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  1. I always want an away trip to a team that plays on grass in a ground that has a bit of character, and not a team in our current league. Best would be Arbroath away, though after their embarrassing draw with L1 diddies today, it's not certain they'll even get through. Failing that, Ayr away.
  2. I can understand the BBC picking Dundee v Motherwell in isolation, but given they'll also pick Utd v Hibs, it wouldn't really capture the diversity of teams in R4. Unfortunately, our public broadcaster doesn't often behave like it has that obligation, though to be fair they've had decent picks in R1 to R3. Auchinleck v Falkirk would be good, though it can't be an evening ko. Arbroath v Falkirk would be fine, too, though having L1 diddies Falkirk in consecutive rounds doesn't seem like a good idea. I think I'd even prefer Ayr v Ross County to Dundee v Motherwell.
  3. Ewen Murray is appalling. To be fair, I think his job is basically to report on Scottish football for people who neither know nor care about it, but you'd still think his employers would want someone with at least a demonstrable interest in the topics being covered. His level of knowledge is literally no greater than you would gain by relying completely on Sky Sports for news.
  4. Is there a danger of Partick not being able to accommodate the Penicuik support in the away section at Firhill?
  5. Well done to Penicuik today. Tremendous result and a great game to look forward to in R3.
  6. I'm not disputing that more incidents are being recorded, in particular, as your link shows, by Kick it Out. I don't think a lot of young black players had the courage to report incidents 20 years ago. Did Peter Beardsley suddenly start using inappropriate language around young players just recently? Hard to believe.
  7. You mean there were clubs where in the past people couldn't get away with being racist, but now people can? To me it's on the same trajectory as sexism. Clearly still a big problem, but clearly not worse than before. Rising complaints don't necessarily mean a problem is getting worse.
  8. Im assuming you mean since 2000, but I still wouldn't agree. It's being called out now in ways that wouldn't have happened 20 years ago.
  9. Quite enjoyed watching the game on Alba. I thought Stenny looked not bad at all, or at least better than I was expecting. The Waterford fans must have loved being papped out by an L2 side on a miserable night in central Scotland.
  10. Jesus .. that was an impressive start by Camelon.
  11. I'm a bit like Falcon Roar in that I don't mind them being in the Europa League. The money they get isn't enough to make much difference to their squads. I'd love to see a 5th Scottish team in Europe again, because it's a great experience for the fans and players.
  12. I salute your indefatigability.
  13. Taxes on corporate profits are attributed based on an estimate of where the activity took place. If you were right, profits from the whisky business would mostly not be attributed to Scotland. Is that what you are saying? If so, the GERS figures really would be complete bollocks.
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