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  1. So sorry to hear this loved his book I bought of him and the day he got of his big motorbike in front of the changing rooms,the last man I thought it would be rip John
  2. Wee shoap nxt to the park sells it yur havering
  3. Any chance of the game going up bud
  4. Maybe it has something to do with them being there but hey that's just my guess. If I bump into him I'll be sure to let him know you were asking for him. Who knows, maybe he'll come back on for a catch up with you Tell him I said hello to wee scone so he wiz
  5. Enjoyed my first visit today to Whitehills park great setting and genuine friendly people good club
  6. No that's Alf he is not a nice person to addgitated imo Alan's much nicer tho you never see the one of them in the same room
  7. Mr Prez

    Next sat

    A well forget it then
  8. Mr Prez

    Next sat

    Who in the west have a free week nxt sat
  9. He wizny bold he Wiz bald done a great impersonation o Allan Brazil
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