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  1. No sarge he is allways being told to sit doon
  2. The new statue in the town across from the golden chip is beautifull gid place to sit with a fish supper
  3. Nae idea what its name was, also remember a black greyhound looking dug at the bottom of it didn't look to healthy
  4. I saw a strange bird on that sign making strange siren sounds the last time I passed it
  5. They chicken curry pies up there tho are terrific
  6. The old aunt is in a better place now that's for sure
  7. Thank you bud I had not noticed this in my fone which had been sent out will be there
  8. No hospitality after that if I remember and I do remember cleaning out after yous at Camelon not much tho bit like that on sat mate your looking for faults here and there are none,I seem to remember praising your club that day to Stop trying to be superior yous are better than that surely
  9. Leave a brush mate as for the hospitality no one mentioned it,I asked and was told it was at the top end of the park outside,that's the first time I've not went to hospitality after a game with Camelon Second visit to Tranent it's a fantastic venue with a surface second to none and if you think that's a mess then your at it,your team played well and I agree with Alan yous are the best team in the leauge and fully deserved your win
  10. So sorry to hear this loved his book I bought of him and the day he got of his big motorbike in front of the changing rooms,the last man I thought it would be rip John
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