rugby team Wasps - who moved to the Ricoh Arena from London in 2014 - get an average of about 17,000 people.
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