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  1. As I said in another reply, I wasn't meaning all or even most. My point was only that some people who are at minimal risk think they are in danger. Our ridiculous confirmed cases number makes it look like the death rate is 10%, which doesn't help.
  2. Yes, I wasn't meaning everyone, but a significant number think this is way more deadly than it actually is.
  3. We're currently in a phase where a data vacuum is being filled with media speculation and fearmongering. People in their twenties and thirties think they'll die if they go to the corner shop. A more rational assessment of the risk will gradually develop. It's pretty early days.
  4. No, but they could test anyone with a fever and stop them flying. I can't see why the UK would be trying to restrict entry in general. We're going to have to learn to live with this for a while at least, so we'll need testing available in workplaces, dentists, GPs etc.
  5. They've already got machines that can do it in 5 minutes, but they'd need to be mass produced. They'll probably be able to test people at airports later in the year. There will also be quite a few who've already had it. I can't see much of a market for potentially getting stuck in a far flung place, but trips to the med will probably be happening again sooner than you think.
  6. I'm sure there will be much less travel, but once we have better data we will probably see there's not much risk for under 50s. Older people will probably take a break close to home.
  7. Norway on 8, Iceland on 6, Finland on 3.
  8. I've read of a lot of cases in various countries being imported from the UK (e.g. China, Vietnam, Uganda). It will be interesting to see how many in London have had this - must be fairly high.
  9. They are startling, but also meaningless.
  10. I think they've handled it pretty well. Panic and hysteria don't help anyone. They will tighten things when the public health authority says they need to. It helps that most Swedish adults are intelligent enough to self police.
  11. The main reason is for stopping spread, i.e. from the wearer. And as was said, also discourages you from touching your mouth or nose. Some places in Europe seem to be moving to mask wearing in public.
  12. I don't think we've much alternative to what we're doing, as the NHS is clearly f***ked if we don't, but the world's epidemiologists don't really agree at all on the best strategy, or even on what's really happening, which is disconcerting.
  13. Don't have Hansard, but the FT quotes him as saying: We don’t know what the level of excess deaths will be from this epidemic. By excess deaths I mean by the end of the year, what proportion of those people who died from Covid-19 would have died anyhow? Because it might be as much as half to two-thirds of the deaths that we’re seeing from Covid-19, because this is affecting people either at the end of their lives or with poor health conditions. http://ftalphaville.ft.com/2020/03/26/1585245384000/Let-s-flatten-the-coronavirus-confusion-curve/
  14. The 250,000 with mitigation might actually equal 50,000 excess deaths. That was pretty much what the Imperial College guy was saying to MPs. People are comparing apples with oranges, as usual.
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